Thursday, June 15, 2017

Guardian Suite - ft. Alright Devices T-Wrex & Chronoblob | Eurorack Ambient

Published on Jun 15, 2017 Lightbath

"Guardians of Space and Time. An exploration of Alright Devices T-Wrex (Decimator & Bit Crusher) and Chronoblob (Digital Delay)

All hardware performance/improvisation recorded straight to 2-track.

Brief patch notes:


1. STO (x2) + Tides → Optomix (x2) → Belgrad → Chronoblob (delay filtered by Sisters). Played by RenĂ© through Shifty, shaped by Just Friends, which is modulated by Flame C3. Belgrad shaped by Planar.
2. Rings → T-Wrex → DiOD → Clouds → Morphagene. Played by O_C Quantermain through Boss Bow Tie, parameters manually adjusted with Voltage Block.

ALM Pamela's New Workout is the master clock source. OTO BIM & BAM applied liberally to both voices via mixer sends."

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