Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Century Sound Labs 2hp Module Demo - Osc, Env, Filt - Quick Look

Published on Sep 7, 2016 Century Sound Labs

"Special package deal on 2hp modules when you buy Osc, Filt, and Env:

Quit using blind panels and fill up that extra space in your rack with 2hp modules! These modules are packed with tone and utility. And at $150 a piece, how can you pass them up?

Also featured are Expert Sleepers Disting mk3s and the FH-1. The FH-1 is translating the MIDI from Ableton Live into 1v/oct control voltage and gate information, and the Distings are working together to create a CV signal for the FM input of the Osc module - a little vibrato!

Drums synthesized by Audulus - for a free trial of Audulus, go to"

Note this is the first Century Sound Labs post on MATRIXSYNTH.

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