MATRIXSYNTH: Right-wing Alex Jones Is Into Synths?

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Right-wing Alex Jones Is Into Synths?

Breaking: Democrat Counter-Coup Against Trump in Progress

Published on Nov 25, 2016 The Alex Jones Channel

This one in via MATRIXSYNTH reader a b. If you are adverse to politics, just watch the first two seconds and note the gear. I do my best to keep politics out of this site, so apologies for this one, but this was one of those, "what the..." moments. Kind of like when I found out L Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, was into synths. If you lean liberal, watch the rest at your own risk. He is about as far right as it gets in many people's opinion. Again, this is only going up for the synths. Curious if he really is into synths, or if he's just filming at someone else's studio. It's also interesting to think he could be lurking out there in the synth community.

For those of you not familiar with Alex Jones, feel free to check out his bio on wikipedia.

And a screen grab of him commenting on synths.

Who would have guessed?

Update: you can find the Guy Called Gerald video here. Alex Jones comment is currently the top comment on YouTube as of this post. No response from A Guy Called Gerald. :)


  1. Wow! This guy is obviously mentally ill. Flabbergasted he has so many followers.

    1. Crazy sells and it takes a certain class of shamelessness to deliver it as if it's fact, without any sense of the real damage it's causing Democracy and to his followers. But anywho - we shall not inform Mr. Jones of the cancer-causing alphamegatronic waves that emit from that Pioneer XDJ deck he has back there.

  2. When the Democrats were in office, he had a clear enemy to aim his videos at. Now that they are going to be out of office, he needs to make videos that pretend that they won't actually leave - so he has an enemy to aim at. Trump won by the rules, and the Democrats already conceded, so as much as I don't like Trump; it can't be undone. Our punishment for voting for Trump (according to the rules) should be a Trump presidency. I'm not so sure that Alex Jones "knows" that all these counts are wrong, and Trump also won the popular vote; but it doesn't matter. Even if the ballots are audited, there is no safe way to override the result. It will start a damn war, particularly if it's overturned with faithless electors. The Democrats already conceded.

    The best that can be done is to build a voting system that is publicly auditable (a blockchain? a way to secretly verify your own vote in the count? a way to sample it while keeping the votes secret). It's a great idea, but it will have to wait.

    1. Trump has no right to complain about a recount. He literally said "the votes are rigged" by his word, it must be investigated. He's trying to rig a win/win for him. He wins, he wins. He loses, he demands recount and any evidence of fraud is enough proof to his followers it was stolen, hence civil war. If you know about the Megyn Kelly poisoning incident, anyone capable of doing that because he's afraid of tough questioning is capable of other things.



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