Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The SYNTHFARM Companion Synthesizer - Official Operation Demo

Published on Jan 18, 2017 Aaron B
Re-Published on Feb 17, 2017 SYNTHFARM

"Features and Operations of the Companion Synthesizer from SYNTHFARM. Available now on Etsy:"

We have a new maker in town.

"a fresh way to synthesize

*New Super Slim Design*

Take it with you to write melodies, experiment with unusual chords and tunings , interact with its unique built-in polyphonic sequencer

The Companion has 2 modes:

== melody mode ==

- 6 wooden touch bars become a 6-voice polyphonic synth/organ instrument
- each of the 6 touch bars are independently tunable.

- the 2 remaining wooden touch bars (to the left) become |pitch--| and |pitch++| for any/all
bars (voices) that are pressed

== /corinthian/ sequencer mode ==

- 6 wooden touch bars become 6 timing controls for 6 independent, 1-step sequencers
- |pitch+-| control for bars (voices) remains the same as in melody mode

- 2 remaining wooden touch bars (to the left) become |shift_1| and |shift_2| for other synth settings
including wave_form selection and decay time.


- 4 wave_forms
- 3 decay_settings
- Save pitches (hertz / frequencies) of all 6 bars (voices) to internal memory. these tunings will be loaded next time you power on.

-Powered by 3 AA batteries- -Battery Life = 8 Hours+

-3.5mm "HeadPhone" Jack Output-

The Companion Is also Guaranteed for Life!


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