Saturday, September 24, 2016

Tom Oberheim Two Voice Pro Dual Analog Synthesizer with Sequencer 2016

via this auction

"The Tom Oberheim Two Voice Pro Synthesizer is the present-day version of his classic Two Voice Synthesizer from the mid-1970s. The Two Voice Pro still sports 37 keys, but it's armed with, according to Tom, "very interesting upgrades." As you'd expect, the Two Voice Pro nails the essence of what make the original Two Voice one of Tom's favorite early creations - including two classic SEM (Synthesizer Expander) modules with a total of four oscillators, and quite a few options for manipulating your tone. The mini-sequencer from the original is onboard, but this time it lets you store sequences in flash memory. If you've got a jones for vintage analog synths, GearNuts has the cure: Tom Oberheim's Two Voice Pro!"

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