Monday, April 09, 2007

The First Roland TB-303 Tracks

An interesting thread came up on the Analog Heaven list regarding the first tracks to feature the TB-303. The following are a handful of them in order of release. Note how the TB-303 is more used in it's original intent as a substitute for bass guitar - no acid here. As Blancmange was the first on this list, I thought I'd put up a picture of them with the 303. I found the image on The Daily Disco. If you know of anything earlier with the TB-303, feel free to comment.

Update: also see Raga Bhairav - 1982 - SYNTHESIZING: TEN RAGAS TO A DISCO BEAT - Charanjit Singh

Blancmange - Living on the Ceiling - Aug 1982

Shannon "Let the Music Play" - Oct 1983

Let Me Go - Heaven 17 - Oct 1982


  1. It doesn't get any earlier than it's 1982 year of release =o] Good job finding those!

  2. this video is not from the 80s, but the synths and drummachines yes

    LATINSIZER / Celofán - New Video

    Chilly, Tomatoes, Drum Machines, Onions, Knobs, Lettuce, Analog Synths,
    Cables, Tortillas, Beef and Nurses.


  3. All I can say is...


  4. Heaven 17 is the bestest!

  5. haha off-topic "Latinsizer" spam even here...
    anyway Heaven 17 was first me thinks

  6. i cant hear the 303 on "living on the ceiling"?????

  7. orange juice should be calle the ugly guitar parade.

  8. I know this one came out in 1984, but Chris "The Glove" Taylor's "Reckless" featuring Ice-T is probably my favorite early use of the 303. He doesn't quite get acid house with it, but he programs the hell out of it. Here are two different versions.

    BTW, this song was a single that was later featured (still in 1984) on the "Breakdance" Soundtrack

  9. totally pixelated4/10/07, 11:23 AM

    .... beat me to it by a couple of minutes but I would second "Reckless" as the prime example of pre-acid use of a 303 in a track. Just a tweak of cutoff and resonance and this would be the first acid bassline.

  10. I love the moog rip at 1:11.

  11. The TB-303 is also on Chris 'The Glove' Taylor's Itchiban Scratch as well as Newcleus' 'Jam On It' where it almost gets into the Acid Sound

  12. This looked awesome - but thanks to the power of lawyers all the videos are unavailable (except for the Heaven 17 clip, which has no sound!). Damn,

  13. UK industrialists the Allotropes did a whole album with Roland tr606, sh101 and tb303, again without enough resonance on the 303 to invent acid, though sometime high on the sh101.
    Obvious tb303 track: