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Thursday, June 06, 2024

Moog Sub37/Subsequent 37: Melodic Patches & Patterns Demo

video upload by Anton Anru

"Dreamy Patterns is a collection of 64 Presets + Sequences for Moog Subsequent 37 and Sub 37.
The timbres cover a wide range of tones: mild and aggressive, deep and bright, soft and punchy.
Each preset contains a sequence with Pitch, Velocity, and Modulation lanes. Some patterns are made in Major scale, others - in Minor.
The collection also includes the sequences with odd lengths: 23, 18, etc... They create polymetric/polyrhythmic feel.

🔮 Get the soundset:

The presets are suitable for different genres like Retrowave, Synthwave, Lounge, Downtempo, Chill Out, House, Progressive, Deep, Trance, Cinematic, Breaks, etc.

The pack also includes a folder with all sequences saved separately from the presets. You may use the sequences with any other timbres: choose/make a preset, go to the 'Sequencer' tab, and push 'Load'.

ModWheel is set in all patches, it adds brightness, changes the tone, or increases the length of notes.
Patches' volume levels are set close to each other, you won't get sudden volume spikes or drops while switching the timbres.

You may use the sequences as they are, or take them as a starting point for further editing and tweaking. Try different Rates/Time Divisions, including Triplet and Dots; try changing the length of a sequence from start or/and from end; try shifting the start point; try adding Octaves, try playing with Forward/Backward and Invert modes, or simply change steps' values: Pitch, Modulation, Modulation destination. Subsequent 37 gives nice performance tools, and you can get plenty of variations just with one sequence.

I recommend syncing the synth to some external beat to get a proper impression of the sequences.

Monday, April 08, 2024

via The Bob Moog Foundation

"The Bob Moog Foundation is excited to announce the recent addition of a rare Moog muSonics Minimoog Model D synthesizer to our collection.

Donated on behalf of the late Philip A. DiTullio, the synthesizer is a physical representation of the transition from R.A. Moog Inc to muSonics in 1971. On the front of the instrument, the synthesizer has the muSonics logo, while the back mentions it was built in Trumansburg, New York, meaning this specific Minimoog was likely built by R.A. Moog Inc, but later sold by muSonics following the change in ownership, and relocation of the company to Buffalo, NY.

Originally owned by producer Charles Stepney, who famously worked with artists like Earth, Wind & Fire, Ramsey Lewis, The Emotions, and Deniece Williams, this Minimoog was later acquired by DiTullio. As an avid lover of music, DiTullio would go on to found the Schillinger Society, an organization focused on preserving and promoting the work of Joseph Schillinger, a composer and music theorist who collaborated with Léon Theremin and created the Schillinger System of Musical Composition.

The Bob Moog Foundation is incredibly grateful for this unique donation, which will help convey the intricacies of the Moog legacy to the tens of thousands of people who visit the Moogseum.

If you have any items that you would like to donate to the Bob Moog Foundation Archives, please contact us. You can also find out more about our vast and growing archive here.

Visit the Moogseum soon for a chance to see this rare and historic Minimoog Model D."

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Egyptian Lover | Vocoder Jam | Moog 16-Channel Vocoder

video upload by Moog Music Inc

"Hip-hop and electro icon Egyptian Lover invites you inside his studio space for an analog jam session featuring the Moog 16-Channel Vocoder, Moog Matriarch, Moog Grandmother, and Roland TR-808.

In this video, the veteran electronic musician, DJ, MC, and producer is joined by keyboardist and long-time collaborator Brian Ellis to create a complete track based around the vocoder’s powerful sound transformation and customization possibilities. Watch and learn!

More from Egyptian Lover:"

Tuesday, December 05, 2023

Introducing Mariana | A New Bass Synthesizer from Moog Music

video upload by Moog Music Inc

"From the iconic Minimoog Model D to the Taurus Bass Pedals, Sub Phatty, and Minitaur, bass has been the foundation for the sound and power of Moog instruments for decades. With Mariana, we are proud to continue this tradition.

In a new video narrated by actor, writer, producer, and comedian H. Jon Benjamin, we invite you to journey through moments of the past and into the future of bass with a soundtrack built using all sounds from Mariana."

Update: playlist with new videos added to the player above with the following videos:

1. Introducing Mariana | A New Bass Synthesizer from Moog Music
2. Mariana | Gain Staging Overview
3. Mariana | Using Virtual Control Voltage
4. Mariana | Modulation Editor
5. Sound Design with Mariana | Bass Patch | Thavius Beck
6. Sound Design with Mariana | Drum Synth | Thavius Beck
7. Sound Design with Mariana | Synth Pad | Thavius Beck

"Made for Your Studio: Mariana's Key Sound Design Features

Mariana includes all the tools necessary for creating deep, pulsating, professional bass sounds and more. Tone layering, parallel filtering, cross-over control, doubling and detune, compression, dynamic saturation, and surgical stereo placement are all built into Mariana for streamlined, recallable access to your favorite bass chain—without needing to load up additional processors.

Powerful, modern Moog bass sound in an accessible format

Dual layers for complementary sound stacks or independent duophonic playing

Deep, complex modulation sources, destinations, controllers, and functions

A beautiful, resizable, and user-friendly interface for effortless control

Built-in effects, compression, and metering

Seamless interconnectivity with Moogerfooger Effects Plug-ins via virtual CV

Flexibility as a plug-in within your DAW or standalone use via MIDI

More than 200 professionally designed presets covering a wide range of musical styles and genres"

Thursday, November 09, 2023

Moog Sub37/Subsequent 37: Duo Presets: Pads, Drones, Chords

video upload by Anton Anru

"'Dark Duos' is a collection of 64 Patches for Moog Subsequent 37 and Sub 37. The bank of presets is dedicated to dark, noisy, lo-fi, vintage/retro pads, drones, and textures. All presets are in DUO mode, providing an opportunity to create the illusion of a chord.

The bank comprises 44 pads/drones and 20 rhythmical pads. The rhythmical pads introduce groove with LFOs that are synchronized to the tempo.

💾 Get the soundset:

The soundset is suitable for many genres of electronic music: Techno, Industrial, House, Acid, Hardcore, IDM, Drum'n'Bass, Breaks, Breakbeat, Electro, Ambient (including Dark, Noise, Drone), Dubstep, EDM, and others.

ModWheel is set in all patches, it adds movement or changes the tone.
Velocity controls volume and brightness.

Patches' volume levels are set close to each other, you won't get sudden volume spikes or drops while switching the timbres.

The presets should be uploaded via official Moog Editor/Librarian. You should put the folder with the presets to:
Mac - /Users/your username/Library/Application Support/Moog Music Inc.
Windows - C:\Users\your username\AppData\Roaming\Moog Music Inc\Sub 37\Presets Library\Moog Music

Make sure you are using the latest firmware version.

The soundset doesn't include drums from the video demo."

Thursday, November 02, 2023

Molchat Doma | На дне | Moog Sound Lab

video upload by Moog Music Inc

"In a recent visit to the Moog Sound Lab in Asheville, NC, Belarusian-turned-LA post-punk trio Molchat Doma performed an exclusive version of “На дне (Na Dne, At the Bottom),” the dark, danceable opening track of the band’s second studio album, 'Этажи (Etazhi).'

Formed in 2017 and currently on the coveted Sacred Bones Records roster, Molchat Doma has been a force in defining today’s new-wave renaissance. The band’s synth-pop-meets-industrial style is a seamless and authentic representation of ‘80s synth-driven sound—revived and reimagined.

In this performance of “На дне (Na Dne, At the Bottom),” the band blends warm synth leads, pulsing bass lines, and deep, droning vocals. On top of a simple, resolute drum machine beat, the artists use Moog One, Moog Grandmother, and a Novation 49SL MKIII to build the track’s melodic leads and bass.

Molchat Doma is…
Egor Shkutko: vocals
Roman Komogortsev: guitar, synths, and drum machine
Pavel Kozlov: bass and synths

For more about Molchat Doma, visit"

Thursday, August 24, 2023

Build-a-Synth | Minimoog Model D | with Danz CM

video upload by Moog Music Inc

"Join electronic musician, composer, and producer Danz CM for a special instrument-building and music-making experience at our factory and studio space in Asheville, NC.

To experience all that goes into hand-crafting the iconic Minimoog Model D, Danz had the opportunity to join our production team for a day and build her own analog synthesizer inside the Moog factory.

'Building the Minimoog and seeing the factory in person was a surreal experience,' Danz shared. 'It’s hard to describe. I just felt all the history at once. So many great songs were created with these instruments.'

Using the Minimoog Model D she built by hand with our team, Danz created an original track inside the Moog Sound Lab.

'Although the Minimoog is monophonic, I wanted to make chords with it,' she continued. 'So, I layered individual Minimoog tracks beforehand, recorded those, and selected a main melody line for the live performance to kind of harmonize with the others, to create the illusion of polyphony. For the live performance I also used external instrument tracks in Ableton to send arpeggios, melodies, and bass via MIDI out to the Grandmother, Sirin, and Minitaur. These I manipulated live in tandem. Pretty much every instrument you hear is Moog!'

More from Danz:"

Monday, August 21, 2023

Bob Moog Foundation Celebrates 17 Years of Inspiring the Future Through Science, Music & Technology

video upload by moogfoundation

"August 21, 2023, marks the 17th anniversary of the Bob Moog Foundation. We are proud and grateful to be carrying Bob Moog's pioneering legacy forward by inspiring tens of thousands of people every year through Dr. Bob's SoundSchool, the Bob Moog Foundation Archives, and the Moogseum. Please donate today to be part of our work inspiring the problem solvers of tomorrow:

The Bob Moog Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. We are not affiliated with Moog Music, Inc. Our support comes from donors like you."

Thursday, August 03, 2023

Andy Stott + Debit | Moog Sound Lab

video upload by Moog Music Inc

"The Moog Sound Lab series returns with electronic music producers Delia Beatriz (aka Debit) and Andy Stott!

Inside the Moog Sound Lab studio space, the two joined forces to compose and perform an original track infused with elements of each artist’s unique musical style, ranging from hard techno and post-punk to dream pop and Latin club music.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how Andy Stott and Debit use Matriarch, Grandmother, DFAM, and Mavis in their creative process, integrating this selection of flexible hardware instruments with Ableton for a seamless production flow.

More about Debit:
More about Andy Stott:"

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Exploring Moogerfooger Effects Plug-ins: Reviews, Demos, Artist Performances

video uploads by Moog Music Inc

Latest videos:

1. Exploring Moogerfooger Plug-ins | MF-101S Lowpass Filter
This video demonstrates using the MF-101S Lowpass Filter to process several elements in a DAW project. The MF-101S is a versatile processor capable of classic lowpass filter applications, as well as dynamic envelope filtering. The cornerstone of the Moog synthesizer, the MF-101S is a great way of adding that legendary 24db ladder filter sound to your DAW tracks.
2. Exploring Moogerfooger Plug-ins | MF-102S Ring Modulator
This video demonstrates using the MF-102S Ring Modulator to process an Akai MPC1000 sampler drum machine. The MF-102S is a unique processor based on classic Moog modular synthesizer circuits. Capable of otherworldly metallic textures, as well as classic tremolo effects, the MF-102S is a great way to transform your DAW tracks.
3. Exploring Moogerfooger Plug-ins | MF-103S 12-Stage Phaser
This video demonstrates using the MF-103S 12-Stage Phaser to process a Moog DFAM analog percussion voice and Mother-32 analog synthesizer in a mix. The MF-103S is a versatile processor capable of adding warmth to a signal via notch filtering and classic phaser effects. Similar to its hardware counterpart, the MF-103S offers a great way to achieve unique stereo movement, as well as bring new depth to your DAW tracks.
4. Exploring Moogerfooger Plug-ins | MF-104S Analog Delay
This video demonstrates using the MF-104S Analog Delay to process a Moog Mavis analog synthesizer and Roland MC-202 MicroComposer in a mix. The MF-104S is a versatile delay processor that expands the features beyond the hardware variant. Capable of delay tones ranging from warm BBD delays to clean digital delays, the MF-104S is a great way to bring new dimension and space to your DAW tracks.
5. Exploring Moogerfooger Plug-ins | MF-105S MuRF
This video demonstrates using the MF-105S MuRF to process several sounds generated from a Eurorack modular system in a mix. The MuRF is a versatile processor that can be used for EQing, filtering, and spectral animation of a signal. The MF-105S is a unique way to incorporate classic Moog filter bank sounds into your DAW tracks.
6. Exploring Moogerfooger Plug-ins | MF-107S FreqBox
This video demonstrates using the MF-107S Freqbox to transform a Roland TR-606 drum machine into several dynamic synthesizer voices. The Freqbox is a wholly unique processor that can radically reshape a signal into an audio-reactive synthesizer voice using the onboard oscillator. The MF-107S is a distinctive way to thicken up your DAW tracks via classic hard sync and frequency modulation synthesizer sounds.
7. Exploring Moogerfooger Plug-ins | MF-108S Cluster Flux
This video demonstrates using the MF-108S Cluster Flux to process a Bastl SoftPop 2 analog synthesizer, Roland TR-09 drum machine, and Elektron Digitone FM synthesizer in a mix. The Cluster Flux is a great way to add body and movement to a signal. Whether used for metallic flanging or thick chorusing, the MF-108S is a deep and versatile plug-in that can breathe new life into tracks in your DAW.
8. Exploring Moogerfooger Plug-ins | MF-109S Saturator
This video demonstrates using the MF-109S Saturator to process a Moog Mavis analog synthesizer and Elektron Digitakt sampler drum machine in a mix. The MF-109S is a great way to add dynamic drive and saturation to tracks in your DAW, as well as develop unique textures via the flexible audio-reactive noise generator.

Thursday, June 22, 2023

GIANTS | Bernie Krause

video upload by Moog Music Inc

"'GIANTS' is a platform for legendary electronic musicians and innovators to express themselves through the art of storytelling. This documentary series, filmed and produced by Moog Music, is about honoring and preserving the legacy of these artists and sharing their untold stories with the world.

This installment of 'GIANTS' focuses on one of the Moog modular synthesizer’s earliest advocates: soundscape ecologist and bio-acoustician Bernie Krause.

Once a Motown session guitarist intrigued by early advancements in the world of electronic music, the artist’s first Moog modular synthesizer encounter in 1965 led him to develop a new understanding of sound and musical expression. It was this understanding and early adoption of the instrument—co-owning one of the very first models—that helped Bernie and his musical partner Paul Beaver introduce the Moog synthesizer to the likes of George Harrison, The Monkees, The Byrds, and The Rolling Stones."

Thursday, April 13, 2023

Moog Sub37/Subsequent 37: 64 Classic Lead Presets Sound Demo

video upload by Anton Anru

"'Leads Classics' is a collection of 64 Lead Presets for Moog Subsequent 37 and Sub 37. The bank of presets includes different colors of lead timbres: vintage and modern, soft and aggressive, dark and bright, clean and noisy/detune/lo-fi.
🎧 Get the soundset:

The soundset is universal, the leads are suitable for all genres of electronic music, including Techno, House, Trance, Lounge, Downtempo, Funk, Disco, Pop, Acid, Hardcore, IDM, Drum'n'Bass, Breaks, Breakbeat, Trap, Electro, Ambient, Dubstep, EDM, Synth-Pop and others.

ModWheel is set in all patches, it adds brightness or changes the tone.
Velocity controls volume and brightness.

Patches' volume levels are set close to each other, you won't get sudden volume spikes or drops while switching the timbres.

The presets are uploaded via official Moog Editor/Librarian.
They are stored in:
Mac - /Users/your username/Library/Application Support/Moog Music Inc.
Windows - C:\Users\your username\AppData\Roaming\Moog Music Inc\Sub 37\Presets Library\Moog Music

Make sure you are using the latest firmware version.
The soundset doesn't include drums, keys, pads samples from the video demo. Lead/mono/solo presets for Moog only.

Performed by Dmitry Chemyrev."

Saturday, April 08, 2023

Massive Eurorack Setup for Sale

Note: Auction links are affiliate links for which the site may be compensated.

via this auction

Tuesday, April 04, 2023

Grandmother & Mavis | Voltage-Controlled Wavefolding & Stereo Processing

video upload by Moog Music Inc

"This video explores using Mavis to expand and enhance Grandmother by incorporating voltage-controlled wavefolding as a sound design tool in the signal flow."

Grandmother & Mavis | Stereo Processing

"This video explores using Mavis to expand and enhance Grandmother’s voice architecture by adding both a stereo VCF and stereo CVA to the signal path."

Thursday, March 30, 2023

Moog Mavis | Hivemind II

video upload by Moog Music Inc

"In this exploration of sound design, composition, and video synthesis, electronic music producer and Moog Product Strategist Max Ravitz (a.k.a. Patricia) combines eight Mavis synthesizers in a dynamic audiovisual performance.

Each Mavis in this setup provides a different element in the song, ranging from wave-folded kick drums to 808-inspired cymbals and double-VCO basses to folding leads. All eight Mavis synthesizers in this performance are sequenced by the Winter Modular Eloquencer with a touch of delay provided by the OTO Machines BIM and the Chase Bliss x Meris CXM 1978 reverb, adding a bit of dimension to the mix.

Visuals for this video were created using an LZX modular analog video synthesizer."

"Download the new 'Hivemind II' video companion patch book!

This creative resource, free to download through our website, contains the patches heard in the “Hivemind II'' performance.

Using this guide, Mavis owners can recreate the video's sounds ranging from distinct kicks and hi-hats to booming bass and melodic leads. Perfect for live performance or recording into a sampler or DAW, each of these unique sounds can open up new possibilities for artists using Mavis in a production setup.

The digital patch book is one of many sound design resources that can be found on the Explore Mavis page on our website.

Download Patch Book & More"

Friday, March 24, 2023

Moogerfooger Effects Plug-ins Tutorial | Creating "Conditional" by Colleen

video upload by Moog Music Inc

"Tutorial: How to create a complete song using five Moogerfooger Effects-Plug-ins and just two external audio sources!

Inside her DAW of choice, French musician Cécile Schott (Colleen) details how to replicate a hardware gear workflow with sends and returns using nine instances of the plug-ins, treating each effect as its own instrument. From the artist:

'I have a pretty intimate knowledge of the MF-104M Analog Delay, MF105 MIDIMuRF, and MF-101 Lowpass Filter, so I was curious to hear the effects’ digital replica and try the other two I didn’t know, especially the MF-107S Freqbox, which I fell in love with madly (it is responsible for the song’s impossibly crunchy rhythm!).

I purposefully used a very minimal sound source—the Hammond of the Yamaha Reface-YC—as a blank canvas to showcase what makes the Moogerfoogers truly unique: their ability to radically transform sound and impart a sense of motion, making them closer to a synth module than an effect pedal. Having just finished a fully instrumental album, I actually really felt like singing the lyrics to a song which I had to discard, allowing me to also showcase the MF-104M as an awesome vocal processor.'

Visit the link below listen to “Conditional” by Colleen in full, and hear more complete tracks created using the Moogerfooger Effects Plug-ins.

Listen to "Conditional" by Colleen:"

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

GForce Software Announces Minimonsta2

Introducing Minimonsta2
Minimonsta2 Demo & Features
Minimonsta2 - Slow Groove Patch Demo
Minimonsta2 - Macro Fun
GForce Minimonsta2 Full Tutorial
Minimonsta2 - Pulse Width Mod
Minimonsta2 - Unison Fat & Wide
Minimonsta2 - Pitch & Filter Mod - Old vs New

"A brief history of the original Minimoog® and our original Minimonsta®, before revealing what's new in Minimonsta2.

00:00:00 - Minimoog Background
00:00:49 - Minimoog Users
00:01:37 - Minimonsta Evolution
00:02:12 - MINIMONSTA2

All keyboard sounds on this video are from Minimonsta 2, with the exception of Stylus RMX Drums.

Minimoog, Minimoog Model D & Model D are registered trademarks of Moog Music, Inc.
All Third Party product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. All company, product and service names used in this video are for identification purposes only. Use of these names, logos, and brands does not imply endorsement."

Tuesday, February 14, 2023


muSonics is back.

First a little background from Wikipedia:

"1971–1977: Moog Musonics, Moog Music, Inc.

In November 1971, rival company muSonics bought R. A. Moog, Inc. and relocated the company to Williamsville, New York. An old factory at the north end of Academy Street was purchased. The company was renamed Moog Musonics, then Moog Music, Inc.[3]

In 1972, former televangelist and successful salesman David VanKouvering joined the company as VP of Marketing, creating a network of retail stores throughout the United States and then the entire world.[5] Despite the increased commercial success the company saw with the introduction of the Minimoog than with previous products, competition with contemporary manufacturers such as ARP Instruments, Oberheim Electronics, and Electronic Music Studios drove the company steadily deeper into debt.[6][7] Moog Music, Inc. was ultimately sold to Norlin Industries in 1973. At this point, rival companies such as the aforementioned ARP Instruments were producing both monophonic and polyphonic synthesizers that rapidly outpaced the Moog in popularity. By 1975, ARP owned 40% of the synthesizer market share, effectively boxing out Moog Music, Inc.[8]

In 1976, Norlin moved the company to a facility on Walden Avenue in Cheektowaga. In 1977, once his contract with Norlin expired, Robert Moog officially left the company to pursue his own ventures, founding the firm Big Briar.[9]"


And the press release for the new muSonics:

For Immediate Release

January 23, 2023

Chillicothe, Illinois - muSonics has acquired very failed Eurorack manufacturer STG Soundlabs in a private equity trade valued at 6 million Dogecoin. Based in the greater Buffalo area, muSonics is America's oldest synthesizer company whose first instrument, the Sonic V educational synthesizer, is highly-regarded as one of the most reliable analogue instruments of the 1970s.

Suit & Tie Guy, former STG Soundlabs president and newly appointed CEO of the merged company, STG muSonics, was quoted as saying “I’m excited to be an important part of a history-rich American brand such as muSonics, which exists in a unique category alongside names like Abercrombie & Fitch, Montgomery Ward, and Radio Shack."

The first STG muSonics product, the Voltage Controlled Amplifier in the American modular synthesizer format, is currently available at Noisebug of Pomona, California. It is the final revision of the Voltage Controlled Amplifier made by muSonics in the early 1970s as part of their very famous and well-regarded modular synthesizers. Updates and improvements include 15 volt power support, selectable AC coupling, and a new shallow profile of less than 2 inches behind the front panel.

Pending the completion of the acquisition, muSonics will be moving from their current office, a vintage dumpster located behind the Wegman’s grocery store in Williamsville, New York, to downtown Chillicothe, Illinois, making it possibly the only company moving to the state this year.

Thursday, January 26, 2023

1973 Moog Music Inc. Minimoog -Future Proofed-

via this auction

From The Black Lodge, North Bend, WA, the home of Twin Peaks. Check out the seller's profile pictures. :)

"Up for grabs is a gorgeous 1973 Minimoog. After acquiring an original R.A. Minimoog last year, we decided to have this Model D future proofed in preparation for sale back in October 2022 with no expenses spared. Prior to our ownership it was routinely serviced by the original owner, who was a session musician for studios such as United Western / Ocean Way, A&M, etc. The original blue anvil ATA flight case it was primarily stored in for the majority of it’s 50 years is available upon request from the buyer. ATA case is in excellent condition.

The power supply is completely rebuilt and a 3 prong US cable was installed. Rock solid with zero drift. The calibration is perfect. All of the electrolytic capacitors have been replaced throughout the synth. Every mechanical and moving part has been thoroughly cleaned. The keybed has been meticulously refurbished- all key contacts straightened and cleaned, bus bar cleaned, key frame straightened, and new bushings installed. Plays like a dream. Every dial is smooth and precise. The cabinet is all original wood and has been well maintained with only a few very minor imperfections. Overall this is a near mint unit listed with a modest excellent condition rating according to Reverb grading."

Oora | Every Story Begins | The Mavis EP

video upload by Moog Music Inc

"Composer and synth enthusiast Federico Chiesa (Oora) reminds us there is beauty in simplicity with his new ambient release: 'The Mavis EP.'

The album features Mavis as the foundational sound of all seven modular compositions.

As Oora, the artist embraces a minimalistic approach to creating lush soundscapes with a defined set of tools. Inviting spontaneity into his music by way of fully improvised live performances and single-take recordings for albums like 'The Mavis EP,' Oora consistently finds inspiration in exploring new instruments and effects.

Listen to 'The Mavis EP' here:"


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