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Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Introducing GForce impOSCar3

video upload by GForce Software

"GForce Software is thrilled to unveil the much-anticipated impOSCar3, a modern reinterpretation of a legendary British hardware synth. Like the original, its hybrid architecture combines the precision of digital oscillators with the warmth of analogue filters, providing a vast range of sonic possibilities.

Graeme Rawson - audio demo and video production
Çağatay Çetin - 3D animation"

"At the heart of GForce‘s impOSCar3 lies the design of the legendary British hardware synth OSCar®. Like the original, its hybrid architecture combines the precision of digital oscillators with the warmth of analogue filters, providing a wide range of sonic possibilities.

Craft expansive, lush, dark or ambient pads, resonant bells, and precise leads with this exceptional recreation. The finely tuned filter, aligned with the new wavetable editor, blends the best digital clarity with an unparalleled analogue richness. If that’s not enough, switch to poly-unison for a true wall of sound. Prepare to be surprised."


impOSCar3‘s oscillators have been augmented with fully editable 256-step wavetables, drawn as shapes or edited as partials.

We’ve added 450+ new factory Patches and our powerful browser to allow easy navigation through the vast array of included patches. Over 1800 in total.

Additionally, 4 new macros, a new reverb, an improved layout, a user designable LFO editor, aftertouch control, undo & redo, a fully scalable UI and more. Finally, we’ve simplified the operation of the instrument whilst keeping all its depths and compatibility with legacy impOSCar2 patches."

You can find additional details at

Monday, May 13, 2024

KORG Introduces KORG Collection 5

"Scheduled for release in early summer 2024.

Magical synth sounds, authentically re-created by KORG. The Synthesizer Collection for the ages.

• Three new instruments added: EP-1, VOX Super Continental and ARP 2600.
• At Superbooth 2024, we're previewing the KC ARP 2600: true to the original sound and character, with thoughtful modifications and additions.

We spent months understanding every detail of the original and modern schematics, studying manuals, testing with oscilloscopes, and most importantly listening. This is the only ARP 2600 plug-in that can faithfully recreate all 100 sounds in the original 2600 Patch Book. Extensive anti-aliasing techniques deliver truly premium audio quality. KC ARP 2600 adds both classic modifications and entirely new modules, while preserving the distinctive character and design philosophy of the original instrument.

Displayed at: Superbooth 2024 KORG Booth (E100)"

PowerStrings for MSoundFactory - Orchestral Manoeuvres in the DAW

video upload by meldaproduction

Press release follows:

MeldaProduction pushes PowerStrings as MSoundFactory instrument tailored towards quickly crafting symphonic strings for modern pop or cinematic productions

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC: following in the must-have footsteps of its DreamMachines (so-called VIRTUAL ANALOG DRUM DESIGNER) and Meldway Grand (software grand piano) as premium instruments for MSoundFactory, itself held in high regard as arguably the most powerful modular virtual instrument platform out there today by effectively allowing users to create their own instruments (alternatively available as MSoundFactory LE — providing access to all the sounds and instruments included with its bigger brother, but without access to the editing screen — and also for free as the self-explanatory MSoundFactory Player with only a few sounds included, although users can choose to purchase premium instruments), music production and audio processing advanced tools-maker MeldaProduction is proud to announce availability of PowerStrings — pushed as its next MSoundFactory premium instrument, this time tailored towards quickly crafting symphonic strings suited to the fast-paced production world of modern pop or cinematic music — as of May 13...

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the DAW
As an orchestral powerhouse, PowerStrings represents MeldaProduction’s latest MSoundFactory premium instrument, this time tailored towards quickly crafting symphonic strings suited to the fast-paced production world of modern pop or cinematic music. The timeless elegance of symphonic strings are creatively combined with a contemporary twist — to deliver rich and vibrant string sounds designed to instantly elevate tracks. Indeed, its streamlined interface and intuitive controls allow users to effortlessly add lush string arrangements to their compositions without slowing down their creative flow.

An assortment of ARTICULATIONS
PowerStrings proffers an assortment of ARTICULATIONS, ranging from smooth SOFT LEGATO to crisp SPICCATO settings, so users can achieve the perfect expression for any musical idea. It is possible to speedily switch between them during a live performance using a controller keyboard’s lower keys, or even enable multiple articulations at the same time. The premium instrument in question also allows for independent pitch and volume per articulation, which is ideal for extremely easy layering, while all ARTICULATIONS have access to detailed — Attack, Hold, Decay, Sustain, and Release — envelope settings.

Strings should not necessarily always sound like strings — certainly in the context of modern pop or cinematic music production. PowerStrings’ CREATIVE ‘tab’ takes its users into a brave new world of sound, one where they can, for example, make the strings sound like a synth using the CONVOLUTION settings. Similarly, FM (Frequency Modulation) controls are also available, as is control over HARMONICS. Applying a pleasant-sounding DIFFUSION to the proceedings is, likewise, all part of getting creative.

Tuesday, May 07, 2024

Expressive E Introduces Noisy 2 - The Next-gen MPE synth

video uploads by Expressive E

Noisy 2 - The next-gen MPE synth
Noisy 2 - Hear It in Action
Noisy 2 - Walkthrough Video

Press release follows:

After the successful launch of Osmose, MPE expert company Expressive E continues to expand its sound ecosystem with Noisy 2. Built for expression, Noisy 2 offers a new MPE mode that goes way beyond regular MPE integration. Its workflow was built for intuitive and expressive sound design, unleashing novel playing possibilities. To match its next-gen MPE abilities, Noisy 2 is powered by an outstanding sound engine based on new acoustic and analog resonators. This synth was made to be expressive with any MPE or classic MIDI controller and brings a brand new expressive experience for sound designers and musicians.

Unlocking new playing gestures for MPE users

At the heart of its MPE mode, Noisy 2’s expression blocks offer new playing possibilities for MPE users with trig modes.

Inspired by its Osmose experience, these Trig modes are a new, powerful, and playful way to trigger envelopes: add sound impulses by accelerating your gesture downwards (push), upwards (lift), or alternating up and down (shake) at any point within the key’s travel.

Listen to the new musical possibilities unlocked by Noisy 2’s MPE mode here.

Easy expressive sound design

Noisy 2 has been built to make the expressive sound design experience fun and intuitive.

Its workflow enables musicians and sound designers to intuitively choose their own way of interacting with the sonic dimensions of any preset. With a few clicks on the expression blocks, users can find the perfect balance between Pressure, Aftertouch, and the envelope generator to refine their personal expressive playing experience.

Producers and musicians can now integrate new motions into their projects by sculpting sounds directly with their hands and fingers.

On top of deep MPE integration, Noisy 2 offers various ways to simply and creatively add motion to sounds. With both classic MIDI and MPE controllers, the Expression Control section can now deeply alter each layer of Noisy 2 and its two FX slots with a simple turn of a knob.

Drum Rack Buddy - MaxforLive Sequencer for Ableton Live by Ned RUSH

video upload by Isotonik Studios

"Hey there, music makers! Today, we're diving into the world of drum sequencing with a powerful tool called the Drum Rack Buddy. Whether you're a beginner looking for quick and basic beats or an experienced producer delving into deeper, more obscure rhythms, this Max For Live MIDI plugin for Ableton Live has got you covered.

So, what exactly is the Drum Rack Buddy? It's a 16-track sequencer designed specifically for drum racks (or any instrument) to help you sequence drums and percussion with ease. Let's take a closer look at its features, starting from left to right.

First up, on the far left, we have the note trigger. Each track corresponds to a specific note, allowing you to trigger sounds in your drum rack. You can customize these notes to your liking. Plus, there's a handy Trig button for previewing sounds and a Mute button for silencing tracks during sequencing.

Next, we have the sequencer itself, which can switch between Steps, Velocity, Chance, or Retrigger modes. This is where you'll craft your beats, adjusting sequences to perfection.

Moving to the far right, we find the Track Controls, offering even more customization options. You can set the direction of the sequencer, edit steps or constraints, randomize sequences, and more. It's a playground for experimentation and creativity.

Don't forget about the Pages tab at the top, allowing you to access different sequencing pages for fine-tuning your beats. And in the top right corner, you'll find the Global Controls for managing all tracks simultaneously, from clearing steps to randomizing patterns.

We've packed a lot into the Drum Rack Buddy, including features like scaling, shifting, and adjusting note lengths, to give you complete control over your rhythms. Plus, the Grid feature provides a visual aid for precise sequencing.

We hope you enjoy using the Drum Rack Buddy in your music production adventures. And if you decide to share your creations on social media, don't forget to tag us @nedrush and @isotonikstudios. We'd love to hear what you come up with! Until next time, happy beat-making!


Saturday, May 04, 2024

Hans Zimmer presents THE LEGEND HZ Synthesizer

video upload by SynapseAudio

The Legend HZ Preset Demo

video upload by SynapseAudio

"Demonstration of select factory presets by Kevin Schroeder."

via Synapse Audio

"Developed in collaboration with iconic and multiple-award-winning film composer Hans Zimmer, The Legend HZ builds on the legacy of its predecessor, The Legend.

The result of this collaborative effort is an analog modeled software synth which is uniquely positioned for use in modern film scoring and music production applications. Most importantly, it retains this position while faithfully recreating the sonic characteristics of the original hardware.

The Legend HZ has been designed with great care and attention to detail, so that no opportunities were missed to create a software synth which is both highly usable and insanely versatile. It is at heart the product of the combined knowledge of a genre-defining composer and Synapse Audio’s experience emulating an industry-defining synthesizer.

Building on the success of The Legend, we’ve teamed up with Hans Zimmer to mark new ground in analog modeling synthesis. Multiple features have been added to The Legend HZ that were previously unavailable with The Legend. These include an additional three oscillators (and with them an added polyphony setting), a modulation matrix, a 32-step sequencer, an MSEG for added modulation controls, and an expanded effects section.

The Legend HZ even contains a fixed filter bank that was modeled after Hans Zimmer's personal Vintage 914 Fixed Filter Bank, an exceptional and rare piece of hardware.

Moreover, 200 factory presets developed jointly by expert sound designer Kevin Schroeder and Hans Zimmer have been added. The factory soundbank gives anyone access to a wide range of cinematic-style sounds, while The Legend HZ itself provides access to some of the very tools used by them.

The Legend HZ is available in VST®, AAX and Audio Unit formats, and supports MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE), as well as the Native Kontrol Standard (NKS).

The Legend HZ features summary
Accurate circuit simulation
6 high-quality VA oscillators
8x oversampled engine
Comprehensive effects section
Unison, Mono, 4-,8- and 12-voice Polyphony modes
Support for MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression)
Advanced Arpeggiator/Sequencer
Available as VST, Audio Unit and AAX

Friday, May 03, 2024

Tonstrum Audio Introduces Spintracer - Engaging Real-Time Audio Motion

video upload by TonsturmChannel

SpinTracer Tutorials

"Dive into our comprehensive tutorial series on SpinTracer, designed for both sound designers and musicians. Each video goes in-depth, exploring all the features and demonstrating practical applications to enhance your audio projects."

via Tonstrum Audio

SpinTracer enables real-time control of sound, allowing you to move audio through three-dimensional space with your mouse movements. The integrated creative motion engine provides a dynamic layer for manipulating these sources into mesmerizing geometric patterns or random, swarm-like textures.

Users can set exact dimensions for the sound's motion, define its maximum speed, and adjust its trajectory with gravitational steering force. The sound object's movement is not just an approximation but a true-to-life representation of Doppler shifts, realized in real-time.

SpinTracer features an advanced motion engine. Utilize it to sculpt mesmerizing circular motion patterns for your tracks, or infuse them with organic, swarm-like textures in random mode.

SpinTracer enables the orchestration of up to eight sound objects, which can encircle or randomly swarm around the listeners head. The incoming stereo signal is mapped across the 8 sound orb objects.

$89.00 US introductory price until May 14 2024 ($129.00 US thereafter)

Relic Flow (NEW APP) by Alexander Zolotov of

video upload by Alexander Zolotov

"Relic Flow is a generator of Lo-Fi rhythms, noise patterns and drum loops based on unique synthesis algorithms from NightRadio. More than 4 billion samples from the depths of the Mathematical Universe!
The app is the successor to Fractal Bits and Relic Waves.
Available for iOS and Android

* search for new sounds with three buttons: next random set, edit code, previous set; each set of 12 sounds corresponds to a code of 8 characters (you can save/copy/paste it as plain text);
* three types of keyboards for live performing: on-screen buttons, PC keyboard, MIDI input;
* several processing parameters + control via MIDI;
* real-time audio recording to WAV (32-bit);
* export to: WAV (one file or a set), SunVox (samples + effects in one file), text clipboard;
* the LCK button freezes individual samples - they will not change during the search for new sets;
* iOS: Audio Unit Extension (AUv3), Wi-Fi export/import."

Wednesday, May 01, 2024

New app coming from Alexander Zolotov of

video upload by Alexander Zolotov

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Introducing: GForce Oberheim DMX

video upload by GForce Software

"GForce Software and Oberheim proudly unveil the DMX, an ode to the legendary drum machine of the past, seamlessly integrated with the speed and versatility of today’s digital realm. The DMX™ is a time machine that bridges decades of sound with the future of rhythm.

@AlexBallMusic - video production and voice-over.
John D. - Hardware demo audio and video.
Bouddicca’s Bass Service - audio track at 4:03min

Demo Note - The output of the LM-1 and the hardware DMX kits have been enhanced with EMT Reverb, EQ, and Tape Saturation. The GForce DMX is shipped with both clean and processed kits, many of these being used in the demo. Any perceptible sound differences between the hardware and software used in this demo are due to differences in sound levels and the presence of the EMT Reverb."

via GForce

"The Oberheim DMX by GForce is an ode to the legendary drum machine of the past, seamlessly integrated with the speed and versatility of today’s digital realm. The DMX™ is a time machine that bridges decades of sound with the future of rhythm.

Authentic Sound, Unmatched Clarity – Experience the raw power of vintage drum sounds, meticulously crafted and enhanced for crystal-clear quality without losing their classic soul.
Intuitive Design, Infinite Creativity – With its sleek, user-friendly interface, the DMX invites novices and seasoned professionals to explore, experiment, and express without bounds.

The Oberheim DMX drum machine has left an indelible mark on the soundscape of popular music, crafting the rhythmic foundation of timeless tracks across a spectrum of genres.

From the driving beats of New Order‘s “Blue Monday” and Madonna‘s “Holiday” to the foundational rhythms of Run-D.M.C.‘s “It’s Like That,” the infectious Phil Collins’ “Sussudio”, the seminal Hip Hop/Electro jam Davy DMX’s “One For The Treble” or the uplifting grooves of Eurythmics’ 1983 album, its influence is unmistakable. Even Daft Punk‘s “Discovery” album owes a nod to the DMX.

We included all of the original DMX sounds from its launch in 1981, as well as the updated DMX sounds introduced around 1983. We’ve complemented the DMX sound set with the DX and the Sequential Drumtraks ones plus many alternatives.

The DMX by GForce Software is more than a drum machine; it’s a declaration that the beats of the past are the heartbeat of the future. It’s designed for those who revere the rhythm legends of yesteryears but are eager to push the boundaries of what’s rhythmically possible tomorrow.

Jumpstart your creativity with a comprehensive collection of classic MIDI files. These carefully selected rhythms offer a nod to the iconic beats that have shaped music history, ready for you to re-imagine and integrate into your modern productions.

Finally, we’ve incorporated kits that capture the raw, unprocessed sound of a DMX/DX, as well as kits that are professionally produced and ready for immediate use in your productions.

Step into a world where vintage vibes and modern moves converge. With the GForce‘s Oberheim DMX, unleash patterns that pulsate with the lifeblood of classics, refined by the precision of modern technology.

Classic Sound, Modern Control: Dive into the original eight-part sound kit of the Oberheim DMX, now augmented with comprehensive control over pan, solo, mute, pitch, decay, analogue-style delay send, and the lush, spacious reverb send for each channel.
Masterful Manipulation: On the master channel, a multi-mode filter, distortion, and compressor offer the ultimate tools for adding depth, warmth, and punch. Sculpt your overall sound with precision, adding that sought-after character only found in vintage gear.
Recreate some of the most iconic beats or twist them into something uniquely yours, all while benefiting from the timeless sound that has defined the rhythm for generations.

It’s time to let your beats tell a story as timeless as music itself."

Monday, April 29, 2024


video uploads by Isotonik Studios


"This is a collection of 12 devices for making rhythmic music in Ableton Live 12. They are some of the first Max for Live MIDI Tools, which is a new class of Live device that generates and transforms MIDI clips.

I’ve always liked to make complex rhythmic music, but in the past I found the piano roll in Live to be clunky and tedious to use. MIDI Tools resolve this problem by allowing us to create simple devices that automate processes that would be tedious or impossible to execute manually. Every device in this collection is designed to help you make exciting, novel rhythmic music quickly and playfully.

The 'quickly and playfully' is really important to me. For me, making electronic music has always been about getting a pattern running, listening to it, then tweaking it with whatever knobs and sliders are available to me. Working this way puts you in a sort of dialog with the machine, where you’re acting, then listening, then acting, then listening, and so forth. This process works best when the cycles are fast, which means that the tools have to be fun and easy to use. They have to deliver results quickly.

I could summarize the practical value of these tools with three statements:

They generate ideas to get my creativity flowing

They all you to create rhythms (such as nested rhythms, rallentandos, and polyrhythms) that are very difficult to create using the piano roll interface

They help you create variations on rhythmic and melodic ideas, to make your music varied and interesting. I’ve also found that the power of these devices really emerges when you use them in serial workflows. By this I mean that you start with some initial MIDI (maybe from a Generator, or maybe not), then process the MIDI with several different transformers.

You can see an example of a serial process in THIS VIDEO, in which I create some rhythmic containers using the Blocks generator, then used the Divs transformer to subdivide those containers to create a new rhythm, then used Feel to dial in the groove. There’s tons of ways to mix and match the devices, which means lots of space to develop your own favorite approaches.

These devices all work with Ableton 12’s new Scales feature. When a scale is enabled on the MIDI clip, the device will only produce notes that are in key. If you disable the scale, then you can work chromatically. The devices are also aware of Live’s themes, so your devices will always match the look and feel of your Live set."

Friday, April 26, 2024

Testing Nakst Integrate - Classic Hardstyle Lead

video upload by Eyezer Productionz | Synths & Audio

Note Nakst was first introduced a year go.

"Introduction (from the manual):

As technology has improved, it has become possible for manufacturers to produce increasingly complex synthesizers. This has led to the creation of synths that trade off easeof-use for maximum sound design potential, spreading hundreds upon hundreds of options and parameters throughout dizzying interfaces, full of tabs and menus. They provide oscillators and filters with such immense algorithmic precision that any soul or character is stripped away before it has a chance to flourish in the sound. Integrate is not like that.

Integrate has been designed with the goal of creating an old-school virtual analog that has just as much personality as any of the classics, paired with a fantastic user interface that makes exploring the sonic possibilities an effortless pleasure. It cannot do everything, but this is intentional; limitations breed creativity. No longer will you spend hours scrolling through lists of wavetables, paralyzed by the impossible task of deciding which is the best to use – a question that has no right answer. Instead, Integrate has a simple two-page layout where every parameter has been selected for its unique axis of inspiration. Every dial, slider and button is waiting to delight you as you delve into a world of aural possibilities.

Many thanks to fdigl for providing me a NFR license for this plugin! Next video will feature some custom patches made by me."

video upload by nakst

Integrate — Factory ROM Demo (unscripted, no talking)

video upload by nakst

00:00 — Arps
01:17 — Basses
04:00 — Drums
04:30 — Effects
05:16 — Keys
06:40 — Leads
14:42 — Organs
15:15 — Pads
18:32 — Plucks
19:34 — Synths
23:08 — Trancegates

"The old-school virtual analog synthesizer: reimagined and perfected, optimized for creativity. Integrate follows in the footsteps of the virtual analog classics we still love today, bringing together a straightforward user interface with an intricate and colorful sound engine."

"The old-school virtual analog synthesizer: reimagined and perfected.

A synthesizer optimized for creativity.

Integrate follows in the footsteps of the virtual analog classics we still love today, bringing together a straightforward user interface with an intricate and colorful sound engine.

Four mighty oscillators.
The four main oscillators come equipped with a selection of 74 waveforms and a flexible noise generator.
The traditional waveforms (sine, sawtooth, square and triangle) all have a specially chosen parameter that can be modulated, allowing you to creating evolving sounds. The noise generator has tweakable color, and it also supports key tracking for an effect reminiscent of early game consoles.
Also featuring FM, RM and hard sync, there's a world of possibilities waiting to be unlocked in these oscillators.
There's also a sub oscillator sporting three waveforms, ready to quickly beef up your patch.

Have it your way.
Integrate lets you configure the character of the oscillators, giving you the power to shape the sound of your patches from the very start of the signal path.

Pick between the “Clean” rendering mode for a modern touch, or the “Digital” mode to add a gritty punch to your sound.

Make anything super.
Oscillators A and B both sport a unison section, letting you turn a simple waveform into a 7 voice beast. Configure the detune and mix, or enable “Stereo” to spread the voices across the channels. You'll soon discover how much of a monster Integrate is at fat, anthemic sounds, perfect for mesmerizing listeners of any genre.

The latest technology.
Integrate is available in the new CLAP plugin format, boasting advanced features like non-destructive polyphonic parameter modulation and note stacking. We're proud to join its community of developers who are pioneering the latest in audio technology.

Information, only when you need it.
To keep the interface compact and free from distractions, Integrate keeps extra information about parameters neatly tucked away in popups that only show when you're interacting with the relevant controls.

Waveforms, envelopes, frequency spectrums all pop up as soon as you need them, and then instantly hide away once you're done with them.

Explore new territory.
Integrate isn't an emulation of an existing synth. Instead, it's a brand new design, waiting for you to explore what it's capable of. Dive into a world of characterful oscillators, screaming filters, chaotic LFOs, and dreamy reverbs. There's bound to be something that'll captivate your imagination.

Monday, April 22, 2024

First Public Release of DSP56300 OsTIrus - Access Virus Ti Emulation Now Available

You can find it here.

You can find video demos here.

* Perfect recreation of the Virus TI sound engine by emulating the DSP code on a low level

* The best integrated experience including automation, state preservation and more

* 16 part Multi Mode / Sequencer Mode per instance, with multiple instances possible if you need more voices

* 6 individual stereo outputs in the DAW, 3x "Analog" and 3x "USB", all usable at the same time

* Improved MIDI timing

This one is in via Soviet Space Child.

Friday, April 19, 2024

Tela – Modal Synthesizer

video upload by Fors

Tela – Walkthrough

video upload by Fors

"Tela orchestrates a vast array of resonant peaks, intertwined to form a critical mass of sound. It models nothing – it's a synthesizer for the here and now, to discover and create anew.

In a careful balance of depth and immediacy, Tela explores the inherent character and capabilities of modal synthesis. Like a practical joke, Tela bends a myriad of partials into perfect symmetrical waveforms only for them to dissolve into otherworldly timbres and textures mere seconds later. There are no rules.

Modal synthesis
Imagine hitting a thin piece of metal, a piece of glass or the membrane of a drum– the material vibrates and rings out with its inherent timbre, affected by the motion of the impact and the strength of the hit. This is the basis of what modal synthesis recreates.

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Myth - an overview of Dawesome's Flagship Synth

video upload by Waveform

00:00 Intro & Description
01:48 User Guide & Tutorials
02:13 The Iris
02:59 Transformers
04:00 Modulation
04:22 Signal Flow
04:40 OSC Modules
05:40 Filter Modules
06:34 Resonator
08:01 BTTFM
09:12 FX Modules
10:07 Glurp!
10:20 ARP +
10:45 Summing Up

DAWESOME MUSIC videos in order published: video uploads by DAWESOME MUSIC

MYTH - demo track
Mare Tranquillitatis - track made with MYTH
MYTH - Preset Demo

A Living Beast

MYTH was built to create the joy and inspiration we feel when playing with hardware. Instead of “programming” sounds you create sounds by exploration and tweaking. The sound is rich and organic, and the entire system acts like one organism.


In classical synthesis, oscillator waves are mostly static and you add filters and modulators to "program" all the variations to make the sound organic and interesting. MYTH offers a paradigm shift: drag and drop audio and it will be re-synthesised as an IRIS. The inherent variations and richness of the sample can now be exploited with the TRANSFORMER dials. Of course - you can also add classical LFOs, envelopes or filters as much as you want. will rarely feel the need!

Look Mum, no Cables

Modular systems are so powerful, but also complex and easily confusing. MYTH has modules, but no cables: like in a pedal board the modules are simply chained from left to right. Insanely powerful and unbeatably simple!

Weird and Wonderful

You can use MYTH as a virtual analog subtractive synth, create shimmering metallics, add colourful acoustic resonances, create glittering grain clouds ... or do all at the same time. From fragrant pads to striking kicks - MYTH can do any sound with ease. And if you prefer to ride a wild horse: there are things like ORBIT, GLURP or ATARI PUNK - weird and wonderful new stuff.

The Fastest Workflow in the West

Let's be honest: sound design can be tedious, and we all love tweaking presets! MYTH goes one step further with a randomisation system on steroids: for example you can freeze sections to keep them unchanged. Or you "breed" new presets from a selection of parent presets. Or you take a sample and then browse through presets to put them over your sample like a dress. It's incredibly easy, fast and fun!

Full Specs

Advanced organic re-synthesis based on machine learning.
More than 700+ presets created by more than 10 sound designers and artists.
Intuitive modular system.
Trainable resonators (by dropping a sample).
Virtual analog filters.
Creative midi effects.
Full MPE support.
Build-in tutorial system.
Powerful and innovative randomisation system.
Intuitive modulation system.
Supports MTS-ESP for microtonality.

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Soniccouture Releases Kora: 21 String African Harp For Kontakt Player NKS

Andre Louis: Kora Improv With MIDI PLayer video upload by Soniccouture

"Andre Louis improvises with the built in 'kumbengo' MIDI backing generator in Soniccouture's Kora VI."

via Soniccouture

A beautiful & fascinating African instrument, the Kora is hard to classify. With 21 strings and a cow-hide resonator, it's a type of bridge harp, but with some lute or guitar DNA in the mix.

The kora is made from a gourd, which is cut in half and covered with cow hide. This forms the resonator of the instrument. There are 21 strings, suspended by a double notched bridge - 10 on one side, 11 on the other. This is typical of a double harp and it is classified as such. However, because the strings originate from a 'neck' and cross a bridge into a resonator, this also makes it a lute.

Soniccouture’s VST version is incredibly playable and versatile, featuring a MIDI pattern player for authentic accompaniment.

€89 (€129) | $89 ($129)

Until May 15th 2024. Price as marked on website, no code required. Offer excludes other discount codes.

Gem, Jade & Adlias- MaxforLive Sequencers for Ableton Live by K-teck

video upload by Isotonik Studios


"The heart of Gem is a 12 bit Linear Frequency Shift Register (LFSR)

The 12 points represent a binary number which is then scaled to create a note value

Every step rotates the binary sequence by 1, changing the note output

The sequence can be played either every step or as a euclidean pattern"

DEMO - Jade - MaxforLive Sequencer for Ableton Live by K-teck


"Jade uses Interference Patterns (combinations of 2 or 3 regular triggers) to conjure up 128 rhythm patterns.

You (yes, you) select sections of these patterns so that Jade can use K-Teck’s unique note generation engine to create stunning melodies, bass parts, repeated riffs… whatever you like.

And then… if you feel so inclined, you can activate Jade’s polyphonic shift registry for chords, arpeggios and stuff…

Jade is simple to use but very powerful. Whether you love to use step sequencers or just turn to them for occasional inspiration, Jade can do it all…"

DEMO - Adlias - Maxfor Live Sequencer for Ableton Live by K-teck


"Adlais VI looks like a simple Euclidean Step Sequencer – but it’s not…
Control over the distribution of euclidean pattern triggers
Both monophonic and polyphonic
Klee Register offers up to 64 monophonic pattern variations
Matrixed shift registers allow up to a further 60 mono/poly pattern variations"

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

New Unfiltered Audio BATTALION Drum Synth

video upload by DATABROTH

"Read my review here:

check out my wavetables and presets at
join my Patreon

Plugin Boutique:

if you're already planning on purchasing any software and want help support me, purchasing any software via the above link helps me out with a %15 commission

Thank you"

Unfiltered Audio Battalion videos by Plugin Alliance video uploads by Plugin Alliance

"Here, you will find all you need to know about the new drum machine plugin from Unfiltered Audio. Battalion combines samples and synthesis to deliver the ultimate beat creation plugin. See how versatile and intuitive this new drum production plugin can be. Watch the trailer for this beat-making plugin and learn more about its features and functionality as a drum sequencer plugin."

via Plugin Boutique

"Battalion delivers the diverse tonalities and parameters of iconic drum synths with the sampling capabilities and accessibility of modern drum machines. Whether you want to generate solid-studio beats in minutes or tweak and experiment to create something completely original, Battalion has all the tools you need.

Quick and diverse beat generation

Make beats with Battalion in three easy ways: create beats in the synth section, use Battalion's vast sample library, or process your own samples.

Responsive beat arrangement

Arrange your beats into compelling combinations with the intuitive graphic sequencer. Create patterns from scratch or adapt presets to your needs.

Essential and deep beat transformation

Enhance and radically manipulate your beats with a wealth of essential and other-worldly synth parameters in the dedicated Tone, Modulation, Envelope and LFO sections.

Beats for all genres

From driving trap beats to haunting industrial pulses, regardless of your genre, Battalion has the beats for you.

Command the stage with performance mode

Use Battalion’s performance mode in your DJ sets or live performances to trigger, loop, and manipulate sounds on the fly and create moments of inspiration with ease.

Synth section

Create compelling tones and timbres from the ground up with a synth section featuring 20 distinct synthesis engines. Explore iconic 80s drum machine sounds, 00s clicks and cuts, and synth sounds that will take you to another dimension - all the essential synth sounds you need for drum production.


Battalion’s sample section is a dedicated space for loading, playing, and modifying samples, featuring four sample modes: Classic, Phase Warp, Cloner, and Granular.

Combine synth and sample generators

Seamlessly move between sampling and synth generators with the on-board BLEND slide for the best of both worlds and totally unique combinations.

A versatile and intuitive drum production environment

Give your performances something special, deliver solid beats quickly, layer complex rhythms that pulse with life, and create beats that sound like nothing you’ve ever heard – all with the power of Battalion."

Sunday, April 14, 2024

Xenia (Waldorf Microwave XT Emulator) Coming from DSP56300

This one is in via Soviet Space Child.

It looks like DSP56300, makers of Vavra, the Waldorf Micro Q emulator, and OsTirus, the Access Virus Ti emulator, are working on Waldorf Microwave XT emulator to be named Xenia.

Details futher below via DSP56300.

"Hey Guys & Girls 👋

It’s been a while but I just wanted to drop in to give you some updates on our project

Osirus (Access Virus A/B/C)

Osirus can now load the Access Virus A/B/C Firmware using the drop down menu in the top right of our GUI and you can switch between models on the fly, the stability and performance of the plugin has also been improved

We have also overhauled the patch manager which you can read more about using the link below

Vavra (Waldorf Micro Q)

Vavra has also had the same treatment as Osirus using our new style of patch manager and some performance updates

OsTirus (Access Virus Ti)

We are happy to announce that our Virus Ti emulator is not far from release, it includes the ability to switch to the Snow model also which only uses one DSP rather than 2

It’s being heavily tested by our loyal supporters currently and as soon as known bugs are squashed it will be made public

If you can’t wait and do want to help us test and improve it then feel free to join our discord server and find out how to become a supporter of our project and join the testing team!

Xenia (Waldorf Microwave XT)

This one’s fresh off the press and is still being worked on and tested internally, it’s working pretty amazing up to now

Once we feel it’s stable enough it will be tested internally by our supporters to squash any bugs before public release

We have been working really hard since we last posted and we are very exited for everyone to experience the results of our efforts.

If you want stay up to date with our daily progress then feel free to join us in our Discord server (link can be found on our website)

I also want to say a big thanks to everyone who has continuously shown support to our project, we appreciate it immensely

Catch you all soon"

Saturday, April 13, 2024

AUDIOKIT'S NERD SYNTH A2X vs Clavia's Nord Lead A1

video upload by MATTHEW FECHER

Follow-up to Electronisounds Audio's video posted here. The app is now available.

"Does it sound close? It’s only a $5 app! Nerd Synth is not a hardware clone & has no affiliation with Nord/Clavia. Nerd Synth should be thought of as a brand new synth, reimagined for mobile! But it can sound similar..."

Nerd Synth App - Behind the Scenes and Features

video upload by MATTHEW FECHER


"With Nerd Synth, you’ll have access to all 40+ of the classic lead A1 waveforms, a noise generator, and a range of filters, envelopes, and modulation sources that allow you to create a wide variety of sounds, from bright and cutting leads to deep basses and lush pads. Plus, with a variety of effects like reverb, delay, and distortion, ring modulator, and super fm drop, you can add even more depth and character to your sounds.

Nerd Synth is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, with a knob-per-function layout that allows for quick and easy sound shaping. And with a variety of presets and the ability to save your own custom presets, you’ll never run out of inspiration for your music.


• On board “Record” button – Easily record your melodies, and crazy sound fx, then export. No other apps needed.
• Works with a MIDI Keyboard


• “SUPER FM” wild pitch drop controls! Modeled after digital VA-Synths, complete with vintage digital aliasing for old-school vibe!
• Crazy aggressive RING MODULATOR distortion – It’s like robots talking, or fighting. You decide.

64-voice, Retro VA-Synth
Advanced Synth Engine (including PWM and 40+ waveform shapes).
FX: Glorious Reverb, Analog Tape Delay, Distortion, Flanger, Chorus, Crush, and more.
3 LFOs, over 70+ possible destinations, almost everything can be modulated! LFOs can even modify other LFOs Dual Assignable Touch Pads!
Classic Arpeggiator! Hardware-style Arp, with extra features
Vintage-style Step Sequencer that can be routed to specific oscillators
ADSR for Amp & Filter Envelope!
Standalone app & iOS AUv3 Plugin


-= Create Nord-style Super Saws =-
Four-voice Unison with the tap of a button
3 different algorithms: Regular, HYPER, and BEAST!
BTW, this is not a hardware clone, it’s a completely new synth. The app is inspired by the sound of the A1 with the knob-per-function control of the NL1 & NL2.

Plus, we gave it some RAW MODERN POWER."

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