Thursday, January 05, 2017

Active vs. Passive Multiples for VCO Control

Active vs. Passive Multiples for VCO Control from Learning Modular on Vimeo.

"There is a lot of debate and confusion among modular synth users about whether or not you need an active, buffered multiple to control multiple VCOs accurately in a modular system. The answer is "it depends" - on the buffering and output impedance of the module sending the control voltage, and the input impedance of the modules being controlled. Some combinations work fine with a passive multiple. Some most certainly do not, going out of tune within +/- 1 octave. This video - excerpted from a longer one in my 'Learning Modular Synthesis: Moog Mother-32' course - demonstrates a case where passive multiples do not work. As a result, just to be safe, I keep a few good buffered multiples - like the Intellijel BM or Malekko Performance Mult - in my system, just to be safe. (I also have the Xaoc Dvices Warna II and AJH Synth V-Scale arriving soon.)"

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