Saturday, April 07, 2007

Kyma X + Wiimote

YouTube via inthegray. Sent my way via Dr. Future.

"For reference, the Kyma is the software (runs on MAC and Windows), and the Capybara is the box with the DSP's in it. There's a program, Osculator, that can be used to interpret Wimote and OSC and send it to your Kyma Sound running on the Capybara." Symbolic Sound's Kyma and Capybara


  1. The theremin example is lovely.

    Problem with this is, you gotta move your Wii from the TV room to the Studio to do it. 'n that's a crime.

  2. nah, you only need to move your wiimote and sensor bar . the wii can stay in the living room! posting this from my wii, btw...

  3. Killer... I like the formant chanting and the last one the best...

    Well cool. It's unbelievable the amount of experimentation going on using the Wii. Everything from this fairly high end stuff to lads just controling a filters cut-off.