Thursday, February 21, 2019

Moog Sonic Six 6 musonics original vintage analog synth 1970s

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"This moog is in perfect functional condition, with no issues of any kind. Easily the cleanest I’ve ever seen.

She sounds absolutely amazing and is super-duper stable. All knobs, switches, mod wheels and functions are in perfect working order. She's just come back from the tech for a full service & sounds great.

I will not bore you with details, you already know the score. The rarest, fattest, nastiest and holy-grailest analog of them all. You know what she does. ;). The sonic six is very much like a minimoog model D bred with some very west-coast buchla style waveshaping and crazy modulation routing. VERY modular and crazy sounding, and capable of making some extremely otherworldly sounds.

Cosmetially, the synth is in stunning vintage shape, with only the lightest exterior wear one expects of a well loved, well played and well cared for classic synth of this age and pedigree. She has spent all of her life in the studio.

This monster will be perfect for the studio or pro for whom the real thing really matters, and no substitutions will do. The real thing. This is a problem free, no nonsense gem example of one of the rarest, and the most classic synth in history. Enjoy!"

MacBeth M5N Semi Modular Synth

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"Up for offer a rare and excellent condition Macbeth Studio Systems M5N.
Only 50 ever made of the white version.

Handeled with care by previous owner.

In Pro Service at the moment, so can be enjoyed for years without issues (Report included)."

CASIO PT-7 w/ Original Box

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2nd one this month

"Near Mint Condition Casio PT-7 with Original Box, Operation Manual and Brand New Batteries Included (instrument with tiny polyphonic touch sensor keypad & analogue rhythm)

This is clearly one of the most bizarre and innovative instruments created by Casio, because this tiny thing has a detachable keyboard with 29 soft touch foil keys, and this is not just a monophonic toy tablehooter but a real 8 note(!) polyphonic instrument with analogue rhythm and a small but high quality loudspeaker that makes a very respectable organ sound.

This strange Casio invention permits special play techniques with very rapid glissandos and was one of the forgotten milestones in the struggle of overcoming the clumsy piano key relic on electronic consumer instruments.

Roland TB-303 Bass Line Synthesizer - With Manual + PSU - Excellent SN 285350

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"Legendary Roland TB-303 Bass Line Synthesizer for sale.

Working perfectly, fully tested, and serviced by a pro synth tech 2 years ago.

Absolutely sublime sound. This 303 has the magic in it."

Yamaha RY9 Rhythm Programmer

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"The RY9 is a great sounding drum machine packed with killer grooves for any kind of music. Yet, more than a drum machine, the RY9 is a musician's best friend, loaded with outstanding features not available in conventional drum machines.

Feature Highlights
Features such as full bass and chord backing, as well as an exclusive guitar input for truly unique functions including guitar synthesizer, guitar tuner, and more! Whether you're a guitarist, composer, or even a DJ, you'll discover the RY9 gives you ultimate support for your music and it will never show up late for a gig or be too tired to jam.

Yamaha Tenori-on TNR-O Synthesizer Sequencer Midi Controller w/ Original Box

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"It's basically one of the most fun & innovative electronic music production hardware/instruments I've used. You can use it's inbuilt sounds or import your own samples. You can connect MIDI and use the sequencer as master/slave or a controller etc etc. It can be as easy or as deep as you want it to be.

Here's an excerpt from Wikipedia:

'The Tenori-on is an electronic musical instrument designed and created by the Japanese artist Toshio Iwai and Yu Nishibori of the Music and Human Interface Group at the Yamaha Center for Advanced Sound Technology. It consists of a hand-held screen in which a sixteen-by-sixteen grid of LED switches are held within a magnesium plastic frame. Any of these switches may be activated in a number of different ways to create sounds. Two built-in speakers are located on the top of the frame, as well as a dial and buttons that control the type of sound and beats per minute produced.'"

Access Virus TI2 Polar Darkstar Limited Edition

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ROLAND SVC-350 VOCODER SN 393376 w/ Owners Manual

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"ROLAND VOCODER SVC-350 excellent condition. Fully functional. 120V USA Model. Original manual and receipt from 1988. I am the second owner. I bought this in 1992 from the same shop, the original owner traded it back in to. This has been in my studio rack for 27 years. It has seen VERY limited use. I don't think you find a nicer one. I'm finally selling off my vintage gear. :(" Including this leather corset.  Anyone that pics up this SVC-350 needs to wear that corset when they sing into it.

Roland SVC-350 Vocoder SN 212057

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"This vocoder is in good/ decent overall pre-owned cosmetic condition especially considering it's age. Signs of wear include surface scratches, scuffs and dirt/ dust residue from normal use and storage. Nothing too major. There is a mark on the top of it from what looks like an old sticker that was on this unit. A few rubber pieces missing from the frequency sliders.

Would benefit some from a good cleaning.
Powers up immediately."

VCV Rack & Arturia's KeyStep - First Patch

Published on Feb 21, 2019 Omri Cohen

"So this is another step towards building a live setup with VCV Rack. I wanted a small and portable keyboard, with cv outputs, and the KeyStep from Arturia was the perfect choice for me. The keys feel good, and the sequencer and arpeggiator are beautiful. Here, I'm using the KeyStep as the master clock by sending the actual sync output to Clocked in VCV Rack. The KeyStep is sequencing the new synth module Interzone, and I also utilize the Mod Strip to modulate the pitch of another voice. I also use the Midilar controller to control the mixer, the Topograph, and other parameters in VCV Rack like delay time and the cutoff point of Interzone's filter. This is literally the first patch I've built with using the KeyStep, and it was very intuitive and fun."

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