Thursday, October 13, 2016

Novation Circuit driving Make Noise 0 Coast, Korg Poly61M and the wonderful Leploop

Published on Oct 13, 2016 -CALC-

"Circuit is the driving force behind this track, it's sequencing everything.

A MIDI splitter connects it to a Make Noise 0 Coast, Korg Poly 61M and (clocking) the sequencer of the Leploop.

Drum samples coupled with Leploop Cassa and noise hats are the rhythm back bone.

All the while, the 0 coast and Poly 61M are driven by synths 1+2 respectively.

Super basic patch on the 0 Coast mostly just set to the Triangle OSC which is peachy.

I was enjoying the lush chords mingling between the Korg (channelized to MIDI ch2) and the Synth 2 sound.

The Poly61 is becoming one of my favourite synths... has a character all of it's own to my ears, really basic programing but sounds great.

The Circuit synth engine however is super strong and creating yr own patches is definitely the way to go. There is some power to be unleashed.


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