Sunday, March 19, 2017

Perser | Eurorack Ambient

Published on Mar 19, 2017 Björn Bommersheim

"Very reduced ambient patch i did after listing to some music my best friend gave to me. Our friendship will last till the end of all days.

Chords build and sequenced with the make noise brains and pressure points and a melodic line done with mutable braids.

Patch notes:

Erica Synth Wogglebug
Mutable Instruments Clouds
Make Noise Math
Mutable Instruments Braids
EoWave Zone B.F.
Malekko Anti Oscillator
Pittsbourgh Dual VCA
Doepfer 143-9
Tiptop Audio z2040
Malekko Borg Filter
Make Noise Brains & Pressure Points
4MS Dual Looping Delay"

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