Friday, January 13, 2017

Sequential Circuits Multi-Trak SN 00235 w/ Custom Wood Sides

via this auction

"For sale is my Sequential Circuits Multitrak. This is a rare classic vintage synthesizer and in my opinion very underrated, much better than the more readily found Sixtrak. It has a awesome analog sound along with a cool built in arpeggiator & sequencer. Awesome for pads but also gets very beefy in mono-stack mode. This might be the nicest Multitrak you will find. It's in super MINTY shape, even the bottom is almost perfect. It has custom wood sides and looks and plays perfectly. Includes power supply. Be sure to check out the details pictures to make sure you like it. Don't miss out on this awesome SCI synth!"

The velocity sensitivity on the Multi-Trak does make a difference. However, the Six-Trak responds to MIDI CC for each parameter so you can assign an external knob box or software/iPad editor to it. The Multi-Trak does not support MIDI CC out of the box.

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