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DSI Tempest - Noodling with the Synth Engine

Published on Apr 19, 2018 Anders Callenberg

"Tweaking knobs and pushing buttons while playing a repetitive synth pattern.
Using Strymon Bigsky reverb for spacey ambience.

Links to some more music;"

Wowa Cwejman Interview From Totally Wired

Published on Jan 19, 2017 brian tregaskin

"last bit of totally wired which includes interview with wowa cwejman"

Totally Wired was a documentary associated with Schneiders Buero, the people behind SUPERBOOTH.

This one was spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

P.S. Anyone know what Cwejman is up to nowadays?

Novation Peak - Day One Track Breakdown Video

For those interested, Tim Shoebridge added a breakdown video for his Novation Peak only track, Day One. You can find it added to this post.

New WMD Fracture Eurorack Module Now Shipping

You can find demos in the archives here.

"WMD fuels fire for expanding Eurorack world with singular-sounding Fracture multi-particle percussion synth module

DENVER, CO, USA: modular synthesizers, guitar pedals, and standalone musical instruments manufacturer WMD is proud to announce availability of Fracture — a multi-particle percussion synthesizer module for small-format Eurorack modular systems that applies concepts from classic analogue clap circuits to granular synthesis techniques to generate a wide palette of sounds while maintaining a simple, intuitive interface — as of April 20…

Initially inspired by audience applause, hip-hop samples, and classic drum machines, Fracture is much more than another percussion module or ‘sample player’ for expanding Eurorack modular system setups since it uses granular synthesis techniques to generate a wide palette of sounds while maintaining a simple, intuitive interface. In itself, that’s no small feat. For granular synthesis is a technique that operates on the microsound time scale (specifically shorter than one tenth of a second and longer than 10 milliseconds, including the 20 Hz to 20 kHz audio frequency range and the infrasonic frequency range below 20 Hz); based on the same principal as sampling, samples are not conventionally played back, but split into smaller segments or grains (of around one to 50 milliseconds) that may be layered on top of each other, played at different speeds, phases, volume, and frequency (amongst other parameters).

Proprietary micro-samples — specifically recorded for this purpose by WMD — is where it all starts for Fracture. It ends with an engine built to suit those samples, ultimately. Unlike WMD’s first Eurorack percussion synthesizer module, Chimera, which involves impulse-rich samples at its tonal centre, Fracture uses single-impulse samples such as claps, ping-pong balls, opening a beer can, and many more. Moreover, it then plays back a group of similar such samples in a pseudo-random order resulting in unique hits. DENSITY, DECAY, and TAIL settings all affect tone and how ‘tight’ the user’s virtual clappers are to playing together.

Trying to design a clap percussion module with wide-reaching range — from classic drum machine claps all the way to full audience applause — was WMD’s definitive design goal for Fracture. Fortunately, Fracture exceeded expectations, ending up as a module capably covering an amazing array of timbres that reach way beyond the scope of claps.

Fracture features a number of other outstanding sound-sculpting tools packed into its slender (8HP width) frame, including a stereo output (OUT L and OUT R); built-in H (Hall) and R (Room) REVERB; two trigger inputs for different sound types — TRIG triggers a burst of particles and TICK triggers a single particle (independently of the TRIG input); three types of filter; three types of envelope; and a free-running, voltage-controlled ‘applause’ capability. CV (Control Voltage) over all parameters is also available of course.

Creating singular-sounding percussion that fuels fire for the ever-expanding Eurorack world is perfectly possible with WMD’s latest (multi-particle percussion synthesizer) module. Making room for Fracture is surely space well filled and money well spent!

Shipping now, Fracture is available to purchase through WMD’s growing global network of authorised dealers"

See the dealers on the right here on MATRIXSYNTH!

New Touellskouarn Sonveskan {Germanium Preamp Feedbacker Mixer}

Published on Apr 20, 2018 Touell Skouarn

"Erica Synth "Pico Drum" into TouellSkouarn SonveskaƱ {Germanium 3XMixer preamp Feedbacker}. Patching the 3 chanels in serie... playing with gains and feedback switches."

3 Discrete Preamps
3 Channels Mixer
3 CV Controlled FeedBacks
EQ High/Low
Direct Out / Mute
16 HP · Alu/red panel
+12 : 0mA
-12 : 10mA

Let's Play with Volt

Published on Apr 20, 2018 Tim Webb

"Volt is a new iPad synth app with AUv3, Audiobus, and MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) ... but you might have missed it because it came out the same week as Minimoog! I thought it deserved some attention, because Numerical Audio's built-in effects make for instantly satisfying patches. Available on iTunes:

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Glitchmachines Palindrome Granular Sampler Plugin Quick Look | SYNTH ANATOMY

Published on Apr 20, 2018 SYNTH ANATOMY

"Glitchmachines released this week Palindrome, a granular morph plotting plugin with 4 sampler modules for PC & Mac. Here a quick sound demo with new designed sounds.

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Shuttle System Ambient

Published on Apr 20, 2018 TheEndorphines

"Sound of Ucluelet coast (BC),
Nick Haish ( performs with Shuttle system"

duality micro TI Shortcuts (MIX)

Published on Apr 20, 2018 evadum

"duality micro - TI - Shortcuts One
This is the first step for duality micro in the world of calculator music.

Written on the Texas Instruments Calculators TI-83, TI-83 Plus, 84 Plus
with the Houston Tracker 2.30 made by UTZ

PS: Big thanks for the support UTZ!!!
released April 20, 2018

Special Thanks to UTZ and Tobi Munsch"

iElectribe Control Template for Elektron Digitakt

Published on Apr 15, 2018 Particles Into Waves

"I just created a controller template for Korg’s iElectribe on iPad, an 8-part digital drum synth with FX. This allows the 8 MIDI tracks to individually control and sequence all 8 sounds in the app. Every channel is mapped to edit Pitch, Mod Depth, Mod Speed, Decay, Level, and Pan of each sound, plus there are global controls for the FX, Tube Gain, Accent Volume, and Master Volume embedded in tracks A-C. There are quite a few other CCs available but I felt they were most efficiently accessed from the iPad because a lot of them only respond to 2-8 different values, which would be cumbersome on the Digitakt.

You’ll need some kind of SysEx transfer utility such as C6 for desktop, or SysEx Base for iPad (highly recommended).

Inside the zip you’ll find four files:

iElectribe Init - blank pattern with values centered or zeroed
iElectribe Demo - quick demo pattern using the CCs to create a “virtual patch” and sequence
iElectribe Map - image of the control map for each MIDI channel
Readme - just a note with my PayPal address in case you feel like sending me a donation šŸ˜€

Link to download:

Enjoy everyone!"

Spotted this one on discchord.

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