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Super Jupiter: Unlocking the Best MKS80 Sounds

video upload by Andy Whitmore

"Analog Synthesizers Rewind: Top 10 Classics!
S1:Ep7 - The seventh in a series of 11 videos!

Roland MKS80 Sounds - All the Best sounds #SuperJupiter

The Super Jupiter MKS80 serial numbers are:-

Roland Super Jupiter MKS-80 613 588
Roland Super Jupiter MPG80 Programmer 511447

Note: There are two revisions of the MKS-80. The rev 4 (serial numbers up to and including 511799) features CEM3340 oscillators, Roland IR3109 filters, and CEM3360 VCAs. The rev 5 (serial number 511800 and later) featured Roland IR3R03 oscillators and IR3R05 combination filter/VCAs.

This would suggest that my MKS80 is a Rev 5 with the Roland IR3R03 oscillators and IR3R05 combination filter/VCAs.

SuperJupiter: Unlocking the Best MKS80 Sounds

Analog Synthesizers Rewind: Top 10 Classics!

• Video

00:00 Super Jupiter MKS80 Intro
00:24 SuperJupiter: Unlocking the Best MKS80 Sounds

The audio is DIRECT, 100% DRY, & IN STEREO - You are hearing the raw audio as it comes directly from the synthesizer. NO post processing (Effects, EQ, or Dynamics) whatsoever.

Watch me bring that sound back to life!🎹🕺"

Tunefish Modular Cooking with Teensy 4.0 Phazerville ~ Strymon Cloudburst

video upload by Ebotronix

"Tunefish Modular Ornament and Crime with Teensy 4.0 Phazerville
Quantermain App with Aeolian Scale
Temps Utile, µYarns,µ Braids,Veils ( V1&V2), µVeils, Kings, Minx,
Peaks, (2x)µPeaks,(4x) Shades.
Mutable Instruments, Ripples (6x), Beads (2x),
Make Noise STO (4x)
Doepfer R2m , A 156, A 174-2, A 143.9
Verbos Scan and Pan
4ms Peg
Flame Q Slider
Malekko IMX (2x)
Strymon Cloudburst (2x) Midi CC controlled by 16n Faderbank
video # 2365"

Memetune studiopan

video upload by Memetune Studio

"A Lot of modular synths for you to look at (music from the Roland corner)"

You can find Memetune posts here.

Ultra Rare Synthesizer Kitchen Jam

video upload by CleverJoe Music

"Off the cuff music looping with the Siel DK700 and Arp Pro Soloist synthesizers to help stretch their legs. Both synths have been stored for awhile (the Siel for over three decades!). I'm running both synths through the delay and reverb effects in the Boss RC-505 loopstation. I also have the Siel Expander 80 which I'll explore in a future video."

Follow-up to The Rarest Synthesizer in the World?

Slowly Learning The Five12 Vector Sequencer

video upload by John L Rice

"Just some baby steps as I learn to use the Vector Sequencer and integrate it into this system. The Vector Sequencer is just playing two chords and sending them via MIDI to the genXnoise dXeus machina (8 DX7’s in an 8 hp module!) and the MIDI thru goes to the Mutable Instruments Yarns which I’m selectively using to play four SynthTech based voices ."

MadLab Bleep-o-Tron DIY Synth! \\\ Patch Flip & Tweak ///

video upload by midierror

You might recognize the name from a 2016 incarnation posted here. See the MadLab label for additional creations.

"This phase modulation synth costs $45 !!?! Take a quick tour tweaking some patches for the excellent Bleep-o-Tron (Redux) from MadLab! This is a DIY kit you solder yourself, which has some pretty impressive features. It's a polyphonic synth with 5-Pin MIDI In, 3.5mm audio out and built in effects (Flanger, RingMod & Delay).

There is a superb editor for the synth, which not only alows you to control various elements of the synth, but also copy/paste them to different sections! The video does have audio glitches and held notes, due to the playback of multiple MIDI notes during the tweaking - these by no means affected my enjoyment, but are worth mentioning.

More info here:

MadLab site:

The audio has light post-processing applied."

Zaturn Saw Animator

video upload by gotharman

"Funny things might happen, if you put a saw animator after a filter :)"

LudoWic - QUILTY LANDSCAPES (live @ STMPD studios)

video upload by LudoWic music

"Next week, Friday April 26th, the second single QUILTY LANDSCAPES from my Trautonium album SUPER8 MEMORY will be released.
In this video I play QUILTY LANDSCAPES live @ STMPD recording studios.
Video by the great Edwin Vermeulen."

LudoWic - SUPER8 MEMORY (trautonium)

video upload by LudoWic music

"First single SUPER8 MEMORY from my upcoming album SUPER8 MEMORY.

Album release on May 10th by Wic Recordings (full trautonium record)
Mastering by the amazing Maria Triana."

MJ’s Thriller Minimoog Marimba (Synth Breakdown)

video upload by Anthony Marinelli Music

"This video makes a very important point about what you need to consider when you want to make a "great" sound. The Minimoog Marimba sound occurs during the Outro of "Thriller" which is loaded with complex sounds that are both melodic, sustaining and building. The song at this point hardly needs another element. You'll notice that I chose to make a very simple and relatively thin sound. It establishes some personality from its percussive and resonance aspects but most of its value comes from the rhythm and performance of the part. I'm telling you this because when you want to make a great sound the most important questions to ask are "Who, What, When Where and How". Who is playing it (a person or MIDI), what is happening at the same time (orchestration), When does it enter (what part of the beat), Where does it happen in the dramatic flow and How will the listener be affected by it? After thinking about the answers to these questions I realized that a great sound here needed to be very simple and not too thick. When you hear the Minimoog marimba in the context of the song you'll notice that it stays out of the way of the other sounds frequencies. Every sound is a puzzle piece that needs to fit with the other pieces. This is the process I follow when making any sound! "

00:00 Thriller re-creation music
00:24 Intro
01:05 Marimba Playing technique description
01:51 Thriller re-creation video with Greg Phillinganes Technique preview
03:17 How to create the Thriller Outro Marimba on Minimoog
03:54 The Oscillators
04:54 The Mixer
05:17 The Filter
06:05 The Resonance Effect
06:33 The Envelopes
07:44 Re-cap the Envelopes
08:17 Modulation and Keyboard Control Voltage
08:54 Keyboard Technique
09:07 CTA
09:37 Sound Performance to Thriller Re-Creation Track

Making music with Dawesome MYTH

video upload by DATABROTH

"Disclosure: I do now work for Dawesome
Read my review here:

check out my wavetables and presets at
join my Patreon / databroth"

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