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SundaySynth #19 : Sequential OB-6 Effectology

Published on Oct 20, 2018 Khoral Central

"Sequential OB-6 patch with a (sampled) Univox SR95 beat."

Sacred Synthesis Improvisations 86 & 87 for Prophet '08 & Poly Evolver Keyboard

Improvisation #87 for Prophet '08 Published on Oct 20, 2018 Sacred Synthesis

"This is a second piece based on the same ideas as #86 below, only using an analog string patch, rather than a digital pad. All the music was played on a single Prophet '08 Keyboard, supplemented by a P'08 Module. The bass was produced on a second P'08 Module. So, 100% Prophet '08!

DSI Prophet '08 Keyboard
DSI Prophet '08 Module

Hammond XPK 200L Pedalboard
DSI Prophet '08 Module

Lexicon MX300 for reverb

Performed live and recorded directly to a Tascam CD-RW900 Mk II.


Improvisation #86 for Poly Evolver Keyboard

Published on Oct 20, 2018 Sacred Synthesis

"For the a particular project, I was asked to create several segments of music, including three approximately ten-minute soft, dark, and somber pieces. This improvisation is the first - a sort of warm-up - and the others will follow, using the same theme and others as well.

Because the patch is dull and slightly caustic, it sounds overly "boomy" when played through mediocre computer speakers. It does sound much cleaner through head phones or decent stereo speakers. Otherwise, it may sound best at a lower volume.

The single patch used in this piece came from the eight-voice Poly Evolver. It was played entirely on the one keyboard; no pedalboard was used for the bass.

DSI Poly Evolver Keyboard
DSI Poly Evolver Rack

Lexicon MX300 for reverb

Performed live and recorded directly to a Tascam CD-RW900 Mk II.


Roland Jupiter 8 | First Contact

Published on Oct 20, 2018 Alex Ball

"Whilst I was recording the Prophet T8 for the documentary I quickly put down some Jupiter 8 as it was the first time I’ve ever seen one. I brought the audio and video back and built more stuff around it and this is the result.

I’m planning to do a bigger Roland thing with a more detailed look at these icons, but in the meantime, this is a first sketch; a quick trip to Jupiter.

Main part: Roland Jupiter 8 (1981)
Sequenced chords: Roland JX-3P (1983)
Arp bass: Roland Juno-6 (1982)
Arp chords: Roland SH-101 (1982)
Drums verse: Roland TR-808 (1981)
Drums chorus: LinnDrum (1982)
Drums final chorus: Fairlight CMI III Samples
FM Bells: Yamaha DX7 (1983) Not seen in film
Guitars: Ibanez JEM 7DBK, Squier Jagmaster
Amp: Fender Blues Junior II mic’d with an SM57
Pedals: Boss CE-2 and EarthQuaker Devices Organizer
Vocals: Recorded with an AKG C414

Sequencer: Cubase 9.5
Clocking: Arturia BeatStep Pro
Plugins: U-He, Goodhertz, Waves, PastToFuture, IK Multimedia

Space footage from the NASA public domain archive.
Scans from Retro Synth Ads.
Many thanks to the owner of the Jupiter, LinnDrum and 808!"

Adjusting the Polivoks VCA with Creator Vladimir Kuzmin

Published on Oct 21, 2018 vladimir kuzmin

You can turn on CC and select your language via the player controls at the bottom of the video.

"Рассказывается, как отбалансировать VCA модулятора и VCA генератора огибающей"

"Describes how to balance the VCA modulator and the VCA envelope generator"


via this auction

"The CTS 2000 is a sound designers dream taking the Transwave wavetable concept such as the Ensoniq Fizmo and comes with a hybrid of wavetables and analog resonant CEM filters like the Waldorf Microwave 1.

If you're into ambient atmospheric and organic sounds or a hybrid of between the two this synth is an undiscovered gem! Think Boards of Canada meets Aphex Twin with those digital textures warping into the gritty analog filters. Comprised of 8bit waveforms there's two oscilators per voice with eight voices and plenty of envelopes to mix and manipulate 8bit waveforms into one another.

The synth needs time and patience, look beyond the presets! Once you start manipulating the and storing sounds you begin to see the true extent of how powerful a synth this really is.
Its not for the faint hearted plug and play producer, but once you start using it the controls and parameters are straight forward.

With 333 digitally sampled waveforms. You can control up to 6 wavetables per voice with complete analog processing for each voice including 24db per octave filter. 2 envelope generators with up to 5 parameters and 3 LFO's. 6 data entry slider for real time editing of all parameters."

Moog Micromoog Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"This unit was serviced last year with a rebuilt PSU, recap and a couple other bugs fixed. It is in excellent physical condition for its age; the only thing to note is the bottom particle board slab was replaced with plywood as the former was crumbling apart. The keys feel pretty good for the most part, though the new owner may want to change the bushings. The keys all work, though again, this is a vintage Pratt-Read style J-wire keyboard so I suggest the buyer reads up on maintaining a clean buss bar when keys will inevitably lose contact, which is an issue for nearly all vintage synths from this era."

Waldorf Microwave XT

via this auction

Friday Night Jam - volca keys/boss dr 110/monotron delay/Yamaha PSS 790/CV box diy

Published on Jul 21, 2018 lo fidgerald

Korg Volca keys
Boss Dr 110
Korg Monotron Delay
Yamaha PSS 790 (mod) [cool custom case]
DiY CV Box
Boss br 600 recorder

Hand made Synthesizer

Published on Oct 20, 2018 lo fidgerald

"I used piano toys, 2 x 555, 1 x photoresistor, 1 x white diode and 3 x capacitors (different capacitors = different sound)"

Atari Punk Console based DIY synth with micro keys.

Synth Guitar Demo for DesignSpark Summer of Sound Challenge

Published on Sep 25, 2018 Nerd On The Wire

"I built an electronic guitar. It makes some pretty weird noises."

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