Monday, May 01, 2017

Kawai K5M Rack Mount Additive Synthesizer w/DC-8 Memory Card

via this auction

"There aren’t many lower priced synths from this era that do a similar kind of additive synthesis. It’s can create some very harmonically rich sounds, really unique.

It is in complete working condition. The LCD is very legible though not backlit. (Actually, you see a lot of sellers claiming the backlight is dead but I don’t believe the K5m was lamplit behind the foil originally? I could definitley be wrong about that though.)

It is in good physical condition. There is definitely rack rash, scuffing and scratching but it doesnt affect its functional condition and nothing is broken or missing. The rear connections can be unscrewed and moved from 'rack position’ to ‘tabletop position’ very easily."

Update: here's one that was clearly backlit.


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    1. Thanks. Found one in the archives. Post updated with a link.