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video by Sunshine Jones

"My beloved Roland MC-202 is my main squeeze. I love the SH-101 much more (I have two of them) but because of its size, I travel and perform live with the 202.

One of the real disappointments about the MC-202 is that it doesn’t have a sequencer which can be played or advanced with an analog pulse or trigger. The MC-202 works like a 303, 606 or 808 and it requires sync 24 (din sync) to be clocked.

I hear a lot of complaining about the 202 sequencer. It’s very straightforward and pretty typical of analog step sequencers. There is also a real time mode. It’s complicated if you don’t read the manual and make some notes, otherwise (as you can see) it’s pretty straightforward.


No sync. DJ style. A total pain in the ass. Not recommended.


Here’s the midi clock out of a boutique TR-06 converted to sync 24 with a simple box.
Works great.


Here I’m doing the same thing with the SBX-10.
What’s cool about using a more capable box is having multiple outputs to sync more than one din sync friend with midi clock.

Here the TR-606 is sending sync 24 out into a little project box I built which repeats - turning one clock output into three clock outputs - and driving the TB-303 and the MC-202 from one clock.
Personally the old ways are usually the best ways. Analog sounds far better to me than digital, and analog clock feels much better to me than digital does. I’m willing to put in the work, and do things the slow, difficult way to get the results I like best. Close enough isn’t anywhere near good enough for me. That’s why I drag all that gear around and it takes me an hour to set up and break down. Time well spent. Based on the results, it’s the only way for me to fly my spaceship.

Ultimately it’s all about collaboration, bringing things together and meeting in the present tense, and playing live now.
In that spirit, this is a little insight into some of the ways for an MC-202 to join the conversation."

Spectral Audio ProTone Analog synthesizer

via this auction

Roland Super JX-10 first patch: PWM High Res Sweep Pad

video by thesrabbit

"I recently bought a Roland Super JX-10 and have finally got around to building a patch from scratch. The JX-8p, Super-JX, and Alpha Juno series all share the same filter that's notorious for losing all the bottom end and thinning out when you turn up the resonance. So how do you get a high res sweep pad on the JX-10 without losing all of the guts? Pretty simple. Just take your high res sweep pad and save it as another tone, turn the res all the way down and that becomes your "lower" layer. That's really the only substantial difference between the upper and lower layers of the patch here. PWM is made possible by setting both oscs to a square wave, crossmod to "sync 2", turning the pitch of osc 2 up 8 semitones and adding about 50% LFO depth on the pitch of osc 2. I strongly prefer to turn both osc 1 and 2 all the way up in the mix, so the PWM effect is more subtle.

Effects are a TC Electronic Flashback II "Toneprint" ping pong digital delay and an E-Dome setting on the Source Audio Ventris Dual Reverb. The synth and effects are both going straight into the mixer and the mixer goes straight into the audio interface. Zero post processing."

"Bad Tapes" - Make Noise Tape and Microsound Music Machine (ft. (Morphagene + Mimeophon)

video by Autotross

"Reel bad tapes.

This system includes Wogglebug, MATHS, Morphagene, QPAS, Mimeophon, and XOH."

"Caterpillars on the Moon" - Make Noise Tape and Microsound Music Machine (ft. QPAS + Mimeophon)

Elektron Digitakt + Four first beat

video by Maciek Czuchraniuk

Buchla Easel Command + Sensel Morph Controller (Free Ableton Instrument Download)

video by Perfect Circuit

"Sarah Belle Reid came by our studio to demonstrate the new Buchla Easel Command semi-modular synth and how it works with a Sensel Morph (especially with the Buchla Thunder overlay).

Also Sarah worked with Sensel to make an Ableton Live instrument (Sound Worlds) that uses samples from the Buchla Easel Command and is designed to work with MPE control from the Sensel Morph. Download it here:


Intro - 00:00​
Jam - 00:05​
Buchla Easel Command Overview - 02:17​
Sensel Morph Overview - 03:59​
Jam #2 - 05:26​
Final Thoughts - 06:55​

Sensel Morph available here:

Buchla Easel Command available here:

#PerfectCircuit​ #SenselMorph​ #Buchla​"

S2400 D&B with Amen Chop

video by GoldbabySamples

"Still having fun on the S2400. Chopping the Amen for a little D&B workout. This sampler really is fun to use. Loving how it sounds too! Having a HiFi and SP1200 style sampling engine gives plenty of versatility for sound design. What is also exciting is that the S2400 has an internal audio insert path/expansion connector... this means in the future you will be able to install add-on expansion cards like possibly analog filters or DSP FX. Nice!"

Sequential Prophet-10 Sound Demo (no talking)

video by Bonedo Synthesizers

How Synth Apps are Made at MOOG: Interview w/ Geert Bevin


"How does MOOG make apps? What does the future hold for iOS music apps? What's coming next? Want to learn to make music apps? How to work at Moog? More below...

We talked to the head of Software at MOOG Music, Geert Bevin. He's one of the best music app developers in the world. This is an opportunity to learn from the best!

0:00​ Intro: Meet Geert Bevin, Head of Software Engineering
0:50​ What MOOG is working on?
2:11​ What it Means to move an iOS App to Mac
2:55​ How to make a realistic Synthesizer emulation?
7:39​ How to work for a company like MOOG?
16:47​ What technologies should you learn to make music apps?
17:45​ What Geert learned from Roger Linn
23:47​ Why do you use Apple-centric platforms & tech?
27:04​ Any apps coming for Windows?
27:30​ Challenges you face making music apps at this level?
30:26​ Porting AUv3s from iOS to M1 Silicon Machines
34:06​ Whose bug is it: Apple bugs or app dev issues?
36:03​ How Beta Testing is handled at Moog
39:40​ What's it like being a developer in the small town of Asheville
43:40​ Finding Inspiration + Creativity
45:55​ What does M1/Apple Silicon mean for the future of music apps?
51:30​ Will users have to pay to get Moog apps on the desktop?
53:18​ Music makes people's lives better
56:10​ Final thoughts / advice for App Developers
59:37​ Go to WWDC"

Make Noise Introduces Strega

Exclusive: Make Noise Stregavideo by sonicstate

"A brand new instrument from a collaboration between Make Noise and synthesist Alessandro Cortini.
Strega is a unique sonic machine designed for "sonic alchemy"
We had a chat with Alessandro Cortini of Nine Inch Nails from his studio in Portugal about the project.
Details in the video."

Screengrab via

Strega in the middle.

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