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Thursday, November 16, 2023

TiNRS - NextTuesday

video upload by NOISEBUG

"TiNRS - NextTuesday Procedural Sequencer"

Terry Riley, Keyboard Study no.1 (as generative modular patch)

video upload by Electrum Modular

"There are several modular synth renditions of Terry Riley’s 'In C' out there, but none (as far as I know) of his keyboard studies, so here goes…

Although Riley played this piece in 1964-65, he did not write it down until the 1990s, and only published it in 2015:

His instructions in this book are pretty cryptic, so I try to explain the piece at the beginning of the movie.

I tend not to use MIDI in my modular (except when connecting it to an iPad or keyboard etc), as it’s less malleable than CV. But Expert Sleepers’ addition of a 'MIDI Player' algorithm to the Disting EX gave me the idea to use multiple MIDI files in a more generative way. Thank you to the tireless Os at Expert Sleepers for solving my technical issues (see Disting EX forum on modwiggler).

Robert Carl’s book, Terry Riley's In C:

FWIW, my favorite piano recording of this piece is John Tilbury’s:
Released last year, but recorded 'in Hamburg in the late 1970s or early 80s—full details forgotten.'

Terry RILEY, 1972 photograph credit: © Bernard Perrine. All rights reserved 2023/Bridgeman Images"

Seven Four Acid Jam (TB-303 inspired eurorack synth module faceoff)

video upload by Cylob Sonic Research

"Giving the M303, Din Sync OSC303 and VCF303 modules a workout.
Sequenced with a custom patch running in SuperCollider controlled with two Novation Launchpads."

Acid Modules Sound Test ( M303, Din Sync VCO303 & VCF303, Eurorack modular synth, filter)

video upload by Cylob Sonic Research

"Checking out the sound of these TB-303 inspired eurorack modules.

Foto von Mikhail Nilov:

00:00 Intro
00:03 M303 Saw
01:03 M303 Pulse
03:34 M303 Saw
06:33 M303 Pulse
07:05 M303 Saw
07:49 VCO303 Saw into VCF303
09:42 VCO303 Pulse into VCF303
11:47 VCO303 Saw into VCF303
12:59 VCO303 Pulse into VCF303
14:28 Rubicon2 Saw into VCF303
18:09 Rubicon2 Pulse into VCF303
19:25 Rubicon2 Zig Zag into VCF303
19:54 Rubicon2 Sub into VCF303
20:18 Rubicon2 WARP into VCF303
21:45 Z3000 Saw into VCF303
22:36 Z3000 Pulse into VCF303
24:57 Z3000 Saw into M303 filter
27:03 Z3000 Pulse into M303 filter"

Artist Picks: Best Music Gear of 2023 Part 2

video upload by Perfect Circuit

Part 1 here

"2023 is soon drawing to a close—so, we're taking a look back at the year, and taking account of all of the weird and wonderful instruments that gave us some inspiration this year. Synthesizers, drum machines, and Eurorack modules to samplers and effects, this year had no shortage of inspiring instruments.

So, we reached out to some of our friends and content creators to fill us in on their year, asking one simple question: what was the coolest piece of gear you got this year? For some, that meant brand new releases, but for others, it meant sitting down and digging into classic instruments.

In this video, we hear from:
00:00 Red Means Recording on the Elektron Syntakt
01:07 Midlife Synthesist on the Akai MPC X SE
03:20 DivKid on the Intellijel Cascadia
06:30 Jorb on the Roland S1
09:13 Bo Beats on the Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field
12:45 Trovarsi on the Anti-Kulture Precision Disruptor

Read more about all of this gear on our blog, Signal:"

Zoxnoxious Z5524 Dual VCO Voice Card Demo

video upload by Ultratroninator 3000

"Demo of the Zoxnoxious dual VCO voice card with its VCV Rack interface. This card incorporates a lot of features! And being under full control from VCV Rack opens up a lot of interesting options. This demo is intended to give a _very quick_ overview of the functions.

00:00 - Intro
00:33 - VCO Basics
01:20 - Pulse Width Modulation VCO1/VCO2
02:07 - Filter Modulation
03:18 - VCO Sync
04:21 - Waveselect Modulation
06:30 - Frequency Modulation (analog source)
09:25 - Frequency Modulation (digital source)
10:30 - Wrap up"

See the Zoxnoxious label below for more.

Noise Engineering Introduces Nive Grad Level Shifter Eurorack Module

video upload by Noise Engineering

"Nive Grad is available now on our website or at your favorite retailer:

0:00 Overview
0:43 Panel review
1:37 Synthesizer to Eurorack
2:00 Euorack to pedal, back to Eurorack

Nive Grad is a high input impedance stereo or dual-mono level shifter in 4 HP. With a simple-to-patch interface and a compact size, Nive Grad is an easy and straightforward way to integrate Eurorack with the rest of your gear!

When we released our Xer Mixa in August, we got questions about using line-level instruments with it. We decided to make that easy with Nive Grad. Bring guitars, external effects, or line-level synths up to Eurorack levels, then bring the Eurorack signals back down to line and pedal levels. In just 4HP, it gets you two channels of step up and step down by 12 and 24 dB.

More on the Xer Mixa:"

Press release follows:

Noise Engineering debuts Nive Grad, making it easier than ever to integrate a Eurorack system with the rest of your studio.

It’s easier than ever to integrate your Eurorack system with the rest of your gear.

Los Angeles, CA — Noise Engineering, known for their hybrid approach to modular synthesizer design, has announced Nive Grad, a compact and inexpensive level-shifting utility designed to integrate Eurorack systems with other gear.

Designed for simplicity and straightforward patching, Nive Grad has two sections, each with two channels, for stereo or dual-mono use. The top section is designed for amplification, adding +12dB or +24dB to a signal—values designed to take line-level or guitar-level signals up to Eurorack levels respectively. The input is high impedance, making it suitable for use with passive guitars. The bottom section attenuates signals by -12dB or -24dB to connect Eurorack sources to pedals, recorders, or line-level effects. According to Noise Engineering, these fixed gain adjustments work well for most external gear, which allowed them to keep the design simple—it’s just 4HP—and, in turn, the cost low.

The team says the inspiration for the module came from users, including themselves. Earlier this year, Noise Engineering released Xer Mixa, their take on a comprehensive system mixer. Nive Grad was designed to be the simple piece that would allow users to mix external synths and drum machines into Xer Mixa, as well as to integrate pedals into an FX send. Although designed with Xer Mixa in mind, Noise Engineering is quick to point out that it can be used with any Eurorack setup.

Nive Grad is available now at and at retailers globally.

Availability and pricing:
Nive Grad: In stock in black and silver. Shipping from Noise Engineering and retailers starting November 16th, 2023; MSRP US$160

Nive Grad:

Let's make a synth brass sound with our CUNSA filter in the style of Steve Porcaro

video upload by Frap Tools

"Let us take a step back with the CUNSA filter and try to create some classic sounds. Probably the most iconic is the synth brass, and since we don't like reinventing the wheel, we'll rely on the excellent instructions by Steve Porcaro."

00:00 Introduction
01:38 Getting two sawtooths out of BRENSO
03:34 Envelopes, VCF, VCA
08:34 Adding the "blip"
10:41 Filter tracking
11:09 Filter ping
12:33 Character "blip"
14:05 Input VCA
15:03 Final result and closing remarks.

Tech Thursday | Resetting Orbit 3

video upload by Joranalogue Audio Design

"It's Tech Thursday! In these concise videos, we bring up some overlooked and advanced features of our modules.

It's Thursday, which means that Joran is back with another easily overlooked feature on one of our modules. This week we take a closer look at the reset input on Orbit 3, which allows you to craft sounds you might not expect from a Chaos Oscillator!

The reset input also features Schmitt action, meaning it can be driven by just about any signal you can throw at it—there's no need to limit yourself to trigger pulses only.
Happy patching!"

Moog Mavis + Doepfer Mini Synth + AJH MiniMod - Eurorack setup test

video upload by DreamsOfWires

"Testing a new setup idea for most of my synth gear, here with 3 synth voices: Moog Mavis, Doepfer A112-5 Mini Synthesizer Voice (the synth guts of a Dark Energy Mk1), and just 1 AJH Synth MiniMod VCO / Transistor Ladder Filter voice, since the other 2 synths are also single oscillator instruments. All 3 synths are dry - no FX/reverb etc.
Also a backing drone using 2 MiniMod VCOs, Ring SM and Gemini 2412. The Erica Synths Black Sequencer is running the 3 synth voices, in various playback modes and step probability settings. Mixed using Cosmix, FX Aid on aux send for drone sound only, and mix out recorded on a Disting Mk4.
There's no serious music here, just experimenting, but it might give people some useful ideas regarding gear and layouts, which I tend to struggle with myself.
Some of these modules will change (be sold, or are intended for other purposes eventually) as I try to fine-tune the setup, but it's a starting point so that I can get on with making music.

My music is available here:"

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Tony Talks Shared System - Part 2!! | Make Noise

video upload by MAKEN0ISE

"Presenting the second half of Tony's interview about the past, present, and future of the Shared System! Thanks for all the great questions!"

Part 1 here

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Stoel Music Systems Vacuum Tube Distortion Eurorack Module

video upload by

"The Stoel Music Systems Vacuum Tube Distortion provides two stages of vacuum tube distortion/waveshaping with a switch that selects between using one or both gain stages in series. The first stage is always active. A two-position switch adds the second stage in series after the first. The harmonics knob controls the amount of even-order or odd-order harmonics in the first gain stage. The saturation knob controls the gain and the shaping of the waveform. The saturation is also controllable with CV by using the front panel jack and corresponding knob to set the amount of CV applied to the shape parameter. At extreme negative CV, the tube will go into cutoff, making it function as a voltage-controlled gate.

Vacuum Tube Distortion:

We give away free modules! Subscribe to our newsletter, and you will be automatically entered into our monthly giveaway."

Midiverse Modular - Working on something new...

video upload by Midiverse - TV

"What's up everybody? Welcome to Midiverse - TV! We've been hard at work on a new eurorack module collobaration project with our friend Cory.

Stay tuned, as an official module announcement is coming soon!"

Vinny's Controlled Filter synth cat module.

Midiverse Modular Reverb Shop

Patch Tuesday | Open Heart Techno Sequencing | Step 8, Route 4

video upload by Joranalogue Audio Design

"Welcome back to Patch Tuesday!

Today on Patch Tuesday, we are performing some open-heart techno surgery. It's live hardware at its purest, featuring analogue kick drums, chaotic percussion sounds, a delay-heavy phase modulation lead and hands-on sequencing provided by 2x Step 8 and Route 4. With a 6 U Joranalogue system and a bag of patch cables, you're all set for your next club gig!

Have fun patching!"

G-Storm Electro - A Demo, Nothing Special on Eurorack Modular

video upload by gstormelectro

"I performed this little demo patch at the DFW Synth Headz Synth Meet over a week ago joined by MOTS.DFW at The Creatives Factory. We didn't get direct audio afaik, so I'm redoing a little session of it here now just for you. Recorded direct with no addititional mastering.

Main Synth part/sequence
Filter | SEMSVF
Reverb | G-Storm Spring Tank Reverb
Frequency Shifter | Sketchy Labs Freak Shift
OSC1 | Capt'n Big-O wavefold out
OSC2 | Pittsburgh Primary Oscillator, Flamingo
VCA | G-Storm 2xVCA

Monotonal Bass
OSC| Jollin Labs Tabor
Filter | G-Storm ProVCF
Delay | Synthrotek DLY

Pinging G-Storm JU60-VCF with env on self-res oscillation

Weird Snare
Noise from 101-VCO into Pittsburgh Crow, taking HP output
Running that into G-Storm JP6-VCF gated by envelope
Into Delay (Karplus Strong Algo) Happy Nerding FX Aid #1
Into Reverb (Shimmer Input Variable Algo) Happy Nerding FX Aid #2"

G-Storm Electro:

Joranalogue Audio Design Introduces Line of Patch Cables

Press release follows:

"What started as a simple plan to develop our own line of patch cables, quickly became an engineering feat in typical Joranalogue fashion. Before we knew it, we were stripping cables, benchmarking crosstalk and high frequency performance, and designing our own cable testing tools.

Needless to say, we're incredibly proud of the results.
Patch is a series of top quality patch cables for the discerning modularist, available in black and white, and a variety of lengths. Constructed using a custom-made coaxial base cable and overmoulded mini-jack plugs, protected by unique laser-cut aluminium shells, these cables are designed to outlast and outperform.

Lengths 15, 30, 60 and 90 cm are available in 8-packs, while the extra-long 150 cm cables are supplied in 4-packs.

Available now at a Eurorack dealer near you!"

Check with the dealers on the right for availability.

Quick specs

Premium patch cables with 3.5 mm mono mini-jack connectors for Eurorack modular synthesiser use.

Engineered for audio, CV, as well as analogue video signals. (!)

Unique anodised aluminium shells and heavy duty bend reliefs for long life span.

7 inner signal and 40 outer shield conductors of 100 % ultra-pure oxygen free copper.

Extra-flexible PVC outer sleeve: satisfying 'droop' without crinkles.

Safely packaged in a reusable cotton bag with branded hook-and-loop cable tie included.

Incredibly fun to patch with. (Seriously!)

Designed in Belgium; made in China.

Making Modular Breaks and Builds With Some Special New Additions

video upload by knobula

"Its November, it's freezing outside and I'm getting my case ready for some performances next week. New additions to the case are Jasmine and Olives's Water, and a Knobrecorder from Flame. Both providing much needed CV polyrhythms and twisted CV loops for the cause."

Trolley Bus assembled - Set up

video upload by Befacosynth

"Ready to feed the most modern and power-hungry modules.
A 5A power solution, 28 slots powered by four high-quality DC-DC converters.
ON/OFF 4HP – 3U module with 2 USB-A charging ports and a Power Button.
Friendly Plug and Play, tools are not required."

Doepfer Basic System 3 - EP.1 - Subtractive Synthesis

video upload by Stazma

"The creator of eurorack, Dieter Doepfer, has a new full system to offer: the Basic System 3.
This new system is fully analog, and a nice mix between classic subtractive synthesis building blocks, that we are going to check out today, and more 'West Coast' oriented modules (to be explored in future videos).
As we'll see we can already go quite far just staying into subsctractive land. Let's dive in! Have fun!"

00:00 Intro
01:15 Classic substractive patch
07:23 Add complexity and movement to our patch
13:20 Jam
15:37 End talk

Stazma Doepfer Basic System 3 overview videos

Monday, November 13, 2023

the NDLR V2 Rotation ~ R2m ~ XM1 ~ microX ~ TI ~ Strymon Cloudburst

video upload by Ebotronix

Conductive Labs The NDLR V2
Access Virus TI
Korg micro X
Elektron Digitakt
Kurzweil Expression Mate XM1 to control the NDLR Rotation AlgoRhythm
2x Doepfer R2 m Ribbon Controller
2x Mutable Instruments Midipal
Yamaha MCS 2, 2x FC 7
Strymon Cloudburst
Noodle Soufflé.in Phrygian Scale with Midipal and NDLR
video # 2301

Mega Techniques Tutorial with Clock Dividers

video upload by Omri Cohen

"Here you can find the patching techniques and ideas document -

Here you can find all the patches from this video -

00:00 - Introduction
00:20 - What is a clock divider
01:26 - Polyrhythms
03:18 - Combined with logic
06:08 - Combined with trigger delay
09:27 - Using a sequencer as a clock
11:16 - Random clock divisions
13:32 - Mixing with randomness
15:47 - Harmonies with S&H
19:11 - Mixing divisions for pitch
21:13 - Manipulating sequences
23:26 - As a clock multiplier
25:19 - Feedback loops
27:54 - Combined with slew limiters
30:19 - Sub octaves\harmonics
32:35 - Distortion
34:45 - Using a sequencer as a clock divider"

Consider joining our community on Patreon and Discord -
Want to learn Modular Synthesis? have a look here -
Interested in more patching techniques and ideas? Have a look here -"

Patch n Tweak
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