Friday, August 19, 2016

Original Moog Micromoog Synthesizer 2090 Technical Service Manual

via this auction

"Original Moog Manual - Not Photocopies

You will receive exactly what you see pictured in the Auction

Company: Moog

Title: Technical Service Manual

Model: Micromoog 2090

Cat# 14-024

Type: Keyboard

Dated: 1976

40 pages, paper covers, stapled binding

In 6 Sections - includes 354 Figures, 7 Tables

1) Introduction,
2) Circuit Description
3) Disassembly Procedures
4) Tuning and Adjustment Procedures
5) Troubleshooting Guide
6) Replacement Parts List

Included in section 6 - Block Diagram, Harness Assembly, and Schematic Diagram"

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