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How to play the "Soldering Synthesizer" by Neya-Gakki

How to play the "Soldering Synthesizer" by Neya-Gakki ねや楽器さんの「ソルダリングシンセサイザー」の演奏方法
PikoPiko Factory ピコピコファクトリー

Somewhere between reverse DIY and live circuit bending...

via R-MONO Lab



"The Soldering Synthesizer is a new type of synthesizer that uses a soldering iron to play. We have established an innovative playing method that does not use any knobs or keyboards. Not only can you change the rhythm pattern with a solder short, but you can also enjoy drastic changes by directly replacing resistors and capacitors."

R-MONO Lab - ソルダリング・シンセサイザー(ねや楽器)

Interactive Light Dimension Beam D-Beam MIDI Controller

via this auction

Old school d-beam controller. Only one other previously featured on the site back in 2017. You can find more info on these in that post.

Red Sound Voyager 1 Beat Extractor - Audio to MIDI Clock Sync Interface

Blue model

via this auction

Chrome/Silver model via this auction

Never seen these before. First time posted on the site. RedSound of course made the Darkstar synths.

Dave Smith Instruments Poly Evolver Rack SN 00568 w/ Original Box

via this auction

"Dave Smith Instruments Poly Evolver Rack Synth Module in absolutely mint condition! Four DSI Evolvers in a single box that can be used a four independent synths (with independent stereo outputs per voice), or as a huge polyphonic monster synth. Anyone who owns an original DSI Evolver knows how "big" it can sound with just one voice. This synth gives you four of them!"

Oberheim OB-XA

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Prophet-600 Rush


Some Rush for you.

This Prophet-600 is currently for sale on Reverb here. Pics previously captured here.

Low Frequency Expander 2.0 by Yorick Tech

"Announcing the Low Frequency Expander 2.0, a major firmware upgrade, free to all users, available from December 2020.

The LFE is a standalone, hardware modulation expander that supports the OB-6 and Prophet 6, Korg Prologue, Nord Wave 2 and a generic ‘CC-Synth’: any midi device that can be controlled by midi CC messages. It uses midi to provide 3 complex global LFOs and a 6-stage envelope – which can also be configured as an 2 to 16-step modulation sequencer – to add considerably more complexity, movement and playability to these amazing synthesizers. It also acts as a 4-slot modulation matrix, allowing you to route velocity, key, aftertouch, mod wheel or CV in (optional) to about 50 destinations in the synth (80 with the Nord!)

Simply selecting a new patch on the synth makes the LFE automatically recall the same- numbered LFE patch from its memory, so the two have their patches locked together. You can select the next (or previous) patch in the same category, stepping through all of the Bass patches for example.

New in 2.0
Support for the Rev 4 Prophets 5 and 10, and Moog Voyager. CC-Synth and any two synths are included free; others are extra cost.

Internal midi clock for controlling the LFE and external devices.

The synth’s patch names can now be read and displayed by the LFE, so if you edit patches using for example Sound Tower, the LFE can get these directly form the synth even though the synth itself can’t display them.

Release Aftertouch (RAT) allows you to fix an aftertouch value just before releasing the last note and hold that value until the next note is played. This can be used in a similar way to release velocity, which is sadly only generated by a few keyboards. RAT lets you, for example, increase Release times or increase FX depth just by giving the keys a quick press before releasing them.
The LFE now supports Poly Chaining using any keyboard as master and any synth as slave. The LFE handles all of the note sharing so the attached keyboards simply remain in their normal mode.

You can limit the number of voices played, add a second Sub Voice like a sub oscillator but at any pitch, and can add a velocity offset to the sub voice, so that for example, a second voice a 5th higher comes in only when played with more velocity."

X-plorations Vol 1 - Patches 33 to 64 - Sequential Prophet X


"Here is the 2nd of 4 Videos, highlighting Patches 33 to 64 of X-plorations Vol 1 for the Sequential Prophet X. I decided to do a Bank for the Prophet X, however I went and Sampled a variety of Oscillators from the Synths that I own, including Moog ONE, Dreadbox Erebus, Moog Sirin, Matriarch and much more.

I've sampled the Oscillators wide open and every Key across a 61 note range and used the Synthesis capabilities of the Prophet X. I have also utilized some of the Factory Content, such as Strings and Choirs for some of the Patches, as well as the on-board Oscillators.

Many Patches are Stacked or Splits, however many use the fantastic Stereo Filter for Evolving pads, Strings, Leads, Bass and so much more."

GEOSynths X-plorations Vol 1

Surprise! OB-6 Easter Egg Reveal With J3PO


"Just when you thought you knew everything about the OB-6, J3PO reveals a hidden feature — our “spring reverb thwack” easter egg. Works on both OB-6 and Prophet-6. Give it a thwack yourself!"

What the what?? How is this even possible? Built-in motion sensor? Curious if it works on the desktop versions as well. Just don't "thwack" them off the table trying. :)

two ALICE 1387. plays filters.

Alexey Taber


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