Saturday, March 06, 2021

DSI Poly Evolver Tracks by Mason Chrysler


1. DSI Poly Evolver Multitrack - Spring Awaits
This is a short track made using only the Dave Smith Instruments / Sequential Poly Evolver Keyboard recorded into Logic Pro X. For this example, no further processing was applied - pure Poly Evolver.
2. Windchimes & Evolvers // Feeding Windchime to a Droning DSI Poly Evolver
This is a single droning patch with some slight improvisation on the Dave Smith Instruments Poly Evolver Keyboard. The external inputs are being fed a recording of some beautiful windchimes. This was recorded into Logic and I slightly rolled off the high end with eq. The video was recorded by myself. The Poly Evolver experiments continue!
3. Poly Evolver Patch 01.23.21 - LFOuterspace01
Here's another fun patch on the PEK that's a little rough around the edges as well. Full patch demo yet to come!
4. Poly Evolver Patch 01.17.21 - CrankTheMagicWheel

5. Not out of the Woods Yet | Multitrack Demo on the DSI/Sequential Poly Evolver
This is a multitrack recording demonstrating sounds from the Dave Smith Instruments / Sequential Poly Evolver. All sounds are from the PEK recorded into Logic Pro X, with the exception of 1 field recording of quiet forest ambience recorded at the scene of the video in the woods (Field recording is not processed by the PEK in this one. Video & audio recorded separately). Some EQ, compression, delay, & reverb were applied in Logic.

Waldorf XT Demos

A few Waldorf XT demos spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.


1. From The Studio - Microwave XT : A Digital Classic - clubbingtvofficial

2. The System is Malfunctioning - Getting extremely digital and noisy with Microwave XT - Mason Chrysler
Multiple broken, unpleasant, haunting, digital sounds recorded from the Waldorf Microwave XT into Logic and arranged in a more-or-less random manner.
3. Cymatics test, Waldorf Microwave XT, Zuiko 50mm lens - Tom Cherry

4. 60 Seconds or Less 001 - Waldorf Microwave XT - Mason Chrysler

King's Quest VI - The Isle Of Wonder (PC) - Played on a Korg DW-6000

video by MrCaliforniaD

"Aliasing digital wavefoms festival."

Programming the Yamaha DX1 with Moot Booxle

video by mootbooxle

"I am thankful for great friends who allow me to spend time with instruments such as this. I've been on a BIG FM synthesis kick lately, so expect more of that type of thing!"

Roland Jupiter 6 - Bold sounds from little brother

video by JMPSynth

"Often overshadowed by it's better looking, big brother the Roland Jupiter 8, the Jupiter 6 gives a lot of 'sound for pound' at today's prices for the two. Here is a demo of my favourite programmed sounds recorded direct from the Jupiter 6, with only reverb added from the Strymon Big Sky.

Apologies for poor resolution of a couple of images."

Roland System-100m Model 112 Dual VCO, 140 Dual Envelope LFO, & 191-J 5 Unit Rack

Model 112 Dual VCO SN 061760 via this auction

140 Dual Envelope LFO this auction

191-J 5Unit this auction

Evolved Vol 3 - Patches 1 to 25 - Sequential Prophet 6

video by GEOSynths

"Out Soon...
It's been almost 2 years since I brought out Evolved Vol 2 for the Sequential Prophet 6 Synthesizer and wasn't sure I'd do another, however Sequential have updated the Prophet 6 with the "Vintage Knob" feature, from the Prophet 5 Rev 4 Synth. After making a 3rd Bank for the Sequential 0B6, it was obvious to do another Bank for the Prophet 6.

In this set I've also focused a little more on making Patches using Osc 2 as a Modulation Source and delving deeper. While there is the odd "Vintage" patch, it's more about getting new Synthesizer sounds."

Sequential Pro 3 & Eventide H9 (Tricerachorus)

video by 3rdStoreyChemist

Making A Drum Machine From A 1970's Electronics Magazine



ESK - Moog DFAM + Vocoder + FX

video by Metunar

"4 demo patterns made with a Moog DFAM Drum Synthesizer and a Roland SVC-350 Vocoder and a Sony DPS-V55M Multi Effect.
Direct recording with soft mastering."

Patch n Tweak

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