Monday, September 26, 2022

DF Audio MINIBAY - A desktop audio patchbay

video upload by Espen Kraft

"If you're a desktop artist looking for a way of hooking up your mixer, effects, synths and modules for fast and flexible turnaround you should check out this desktop audio patchbay called the MINIBAY.

Check out the MINIBAY here:

In the case of normalling/half-normalling as I mention in the video, I'd like to clarify that the DIP-switches makes it possible to individually normal the connections between the patch points in row A and row B. Half-normalling is not possible.

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MINIBAY is a compact 40-point audio patch bay, designed to integrate neatly into a studio desktop space. It utilises 1/4” stereo sockets to connect with external gear and 1/8” mono (Eurorack) sockets for routing signals. There are also two built-in passive mixers with dedicated patch-points located on the main panel.

Dimensions: 234 mm x 140 mm x 40 mm (not including sockets and feet)

LANIAKEA - Demo sound (only raw sound)

video upload by Magerit

A raw demo of the new Magerit LANIAKEA. No effects or post-processing, just raw sound!

Demo del nuevo Magerit LANIAKEA. No hay efectos aplicados ni post-procesado, ¡solo sonido crudo!"

Also see: Magerit Eurorack Modules

Sunday jam

video upload by mick frigerio

"just a simple jam with drums, guitars and the moog matriarch."

Yamaha CS30 Tweak Session

video upload by Hanz Volt

"The Yamaha CS30 is a very fun synth. When you understand how to use all the many features and modulation possibilities you can make some super interesting sounds."

Sunday, September 25, 2022

REJECTED:02 Kermit MKIII 2nd Session

video upload by Robotopsy Robotopsy

"Better to share than to thrash away.
Short Sessions with the KERMIT MKIII.
Testing unpredictable signals."

Oberheim OB-X8 - My Presets - No FX

video upload by synthlegends

"Here you can hear my personal programmed custoo presets (maybe I also will share them by interest). You can listen to some punchy basses, drones, leads, e-piano sounds, strings, evelving pads, brass and keys. Many classic sounds to listen, but thanks to adding triangle waves, mixing of wavesforms, the complete SEM Filter Sections including also the great bandpass and notch filter, I created also some other stuff.

As my most videos, I didn’t use any processing, although I was thinking of using a great reverb or delay pedal from GFI (just for fun). But I think for you to listen to the pure sound oft he OB-X8 it’s better to listen pure, dry and raw directly into the audio interface. I used commonly stereo in spread modus full. So it is brooooaaaad and fat ☺.

I really love this synth extremely much. It is a pitty that it has to leave my studio again - but maybe some time ...

Have fun to listen this video and thanks for watching. Make some music!"

Electro jam on the studio, with some live vocoding and knob twiddling

video upload by Peter Maas

"Another electro diddy.

TR-808 processed by a Distressor on the main beat with hats processed by the a moog ringmod.
Roland system 100m on the bassline
Korg Mono/Poly on the bleepy pad
Roland Juno 6 on pads
Roland SVC--350 vocoder, with Juno 106 carrier
Korg PS3100 on bleepy leads"

DSI Prophet 12 | The Xophen Soundbank, a bank of 99 patches including pads, leads, brass, FM bells

video upload by MIDERA

"Included is a series of patches I have made since July 2021. I recorded everything here within one run, so you will hear whatever mistakes I make as I go through all of the patches to give you a feel for how they all sound. There is no reverb on these sounds (as much as I would have preferred how they sounded). Anything you hear will sound the same on my unit as it does on yours. Small amount of master limiting was used.

A few notes though - you are advised to turn your Master Volume up. This is because there is a strange behavior on the Prophet 12 where if you lower the Master Volume, you may hear very strange differences in panning of voices, hence, my Master Volume is at Maximum and my VCA values are much lower to compensate. This has worked well for me. I actually had sent my unit in for diagnostics for fear that something was wrong. Sequential informed me that this was normal behavior.

To read my review of the Prophet 12, go here:

To purchase my soundbank, go here:

Minimoog Special Edition serial number 01 of last batch of 25 built by Moog Music.

video upload by Vykaar Tones

"Testing and making sounds on the Special Edition serial number 01 of the final 25 minimoogs made by Moog Music which belonged to the late, great and much missed Jon Lord of Deep Purple. This one has the later more stable oscillators and has a scalable CV out jack which adds mod wheel CV to the pitch CV so you can play another synth from the minimoog."

Standalone Octatrack Setup and Essential Effects

video upload by EZBOT

"In this video I share my setup and workflow for my "octatrack only productions" and what I consider essential electronic music effects.

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