Friday, June 16, 2017

Crumar Stratus Ableton Live Instrument pack free and SuperStratus pack available

Published on Jun 16, 2017 Expanding Sound

"Full Ableton Pack available here-
Free pack available here-

The Crumar Stratus is a lesser known vintage synth, but make no mistake, it sounds beautiful. The Stratus is built with CEM chips which are found in many of the popular synths of yesterday and today. It has two parts, a slide organ section, and a 6 voice synthesizer. Both sections can be blended together to make some really unique tones.

One of my favorite things about vintage synthesizers is their quirkiness, and the Stratus is no exception. One mod control on the keyboard is alternate saw/square, which means every note you hit alternates between sawtooth and square waveforms. The octave modulation is also really fun, it adds an octave jump to the rate of the LFO section. You can make some really crazy sounds. And when you add the organ synth section into the regular synth section, it gets huge. The Stratus has tons of modulation, tons of warmth, and all sorts of vintage vibe for you to get lost in."

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