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Wednesday, July 03, 2024

Red Ekkko. The Ugliest Vintage Echo Modeller is the Most Beautiful

video uploads by Element433 (a.k.a. Pere Villez)

Playlist: 01. The Ugliest Most Beautiful Free Stereo Delay Modeller Ever.
Red Ekkko is an echo emulator laboratory that models a variety of historic echo types. Wire, tape, BBD and even early grainy digital delays. It is pure stereo with a huge warm enveloping sound that closely captures the perceptual characteristics of each type, rather than a precise mathematical model. You can dial in every defect, degradation and add buckets of warmth and charm but with a deep stereo field. The system is operated using standard cheap MIDI controllers.

Not only is it a studio audio processor but it can also be played like an instrument so that those endless classic BBD feedback tails can be tuned to a MIDI keyboard.

The best part. It will be free.

This demo shows how it can use Karplus strong delay times with random cross delayed feedback to emulator chaotic resonators. In essence a stereo flanger with chaotic behaviour. Inspired by the SOST Studio flanger made by Van Daal Electronics cs

Stay tuned for more demos and release date.
02. The Ugliest Most Beautiful Delay Modeller Ever. Saturation Test. Drums
Second of the test demos of Red Ekkko. I'm using a very short delay and pushing the pregain of the saturation. The cross feedback gives it lots of space and syrupee crunch.
03. The Ugliest Most Beautiful Delay Modeller Ever. Warm and Singing Delay
Third of the demos of Red Ekkko. This time, sweet, spacious echoes and playing the echo time with a MIDI keyboard.

I seem to have broken a couple of minor things, whilst repairing others, so there is a bit of crackle on the feedback now and again and the ┬Ádropout circuit seems to be clicking into the main signal, even when off, so need to fix that next. It's an endless rabbit hole but I think I can see the light.
04. The Ugliest Most Beautiful Delay Modeller Ever. Tape Drop-Out. Bags of Age.
In this demo I show the micro and macro dropout and how they are used to create a sense of age in the sound. It also demonstrates how you can use the ┬ÁDropout to create subtle Ring Modulation and macro dropout to create vintage harmonic tremolo.

Sunday, November 26, 2023

Luminous Trilogy & A CATALOGUE OF FM MATERIALS by Element433 ( a.k.a. Pere Villez)

via Element433 (Pere Villez)

"When I made the popular YouTube series 'FM Catalogue of Materials', many viewers commented that they would love to see some more of the 'music tech as cinema' style created in the videos.

My new project 'Luminous Trilogy' release, does exactly that. In part 1 'WTD', synths and synth technical diagrams, together with Pure Data/Max patches, become casual parts of the film's environment, which is set in an alt near future. Part 1 was realised with analogue modular, whereas Part 2 "Breath" was scored using binaural audio, VCV rack and live Indian tablas. Part 3 'Contrails' uses physical models, Samplicity's Berlin Studios and vintage FM hardware."

Update: Element433 has made the VCV patch and assets used in the film "Breath" below a free download. You can find instructions on downloading the patch and setting it up here:

Luminous Trilogy

video uploads by Element433 ( a.k.a. Pere Villez)

"Three music shorts around the theme of light, from incandescent urban folklore set in the near future, electric neon glowing medussae to impossible skies, all to the sound of dark ambient and techno-world music"


Walking The Dulzaina - Luminous Trilogy - Part 1
Walking The Dulzaina is an edited one-shot music film which details the manic walkthrough time-lapse of an imaginary synthesised dulzaina (Spanish folkloric instrument) being taken for a walk through the "Las Vegas" like dressed streets of a small village festive celebration set somewhere in the near future.

The visuals are nods to the Bladerunner, Lynch, Weirdcore and Kubrick where the glow of transparent neon CRTs, display technical diagrams with a music technology theme. Some suddenly slide up from the ground, while others cross from one side of the street to another.

The music is inspired by minimalism, industrial techno synth-folk where Steve Reich and Techno meet Raymond Scott and 1960's BBC radiophonic.

Musical Equipment Detail:

Intro: Moog Subharmonicon through Fairfield Randy's Revenge ring modular - into two crunchy Elby Systems stereo valve preamps and out into a stereo pair of Doepfer A-199 spring tanks).

Dulzainas: Buchla Easel Command sometimes untreated and sometimes solo through a J.H. 'Son of a Storm Tide' stereo analogue studio flanger (built by Van Daal Electronics (second dulzainas and very low transition whoooses). Buchla and Subharmonicon sync locked and clock divided by Ornaments and Crime clock divider.

Final wormhole sequence: Subharmonicon through stereo A-199 Doepfer spring reverbs and Paulstretched.

This work is not sponsored by any the manufacturers mentioned. They are personally purchased pieces of equipment.


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