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Monday, October 16, 2023

Lullabies || Arturia Polybrute, Novation Peak, Korg Wavestate

video upload by Mike Lewis

"My custom made presets for the Novation Peak:"

Sunday, October 15, 2023

Arturia Pigments - Tranceworld Presets Soundbank

video upload by NatLife Sounds

"Download Link:

Tranceworld For Arturia Pigments - is a massive Trance invasion into the Pigments synthesizer.

The sounds inside was inspired by golden Trance era between 1996-2008 years.You will find here everything what you need for getting same sound in your production.

Powerfull and long Bass sounds, big Supersaw and Analog Leads, beautiful cosmic Plucks, lush atmospheric Pads, AAH and VOC's sounds, inspired from 90s, ARP's, KEY's, Synthes, Strong FX's, which are very usefull for transitions in the tracks.

Overall the library have a 64 Trance Presets & Patches, which are:

6 ARP's
7 Bass
7 FX's
13 Leads
12 Pads
10 Plucks
3 Synths

The demo-song was made with a 30 Arturia Pigments patches, whiout any external effects, FX's, or other sounds, except 1 Kick and 2 Drum sounds.

Soundpack contains instruction for Sound installation and also for Soundbank Image Cover installation."

Geonosis Generative Ambient // MicroFreak // MS-70CDR

video upload by Waveformer

"This is a generative ambient jam with the Arturia MicroFreak and Zoom MS-70CDR. Patch and jam notes are included as text overlaying the video.

The patches for the MircoFreak and the Zoom MS-70CDR are both part of an upcoming soundbank / patch set for the MicroFreak and the MS-70.

The audio is recorded to SD card on a Zoom R16 recorder/mixer and normalized in Audacity. Video is recorded on a Canon EOS M50 mk2 with the included EF-M 15-45mm lens. Audio and video is synchronized in DaVinci Resolve 18 (free version).

- Vibrato - AutoPan - Stereo Chorus - Filter PP Delay - HD Hall

Audio connections:
- MicroFreak - Zoom MS-70CDR - Zoom R-16 (for recording)"

Saturday, October 14, 2023

Halloween Movie Theme Song Synth Jam (#Roland TR-8s, #Novation Peak, #Arturia MiniFreak)

video upload by Koji Kobura

"Halloween Movie Theme Song Synth Jam (#Roland TR-8s, #Novation Peak, #Arturia MiniFreak)"

Friday, October 13, 2023

"Lost and Found" feat. Peter MacLean & Mike Tucker

video upload by Jeremy Parker

"This original composition features the incredible Peter MacLean (Maceo Parker) on drums and Mike Tucker (Arturo Sandoval) on tenor saxaphone as special guests. I wrote the core of this tune for the @rhodesmusic Missing Keys contest, as the backing track for James Smith's @YardActBand spoken word. I was spurred on by the challenge to write something specific, and I liked the vibe of what I came up with enough to finish it off as a complete song on its own. So I constructed some melodies, sax solo section and put an arrangement together for this special rendition with Peter and Mike sitting in, doing the magical things that they do.

Follow Mike here:
Follow Pete here:

I used my Rhodes MKIII EK10 which I restored a few years ago: [posted here]

Then I also used the Funk Bass sound from my Korg Opsix, a ring-mod solo lead I made on my miniKORG 700fs, and various sounds from my Arturia Polybrute.

Here's my original entry to the Rhodes Missing Keys contest, so you can hear where it came from:

Rhodes "Missing Keys" Competition Entry

Check out all my original music here:


Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Arturia Introduces the MiniLab 3 Alpine White

Press release follows:

MiniLab 3 Alpine White is a music-making controller keyboard with a fresh makeover. Control music software, create your own tracks with inspiring sounds & samples, and get playing with comfy keys & pads - all in dazzling white.

_A MIDI controller with a minimalist aesthetic
Rediscover the keyboard controller of choice for today’s production pros & beginner music makers alike, decorated with a lush modern aesthetic to elevate any setup.

A fresh all-white look
This mini keyboard controller is going for that ultra-clean, contemporary design vibe with a white exterior, white keys, and white controls.

Easy to use
Explore amazing synth & instrument sounds on your computer, make beats & musical ideas in minutes, and sharpen your production skills - great for beginners.

Everything you need

Play keys, punch in a drum loop, connect to MIDI gear, and get creative with premium musical software included as standard.

Priced at $149 compared to the original with black highlights listed for $109 on Amazon and Reverb. Check with your favorite dealers on the right for availability.

Monday, October 09, 2023

Arturia MATRIXBRUTE - 64 Dark Ambient - Sequence based - Patches

video upload by Alba Ecstasy

"64 patches for Arturia MatrixBrute 👉
Dark ambient sequences."

Create Wavetables From Anything For Anything ... For free

video upload by Starsky Carr

Here I put the Prophet VS waves into the UDO Super 6, Waldorf M, Arturia Microfreak and Pigments using just a DAW and Audacity. It's a super flexible method and following this you should be able to sample any wave from anything you have to create a wavetable - the tricky bit was getting the cycle length sample accurate. Some require

Buy the packs here:

Or become a Patron:"

0:00 Making Wavetables isn't always easy
3:21 Tuning the Source Instrument
5:16 Create the Initial Samples
6:07 Fine Tuning the Samples
7:45 Creating the Single Cycles Sample in Audacity
10:26 Exporting Individual Files
11:22 Creating Wavetables
15:54 Take Care!
16:48 Changing the Cycle Length
17:39 Export as a Wavetable
18:24 Importing into the Microfreak
19:07 Change the Number of Samples per Wavetable
19:56 Change the Bitrate
20:55 Final Test - The Working Wavetables

Sunday, October 08, 2023

41st | Moog Grandmother, Mutable Instruments, & Drumbrute

video upload by Wake Rise Fall

"Patch Notes
Drumbrute is sending clock and doing drums.
Kick & tom outs are patched into Rings for drums
Tides V2 is playing chords while 2nd Tides V2 is modulating Veils
Stages for envelopes and lfo for modulating 1st Tides V2
Marbles sending pitch and gate around"

Saturday, October 07, 2023

Acid Rephlux (Live techno jam)

video upload by Desire Machine

"Techno jam with a 90s vibe, Behringer edge with Arturia Drumbrute handle the rhythmic duties, TD-3 is squelching, Vermona mono Lancet is doing the bass rumble and Korg Minilogue is providing the stab chords. M.I. Clouds used as a send fx."

MIDIPLUS Wind 2: Unlocking Its Power with Effects (No Talking)

video upload by Yukes玉刻 Music

I see Midiplus on Amazon but not the MIDIPLUS Wind 2. I also can't ind it on their website. New product or different manufacturer?

"MIDIPLUS Wind 2 is probably the most bare-bones wind synth on the market. 10 simple sounds, no pitch-bend or expression... first impression is a tough one. But I'd be lying if I said it didn't grow on me over time. Breath-controlled velocity is clutch. It's been a pleasure to have around, no bigger than a tin whistle, easy to keep in a bag and pull out at a jam.

While it's certainly not for everyone, it's pretty cool to have a wind synth at this price. Sort of the r/CheapKeys of wind synthesizers. And with Bluetooth MIDI, it could control any tone you want. Pretty cool little thing.

I knew it had some real potential when I started putting it through effects. It's rare I turn my effects to 100% wet, but with an instrument such as this, a pure tone can really let your effects shine.

In this video I put the Wind 2 through a few effects:
0:00 Clean Tone
0:40 Eventide Blackhole
1:23 Arturia Delay Tape-201
2:21 Arturia Tape Mello-Fi
3:10 Eventide ShimmerVerb
4:15 Arturia EFX Fragments
5:15 Eventide Physion MkII"

Friday, October 06, 2023

MatrixBrute Brief Intro + Sound Design

video upload by SMV Producer

"In this video I made a brief intro about the Matrix Brute and explained a patch I made with it.....
Sound banks for Arturia MatrixBrute, Waldorf Quantum/Iridium, Prophet 5/10, Moog One and Oberheim OBX8 are available for purchase at:"

00:00 Intro
01:47 Oxygene 2 Patch

10 Distortion Techniques: Every Synth Needs This

video upload by Anthony Marinelli Music

"Get ready for some sonic devastation as I demonstrate some of my favorite efx pedals and techniques that deliver filthy synth sounds capable of cutting through even the thickest wall of amplified guitars! I'll show you 10 different color palates with hands-on examples ranging from tasteful overdrive, distortion, fuzz all the way to full meltdown clipping. A little of these flavors added to your synthesizer instrument will help you create more inspiring sounds and also help you require less work to bring you final mixes together. I truly believe that every synth needs a drive circuit as much as it needs filters, reverbs and delays. After watching this video I hope you'll be inspired to grab some analog distortion pedals and start discovering what I did, that I can't live without them."

00:00 Introduction
00:51 Minimoog External Input Feedback Loop
03:49 ARP 2600 Internal Preamp Distortion
07:27 Distorted LFO's
09:46 Moogerfooger MF-104M Pedal Drive Circuit
15:08 Boss HM-2 Heavy Metal Pedal
18:14 Boss FZ-2 Hyper Fuzz Pedal
20:59 Mutron III Input Gain as Distortion Pedal
25:07 Vintage 1965 Fender Showman Amp
28:09 Joyo American Sound Pedal
32:09 Arturia Minimoog with Moogerfooger MF-104S Plug-ins

*🎹 THRILLER SYNTH GIVEAWAY 🎹* ✅ Visit to find out how to enter ✅

🏆 Want to win the same model synthesizer used on *Thriller* to make the _iconic_ 🐸 "Froggie" Bass sound? ⏰ Hurry because the giveaway ends October 30th! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

Thursday, October 05, 2023

Arturia MiniFreak

via this auction

Additional Control Listings

Wednesday, October 04, 2023

E.M.E (Experiencia Musical Electrónica) en MEXSYNTHCO 2023

video upload by Sintes con Leo

'E.M.E (Experiencia Musical Electrónica) en MEXSYNTHCO 2023
Es un dúo integrado por Ezequiel Araujo y Tomas Putruele

Origen: Mexicano/Argentino"

Sunday, October 01, 2023

Polaris Jam // MicroFreak v5 // MS-70

video upload by Waveformer

"It's been a long time since I jammed with my MicroFreak, and it's been like hanging out with an old friend, where you find you're immediately on the same wavelength. In this jam, I explore the wonderful Cloud Grains oscillator that is new with MicroFreak firmware version 5.0. I'm treating the MicroFreak and the Zoom MS-70CDR effect pedal as one integrated instrument, and the patches on each of the boxes are designed as if it is one singe patch.

The custom sample loaded into the Cloud grains oscillator morphs between different timbres with metallic overtones and distortion which are tamed by the lowpass filter in the MicroFreak.

Key/Arp mode is set to Random, which is a new feature in Firmware 5, where each new note played generates a random value that can be used for modulation. In this patch, this random value is set to modulate the Sample Grain Start Position through the Wave parameter. The result is that each note played has a different timbre, and that the timbre is constantly changing. This same random value also modulates Cutoff slightly, to further vary the timbre. And it modulates the Amp Envelope Decay/Release Time, for varying note lengths, and finally the Cyclic Envelope Fall Time, which varies the shape of the looping envelope.

The Cyclic Envelope is looping and set to modulate Filter Cutoff. This introduces a rapid rhythmic / wobbling effect. The LFO is set up to modulate the Cyclic Envelope Rise Time, in effect varying the attack portion of this wobbling effect between sharp and soft.

Some parameters that can be interesting to play with on the MicroFreak as the arpeggiator plays are Filter Cutoff and Resonance, Cyclic Envelope Amount, and Glide.

The effect patch on the Zoom MS-70CDR is Bass Ensemble into LO-FI Delay into Stereo Delay into HD Reverb into Exciter. The LO-FI Delay Mix is all the way down at the beginning of the jam, and introduced after about 4 and a half minutes.

The video contains further patch and jam notes as text overlays.

Saturday, September 30, 2023

Can You Hear the Music, Robert?

video upload by MarkusHasaya

"A cover of Ludwig Göransson composition, Can You Hear the Music from Oppenheimer.
#oppenheimer #canyouhearthemusic #LudwigGöransson #miniloguexd #moogmatriarch #korgminiloguexd #minilogue #mooggrandmother #filmscore"

Acid on camera

video upload by Desire Machine

"Acid on camera,
an improptu acid hardware jam with TD-3 , Drumbrute , Alpha Juno 2, and many modules , including M.I. Clouds as a send fx, Vermona Mono Lancet for the Bassline, Neutron oscillators sequenced from Beatstep Pro and then directly fed into Intellijel uVCA."

Running through the Mountains | Mutable Instruments + Drumbrute

video upload by Wake Rise Fall

"Patch Notes
Drumbrute is sending clock and doing drums.
Kick 1 gate is patched to Rings strum
Running Drumbrute through TC Electronic for delay.
Hermod sending pitch/gate into Plaits & pitch into Rings
Tides V2 is playing chords while 2nd Tides V2 is modulating Veils
Stages for envelopes and lfo for modulating 1st Tides V2"


video upload by Egowaves

"Which one do you prefer?"

Patch n Tweak
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