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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Miniraze Wave Slicing Synth by MOK (No Talking)

video upload by Elektronick Musick



Miniraze is a powerful yet approachable wave-slicing virtual synth that offers you sounds for the future, inspired by the past. Featuring MOK's patented wave-slicing engine, Miniraze gives you the ability to splice waveforms into utterly unique sounds you won't hear anywhere else, while the straightforward East Coast-style layout makes it easy to craft complex tones quickly. Create anything from warm, retro analog vibes to aggressive, futuristic sounds that have literally never been heard before.


Patented wave-slicing oscillators combine waveforms for out-of-this-world sounds
Straightforward East Coast-style layout makes it easy to program complex patches
Two filters in series, each with 13 options, including subtractive and generative types
4 synchronizable LFOs modulate anything from vibrato to dubstep wobbles
4 ADSR envelopes, including a dedicated amp envelope with velocity modulation
Vast Modulation Matrix for under the hood modular-style patching
9 onboard effects, including Delay, Reverb, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, and Distortion
Built-in arpeggiator produces intricate patterns and random notes from chords
Unison Mode for thick and fat voice stacking
Analog button adds subtle organic randomness to the system
11 colors of noise available to add a variety of textures to your sound
External Audio input lets you process instruments, voices and other sounds
Ring Math processor provides 21 different types of ring modulation
32 different Color Themes available for venturing beyond red and blue
Support for 35 languages, including Sanskrit, Elvish and Klingon
Compatible with AAX/AU/VST on Mac, PC and Linux
Exclusive Bob Moog Foundation sound bank available (proceeds donated to BMF)"

Monday, June 03, 2024

Asteroid Snare Drum & Hats by Blue Lantern Modules || Full Walkthrough and Sound Demo

video upload by Robots Are Red

00:00 Opening
00:36 Introduction
01:07 Asteroid Snare Drum Overview
01:37 Asteroid Snare Rundown - Base Oscillators
01:59 Asteroid Snare Rundown - Thud Generator Oscillator
02:46 Asteroid Snare Rundown - Impact/Noise Generator
03:34 Asteroid Snare Rundown - Aux Input
04:09 Asteroid Snare Rundown - Impact VCA CV Input
05:01 Asteroid Snare Rundown - Cutoff CV Input
06:32 Asteroid Snare Sounds Demo
07:42 Hats Overview and Rundown
08:58 Hats Noise Sounds
10:50 Hats Pseudo Choking
13:06 Hats SUS Switch Riser
14:34 Some Music

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

ESK - Drums + Mixer Jamsession

video upload by Metunar

"Jamsession with an Elektron Digitakt and a Roland CR-8000 mixed together in an analog Ibanez RM-60 Mixer.
There is also reverb from a Lexicon PCM 90 (yellow FX knob on the mixer).
Furthermore I use the monitoring send as feedback line (blue FX knob on the mixer).
With mastering.

The Ibanez RM-60 is similar in design to the Boss KM-60. The Boss has more drive in the preamp and the HiPass filter in the master section can be used better in a performance.
The Ibanez Mixer on the other side has less ground noise and a monitor send.
I like both of them. Good usable for a jamsession."

Friday, March 01, 2024

Limited Edition Light Blue Waldorf Pulse 2

This one appears to be limited to Thomann Music.

"Waldorf Pulse 2 Limited Edition; Analog Monophonic Desktop Synthesizer; 3 analog oscillators + 1 noise generator; Pulse width modulation; Hard sync; 24dB/12db Lowpass; 12db Highpass/Bandpass filter modes, Arpeggiator; 8-slot Modulation Matrix; Connections: USB, MIDI, External analog signal input; Stereo line out; Headphone out; 128x64 character backlit LCD; Backwards compatible with classic Pulse; 8 stainless steel knobs; 500 Sound Programs; color: blue"

Sunday, January 21, 2024


video upload by davidryle

"Racing around the Sun.
This modular synth project is a single take to Cubase. Every sound is from the 5U modular with the exception of the pad effects by the use of a Strymon Blue Sky and Empress Reverb.
The Noise sweep sound is a Joyo Classic Flanger pedal."

Friday, December 08, 2023

2600 Clone Shootout - Korg ARP 2600 FS vs Behringer 2600

video upload by O.Z. Hall

"Korg ARP 2600 FS vs Behringer 2600 - what's the difference?
We'll look at the features in common to each as well as the differences.
Check it out!
If someone offered you either synth (and you could not sell it), which would you prefer to own?


0:00 - Intro
0:56 - Overview of the 2600 "Modules"
2:11 - 3620 Keyboard Controls
3:43 - VCOs compared
4:55 - Filter, Envelopes, Output, Reverb
7:09 - Preamp, Envelope Follower, Ring Mod
7:37 - Noise, Voltage Processor
7:57 - Sample & Hold, Electronic Switch, Headphone Output
8:55 - Keyboard Controls, Portamento
9:24 - Back Panel, LFO, Kybd CVs, Repeat
10:56 - VCO outputs compared on Oscilloscope
13:17 - My Conclusions and Opinions

Note: Behringer makes another model of the 2600, The Blue Marvin, which like the Korg 2600 FS contains a mechanical spring reverb (vs digital)."

Thursday, November 02, 2023

Alessandro Cortini + MATTHS Rig Tour

video upload by sonicstate

"Alessandro Cortini played a rare UK gig last weekend, and regular Sonic TALK panelist Matt Hodson AKA MATTHS was booked in the support slot.

We figured it was a great opportunity to have them talk about their gear selection and approach to the performance.

Alessandro opted for something minimal to support his completely improvised approach, with two Make Noise Strega (these were designed in conjunction with Alessandro) and two 0-CTRL - sequencer/CV controllers, Strymon Blue Sky and Volante all into an Allen and Heath Zone 96 DJ mixer, the laptop runs Resolume visuals for the show.

Matths has a different approach basing his set around pre writtern material and re-voicing larger modular rig, with the Knobula Poly Cinematic for chords, 1010music Bit Box for triggering CV and gates, the Expert Sleepers ES-9 running from the laptop for triggers from Bitwig, the Soma Pulsar-23, Beatstep

Matt uses an analogue parallel compression path to give the stereo feed to front of house a more consistent polished sound.

We have a full 360 Video of MATTHS set available on our Patreon
and also on MATTHS Bandcamp

00:00 Alessandro Cortini interview
13:55 MATTHS interview"

Wednesday, October 18, 2023


video upload by Lido Pigeon

"Equipment list:

Bass: Sequential Take 5
Pads: Korg Prologue
Lead: Roland SH101
Drums: Weston Audio AD110

FX: Strymon El Capistan and Blue Sky, Make Noise Mimeophon, Music Thing Twin Drive

Mixing: Cosmotronic Cosmix"

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Blue EML Electrocomp 100

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via this auction

"Rare as hens teeth, the EML Electrocomp 100 was EML's second synth, only preceded by the 200, both of which were blue and only made for universities, the 100 preceded the 101 and supposedly less than100 were made in 1970 before they started selling to the general public. this one has a few mods on it, first osc 1 is hardwired to share the noise in the mixer section, so you can choose noise or osc1, there are switches to turn off each of the 4 oscillators, there is also a direct output added and a switch that turns off the VCA outputs, not sure why exactly this was done. The unit does seem to work completely as it should after giving it a good 30 minutes to warm up, however I do know the pots need to be cleaned, especially those in the envelope section as sometimes those pots specifically can cause certain functions not to work, usually if you spin the pot back and forth enough, they will come back but then definitely need a cleaning, he it's 53 years old! The pots are sealed, so they can either be drilled and creaned or carefully taken apart and cleaned, I figure I will leave that up to the new owner, given the age of the synth it is sold AS-IS, given the rarity of this piece I will be asking a lot as I am not eager to sell it, it is the only one I have ever seen in my lifetime. I will pack and ship extra carefully with this one and fully insure it, so you can buy with confidence on that front!"

Monday, October 09, 2023

Yamaha Introduces New Montage M - Next Gen Flagship Synthesizer - Overview & Sound Demos

video upload by Yamaha Synths Official

Curious if Yamaha will ever re-introduce their Formant & fseqs synth engine found on the FS1R. The FS1R was crippled by the UI.

Yamaha | Montage M Sound Demo
video upload by Yamaha Synths Official

"Enjoy this sound demo video showcasing sounds available in the new Yamaha MONTAGE M Series Synthesizers.

0:00 - 0:36 : AN-X Syn Orch Pat - AN-X Poly Synth with Polyphonic Aftertouch
0:37 - 1:00 : Hamburg Grand - AWM 2 Concert Grand Piano
1:01 - 1:19 : Sweet Synths - AN-X Poly Synth
1:20 - 1:48 : RD 67 Smooth - AWM2 1967 Tines E. Piano
1:49 - 2:10 : Classic Mini Sawlead - AN-X Mono Lead
2:11 - 2:35 C7 + Analog String Ensemb - AWM2 Yamaha C7 Grand Piano + AN-X String Ensemble
2:36 - 2:55 : Poly Dreams - AN-X Poly Synth
2:56 - 3:10 : SFZ Tremolo BPM Sync - AWM2 Tremolo Strings
3:11 - 3:49 : Distant Memories - AN-X Poly Synth
3:50 - 4:11 : Drawbar Organ - AWM2 Organ with YC Series VCM Rotary Speaker effect
4:12 - 4:29 : FM Piano + Soft Pad - FM-X E.Piano + Soft Pad
4:30 - 4:45 : Synthpop Forever - AN-X Poly Synth
4:46 - 5:05 : U1 Upright - AWM2 Yamaha U1 Upright Piano
5:06 - 5:31 : Dum Drum Bass - FM-X + AWM2 Poly Synth

Yamaha presents our next-generation flagship Synthesizer: MONTAGE M. Featuring three engines that create a variety of sounds – ultra-realistic instruments, vintage analog synths, and cutting-edge FM synths. For keyboardists, synthesists, and pianists, MONTAGE M seamlessly bridges stage and studio, unlocking new possibilities for sound, control and workflow."


A revolution in authentic analog sound, control and behavior, the AN-X engine recreates the warm, classic sound of an analog synthesizer with a host of sophisticated modulation options.

・Three Oscillators with 5 waveforms (Saw 1, Saw2, Triangle, Square and Sine) and Noise Generator

・Two filters with 10 filter types

・Pulse width modulation

・Oscillator Self Sync

・Ring modulation, FM, and wave shaper

・Amp EG with drive

・LFO for both amplitude and filter,

・Voltage drift and aging settings to simulate vintage synth behavior

Integrated into the Motion Control system, the AN-X Engine allows you to create expressive, unique analog sounds to your heart’s content.

Improved AWM2
Experience realism and detail with MONTAGE M’s improved AWM2. Offering an incredible 128 Elements per part, AWM2 allows for smoother transitions, giving you an expansive canvas for ultra-high-definition sound creation, especially for “nameable” sounds such as piano and strings.

A significant upgrade from the original MONTAGE’s 256 notes, MONTAGE M offers up to 400 notes of polyphony across its three engines:

・128 notes for AWM2 Preset Waveform Parts

・128 notes for AWM2 User Waveform Parts

・128 notes for FM-X Parts

・16 notes for AN-X Parts

And more about sound
[PRESET WAVE AND FLASH MEMORY UPGRADE] MONTAGE M offers twice the memory over its predecessor with an increase from 5.67GB to 9.97GB of Preset Wave memory, and an increase from 1.75 to 3.8GB of User flash memory. Plus, you’ll find a host of new sounds and instruments, including pianos, orchestral instruments, drums, and more!

[FM-X] MONTAGE M rekindles the Yamaha legacy of expressive and dynamic FM Synthesis with its 8-operator FM-X engine, offering a wide variety of diverse tones: from crisp and bell-like, to edgy and aggressive, to mellow and evolving. This is an excellent complement to the AWM2 and AN-X engines.

[VCM ROTARY AND DRAWBAR BEHAVIOR] Using sophisticated modeling technology, the VCM Rotary Speaker effect simulates the rich and enveloping motion of a classic rotary speaker cabinet. Plus, the new organ drawbar fader setting simulates the vintage “pull out” drawbar organ behavior.

[16 LIBRARY LOCATIONS] With 16 Library slots at your disposal, you can house up to 10,240 additional Performances (that’s in addition to the over 2,700 performances in the presets), facilitating quick searches by Category, Name and Attributes.

[PURE ANALOG CIRCUIT 2] The upgraded Pure Analog Circuit included in MONTAGE M reduces noise and improves the dynamic range, crosstalk, low-frequency phase, and distortion rate, resulting in clearer sound at all volumes. You’ll also find the sound has more detailed low-mids and presence.

Available exclusively on MONTAGE M8x, GEX Action elevates your performance and sound creation with Polyphonic Aftertouch – a revered synth control found in the legendary CS-80 and DX1. Polyphonic Aftertouch allows you to individual modulate held notes with pressure. GEX also provides key repetition behavior typically found in grand pianos.

MONTAGE M introduces new performance controls: a 5-segment ribbon controller with dedicated HOLD button, a new KEYBOARD HOLD button for sustaining chords while using knobs to edit, and a Portamento on/off button and dedicated Portamento time knob.

You’ll find dedicated Keyboard, Part and Scene Control buttons to control 16 Parts per Performance. This intuitive control, particularly beneficial for live performances, improves overall usability and adds dimension to each Performance.

[HIGH-RESOLUTION CONTROL] All the Performance Controls – from the Keyboard and Faders to the Super Knob and Sustain, as well as the Sound Engine, are now in High Resolution. Because of the fine resolution, you’ll find the MONTAGE M behaves in a smoother and more “analog” way.

[MOTION CONTROL SYNTHESIS ENGINE]This groundbreaking engine allows you to interact with sounds in a variety of ways, including Motion Sequences, which dynamically automate synth and effect parameters, and can even be synchronized to tempo; the Super Knob, which controls dozens of modulations in a single gesture; the Envelope Follower, which modulates sound from the A/D input or another Part; and many, many more ways!

[NEW AND IMPROVED LED LIGHTS AND COLORS] Enhanced LED lights and colors on MONTAGE M faders, Performance, Live Set and Category Search offer visible, instant feedback, vastly improving the user interface.

Expanded Creativity

A game-changer for musicians, the Expanded Softsynth Plugin (E.S.P.) replicates the MONTAGE M in your favorite Digital Workstation (DAW). Free for all registered MONTAGE M owners, E.S.P. allows you to create, edit and mix MONTAGE M Performances anywhere you happen to be – without the hardware – offering an unprecedented level of stage and studio integration. We are planning on releasing E.S.P. in Early 2024. The first version will have all the MONTAGE M sound while being limited to basic editing. The full version will be available in Summer 2024.

Upgraded navigation enables quick, intuitive sound editing and operation. You’ll find features like a new 512 x 64 LCD screen, 6 touchscreen display knobs, and a PAGE JUMP button that moves what’s in the LCD screen over to the larger 7” TFT Color touchscreen for deeper editing. And the dedicated Navigation button shows an overview of a Performance. Just touch a graphical object in the screen to jump to that parameter for deeper editing. The dedicated Navigation button allows you go directly from the “surface” of a sound to the deepest part.

Simplifying your studio setup, MONTAGE M offers a USB MIDI and multichannel 32 output/6 input audio interface. Streamline MIDI recording, virtual instrument monitoring, and multi-track audio recording through a single USB cable, so you can spend more time being creative.

[FASTER UI] MONTAGE M’s UI is significantly speedier than the previous generation. Plus, the overall look is cleaner and easier to see.

[CATEGORY SEARCH] Search for Performances by Category (Piano, Keyboard, etc.), Sub Category (Acoustic, Vintage, etc.),Name, and Attributes (AWM2, FM-X, AN-X, etc.).

[TWO USB-TO-DEVICE PORTS] Allows simultaneous connection of a flash drive (or drives!) and USB MIDI controllers.

[DEDICATED DAW REMOTE BUTTON] Use your MONTAGE M as a hardware controller for DAWs such as Cubase, Logic, ProTools and Live. Control the mixer, transport, softsynth plugins and more.

[NEW SHIFT BUTTONS] Two new Shift buttons make it effortless to access secondary functions, increasing overall functionality.

[COLOR-CODED BUTTONS and SLIDER LAMPS] Backlit LIVE SET and CATEGORY buttons are colored differently and clearly show mode function. New slider lamps show red LED value increments, while active Parts are illuminated in blue.

Click the pics to zoom in.

Sunday, October 08, 2023

Synthfest UK 23 New Videos

video uploads by sonicstate


1. Synthfest UK 23: MyVolts - Nifty USB Power Solutions
At Synthfest UK 2023, we caught up with Caroline from MyVolts, and they've added to their panoply of useful power solutions for musicians. MyVolts showcased their new product, the Alchemist power distribution hub, which harnesses the versatility of USB-C to deliver various voltages from 5V to 20V. This means you can power a range of equipment, from vintage synths to modern gear, with one device. They've also taken their USB power innovation to the next level with a step-up 12V power tip, allowing users to draw 18W from USB to power gear like the Electron Analog Four on the go. MyVolts aims to simplify power management for musicians, addressing issues like earthing and noise, and they're actively seeking input from the community to fine-tune their solutions.

In addition to the Alchemist power hub, MyVolts will be releasing their own power banks, USB-C power cables with wattage indicators, and a range of power tips compatible with various voltages. This expansion means users can power a wide range of devices efficiently and conveniently. These products are expected to be available around February or March. MyVolts encourages you to fill out their survey to help them better understand and solve the unique power challenges musicians face.

2. Synthfest UK 23: Rides In The Storm - SED CSM Synth Voice
At Synthfest UK 2023, we caught up with Uwe from Rides In The Storm to get a glimpse of their upcoming modular synth voice module, the SED CSM. This module is a powerhouse of sound design possibilities, offering a wide range of features packed into a single unit. With two oscillator sections, three waveform options, pulse width modulation, and a wave folder, there's plenty of sonic flexibility on tap.

The SED CSM also includes a robust mixer section, a ring modulator, wave folder, noise source, and an external input, expanding its sound-shaping capabilities. Uwe demonstrated how the module can be used for lush soundscapes and dynamic modulation with its various features. SED CSM offers envelope generators with loopable modes and versatile LFOs and filter options.

SED CSM Price: around £390
3. Synthfest UK 23: Analogue Solutions - Ample Desktop Pin matrix
We returned to the Analogue Solutions booth to chat again with Tom who showed us the second synth he’s released this year, Ample. Ample is a 3 VCO synth which combines some of the greatest bits of other Analogue Solutions synths, including a patch pin matrix similar to the Vostok, a sequencer taken from the generator, an interval generator similar to that on the Fusebox, and a 24dB filter akin to that of the Pro One. It even has the same delay circuit from the new Maximus.

There are 3 types of pin for the pin matrix with resistances of 0 ohms on the black pin 10k ohms on the red one and blue giving a value of 100k, which allows for more flexibility in attenuating the signals you patch. Tom told us that Ample is particularly suited to percussion, with its snappy filter, and various clock sources available, and though Ample is in a desktop format, Tom has given us plenty of space between the controls so no accidental knob bumping can occur.

Available October 23

Ample Price: around £2000 plus vat
4. Synthfest UK 23: Expert Sleepers - Analogue Modules
At Synthfest UK 2023, we had the chance to chat with Os from Expert Sleepers, known for their versatile digital modules. However, Os has been exploring the analog side of modular synthesis and has introduced a range of eight analog modules.

Among the analog modules, Os showcased a squelchy filter, oscillators with unconventional sine wave cores, and an intriguing octave fuzz effect. He emphasized that these analog modules offer a different approach to sound generation and signal processing compared to their digital counterparts. Os also pointed out that once an analog module is designed and built, it's a finished product, offering a sense of completeness that's distinct from the continuous updates often associated with digital modules.

Expert Sleepers Analogue modules Prices: from £159
5. Synthfest UK 23: Yamaha - DM3 - Super Compact Digital Mixer
At Synthfest UK 2023, we caught up with Chris from Yamaha to take a look at their latest offering, the DM3 digital mixer. This compact 16-input mixer packs some impressive features into a small footprint, making it suitable for a variety of applications. With a focus on pro audio and audio versatility, the DM3 boasts brand-new microphone preamps inspired by Yamaha's high-end CL and QL series, ensuring top-notch audio quality. Operating at 96 kHz, the DM3 offers pristine audio resolution. We have to admit, we're all Gassing for this one...

The DM3 boasts a touchscreen interface, complemented by touch-and-turn knobs for tactile control. This innovative combination allows users to efficiently navigate and control the mixer's parameters. The DM3 can also serve as an audio interface, providing 18 in and 18 out over USB, making it an excellent choice for recording and streaming applications. With a compact and portable design, this mixer is versatile enough for live gigs, corporate events, podcasting, and studio work.

DM3 Standard Model Price: Around £1,500

DM3 Dante-Enabled Price: Around £2,000
6. Synthfest UK 23: Tone Science - Triple Cross - Chance Delay
At Synthfest UK 2023, we caught up with Ian Boddy from DIN Records, known for his prolific work in the electronic music scene. While DIN Records is celebrating its 25th anniversary next year, Ian has expanded his creative endeavors with the release of two modules under the sub-label Tone Science in collaboration with AJH Synth. The Triple Cross module offers versatile signal manipulation capabilities, enabling crossfading, morphing, panning, with non-synchronous LFOs and DC-coupled outputs. The Chance Delay module introduces a unique concept of probability-driven gate delay. Musicians can control the likelihood of triggers passing through, allowing for rhythmically intricate and ever-changing sequences. These modules are designed to enhance the performative aspect of modular synthesis, providing musicians with dynamic tools for evolving soundscapes and rhythmic complexity.

Triple Cross Price: £260

Chance Delay Price: £175
7. Synthfest UK 23: 1010 Music - Bluebox Eurorack Edition
At Synthfest UK 2023, we had the opportunity to chat with Steve from 1010 Music about their latest creation, the Bluebox Eurorack Edition. This module was born out of customer demand, as users of the original Blue Box desktop unit clamored for a Eurorack-compatible version. The Bluebox Eurorack Edition packs all the power and versatility of the desktop version but with a few key differences. It offers mono inputs and outputs that can be combined into stereo, six CV inputs for mapping to various parameters, and two dedicated USB-C ports—one for MIDI and the other for USB audio. This means you can connect your Blue Box to a Mac, PC, or iPad, send and receive audio tracks, and still record all 12 tracks, plus a master track and two effects sends, separately on a micro SD card. An upcoming firmware update will also bring stereo audio in both directions to the Blue Box Desktop Edition, offering even more flexibility in routing and recording. With its compact 30 HP size and thoughtful design, the Bluebox Eurorack Edition also offers a clock output bridging the gap between hardware and software seamlessly.

Bluebox Eurorack Edition Price: $699
8. Synthfest UK 23: Nonlinear Labs - C15 - Software Updates
At Synthfest UK 2023, we had a conversation with Tim from Nonlinear Labs, the creators of the highly expressive C15 synthesizer. Tim shared some exciting updates that have recently been implemented with the inclusion of LFOs via looping envelopes providing musicians with more sonic versatility. The C15's unique concept, based on a two-operator FM synthesis engine, remains intact, but these new LFO capabilities expand its sonic palette. Tim also showcased the expanded key tracking options, which can stretch pitches to create unique tonal textures. Furthermore, he highlighted the new twin-engine feature, which allows for cascading delays and creating captivating stereo soundscapes. Tim also hinted at future developments that owners of this expressive synthesizer can look forward to.

C15 Black Price: 4,300 Euros (incl. VAT)

C15 Cherry Wood Price: 4,750 Euros (incl. VAT)
9. Synthfest UK 23: Kenton - LNDX Midi Line Driver
At Synthfest UK 2023, we caught up with John from Kenton Electronics to check out their latest offering, the LNDX Line Driver, a handy solution for extending MIDI signals over long distances. Designed to address the challenges of maintaining stable MIDI connections in large venues and studios, the Line Driver utilizes Cat5 cables to transmit MIDI signals up to an impressive 500 meters. It's an ideal tool for live gigs in massive stadiums or situations where the control center is far from the performance area. The Line Driver features LEDs to monitor both the incoming and outgoing MIDI signals, providing essential feedback for troubleshooting and ensuring signal integrity. This straightforward and robust solution adds reliability to any MIDI setup, whether it's in the music industry, broadcasting, or even unconventional applications like flight simulators. With its opto-isolation and straightforward connectivity, the Line Driver is set to become an essential tool for professionals seeking rock-solid MIDI signal transmission over long distances.

LNDR pair Price: £127.92
10. Synthfest UK 23: Sweet Discrete - Synth Panel Restoration
At Synthfest UK 2023, we had a chat with Craig from Sweet Discrete, a company specializing in unique synth restoration and custom creations. Craig showcased their latest endeavor, which goes beyond their well-known synth overlays. Sweet Discrete has taken on the ambitious task of restoring classic synths like the Jupiter 8 to their former glory. These aren't just simple restorations; they're meticulous, artisanal processes, involving lead loading to remove rust and imperfections, followed by precise silkscreening. What's more, Sweet Discrete manufactures exact replica shells for various synth models, offering three versions for the Jupiter 8 alone. They've even delved into MIDI mods for the Jupiter 8, bringing modern convenience to these vintage gems.

Beyond their cosmetic work, Sweet Discrete is exploring the possibility of delving into electronics and design for synthesizers. With a keen focus on quality and precision, they're making a name for themselves in the world of synth restoration and custom solutions. To learn more about their offerings and explore the range of products, visit their website
See the SYNTHFEST UK label for more coverage of this year's event.

Sunday, October 01, 2023

RedSound Darkstar XP2 SN 00813

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via this auction

"Revamped version of the Dark Star MK1 - MK1 vs XP2 differences: XP2 features 1/4" instead of RCA outputs, 1/4" stereo headphone output, chorus, and special SINEWAVE mode (for OSC2).

British company Red Sound System's first synth, the DarkStar is a table-top 8-voice polyphonic synthesizer suitable for anybody who wants affordable analog sounds for use in most any style of electronic music. Analog sounds are created by DSP-based analog modeling which means you'll get reliable and clean analog-type synth sounds in an economical and professional instrument. The DarkStar features 2 oscillators per voice, 5-part multitimbral set-up, joystick mixing for oscillators, ring modulation, filter resonance and pink/white/blue noise generators.

Tuesday, September 05, 2023

New Gimme Some Snare Drum Module from BLM

video upload by flavio mireles

Modules used in the demo:
BLM Scope
Acid n SOns VCF
Braids Blue Lantern Version
Arturia Beat Step Pro for Sequences
LML VCO for modulation

MODEL: BLM GS-SNARE, Gimme Some Snare

WIDTH: 16hp

CURRENT: +107mA,-97mA

Price $245.00

What does this do?
This is a mini analog synthesizer that produces snare drum sounds. Inspiration was taken from the 5U Cor Synth DR02 module. Only the flow chart was studied and used to create this BLM product. VCV Rack was also used to simulate and test the building blocks.

Most of the circuits contained in this product are from other blue lantern module designs.

Some of the building blocks:

-2 1V/Octave Triangle Core VCO's
-2 Sine Wave Shapers
-4 Envelope Generator
-White Noise Generator
-High Pass Filter
-Tone Filter
-2 VCA's

The goal of this module was to recreate some of the more exotic electronic snare sounds.
Your not getting another Roland 'TR' module with the Gimme Some Snare Drum. All the building blocks contain
full analog circuitry, like OTA chips, and Op-amps. No vintage transistor based (Bridge T Oscillator) circuits are used in this product.

The best description I can give you inquiring what the kind of snare drum sounds this module can produce is something comparable to: an Electribe Korg ER-1, Simmons Snare Drum, and the Mattel Synsonics.

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

New Bugbrand NSH - Noise, Sample & Hold & Red Phase Shifter Modules

via Bugbrand

"NSH stands for Noise, Sample & Hold – a module which features analogue Noise and a pair of Sample & Hold processors.

The Sample & Hold circuits are identical, each with Input, Output & Clock input (with internal comparator, trigger level c.+1V). The Source Input can be set to either an external signal or takes the White Noise source direct. The S&H can be run at audio rates for ‘bug-crushing’ (analogue sample-rate reduction – NOT bit-crushing).

The Noise section is standard transistor-based White Noise, with a second Filtered output which passes through a simple tilt filter around 1kHz cutoff."

via Bugbrand

"The Phase is a 6 pole, analogue Phase Shifter designed for hands-on sonic thickening. Made up of 12 All-Pass Filter stages, it features fully balanced Input/Outputs, Feedback, and Modulation from an internal LFO and/or external sources. All in a very playable design, stemming very much from the blue Phaser module.

Check the Block Diagram image. The main Input is designed for typical line level signals with variable gain up to 20dB and soft-clipping so you can add some overdrive if desired. The Feedback input stage is similar but without the variable gain – it is normalised from the Phase output & plugging a jack plug in breaks this normalisation. The buffered input signal is split off to the Phasing stages and the dry signal also passes on to the output mixer where it mixes with the Phase stage outputs. The Phase stages is also buffered to provide a pure wet output.

The magic of All-Pass Filter stages, here built around three of the ever versatile 2164 quad-VCA chips, is that they alter the phase of signals at their filtering frequency while preserving their amplitude. (With a pure sine-wave, this would look like the waveform being shifted in phase from the input – but you’ll rarely be putting in a pure sine!). When you mix together the dry & processed paths, frequencies cancel each other out to create peaks & troughs in the frequency response. The main Phase control, combined with any modulation, sets the centre frequency for the filtering and covers the whole audio spectrum.

Dialing in Feedback passes the phase-stage output back around to its input (via a normalised jack connection – allowing experimentation with further external processing) which emphasises the filtering up to the edge of resonance. The Add/Subtract switch inverts the phase output & the feedback input to give two different response modes and there is also an internal jumper that allows some subtle behavioural differences by putting the feedback into either the first or second filter stage (set as standard to 2nd stage, down position, but… experiment!).

Static filtering (ie. without modulation) can be used to highlight particular frequencies, but bringing in modulation is perhaps the more readily audible approach – give it some movement! The internal sine-wave Low Frequency Oscillator (LFO) covers traditional sweep modulation (range approx 0.08-10Hz), but more interesting usage can be found with external sources such as sequencers etc. Note that when switched on initially, if the LFO Rate is set low then the oscillations will take some time to build up to full strength, so you may want to turn the control up full until the LED indicator is clearly blinking. The LFO also has a banana output jack (+/-5V). The External Modulation input takes a CV input (typically 10V peak-to-peak) and has a convenient polarity/mute switch. See the Understanding signals & voltages and Interfacing with Bananas pages for further technical details."

Monday, August 21, 2023

EOS - Ergot Organic Semi-Modular Synthesizer by Blue Lantern Modules || Full Walkthrough and Demo

video upload by Robots Are Red

"This video takes a look at the new semi-modular synthesizer by Blue Lantern Modules, the Ergot Organic Synthesizer. This is a full synthesizer based on a plethora of Blue Lantern Modules all intermingled in one standalone synth. Just add v/oct for pitch and a gate/trigger for the envelope and you are good to go.

If you wanted to build this in eurorack, you would need the following modules:
x2 Lunar Modulation Lab
Subharmonics Generator
CSVCO Noise Oscillator
x2 APE Accented Percussion Envelope Generator
Parallax/Blades Filter
x2 Mini Digital LFO
Dwarf Star Stereo Delay

You can jump to any section of the video using the timecodes here:
00:00 - Opening
01:24 - Overview
04:30 - 5 Minute Rundown
10:05 - Full Walkthrough & Demo
38:35 - Some Music

Special thanks to Blue Lantern Modules for providing the EOS for this video."

Friday, August 18, 2023

Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave OS 1.5 Update Adds MPE Support, Poly Unison, Free Running OSCS & Long LFOs

via Groove Synthesis

3rd Wave OS version 1.5

new in this release:

- support for MIDI MPE controllers - enable MPE from the GLOBAL menu and explore the new modulation sources at the end of the list. Pitch bend range can be set in the MISC menu

- option for free running analog oscillators in the MISC menu which is settable per patch - In the analog waveform mode, which you are using when you select the Axx waveforms like Saw and Square, now has the option to make the waveforms not reset when you start a new note. In this mode, the oscillators will continue to drift from each other as they do on some fully analog synthesizers. There are two side effects if you are using free running for the analog waveforms:

1. When two or more oscillators are running at the same time, the phase of the waveforms will not be reset and could start at any position. As a result, there will be phase cancellation compared to having the oscillators always start at the same point. What you will hear is that the notes will change volume level slightly as the oscillators start and also drift in and out of phase with each other.

2. In the normal mode the oscillator always starts at zero. Now it could start at any point in its phase position. That means when you hit a note, a single oscillator could be at 0, +1.0, -1.0, or anywhere in between. If it starts at or close to +1.0 ot -1.0, you are going from no sound to fully on immediately. This can cause a click at the beginning of the note depending on the phase. It is noticeable mostly when using a sine wave, and not too noticeable with something like a saw or square. If you want to use this free running mode, turn the attack time up to +20 or higher to quickly fade in and avoid the potential click.

Friday, July 28, 2023

Patching: A Chance to Bloom

video upload by Qu - Bit

"In this patch-from-scratch edition of our Patching playlist, we're using Chance to keep Bloom a little more interesting.
Using Chord as our voice, check out how we can transform a simple sequence into something memorable with a few adjustments from Chance!

About 'Patching'.
This series continues to be a reminder to us, and hopefully to you:
Take the time to stumble in the dark a little...figure something out...control some voltage...
...enjoy PATCHING.

In our videos:
Purple cables = audio
Blue cables = CV/gate
White cables = clock
Modules in this setup are:

Cascade - ratcheting envelope generator, VCA, and sound source
Contour - quad envelope generator
Prism - DSP effect, filter, and looper
Nebulae - granular sampler and DSP platform
Chord - 4 voice polyphonic wavetable synth
Chance - clock-synced random voltage generator
Surface - multi-timbral physical modeling voice
Kick - bass drum synthesizer from 2HP
Nano Rand - random voltage generator, sample and hold, noise source
Buff - buffered mult from 2HP
Bloom - fractal Sequencer
Nautilus - stereo delay with 8 unique delay lines
Aurora - spectral reverb, phase vocoder
Data Bender - circuit bent digital audio buffer
Synapse - crossfading switch with dynamic routing
VCA - two channel VCA from 2HP
AVert - dual attenuverter from 2HP"

Friday, July 21, 2023

Brinta granular sampler in Eurorack

video upload by errorinstruments paul tas

"Proud to present BRINTA.

made whit love in Amsterdam

Developing something special together TINRS

BRINTA – golden grain circle - granular sampler

Circle of sound – spilling the Brinta – follow the white dot – banged grain.

Samples three-and-a-half seconds of audio (one moment) cuts it into thousands of pieces. Little grains of sound. You can mix the sound grains in speed and order. You re-arrangement it.

When the red dot is running around the circle it is recording. Your sample becomes the circle. Blue for high frequency, green for mid and red for low. Colours mix accordingly and when they all come together in white-light, you have white-noise. Once your sample is recorded the white dot can run around the circle, spawning little golden heads playing your sample. The size of the grain is how long your play head exists.

Record: push to start and to stop

42mA +12V

4mA -12V

5V 0

Skiff friendly

to goood PRICE 250 ex"

Also see Error Instruments & TINRS BRINTA & BUBBLES Eurorack Modules

Thursday, June 29, 2023

Synclavier Digital's Regen Gets Wider Release

video upload by Synclavier Digital

Regen Tutorials

Regen Quickies

You can find additional posts featuring demos of the Regen here.

Press Release follows:

"Synclavier Digital releases regenerated Synclavier® II trailblazer as timeless Regen desktop synthesizer bolstered by present-day DSP developments

NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA: soft-launched late last year to widespread critical acclaim at the Synthplex® synthesizer expo and electronic music festival hosted at the Marriott Convention Center in Burbank, CA, USA with pre-orders opening for fulfilment in 2023, timeless synthesis product manufacturer Synclavier Digital is proud to announce wider availability of Regen — released as a desktop synthesizer that is, in short, a real regeneration of New England Digital’s seminal Synclavier® II digital synthesizer that took the pro audio industry by storm when introduced in its initial incarnation in 1980 (evolving beyond that to blaze more technological trails with polyphonic sampling and, ultimately, DAW — Digital Audio Workstation — capabilities well before that term was invented, even), extended and enhanced to take advantage of the increased computing power available today to make it as compelling in a modern setting as the prohibitively pricey original did during its time (finding favour with top-tier film composers, record producers, and recording artists), while the considerable cost and size reductions associated with Regen’s present-day design criteria conversely position it well within reach of (almost) anyone — as of June 29…

Friday, June 16, 2023

VCF10 in Eurorack -EuroBoard MkII

video upload by gotharman

"-Main/lead sound: Dreadbox Hysteria into VCF10 in EuroBoard MkII, modulated by Zadar and another Hysteria.
-Pling synth: Hysteria into VCF11 (Zaturn) in EuroBoard MkII, modulated by Zadar.
-Kick drum: Qubit Tone modulated by Mutable Instruments Stages.
-Noise synth: Gotharman's Windy into Qubit Tone, modulated by Blue Lantern Braids.
-Cymbal: Urano Cymbal oscillator into VCF13 (Diode Drive) inside Urano.
-Reso synth: Urano Osc Type 1 into VCF12 (FilterBank) inside Urano.
-Snare Drum: Windy into Setonixsynth Marsupial, into Intellijel Springray, into FX Aid pitch shifter, modulated by Zadar.
-Sequencers: Urano and Tubbutec 6equencer."

Also see: New Gotharman's EuroBoard MkII Filters for Eurorack

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