Sunday, August 28, 2005

Charles Cohen and the Buchla Music Easel

Warning: That first track seemed noticably lower in volume than the others. Remember to turn it down before moving to the next track. Watch your ears!!! : )

Update, Charles Cohen does have a CD out.

Update: Charles Cohen's homepage.

Via AH. Ever wonder what a Buchla Music Easel can sound like? Well here you go. Well over six hours worth of Charles Cohen on the Buchla Music Easel. Pretty amazing stuff. More on Charles Cohen.

Someone asked if it was all Music Easel:

"charles also uses effects.. but mostly he just really
knows whats hes doing with the easel as hes been
playing if for over 25 years"


More on Charles Cohen.


  1. Charles is the Buddha of Buchla. No one blows me away more consistently - as a musician in general. The fact that he is as sweet, generous and relaxed as he is intuitively musical is just icing on the cake.

  2. hello! can't seem to find the 6 hous of the music easel??!!
    am i too late to the party? :(