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Vinyl Debut by NYZ - SHFTR FRQ - Featuring Aphex Twin's Sequentix Cirklon & PreenFM2

"+ [Special note for track A9 - SHFTR_CA#BB1] => A huge shout of thanks to Richard D James for gifting me a Sequentix Cirklon sequencer and PreenFM2 synth during my Regional Arts Fellowship in 2017! This was the first track I made using this gear. You can also read up more about my open source Farey Sequence FM programming tool for the PreenFM here =>

++ Folks interested in using cellular automata can also check out my open source Arduino based synth module here =>"

NYZ of Noyzelab has a new release out on neon orange vinyl (limited to 300 copies) titled SHFTR FRQ which features PreenFM2 sequenced by the Sequentix Cirklon. You will find a track off the release above. Below you will find some exclusive pics sent my way from NYZ and info on the release from Forced Exposure where it is available in the US. The album is available in the UK from Boomkat here. Update: it's also available at Phonica Records here.

"The Death of Rave is honored to plate up the vinyl debut by NYZ; the cult, algorithmic/ generative music project of award-winning artist/scientist Dave Burraston (Bryen Telko, Noyzelab). The A-side revolves 14 succinct blatz, ranging from cranky percussive pieces to queered microtonal dissonance and SAW II-like atmospheres -- notably including one track made on a Sequentix Cirklon sequencer and PreenFM2 synth gifted him by Richard D. James. The B-side contains a steeply immersive spectral drone tract that (never) ends in a locked groove, especially cut at D&M, Berlin. The results are wholly unique and speak to the endless, playfully experimental variation of NYZ's art/research. They reveal visceral, alien microcosms of curdled microtonal tunings and proprioceptive chicanery bound to thrill and induce strange, new sensations in even the most hard-to-please fiend of electronic music. It's strongly recommended to followers of Russell Haswell's chaotic gnash, the mind-bending tunings of Aphex Twin, the visionary algorithmic scapes of Roland Kayn, and Eliane Radigue's microtonal meditations. In Dave's own words:

"SHFTR FRQ is a series of experimental studies into simple synth setups controlled by varying levels of generative complex systems [MANIAC cellular automata]. SHFTR FRQ was recorded over the last six years on an ever-changing hybrid of equipment encompassing the domains of modular and MIDI-based microtonal sound synthesis [analog and digital]. Setups were always ultra-minimalist, often with just the MANIAC cellular automata sequencer and one or two modules/synths to provide a consistent sensory focus. The studies range from ultra-short sequences, micro-ditties, investigatory motifs, to a full length high spectral drone meditation."

Burraston has previously collaborated with Alan Lamb on recordings of a mile-long telephone wire in the Australian outback, and more recently he issued nearly a dozen NYZ tapes and CDs with some of the most crucial modern music labels, as well as a number of releases under the Noyzelab and Bryen Telko aliases. In 2014, Dave self-published SYROBONKERS!, the most technical and in-depth interview ever given by Aphex Twin. Screen-printed jacket. RIYL: Russell Haswell, Aphex Twin, Eliane Radigue, EVOL/ALKU, Roland Kayn."


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iMini controlled by Pure Data

Published on Nov 20, 2018 Ariel Raguet

"Custom patch to control 22 parameters with random continuous values."

Critter & Guitari - Arp-II & Arp-III for Organelle

Published on Nov 20, 2018 Critter & Guitari

"Today we released two arpeggio patches that use probability to control whether or not an arpeggiated note plays.
Arp-II has two independent arpeggiators that feed notes into a multi-synth. Choose one of nine synth voices from the multi-synth and let the ocean of arpeggiated notes lap onto your beach and/or capsize your boat!
Arp-III has three independent arpeggiators that are fed into a subtractive synth. While not as 'synth-y' as Arp-II, the additional arpeggiator makes up the difference!

Both patches are Link enabled for tempo syncing with other devices on a shared wireless network. (WiFi adapter required; sold separately.)"

Metunar Live 2018

Published on Nov 20, 2018 Metunar

MATRIXSYNTH member "Metunar - Live - Raw and Uncut

Live Auftritt im Chrämerhuus/Langenthal im November 2018.

Live performance in the Chämerhuus in Langenthal/Switzerland in November 2018. Audio is direct taken from the videocam.
I used a Manikin Schrittmacher and Roland Integra and also a Synthstrom Deluge for sequences. Drones and textures are made with the Tasty Chips GR-1 Granular Synthesizer.
I played some songs from the Electro Traveller project."

PULSAR-23 under a MIDI control (prototype demo)

Published on Nov 20, 2018 Vlad Kreimer

"I have finished MIDI controller for the drum machine and here is the first test. No additional sounds or FXs was used as well as no multitrack recordings or editings - all sequences and changes in the sounds transmitted via MIDI exception of slight tunes of some knobs that you see in the video."

Grandmother, Mother-32 & DFAM: Patch Tricks & Tips (Live from the Moog Factory)

Moog Music Inc

"On this live stream we will explore patch possibilities with a Moog Grandmother a DFAMs & a Mother-32 with Moog Product Development Specialist Steve Dunnington and Moog Instrument Specialists Steve Maass."

Moog One: A Few Thoughts From an Owner and a Few New Sounds & Including Presets

Published on Nov 13, 2018 Synthient Sound

"A few thoughts and a few new sounds. Some reflections after having it for about two and half weeks. 16 voice model."

Moog One: A Few Thoughts From an Owner and a Few New Sounds
How to update the firmware on your Moog One (including USB reformatting for Mac)
Moog One 16 Voice: Some 'Synthient Sounds' Homebrewed Presets
Happy Halloween from Synthient Sound!
Moog One Factory Sounds Presets S-Z [NO TALKING, NO MIC]
Moog One Factory Sounds Presets R-S [NO TALKING, NO MIC]
Moog One Factory Sounds Presets M-P [NO TALKING, NO MIC]
Moog One Factory Sounds Presets G-L [NO TALKING, NO MIC]
Moog One Factory Presets C-F [NO TALKING, NO MIC]
Moog One Factory Presets A-C [NO TALKING, NO MIC]...(re-uploaded in stereo)
Moog One Unboxing

DRONE CRASHERS// Roland System-500 + TR-8

Published on Nov 20, 2018 MR TUNA Music

"Went out paddling instead of hanging out in the studio. We threw some rocks, saw some dead fish, smoked some pot, crashed my drone (so worth it), worked ourselves to death (my poor shoulder), saw some eagles and tried to sneak into that ghost ship (no luck)

Lots of fun and shit. Don't smoke and pilot your drone. (or do, because it was a fucking riot)"

intellijel Rainmaker Tap Melodies

Published on Nov 20, 2018 Intellijel

"With Rainmaker's per tap pitch shifting, it's possible to make melodies in your delay from a single note. By changing the Tap# and Groove Type, the rhythms of these melodies can be shifted in interesting ways."

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