Saturday, May 26, 2018

Roland SE-02 unboxing & demo

Published on May 26, 2018 SynthMania

1:42 Patch demo #01
1:56 Patch demo #02
2:14 Patch demo #03
2:45 Patch demo #04
3:18 Patch demo #05
3:32 Patch demo #06
3:45 Patch demo #07
3:56 Patch demo #08
4:08 Patch demo #09
4:28 Patch demo #10
4:34 Patch demo #11
5:09 Patch demo #12
5:20 Patch demo #13
5:32 Patch demo #14
6:00 Patch demo #15
6:21 Late 1970s / Early '80s romantic theme (SE-02 + JV-1080)
7:03 Once Upon A Time In The West (SE-02 + JV-1080)
8:04 Modern Crime Scene (SE-02 + JV-1080)
8:48 Back to the 1990s (SE-02 + JV-1080 + Dance exp. board)

DSI / 8Dio Sequential Prophet X Official Add-On Series: "Live Improvisation °4" by Troels Folmann

Published on May 26, 2018 8dioproductions

"One of my favorite compositional techniques is to make music "in the void" - without a given end-destination. Simply letting the sounds guide me and create new compositions in real-time.

Exclusively made on the Prophet X by Troels Folmann (some of the synths in this demo is coming from our upcoming Wonder Add-On for the Prophet X)."

Quasimidi Quasar Synthesizer

via this auction

Korg Minilogue PG Limited Edition Polished Gray with Custom Knobs

via this auction

"Korg Minilogue PG Limited Edition Polished Gray with custom knobs. The knobs have has the indicators painted white to make it easier to see their position."

Korg Monopoly MP-4 with ModyPoly and MIDI In and Out

via this auction

"This unit was recently serviced and purchased from Modeless Factory. Tubbutec ModoPoly has been installed giving the synth MIDI in/out, new arp modes, new 2 voice, 3 voice, Polychord and extended unison play modes. The unit is in great condition for a synth that's over 30 years old. There are a few knicks and cracks on the wood in the corners on the back of the synth. The knobs are smooth and glide easily, all keys work great, all switched operate normally."

Hyperlapse Dutch Train Journey

Published on May 26, 2018 Synth & Sundry

A new piece from supporting MATRIXSYNTH member, Synth & Sundry.

5 awesome new features from the Pyramid 3.0 beta

Published on May 26, 2018 Olivier Ozoux

"Probably my most 'youtuber style' title ever, but I don't know how else to say it, because after saying "No more Major Upgrades" after v2.0 - 2.3 Squarp went ahead and dropped the PyraOS v3.0 public beta right before running away for Superbooth 2018. There's a lot of new features in this release (I counted about 30 ) but these are the ones I'm most likely to use in my workflow:

So here are 5 features, that I think are awesome, from the new Pyramid 3.0 OS, which is currently in beta.

0:48 Number 5: Custom Chords
1:47 Number 4: Extend Pattern
2:50 Number 3: New Arpeggiator Style
4:37 Number 2: Consolidate Tracks
5:31 Number 1: Instrument Definitions ( Drum Map )
7:07 Instrument Definitions ( Midi CC )"

Elektron Digitone Minijam - 2018-05-26

Published on May 26, 2018 Oscillator Sink

"He's a slightly more mellow jam with, let's be fair: a tonne of reverb and delay! This one was mostly written during a live-stream which is something I'm doing once or twice a week so keep an eye on the channel if you want to jump on and join in!"

Take a Look at Moogfest 2018! Synthesizer Heaven!

Published on May 18, 2018 B and H

"AB form B&H visits Durham, NC, for Moogfest 2018. In addition to a variety of vendor exhibits and educational forums, he checks out Moog's latest synth release, the GRANDMOTHER, a semi-modular synth that packs a big sonic punch. Check it out!"

Lisa Bella Donna Live in the Moog Store

Published on May 20, 2018 Guitar Center

"Recorded live in the Moog Store by Guitar Center at Moogfest 2018, sonic sorceress Lisa Bella Donna stopped by with her Earthquaker Devices pedalboard for an improv performance with Moog’s brand new Grandmother and semi-modular synth."

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