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Saturday, August 15, 2020

Minimoog T-Shirt on LA Ink

Update: originally thought this was Muff Wiggler's Mike McGrath. I have met Mike in person, and I have conversed with him, especially in the early days. I used to post for him when he was first launching his blog and then the Muff Wiggler forum. I saw the T-shirt first and thought that was cool, and then I thought that looks like Mike.  For those who don't know Mike McGrath, he started and ran the Muff Wiggler forum until he passed away in April of last year. You can find some pics and video of Mike in previous posts here.

As for the episode of LA Ink, you can check it out on TLC's website player here. It's also on Amazon Prime Season 6, Episode 7. Note Amazon breaks seasons out weird so 6/7 only applies there.

Apologies to anyone I offended with the original post.  I honestly thought that was him.  We all look different over time.  This guy could be his brother.  If anyone does know who this is let me know.


  1. you should take this down.

  2. Post updated. I own my mistakes so it will stay up. I updated the title and post to reflect my idiocy. Sorry for the mistake all. I met Mike and knew him online in the early days. No disrespect intended. I honestly thought that could be him during a NAMM trip. Mike was a cool guy.

  3. In the middle of the worst pandemic in 100 years, you mistakenly thought you saw someone you admire appear in a TV show you enjoy watching and it made you happy to imagine that this person was having fun doing the things he loved to do -- the same stuff you love to do. And you are going to apologize for that? No apology necessary. Really. In the middle of this all-day all-night COVID19 fever dream of fear, you keep right on posting the most interesting coolest synth stuff on the Internet every day of the week, entertaining thousands of people who desperately need the distraction. I appreciate your effort to clarify the record given your exceptionally long history of posting absolutely accurate information on synths old and new. But don't beat yourself up for a silly mistake.

    On behalf of all of your invisible friends out here in Cyberspace: We're good, man. No worries. Don't let this sh*t get you down. We're still good. All good. Stay safe. Take care. We need you.



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