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DSI / 8Dio Sequential Prophet X Program: "The Swarm"

Published on May 23, 2018 8dioproductions

"Prophet X Live Demonstration by Colin Fisher. Audio was recorded directly out of the Prophet X.

Visit for more information.

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How far can you take a single note? The Swarm is a a dark futuristic pad designed - mixing synth oscs with looped pianos. All instruments are keeps weaving in and out of tuning - supported by the generous use of the slob knob."

Brooklyn Synth Expo Set for June 9-10

You can find full details here.

"Hosted for the first time in a 4k sf ft space in Bushwick (an art gallery called Absurd Conclave) located in the heart of Brooklyn’s most musical neighborhood, this year’s exhibit is scheduled for June Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 (from noon to 7pm on Saturday, and from 10am to 5pm on Sunday).


Critter & Guitari
Dave Smith Instruments
Expressive E
IK Multimedia
PioneerDJ Toraiz
Teenage Engineering

Happy Birthday Bob Moog from Moog Music & Herb Deutsch

"Today would have been Bob Moog's 84th birthday. We were lucky enough to share a moment with Bob's lifelong friend and collaborator, Herbert A. Deutsch, at Moogfest last weekend to celebrate.

Happy birthday Bob--

Your friends at Moog"

Qu-Bit Nebulae V2 Granular Sampler Sounds

Published on May 23, 2018 Perfect Circuit Audio

"The Qu-Bit Nebulae V2 is a granular sampler eurorack synthesizer module that can have samples loaded by a USB stick or recorded directly into the module. In this video we used a few built in sounds and a few of our own samples. The Nebulae can also load other programs and is open source so you can develop your own synths and effects to run on it.

Available here:"

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Moog Subharmonicon Reviewed and Explained

Published on May 23, 2018 loopop

"The Subharmonicon is a lovely, interesting and different synth from Moog. Only around 100 were hand soldered and built at Moogfest's 2018 Engineering Workshop, and there's no information currently about whether it will be released commercially.

Even though availability is scarce, I decided to put together a review of this instrument, because the way it works is such a breath of fresh air when it comes to sound generation and sequencing. Also, one would hope that Moog will eventually mass produce the Subharmonicon, as they did for most, but not all past Engineer Workshop projects, like the DFAM and Werkstatt.

This review includes an interview with Steve Dunnington from Moog, who led the Subharmonicon project. Steve talks about the vintage synthesizers (Trautonium and Rhythmicon) and composition theory (Schillinger system) that inspired this synth.

So what makes the Subharmonicon special? Two main things. First, it has six (!) oscillators. These are sawtooth oscillators, a tribute to the original Trautonium. There are two main oscillators and each has two sawtooth sub oscillators, which can follow its main frequency at subharmonic intervals – divisions of anywhere between 1 and 15.

The second thing that makes it special is its sequencers. Each of the two oscillator groups has a sequencer dedicated to it. Initially, it may seem these sequencers are limited because they only have 4 steps each. However, the Subharmonicon sequencers aren't designed to just be played in a regular step-by-step fashion. Rather, their cadence is powered by up to 4 tempo sub-dividers, also based on the principle of subharmonics. This rhythmic core produces sequences far longer than 4 steps, repeating and skipping notes in very interesting and surprising ways. Each of the two sequencers can be configured to control either the pitch of its main VCO (and sub oscillators) or just modulate the subharmonic divisions – thus generating different chords on a per step basis.

In addition to new elements above the Subharmonicon contains controls we're used to seeing in Mother-32 and DFAM: a resonant low pass filter, AD envelopes for the VCA and filter, and a 32-jack patch bay with access to many of the internal controls."

Seaboard Blues

Published on May 23, 2018 Paolo Z-Plane

"Roli Seaboard & Novation Peak test demo
Direct recording from Peak, no additional effect added

Polyphonic aftertouch from Roli Seaboard Block to Novation Peak"

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer GliGli ProServiced SN 1494

via this auction

"Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 with GliGli Chip Update installed.

The GliGli update basically it adds many new functionalities, such as making the envelopes punchier and adding more arpeggio settings..."

You can find demos and details on the GliGli upgrade in the archives here.

Abstrakt Instruments Avalon Bassline - Analog Acid Synth TB-303 Black & Green

via this auction

This is an amazing alternative to a TB-303.
This acid monster goes there... and beyond the original.
The mod envelope alone is the reason to get this machine.

Mode Machines ADX-1 Analog Drum Machine w/ Case & Mode Machine Branded RP1 Headphones

via this auction

Didn't realize they made headphones.

"The ADX-1, from Mode Machines, is a 100% analog drum machine with an integrated 5-channel expander that contains its own individual outputs. It enjoys MIDI control and an enviable amount of knobs that afford access to a wide variety of sounds."

Roland SH 101 Vintage synth W/ Mod Grip & Original Soft Case

via this auction


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