Monday, August 15, 2016

Rare EMS Pitch to Voltage, Eight Octave Filter Bank, and Quad Envelope Processor

via this auction

Pics of the inside below.

"Up for grabs are 3 EMS Rack Units in excellent functional and cosmetic condition.. All 3 units are currently working but do to the vintage nature of these racks they are sold as is.

These were previously owned by the composer and brief owner of EMS, Edward Williams.

Comes with 3 vintage EMS power cords, 3 new Bulgen sockets to make new power cords, 2 insanely rare facilities cables to connect the rack unit to your Synthi, some typed notes, schematics, and a manual.

Pitch To Voltage:

I used this with a transformer. Looks like there is a switch inside to switch the voltage.

8 Octave Filter Bank:

This has a switch on the back to switch voltage level.

Quad Envelop Follower:

Possibly one of a kind unit built by Robin Wood for Edward Williams. I used this with a transformer. You will need a transformer for this unit or you will need to mess with the wiring internally."

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