Friday, September 22, 2006

Cat On a Keyboard in Space

I put this shot up a while back. Well, it looks like someone took the image and made a page featuring it and Jean Jacques Perrey's Brazilian Flower. Title link takes you there. Just load the page, listen and look at the cat. Enjoy. Also note the name of the URL. I seriously hope not.


  1. Why the surprised look on the cat?

    Is it:

    a. it just realized there's nothing to breath in space

    b. it just realized you can't hear your synth in space

    c. it is just peed on the odyssey and got shocked

    d. it is just a dumb cat

  2. The Arp Instellar Cat Box will transform your kitty box chores into joy.

    Simply place your cat on the box and launch.
    Kitty will enjoy the sights of space travel while relieving himself far away from home.
    Nasty odors are a thing of the past.
    (not recommended for cats that experience motion sickness.)

  3. hey, thats what my odyssey looked like when it was at kevin lightners place.

  4. does d. include the cat really thinking it is in space?

  5. Kevin Lightner9/22/06, 11:07 AM

    Cats aren't allowed on Odys here and yours was surely never here anyways. :)

  6. It's staring at the owner wondering why they haven't fixed the keyboard bushings yet.

  7. why is this an Arp keyboard, and not an Octave?

  8. Ok, I finally got it, the cat just figured out it's owner is going have to get the needle nose pliers out again, to find the missing slider caps...