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Wednesday, November 01, 2023

Flex Beat Plugin for MPC Standalone | Akai Professional

video upload by AkaiProVideo

"Add exciting rhythmic effects patterns to your beats and productions with Flex Beat for MPC standalone. Add stutter, glitch, scratches, and more with one touch to add modern vibe & feel to your songs and arrangements.

Join Andy as he walks through Flex Beat standalone for MPC. Hit the link to get Flex Beat for your MPC hardware today."

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

APC64 Ableton Live Controller | Touch the Future | Akai Professional

video upload by AkaiProVideo

"Touch the Future and discover new musical possibilities with APC64. With 64 vibrant RGB pads featuring poly-aftertouch, 8 assignable Touch Strips, and a standalone Step Sequencer, APC64 is the revolutionary Ableton Live hardware controller that will unveil a new world of musical inspiration for next-level production and performance.

Watch prolific finger drumming performer Carl Rag display a masterful exhibition of APC64 now.

Visit now to learn more about APC64 or to find a dealer near you."

Akai APC64 First Look - Sonic LAB Presentation

video upload by sonicstate

"The brand new APC64, switches things up with a deeply integrated 64 RGB pad type surface, that Push users will feel right at home with. But with the APC64, you also get 8 assignable Touch Strips, with multiple modes of usage - you can control, the mixer, FX sends Devices and generic MIDI CCs, as well as the 64 RGB, pressure and velocity sensitive pads for clip launching or sequencing.

The other big news is that APC64 also has a standalone mode with 8 sequencers, up to 32 steps each that can send note data over MIDI via the two minijack outputs (there's also a MIDI input) and 8 assignable CV or Gate 1/8th inch jack outs to control your external synths, or modular.

Power is supplied over USB-C, with a dedicated power switch, and there's a small but useful AMOLED display and rotary encoder for parameter access, although you can access most via the pads themselves in setup mode.

There are also dedicated Project memories for storing setups and sequences - these can be chained for more song type structures.

The on board sequencer can be used as a standalone device, or integrated into the Live setup with patterns that can be sent back to Live and auto create clips.

We had a visit from Tom Robinson (@duncan_thomas_music) to give us the low down in this first look at the unit.

APC64 will be available worldwide at a price of £359 MSRP

00:45 Overview and Live integration
3:30 Touchstrips, Note and Drum Modes
5:50 Connections
06:30 Ableton Live integration
08:50 Generic MIDI control
09:30 Internal Sequencer
11:23 Standalone mode"

AKAI APC64 Review // Pros and cons vs APC40 MK2, Push, LaunchPad and others // APC 64 tutorial

video upload by loopop

0:00 Intro
1:40 Overview
2:05 Grid modes
4:30 Fader modes
6:30 Seq mode
8:40 Buttons
9:35 Screen
10:35 Build
11:00 I/O
11:50 Note mode
12:45 Chord mode
13:20 Drum modes
14:00 Ableton Live
14:30 Live rec
15:15 Quantization
16:05 Automation
17:00 Step seq
17:45 Seq settings
18:40 Modifiers
20:10 Seq live rec
21:45 Performance
22:15 Important tips
22:25 Poly AT v MPE
23:00 Device params
23:50 More buttons!
25:20 Device lock?
25:55 Seq + Live
26:40 Note repeats?
26:55 Latency
27:30 Pros and cons
32:15 Outro

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Akai Introduces AIR: Jura The Synth Of 82

video upload by AkaiProVideo

"Jura is the classic synth for a modern music production studio.
The sound of yesterday, the features of tomorrow.

In 1982 something magical happened in the world of synths, a Japanese legend was born.

It was one of the synths that defined the sound of the 1980s and was used on countless hits by artists such as The Eurythmics, Cyndi Lauper, and Aha. Now it’s loved more than ever and used on tracks by acts like Charlie Puth, Tame Impala, and the Weeknd.

Now we bring you something very special, the authentic sound of that 80s synth

But that’s just the start; we wanted to build on the legend and make it fit for modern music production workflows. So for those with qualified AKAI MPC/FORCE standalone versions, you get complete touch control of every parameter. You can really get your hands on this vintage classic and craft your future hits.

Of course you get all the analogue goodness of the original, our team are audio wizards and they have meticulously crafted the sound. It has the single DCO, a monster sub oscillator, the unparralleled VCF, and if you want it, lashings of THAT chorus!

In short, Jura gives you the best of both worlds - the classic sound of an ‘80s synth monster, coupled with some very cool modern workflow enhancements. Jura comes in several versions; a plugin for AU, VST, and AAX DAWs, and there’s the MPC/FORCE Standalone versions for the complete hardware experience of touch control. Jura is the classic synth for a modern music production studio. The sound of yesterday, the features of tomorrow. The synth of ‘82... reimagined for your future hits

Take our free trial at or on directly on your MPC"

Meet The New Akai MPC One+

video upload by AkaiProVideo

"Meet the MPC One+. Supercharge your beat-making with powerful Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 16GB internal storage, and more. Visit to learn more and how to get a free MPC plugin."

MPC One+: Red’s going for the jugular // Ideas for WIFI & Bluetooth setups // MPC One Plus Review

video upload by loopop

0:00 Intro
1:30 What’s new?
2:55 2GB RAM OK?
5:00 CPU loads
5:25 Using WIFI
6:40 Splice
7:20 Ableton Link
8:50 MIDI over WIFI
9:55 Ableton control
12:20 Bluetooth
13:30 Connection tips
14:20 MIDI routing
15:20 Mapping CCs
17:15 Using WIDI
18:45 Pros & cons
22:05 Outro

Friday, May 19, 2023

MPC Key 61 Sessions | Nagipan

video upload by AkaiProVideo

"We head to Japan for a performance by contemporary artist Nagipan. Watch as he takes us on a musical journey with MPC Key 61 featuring his assorted collection of rich sounds and mesmerizing percussions."

Tuesday, May 09, 2023

Akai Introduces AIR Delay Pro - Can your Delay Plugin Do this?

video upload by AkaiProVideo

"The team at AIR Music Technology decided to come up with a delay plugin that gave us all we ever wanted from a delay plugin and then add some more stuff besides! This extremely powerful plugin works on both Desktop and Standalone MPC/Force devices.

For starters, There’s modulation and LFO options. And a stereo widener… and some more EQ… and distortion, and we’ve thrown in a limiter too, and a chorus, plus stereo and wobble effect..

But we kept thinking about some really powerful extras… to take your in-the-box mixes outside the box!

Autoclear is magical, it gives you the option to have enormous delay based effects that stop when you need them to, for example, when the next note hits. It’s something you have to hear to really get your head around. Once you’ve used it you’ll wonder how you ever used an echo without it.

Then there’s diffusion, an effect that smears the delay sound, taking it into the realm of a reverb, it’s a way of knocking off some of the hard edges. Experiment to create a mix between a delay and a reverb.

We also added an envelope follower that allows you to manipulate the time, feedback, and delay amount based on release and ceiling time. This is where things can get really bonkers.

And just in case you need some inspiration to get you started, we threw in a ton of presets, there’s the usual suspects plus some wild and wacky stuff to really mangle the sound.

In short, we wanted to create a delay plugin without compromise. Some call it extraordinary, we call it the AIR Delay Pro.

Download a demo today, and let you imagine run on, and on, and on."

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Akai Introduces the MPC X Special Edition

MPC Cookup ep. 1 with Jermaine Dupri | Akai Professional

video uploads by AkaiProVideo

Akai MPC X SE // Top 3 Pros & Cons vs MPC Live II, One, Key 61, Studio // XSE Special Edition Review

video upload by

0:00 Intro
1:00 Similarities
2:40 MPC X vs SE
3:40 Q-Links knobs
7:30 Connectivity
10:05 Battery/speaker
10:30 More buttons
12:25 Screen
13:45 Pads
14:15 Touch strip
14:45 Keys
15:20 Storage
15:50 Pros & cons
18:25 Outro

Press Release follows:


The MPC X Special Edition commemorates 35 years of innovative sampling, sound, and sequencing technology from AKAI, the premier name in music production.

Ft Lauderdale, FL USA (April 26, 2023) – Akai Professional, a leading musical equipment and computer software manufacturer for performers and producers, is proud to unveil MPC X Special Edition. MPC X SE steps into the spotlight with more internal storage and memory than ever. Additionally, MPC X SE boasts flagship tactile control to make it the most powerful MPC system ever. With a stylish retro color way, MPC X SE culminates as the high point of the leading name in music production.

35 Years of sampling and Innovation.

MPC has pushed the limits of hardware music creation time and time again. In every generation, leading music makers need technology that can keep up with the speed of their inspiration and the needs of their creativity. MPC continues to lead the way with innovative features and advancements, magically bringing music to life. From Note Repeat and 16 Levels for the hip-hop heads to the infectious Swing for electronic drum grooves and patterns. MPC has been at the ground level of hit song after hit song thanks to its powerfully capable technology.

Today, the standalone MPC platform continues to build on that legacy with seamless touchscreen technology, more I/O than ever to tie an entire production suite together, along with wireless integration like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Ableton Link 3 allowing you to make music without any constraint.

The Most Powerful MPC Ever

The rock-solid quad-core processor cements MPC X SE as the leading modern music-making device enhanced with an impressive 4GB of RAM onboard. This delivers more sampling and recording power than ever before. Instantly load instruments, samples to large projects with ease thanks to the increased memory, perfect for studio sessions or on stage between songs. Save large projects, sequences, drum programs to your beats instantly with the expanded 48GB of internal storage without ever interrupting your workflow.

MPC X SE is the only MPC with 2 In/4 Out MIDI to connect all your synths, keyboards, modules and more. The massive 10” adjustable touch screen is the perfect display for those long creative sessions. 16 assignable Q Link knobs with OLEDs provide immediate visual feedback and to any program, instrument, or insert effect parameter for instant hands-on control of your sound. For the high-pace creators tied to a busy schedule, MPC workflow keeps you ahead of the game with an intuitive and efficient creative process.

Legendary Hardware, Cutting-Edge Software

Through the years, the 16-pad MPC grid has been the default input method for MPC. Revel in the nostalgic gray pad color of these new-generation pads that feature RGB backlit edges and pressure-sensitive response. Tap out rhythms, melodies, or chords with ease thanks to the Notes and Chords modes, perfect for playing the thousands of built-in instruments. MPC X SE features a premier collection of instruments including the award-winning flagship “Fabric XL” power-synth, Stage Piano, OPx4 FM synth and much more. MPC has evolved with the contemporary music-maker by adding not only sounds and functionality but also world-class insert effects for processing. Explore a wide collection of plugins like Stutter, Granulator, Half Speed, the AIR Vocal Effects suite, MotherDucker, AMP Sim and so much more. When you need to expand your palate, browse the MPC store and update your MPC X SE with new plugin instruments like Mini D synthesizer or Flavor Pro multi-effects processing unit to breathe new life into your machine. Thanks to the enabled WiFi, update your device wirelessly in mere moments.

Senior Akai Professional product manager Dan Gill shared “The journey for MPC has been a labor of love. We strive every day to deliver the tools that will empower all music-makers, from our life-long MPC users who trust and rely on their MPCs to keep up with their daily music grind, down to the newest members of the MPC community who look to the MPC legend as they foray into their nascent musical endeavors. MPC X Special Edition is a tribute to where we’ve come from, what we’ve accomplished, and marker of the next chapter of innovatory, ground-breaking music product development.”

Key Feature Bullets

• Standalone MPC - No computer required

• MPC Plugin Collection- 20+ MPC Instruments

• 48GB Internal Storage (over 16GB for User Storage)

• 4GB RAM for Sampling and Audio Recording

• 100+ Insert Effects from AIR Music Tech

• Adjustable 10.1” Multi-Gesture Touch Screen

• 16 Assignable Q Link Knobs

• Iconic ‘Retro’ MPC Colorway

• Includes MPC 2 Desktop software for Mac and PC.

Launch Info

MPC X Special Edition will be available worldwide on Wednesday April 26, 2023 for $2499. Visit to learn more.

Monday, April 03, 2023

AKAI Introduces MPC LIVE 2 Beatclub Timbaland Edition 🔥

video upload by AkaiProVideo

"MPC Live 2 Beatclub TIMBALAND EDITION featuring the hardest-hitting drums EVER inside an MPC is Available Now 🔥

· Timbaland’s Bounce Coming up MPC Drum Kits
· 3 Beatclub Essential MPC Edition Expansions
· 32GB Exclusive Beatclub/Timbaland SD Card loaded with Drumkits, Loops, and Melodics
· Signature Beatclub/Timbaland Splash Screen
· Exclusive Beatclub Merch Bundle

This release is limited to only 500 pieces. Go get yours NOW. They will go FAST (web exclusive only) 🔥

And the press release:

Cumberland, RI USA (April 3rd, 2023) – Akai Professional, a leading manufacturer of music equipment for performers and producers, and Beatclub, the premier global marketplace for music creators, and home to the most talented and sought-after producers, songwriters, and artists in the music business, announced today the exclusive, limited edition MPC Live 2: Beatclub “Timbaland Edition”.

Loaded with the iconic drum kit sounds of legendary producer Timbaland, the MPC Live 2 boasts a collection of over 12GB of Beatclub samples and sound packs, an exclusive customized Beatclub/Timbaland Signature boot experience, along with loops and melodies that will fire your creativity like never before. The content includes Timbaland’s official “Bounce Coming Up” Drum Kit, along with sounds inspired by Mike Dean, CashMoneyAP, Tainy, Mike Will Made-It, Rance from 1500 or Nothing, and many more.

Just 500 units have been produced, each individually numbered. This limited MPC Live 2 Beatclub “Timbaland Edition” will be available Monday, April 3rd. Given the quality of them, and the limited number they are going to go very quickly.

Creative A&R Director for Akai Professional, Andy Mac shared “This exclusive Timbaland Edition MPC Live 2 delivers the ultimate library of hard-hitting drums into the hands of the next generation of beat makers. This gives them the same sonic bounce Timbaland is known for, heard on countless hit records spanning over 3 decades.”

Timbaland said “I am pumped for this new collaboration. We have Akai, one of the most legendary music production brands in the game, and the MPC has been an iconic instrument in hip hop history. Beatclub mixing it up with Akai is taking your potential up several notches and shows what you can do with a powerful partnership. We’re talking power, precision, and creativity all mixed together. This is going to be epic. This is the peak of when technology, culture and excellence come together.”

MPC Live 2 Beatclub “Timbaland Edition” Features

• Standalone MPC – No Computer Required

• Built-in Stereo Monitors

• 16 Full-size Velocity Sensitive RGB Pads

• Brilliant 7-inch Multi-Touch Display

• Timbaland’s Bounce Coming up MPC Edition Expansion

• 3 Beatclub Essential MPC Edition Expansions

• 32GB Exclusive Beatclub/Timbaland SD Card loaded with Drumkits, Loops, and Melodics

• 16GB Internal Storage / Factory Content.

• Includes MPC 2 Desktop Software for Mac or PC

• Signature Beatclub/Timbaland Splash Screen

• Custom Serialized Plate With Production Number

• Exclusive Beatclub Merch Bundle

• Full 12 Month Subscription to Beatclub.

MPC Live 2 Beatclub “Timbaland Edition” will only be available exclusively at the inMusic Store on Monday April 3, 2023 for $1399. To learn more, please


Thursday, December 15, 2022

New APC Mini mk2 - Overview Videos & Details

video uploads by AkaiProVideo

Setting Up Your APC Mini Controller | Getting Started With APC Mini mk2
Using Clips and Scenes With APC Mini | Getting Started With APC Mini mk2
Using APC Mini Smart Scales Mode | Getting Started With APC Mini mk2
Using The APC Mini Drum Mode | Getting Started With APC Mini mk2
Recording Clips With APC Mini | Getting Started With APC Mini mk2
Ableton Device Control With APC Mini | Getting Started With APC Mini mk2
Mixing Tracks With APC Mini | Getting Started With APC Mini mk2
Navigating Ableton Live With APC Mini | Getting Started With APC Mini mk2

The Best Budget Controllers for Ableton Live? Akai APC Mini MK2 vs APC Key 25 MK2 // Tutorial/Review

video upload by loopop

0:00 Intro
1:05 What’s new?
1:40 RGB pads
2:05 Note mode
4:15 Drum mode
4:25 Mini MK2 v 1
4:45 Key25 MK2 v 1
5:35 Key 25 v Mini
7:20 Setup
8:15 Takeover mode
9:10 Soft keys
10:30 Key controls
11:15 Knobs, faders
14:00 Pros & cons
16:45 Outro

"The new APC Mini and APC Key 25 controllers are here, delivering a premium clip-launching experience for the immersive music-creation you need. Enjoy bright RGB-backlit pad performance with accurate feedback from Ableton, smooth hardware sliders and knobs, and creative note performance to help you write the most inspired music ever."

APC Mini Features

► 64 RGB-backlit Pads
► 9 Assignable Sliders
► Notes, Drum, and Smart Scale View Modes
► Ableton Live Lite and AIR Music Technology Bundled

APC Key 25 Features

► 40 RGB-backlit Pads
► 8 Assignable 360 Rotary Knobs
► 25-key Gen 2 Dynamice Keybed
► Ableton Live Lite and AIR Music Technology Bundled

You can find additional details at

Monday, October 24, 2022

AIR Flavor Pro Effects Plugin for MPC | Akai Professional

video upload by AkaiProVideo

"Introducing Flavor Pro, a powerful effects processor engine adds character and feel to your music. Process your sounds with distortion, flutter, saturation, and more. Make your samples gritty and bring all of your tracks to life with a unique flavor."

AIR Flavor Pro Overview | Akai Professional

video upload by AkaiProVideo

"Join us as we dive into the AIR Flavor Pro plugin. Watch as we uncover this powerful new plugin that brings cutting-edge processing to your samples, sounds, and MPC project sessions.

AIR Flavor Pro is available now at"

Akai Introduces Mini D Plugin Instrument for MPC & FORCE

Mini D Plugin Instrument - Akai Professional video upload by AkaiProVideo

"The Mini D plugin instrument delivers the legendary synth sound to your MPC. A 4-voice poly synth based on the classic American synthesizer legend with a painstakingly modeled oscillator section. Mini D includes 8 authentic oscillator waveforms, and multiple LFO shapes with 19 selections including ramps, sine, square, and steps. Dive into Over 400 Presets ranging from Basses, Leads, Percussion, and Synth FX. Grab it now at"

A legit Moog in your MPC??? // Akai Mini D Review & Comparison
video upload by Tefty & Meems

"Checking out the new MPC AIR Mini D plugin for the MPC One/Live/X/Force and MPC 2 Software. I go through the general features, a quick sampling of presets, make a patch, and compare it against the Behringer Model D, DIVA, and The Legend. Not a true scientific comparison! Just a general musician focused comparison.

Thank you Akai for the early access to AIR Mini D!"

Experience the Legendary American Synth Sound for MPC & FORCE

A 4 Voice Poly Synth based on the classic American synthesizer legend
Painstakingly modeled oscillator section includes 8 authentic oscillator waveforms Multiple LFO shapes with 19 selections including ramps, sine, square, triangle, random, and steps
Over 400 Presets ranging from Basses, Leads, Percussion, and Synth FX
Two filters included- “Ladder” and “Modern” with Cutoff, Reso, Contour, and a dedicated feedback path
Built-in creative effects chain including EQ, Chorus, and Delay
Requires FORCE 3.2 or MPC 2.11.6 firmware update

Thursday, October 20, 2022

The new MPK Mini Plus | Akai Professional

video upload by AkaiProVideo

"Enjoy full creative control with the new MPK Mini Plus. Featuring 37 mini-keys, advanced connectivity for MIDI/CV/Gate/Clock, and an internal 2-track sequencer, make music with the ultimate feel and response."

Friday, September 16, 2022

MPC Key 61 Studio Strings Plugin | Sessions w/ Mike Patrick

video upload by AkaiProVideo

"Studio Strings delivers the finest stringed orchestral instruments to your fingertips. Add tension, drama, and suspense to any composition with the articulate solo or ensemble sounds presets of this elegant plugin instrument engine."

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Akai Introduces the MPC Key 61

video upload by AkaiProVideo

Thursday, June 09, 2022

Akai MPC 2.11 Feature Update

video upload by AkaiProVideo

"Introducing MPC 2.11 from Akai Professional. The powerful standalone workflow is even better with new plugins like AIR Flavor and AIR Amp Sim, Ratchet and Probability sequencer functions, the brand-new Sounds Mode for immediate access to all your plugins and sounds, and so much more."

MPC 2.11 Overview | First Look at The New Features of MPC 2.11

video upload by AkaiProVideo

"Join Andy as he unpacks MPC 2.11 and all its features that will supercharge your MPC workflow. The MPC 2.11 feature update includes AIR Flavor, Amp Sim plugins, Ratchet, Probability, and the new Sounds Mode. Watch it now."

And a user video:

Trying the New MPC Firmware Update (2.11)

video upload by Gabe Miller Music

"I demo the upcoming firmware update for the standalone MPCs (MPC One, MPC Live, etc) that adds some new effects and workflow improvements.

00:00 Intro
00:59 AIR Flavor
02:33 AIR Amp Sim
04:30 Granulator
05:46 One-click keygroups
06:29 16 Levels for keygroups and plugins
07:29 Probability in the note editor
08:02 Plugin window updates
08:49 Miscellaneous updates
09:56 Outro"

And the press release:


New plugins and a new Sounds Mode offering a powerful way to access, explore, and load MPC instrument presets, projects, and custom layered track combinations.

Cumberland, RI USA (June 9, 2022) Akai Professional, a leading manufacturer of music equipment for performers and producers announces the upcoming MPC 2.11 features update, free for registered MPC users and available on June 23, 2022. This feature update provides MPC music creators with new tools and enhancements for better productions with a more creative and organized workflow.

The new Sounds Mode is a vibrant multi-faceted browser that puts all the MPC instruments front and center. Dive into any plugin and search the presets by category or, cycle through and preview sounds individually. Save up to 256 presets for quick recall on the Favorites Tab and lay out your projects for one-touch loading on the Setlists Tab, enabling faster load times in between song performances.

MPC 2.11 also adds 2 new plugin effects. The new AIR Flavor plugin adds instant vinyl simulation to any sound source. Add flutter, tube saturation, distortion, and more for rich, textured manipulation from 30 different Timbers. Additionally, the new AIR Amp Sim insert effect delivers sweet and crunchy distortion, EQ and tone color to samples, vocals, drums, synths, bass, and yes—guitars—or any other sound source. AIR Amp Sim adds texture and character that brings your sound to life.

MPC 2.11 also adds Probability & Ratcheting for humanizing your tracks and adding more feel. This feature will add interesting variation and dimension to repetitive beats, rhythms and melody lines. The Note Probability feature lets you control note variations at 25%, 50%, or 75% increments, while the Ratchet feature adds a creative subdivision to notes into any increment from 1-8. More creative control means more fresh, exciting new ideas.

The MPC Tuner is a one-touch instrument tuner assuring your instruments are always in tune, without the need to unplug and connect to a hardware device—perfect for stringed instruments or analog synthesizers and modules.

The new drum Pad to Keygroup function allows you to assign and pitch any sample from a pad instantly to a new keygroup program, which can then be played across the key-range. Any sampled sound from a drum program can now be played as scales, chords or melodies for musical dimension. Additionally, new MIDI Key Splits can layer multiple tracks with the Key Ranges section, each with unique split points. Blend 8 instrument tracks or any combination of Drum, Keygroup, and MIDI tracks to create massive multi-timbral sound stacks.

EMBARGO UNTIL Thursday June 9th, 2022, AT 10AM EDT / 3PM BST

WiFi enabled MPC devices will now support Ableton Link 3.0 for responsive start and stop controls, keeping all your devices in perfect sync. MPC 2.11 will now also allow the configuration of a track to filter notes outside a given key range or velocity range.

MPC 2.11 will be available Thursday June 23, 2022, as a free download for all registered standalone MPC hardware users.

To learn more about the MPC 2.11 feature update, visit

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Akai Introduces MPK mini play Keyboard & MIDI Controller

video upload by AkaiProVideo

MPK mini play mk3 | Play Music Anywhere

video upload by

How To Setup Your MPK mini play
video upload by

Billie Eilish 'Bad Guy' Cover on MPK mini Play

video upload by

"Whether you're a good girl or a bad guy, MPK mini play is the battery-powered mini keyboard that lets you play all your favorite songs anywhere."

MSRP of $149.99

And the press release followed by hi-res pics:



MPK mini Play mk3 keyboard controller combines playing mobility with serious production tools for music creation anywhere

Ft Lauderdale, FL USA (22nd March, 2022) — Akai Professional, a leading manufacturer of music equipment for performers and producers, is proud to announce MPK mini Play mk3 keyboard controller. The MPK mini Play mk3 combines incredible portability with powerful music making features and software for beginners, pros, and all music fans.

Play Music Anywhere
Musical inspiration can happen anywhere and MPK mini Play mk3 is the perfect portable companion to capture those melodies and harmonies, anytime and anywhere. With battery-operated performance of over 14+ hours, MPK mini Play mk3 users do not have to worry about power adapters, chargers, or cables when it is time to play music. The upgraded built-in speaker delivers increased output and added low-end response, making for more enjoyable jamming and playing. With an improved listening experience, users can dive into the 128 onboard instruments and drum kits including acoustic and electric pianos, synth leads and pads, and more. When using the speaker is not practical, MPK mini Play also houses a 1/8-inch headphone output jack for quiet practicing or songwriting without disturbing others.
Professional Performance

At the heart of the MPK mini Play mk3 is the new Gen 2 keybed delivering a dynamic performance and accurate velocity response, with a feel users will certainly appreciate. While it maintains its sleek, compact footprint, MPK mini Play mk3 is more playable and comfortable than ever and ready for hours of playing. The 8 drum pads have been upgraded to real, velocity sensitive MPC drum pads, offering optimal feel and response for even the most percussive drum parts. With Class Compliant, plug-and-play capability, MPK mini Play mk3 doubles as a powerful MIDI controller and instantly connects to your favorite DAW for immediate music production duties. 4 assignable rotary encoder knobs offer versatile control of MIDI parameters like Pan or Automation for super-precise editing. With its sturdy construction and build, MPK mini Play mk3 is ready to travel securely alongside any favorite music production items in backpacks or bags.

Limitless Creativity with MPC Beats Software DAW - Effects and Instruments Included
The MPK mini Play mk3 comes bundled with MPC Beats, the powerful music-making and recording desktop software DAW for Mac and PC based on iconic MPC hardware. Featuring a full array of musical instrument plugins, effect plugins, and audio and drum samples, MPC Beats is the best way to start making great-sounding music quickly. In addition to MPC Beats Desktop Software DAW, MPK mini Play mk3 also includes multiple world-class plugin instruments from award-winning sound design company AIR Music Technology. Available in both AU and VST are Hybrid 3 — a powerful polyphonic analog synth, Mini Grand – an acoustic piano instrument, and Velvet – a vintage electric piano instrument.
All information subject to change

Educational Software Included
MPK mini Play mk3 comes with a Melodics educational package. Available as both a desktop and iPad app, Melodics features instruction for MIDI keyboard, pad controllers, and e-drums, offering tailored cross-genre lessons and real- time feedback designed to help refine necessary music creation skills. The free Melodics download includes 60 lessons to get started and with plug and play support, no extensive set-up is required.

MPK mini Play mk3 Key Features
• Battery powered mini keyboard instrument
• Over 100 internal drum and instrument sounds
• New, larger built-in speaker with increased volume and low-end response
• Premium 25-key Gen 2 dynamic keybed
• (8) real MPC drum pads for durable performance
• (4) assignable knobs to control MIDI parameters
• Assignable Joystick
• OLED display for visual feedback
• 1/8-inch headphone output jack
• USB port for Class Compliant MIDI controller functionality

“MPK mini has come to define how a generation makes music, and the MPK mini Play mk3 embodies every experience Akai Professional has amassed over the years into a single product anyone can enjoy.” Said Dan Gill, Senior Product Manager of Akai Professional. “A beginner has the gratification of instant music creation with access to dozens of built- in sounds. The aspiring music producer has a versatile battery-powered musical Swiss-army Knife to capture creativity at a moment’s notice, whether in a production studio or a public park. Even the professional can count on the reliability of real MPC drum pads. Every detail has been thought of to ensure users will always enjoy a truly exceptional and inspired music-making process.”

The MPK mini Play mk3 will ship with an MSRP of $149.99
For more information on MPK mini Play mk3, visit

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Introducing FORCE Features Update 3.1

video upload by AkaiProVideo

"FORCE 3.1 delivers the most creative, feature-packed update to FORCE ever with new plugin instrument sounds, new insert effects, the AIR Vocal Suite, and for the first time to Akai Professional standalone devices, Disk Streaming."

FORCE Features Update 3.1 Full Overview Video

video upload by AkaiProVideo

"The ultimate standalone performance system is expanded with 3 new plugin instruments, 7 insert effects, the new AIR Vocal Suite, class-compliant audio interface support, Disk Streaming, and much more. Visit to discover FORCE Features Update 3.1."

Akai Force V3.1 First Look - Sonic Lab Presentation

video upload by sonicstate

And the press release:


FORCE 3.1 Feature Update introduces 3 new synth plugin instruments, 7 new plugin insert effects including a Vocal Suite, Disk Streaming, Class Compliant USB Audio Interface Support, and many other major upgrades for new and existing Force users.

Ft Lauderdale, FL USA (October 19, 2021) — Akai Professional, a leading manufacturer of music equipment for performers and producers, is proud to announce FORCE 3.1, its latest and most substantial update to the FORCE standalone music production system. FORCE 3.1 introduces the next chapter of standalone performance with revolutionary features and functionality alongside inspiring new sounds and sound processing. Powered by the unrivaled tactical control and interface of FORCE standalone hardware, the FORCE 3.1 update will engage the modern music creator like never before.

New Instruments, Insert Effect Plugins, and AIR Vocal Suite
From the beginning, FORCE set a new bar for what standalone hardware music production could be. The FORCE 3.1 update builds on that precedent with 3 new plugin instruments: AIR Solina, AIR Mellotron, and WayOutWare’s Odyssey. These new plugin instruments are faithful recreations of iconic synthesizer and keyboard instruments, now with powerful graphic interfaces for visually striking feedback and interaction. Mellotron and Solina feature the Flavor effect processing sections, enabling creative applications of additional texture and character to your sounds with Distortion, Noise, Flutter, and more.

FORCE 3.1 also introduces 7 new plugin insert effects for creative arranging and performance, as well as mixing and mastering. The versatile group of insert effects including Stutter, Half Speed, Granulator, Diffuser Delay, and Stereo Delay will quickly insert an inventive spark into your tracks for unique drops, edits, and transitions. Diode Clipper will add grit and distortion to any source while AIR Limiter will bring dynamic signal processing to your music for a punchy, finalized mix.

The creativity doesn’t stop there as the new AIR Vocal Suite delivers the power to create, record, and mix the perfect vocals right inside FORCE. The adaptive Vocal Tuner handles any tuning tasks from subtle pitch correction to the modern auto vocal tuned sound found in all genres of modern music. AIR Doubler adds depth and dimension to solo or group vocals with spectrum-filling width and presence. Finally, the AIR Harmonizer will transform any single voice into 4-part harmony instantly. Create full background vocal arrangements with ease and accuracy with built-in volume, pan, delay, and eq.

Now Streaming Superior Performance
The essence of the standalone experience is hardware that responds immediately to the needs of your dynamic workflow. Users can now enjoy a more accessible and efficient workflow with the power of Disk Streaming from external storage devices. Disk Streaming enables better system resource allocation and performance for expanded creativity and performance. Record and playback longer audio tracks, perform an entire DJ set, or create larger keygroup programs all while enjoying faster project load times.

Major Workflow Enhancements, Engine Updates and Expandability
With the power of Disk Streaming comes added expandability. With FORCE 3.1, instantly expand your hardware connectivity with Class Compliant USB Audio Interface Support. Route up to 32 audio inputs and outputs to-and-from FORCE, all via a single USB cable. Increase your input count to record more tracks directly to FORCE, or route audio into your favorite outboard gear.

Get more performance out of the drum and keygroup engines with the new portamento function for gliding notes and percussion, like 808 kick drums. Dial-in the perfect sample shape with dedicated pitch envelope. Smooth out your drum breaks and chops with Akai Sample Tail and access up to 10 drum pad effects including Ringmod, Bitcrush, Tubedrive, Lowpass, and more.

Force 3.1 also ads new functionality to Buses (Submixes/Returns/Masters) for more control and creativity. Now the Recording, Playback and Editing of automation follows the same workflow on buses as other tracks. Control submix and master tracks with the “Select,” “Rename,” and “Clips” functions as well as dialing in automation on the fly.

Finally, Force 3.1 expands MIDI integration with the ability to load and export MIDI files to and from FORCE. For even more MIDI integration, assign your FORCE parameters to your 3rd party MIDI controller for additional tactical control.

New FORCE 3.1 Features Include:

• 3 New plugin instruments Solina, Odyssey, and Mellotron
• New AIR Vocal Insert Effect Suite with Automatic Vocal Tuning, AIR Doubler, and AIR Harmonizer Plugins
• Disk Streaming: Audio files can now be streamed from disk
• Class-Compliant Audio Interface Support
• New MIDI file Compatibility enabling MIDI file loading
• 7 New Insert Effects such as Half Speed, Diode Clipper and Stutter
• Drum and Keygroup Engine Enhancements including Akai Pro Sample Tail, Dedicated Pitch Envelope, and Keygroup
• 10 New Drum Pad Effects including Ringmod, Bitcrush, Decimator and more
• New functionality to Buses (Submixes/Returns/Masters) including Automation
• Automatic sample Key Detection

“Force Features Update 3.1 is not only a major upgrade for Force users, but it’s also a major evolution in standalone music production,” said Akai Professional, Senior Product Manager, Dan Gill. “Disk Streaming is a significant advancement to this product as well as standalone music production in general, because it opens up recording and playback possibilities without content limitations. Combine that with a Vocal Suite which includes an adaptive Vocal Tuner, and powerful new synths and insert effect plugins, and you have an inspirational modern music creation system for any genre.”

FORCE 3.1 will be available on October 19, 2021, as a free update for FORCE users.

For more information on FORCE 3.1, visit

All information subject to change

Tuesday, September 21, 2021


video upload by AkaiProVideo

MPC Studio US MAP Price $269.00

MPC Studio Academy Tutorials

MPC Studio Masterclass Tutorials

User videos:

Review: MPC STUDIO MK2 // vs Maschine Mikro MK3 // Tutorial

video upload by loopop

First Day with the MPC Studio

video upload by Gabe Miller Music


Adding to the MPC lineup, the new MPC Studio delivers a serious music production and recording system for the modern music creator.

Cumberland, RI USA (September 21, 2021) — Akai Professional, a leading manufacturer of music equipment for performers and producers, is proud to announce its newest music production system, the MPC Studio.

The new MPC Studio redefines tactile control with a hardware offering that intuitively delivers a modern and deep level of command over the music production process. Together with the MPC2 Desktop Software DAW for both Mac and PC, MPC Studio offers a total creation package for the serious modern beat-maker and music producer.

MPC Performance and Control

At the heart of MPC Studio are the world-renowned 16 full-size pressure and velocity sensitive RGB-backlit pads with aftertouch. These pads optimize your performance to play and record patterns, notes, chords, and more with sound precision and an accurate visual display of velocity and pad groupings.

The new assignable Touch Strip will elevate any performance with invigorating expression. Add articulation to a string or guitar instrument, add modulation or pitch bend to a keyboard synth, control Note Repeat for hi-hats, snares, effects and much more. The assignable Touch Strip will quickly become your favorite tool to shape and sculpt your performances and productions.

The full color LCD ensures users will stay locked into every creative moment with vibrant visual feedback. Scroll through track names, plugin instrument presets, browse categories, monitor parameter values when dialing in effects, or trim and chop samples. The color LCD makes work more efficient by enabling you to keep your eyes on the controller, and your focus squarely on the music. Navigate sessions big and small with dedicated MPC Transport controls, complete with Locate buttons for time saving and precise location spotting.

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Akai MPC One Retro - Pad Thai MPC Expansion Demo

video by AkaiProVideo

"Akai Professional and Marco Polo are proud to announce Pad Thai Deluxe Vol 1!

Andy showcases this incredible pack on the new MPC One (Special Edition) - Retro

Pad Thai Deluxe features the cream of the crop taken from Marco Polo's highly acclaimed and internationally known" Pad Thai" drum kit series. Known for having some of the hardest and dustiest drums in the game, Marco Polo has spent years digging for records and applying that same approach to assembling his drum kits.

Marco has produced for some of the greats in Hip Hop such as Rakim, Scarface, Masta Ace, Pharoahe Monch, Westode Gunn & Talib Kweli to name a few."

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Akai Professional Introduces New MPC One Retro Standalone

video by AkaiProVideo

"The most powerful standalone workflow now in the iconic retro MPC look for a truly timeless music production experience."

And the press release:


The modern standalone MPC workflow is now available in the iconic Retro MPC colorway for a truly timeless music production experience.

Ft Lauderdale, FL USA (May 11, 2021) — Akai Professional, a leading manufacturer of music equipment for performers and producers today announced the latest addition to their standalone MPC hardware lineup, MPC One Retro. The MPC One Retro retains the modern standalone MPC workflow while revisiting the legendary MPC look that defined generations of music production and beat making.

The Look, The Legacy, The MPC

Spanning through past decades, the lore of 16 gray pads is forever etched into the productions of countless music- makers who were integral to hit songs and multi-platinum albums. Akai Professional has captured that rich history and style with the new MPC One Retro. Featuring the iconic retro-colored housing and gray pads, the MPC One Retro combines all the modern standalone features ready for new musical adventures and legacies.

Definitive Standalone Workflow

MPC One Retro features all the modern MPC functionality contemporary music producers have come to rely on including MPC plugin instruments for inspirational sounds, world-class award-winning insert effects plugins from AIR Music Tech., and a vibrant 7” Capacitive Multi-Touch Screen for a fast, responsive workflow—all encompassed in a solid Quad-core powered standalone unit. From sampling and beatmaking, to conception, creation, and finished masters, the MPC One Retro has stylishly emerged from celebrated musical decades of the past to deliver that modern production style found only on MPC standalone.

Exceptional Standalone Hardware Features

The Akai Professional MPC One Retro experience is all about hands-on creativity without the need of a computer. The brilliant 16 velocity/pressure-sensitive RGB-backlit pads are not only inviting to look at against the retro tone, but also serve as the core input for creating beats, chords, melodies, pulsing hi-hats, basslines and anything else you assign to them. 4 touch-sensitive Q-link knobs are the gateway to controlling many parameters and settings that will help define your signature sound.
And when you are looking for more ways to creatively expand, the MPC One Retro integrates into your music world with all the ports and jacks you need including USB, MIDI DIN, LINK, CV/Gate, 1/4” line-level audio input and a SD card slot to save, transfer and share your productions—the MPC One Retro is perfect for pairing with other synthesizers, drum machines, and sound generators. The brilliant 7” multi-touch onboard display brings the experience to a full range of inventive editing capabilities without the need of a mouse

All information subject to change

Unprecedented Standalone Software Control

As a controller, the MPC One Retro comes with MPC2—its counterpart DAW software for those who want to elevate their music productions further on Mac or PC. As a full-scale Digital Audio Workstation software platform, the included MPC2 software boasts 128-track sequencing, real-time time stretching, MIDI editing, clip launching, Ableton Link support, and other advanced features such VST plugin support with other DAWs. MPC2 software enriches the MPC One Retro standalone experience in both standalone and controller modes delivering all the creative potential you need.
Akai Professional, Senior Product Manager Dan Gill said “Akai Professional and the MPC have a long-storied history that resonates profoundly with users from all around the world. Each recalls their first MPC encounter and the role it played in their most cherished musical experiences. The MPC One Retro is our tribute to this rich history while proudly asserting our continued commitment to creating the most powerful standalone music production devices in the world. MPC One Retro truly embodies the best of the legendary products throughout the years and the ultimate modern standalone music production workflow.”

MPC One Retro Highlights
• Limited Edition retro colorway chassis and gray MPC pads
• Exclusive MPC Expansion Pack for MPC One Retro owners
• All the features of the MPC One Standalone (No Computer Required)
• Standalone music production center with 4GB onboard storage
• Fully compatible with projects, programs and sequences from previous MPC versions and legacy
• Comes loaded with loops and samples created by industry-leading sound designers
• Load up your own custom samples via SD card or USB
• 7” touchscreen allows you to edit and chop samples via gestures
• 16 velocity and pressure-sensitive pads for programming beats and playing melodies
• Includes acclaimed instruments including DrymSynth, Electric, TubeSynth, Bassline, and AIR FX mixing
and mastering processors
• USB controller input allows you to play sounds with your favorite controller keyboard
• 8 CV/Gate outputs for controlling modular synthesizers
• MIDI I/O for integrating synthesizers, drum machines, and other hardware
• Stereo line-level inputs and outputs on 1/4” TRS connections
• USB-A port for thumb drives or control surfaces

Available: May 11, 2021 Price: $899"


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