Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Stranger Things Intro Theme performed on EuroRack

Published on Sep 15, 2016 Daniel LeGrand

"Challenged myself to attempt recreating the Stranger Thing's opening Theme song

Beatstep Pro's SEQ 1 Pitch out to DPO. DPO is outputting Saw on Osc 1 and Square on Osc 2, slightly detuned, both going to Ripples Filter and then into an MST Dual VCA Channel 2 and finally out to Reaktor. VCA's CV is controled by Maths Channel 4 which is being triggered by the Gate out from BeatStep Pro's SEQ1.

Beatstep Pro Drum Sequence is triggering René X-Gate to advance the sequence. René's Pitch out is going to both the Rubicon and z3000. Saw out from Rubicon and Saw out from z3000 slightly detuned, both going into a MST LP Filter and then to MST Dual VCA Channel 1 and finally out to Reaktor. VCA's CV is coming from Maths Channel 1 which is being triggered by the X-Gate out from René.

Reaktor was used to catch the audio. In retrospect, should have added some light chorus/vibrato."

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