Thursday, October 06, 2016

Kawai K5000R Rare Vintage Synthesizer Rack Synth + Extra Disks SN 605124

via this auction

PCM & Additive Synthesis

"For sale here is a Kawai K5000r rack synthesizer. This synth is not the most well know(n) but it has a very special sound and large range of capabilities. Definitely worth checking out. This unit is in excellent shape and fully functional. The screen is bright and easy to read (a bit hard to show it's brightness in the photos but it looks great in person). It also includes 10 disks (pictures of disks coming tomorrow). I've seen some of these disks sell for $50 each, so they add nice value.

Here's a list of the disks included
Pads & Comping (K5000 series Sound Library)
Bass, Solo & Lead (K5000 series Sound Library)
Session Tool Kit (K5000 series Sound Library)
Classic Sounds (K5000 series Sound Library)
Emagic SoundDiver for Kawai K5000 series
Kawai System Disk v3.01
Kawai System Disk
Kawai System Disk v4.04
K5kr supplement (sounds/demos/collections)
K5kr Arpeggio (sounds, patch data)"

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