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Friday, December 08, 2023

ESK - Moog Opus 3 + Effects 1

video upload by Metunar

"Short demo of the Moog Opus 3 (analog ensemble synthesizer) with analog effects. On the right main out there is a Boss CE-300 stereo super chorus. The Opus 3 left out with the string and organ section goes into the Polyfusion 755 MK2 (Frequency Shifting Feedback Controller) and then back to the brass/VCF filter input."

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Polyfusion Modular Patch

video upload by Memetune Studio

"Melodic patch on the Polyfusion Modular. As seen on TV (The Memetune Programme Series 2 Episode 2)"

Additional Vintage Synth TV episodes by Benge

Saturday, August 26, 2023

TMP-2-02 Vintage Synth TV Series from Benge

video upload by zack dagoba

Additional Vintage Synth TV episodes by Benge

00:00 Opening Titles
00:32 Introduction
01:29 Little Black Boxes
05:23 Switched On Cybersynths
14:14 Synthesiser Club
16:59 Commercial Break
17:54 Patching Today
30:59 Video Lab
34:56 Outro


Episode two of the second series of the TV program from Benge, made at his Memetune Electronic Music Studio

The series explores his passion for vintage synthesiser instruments and studio gear and how he uses it on his productions and collaborations


It is divided into the following sections:

LITTLE BLACK BOXES - A look at some classic rack mount synths of the 80s and 90s

SWITCHED ON - This second series looks at a type of synthesis based around the ideas of Cybernetics, which Benge calls CYBERSYNTHESIS

SYNTHESISER CLUB - A short musical demonstration of a synthesiser classic or three

PATCHING TODAY - A deep-dive into vintage modular systems and how to set up a patch on them, starting from scratch

VIDEO LAB - A look at old video equipment and how to create experimental visuals


In THIS episode:

LITTLE BLACK BOXES - The Emu Proteus 2 Orchestral, from 1990

SWITCHED ON CYBERSYNTHS - A trip back to the 1960s for a look at the very first Cybersynth, the Buchla 100, including a patch based on Allen Strange’s seminal book Electronic Music, taken from the chapter “‘Real-time Networks’

SYNTHESISER CLUB - Connecting up the Korgs - featuring the Monopoly, DW6000, S770 and DDD1 drum machine

PATCHING TODAY - The Polyfusion 2000 system, with the AS1 sequencer, from the mid-1970s

VIDEO LAB - A look at some of the inspiration behind and planning for the making of Benge’s short film “Proof of Hyper-travel”


Benge's Studio Blog:
Memetune Studio Instagram:
Benge on Bandcamp:


The MemeTune Programme Credits:
Everything in this video was created by B D Edwards (Benge)
All music, design, writing, filming and production completed at Memetune Studios, UK, 2023

Monday, July 03, 2023

Museum Of Synthesizer Technology , Analog Heaven Featuring Bob Moog

video uploads by wutierson

Also see Museum Of Synthesizer Technology DVD B-Roll footage

Mr. Martin Newcomb's Museum of Synthesizer Technology mid-1990's.

Note the plaque in the opening reads: "This Museum Was Opened By DR R.A. Moog On 29th July 1994" [4th video in the playlist above]

There was also a book dedicated to the museum you can find in previous posts here.

Sunday, January 30, 2022

Polyfusion 2000

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video upload by roginator1

Update: video added above.

via this auction

"Polyfusion modular for sale (Roginator).
Pick up only between Bruges and Ghent Belgium

4 vco's
2 lpf (1 filter is a bit off)

1 hpf
1 formant filter
2 lfo's
4 adsr
4 mixer mod
2 attenuators
2 Vca modules (4 Vca's)

And some unfinished modules"

Saturday, January 22, 2022

3 Vintage Polyfusion Brochures

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via this auction, also on Reverb


The GP Series Guitar and Bass Preamplifier Selection Guide

Guitar Preamp Selection Guide

Guitar Preamplifier Models GP-2 and GP-8 Brochure

Thursday, March 04, 2021

Simmons SDS6 and MODULARS

video by zack dagoba

"The Simmons SDS6 is an absolutely stunning rhythm sequencer from the 1983. It came out just after the introduction of the first Simmons drum kit the 1982 SDSV. It has a highly intuitive interface and can trigger up to 8 sounds, and be synced to incoming clock, so it makes it perfect for hooking up with modular gear. Here I am using it with the SDS200 (1984) and the Emu and Polyfusion modulars. You can chain patters together to create extremely long patters or songs, but here I'm just looping round one page (32 steps)"

Wednesday, February 10, 2021


video by Mike Olson

"This is an electronic music composition which was created in 2018 using a vintage Polyfusion analog modular synthesizer. It is the first piece I’ve created using this particular instrument and I chose to restrict myself to using it exclusively as my only sound source for the piece. The title is in reference to the fact that I am choosing to use “antiquated” technology in this piece, (and all of my other recent electronic music compositions for that matter). I guess you could say that at this time in my life, I feel like I myself am something of an anachronism, in as much as I have spent years developing a set of skills that are no longer needed or valued, (except by special people who have an appreciation for them). Likewise, this Polyfusion synthesizer would be considered anachronistic by the vast majority of sensible electronic music composers. Perhaps that is part of what makes it attractive to me.

Aesthetically, this piece is a little on the dark side, (though not particularly lugubrious). It exhibits characteristics that could fall under such headings as “experimental drone” and “pattern-based minimalism”, over which sometimes ecstatic gestural outbursts emerge. Like much of my recent work, I am striving for a sense of restraint, which I am only partially successful in achieving. This ties in with the idea of limitations, which I am also very interested in. I begin every new composition by establishing meaningful limitations to work within. For this piece my limitations were that the piece must be all electronic and use only the Polyfusion as it’s sound source. This has resulted in a finished piece which unabashedly celebrates the sound of electronics and the sound of the Polyfusion modular synthesizer in particular. There is nothing in this piece which is trying to sound like an acoustic instrument of any kind. It is electronic and it sounds electronic. The only acoustic sound is the sound of the switch at the very beginning of the piece. This is literally the power switch for the Polyfusion being thrown. The hum which follows is the actual hum of the Polyfusion’s power supply. I mic-ed it and recorded the sound of that hum. Though this is not an audio signal being produced by the instrument, it is an audible hum which is in fact being generated by it. So it could be said that the piece starts with the physical sounds of the electronics, and then transforms into a sonic world that those electronic components produce as audio signals.

As is evident in the previous paragraph, the aesthetics of this piece tend to get tied up with the technology employed. So, let’s get into it. Without getting into the specifics of the modular synthesizer patching, the audio signal flow goes as follows: audio out from a VCA (voltage-controlled amplifier) on the Polyfusion, to a rehoused Big Muff distortion box, then to a standalone Moog ring modulator, then to a Vox wah pedal, and then finally on to a mixing console, through which the audio is recorded to a computer. Additional signal processing was freely added in the computer as the piece was being constructed. The Polyfusion was triggered (or played) through the use of a Future Retro pressure plate keyboard for the human performance gestures and a Dot Com Q960 sequencer and Doepfer A-155 sequencer for the quick-tempo patterns.

In addition to the keyboard and sequencers, there is another notable performance interface that is heavily featured in this piece: Knobs. As I listen to the piece, I can really hear the sounds being shaped in real time by the physical manipulation of knobs. These are of course, actual hardware knobs on the various devices, not automated software knobs. I didn’t really set out to make this a significant feature of the piece, but now that it’s done, I can clearly hear the knob-centricity of it. I find this interesting and very much in keeping with the hardware-based electronic character of the piece.

I feel I must now confess that there is also one audio signal sound in this piece that is not being generated by the Polyfusion, but which I chose to allow, even though I was breaking my limitation rule. This would be the ground hum sound of the Big Muff when it’s sustain knob is turned all the way up and no audio signal is coming into the device. I recorded a nice big chunk of this sound while very gradually adjusting the tone knob on the device. It is one layer in the complex of drones used in the first section of the piece. I see this sound as a kind of bridging sound between the acoustical buzzing sound of the Polyfusion power supply and buzzy analog synthesizer sounds that exist as audio signals within the wires."

Saturday, June 06, 2020


zack dagoba

"New album here:

Thirteen years after the release of his original synthesiser concept album, Twenty Systems, Benge brings you a follow-up of sorts, the similarly themed Thirteen Systems, an album of modular explorations, showcasing his evolving fascination with these modular machines

The pieces were originally commissioned by the newly formed Modulisme radio broadcast, Philippe Petit’s project to bring the music of underground modular artists together and provide a platform for the burgeoning electronic modular music scene that has been building momentum in recent years

There is one significant difference in the approach Benge took in the creation of this new Systems album compared to his first incarnation. The previous album used overdubbing techniques to layer the sound of each synthesiser upon itself to build up the tracks, but on this album Benge took the decision to play each piece in real time, without overdubs or edits, creating each piece as a live performance. This meant setting up each instrument in advance and either letting it play along by itself, or interacting with it as the pieces develop in various ways. Each performance was filmed and there is an accompanying 60 minute video that goes with the album

Track listing:

01 - 1967 Buchla 100
02 - 1968 Moog 3C
03 - 1969 EMS VCS3
04 - 1970 ARP 250005 - 1971 Buchla 200
06 - 1972 Serge Modular
07 - 1973 Emu Modular
08 - 1974 Paia 4700
09 - 1975 Polyfusion 2000
10 - 1976 Formant Modular
11 - 1977 Korg PS3100
12 - 1978 EMS Polysynthi
13 - 1979 Roland 100M

Written and Performed by Benge at Memetune Studios, England

Designed, filmed and edited by Benge

(c)Expanding Recordings 2020, All rights reserved

Originally created for the MODULISME radio show, first broadcast in February 2020

Special thanks to:
Philippe Petit / Modulisme

Steve Malins (@randommanagement)


Wednesday, March 11, 2020

The Complete Guide to Synthesizer by Devarahi Including the Con Brio ADS 200, Buchla Touche, Emu Audity, Aries and SMS Modular Systems & More

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via this auction

"The Complete Guide to Synthesizers by Devarahi. Covers many legendary, vintage, analog and digital synthesizers. Arp 2600 sections. Many pics and diagrams."

Some synths featured inside:

Aries Keyboard System III
SMS Modular Synthesizer
Moog System 55
Fairlight C.M.I.
Con Brio ADS 200 Digital Command Console
Crumar / DKI GD ?
Emu Audity
Buchla Touche

Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Polyfusion Logan Soloman David Modular Synthesizer

Published on Jun 4, 2019 Soli Lama

"This is the Logan Soloman David synthesizer (Named for David and Goliath).

Patrick Joericke has built up some of the first modules and took this video for us."

"Please vote here:

We've been busting our tails finishing our prototypes so we're a little late to the game, but we believe in ourselves and our business enough that we thought we would go for it!"

Logan Soloman FedEx Small Business Grant Video 2019
Logan Soloman David Modular Synthesizer
Logan Soloman Oscillators Saw Wave
Logan Soloman Oscillators Square Wave

See the Logan Soloman label below for more.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Original Polyfusion Series 2000 Catalog

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via this auction

See the seller's other items for more.

"This auction contains the Polyfusion Series 2000 Catalog.

This is a must-have for any vintage synthesizer/Polyfusion collector as these are getting very hard/impossible to find these days.

This Polyfusion Poster has no highlighting, underlining or any stamps in it. It has a small mark made with a pen on 1 page. This catalog is in very good condition, see the picture's for more detail."

Sunday, January 06, 2019

Polyfusion with wah wah pedal

Published on Mar 22, 2018 Mike Olson

"Playing my Polyfusion modular synthesizer through a wah wah pedal and distortion, using a Future Retro keyboard."

Thursday, November 01, 2018

vcs3 control

Published on Nov 1, 2018 zack dagoba

"Controlling the VCS3 via the Jones Socket. See https://myblogitsfullofstars.blogspot... for more"

E-Mu, Polyfusion & ARP 2500 modulars.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Logan Soloman Brings Back Classic ARP 2600 As A Modular Synthesizer

Published on Sep 13, 2018 Synthtopia

"At Knobcon 2018, Logan Soloman introduced a new line of module designs, based on the classic ARP 2600 semi-modular analog synthesizer."


Note this is the same new Logan Soloman (Jim Soloman and Jammie Logan) bringing back Polyfusion. I created a new label for them with this post. Do a search for Logan Soloman below to find two previous posts.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Knobcon: Polyfusion Modular Synthesizer Returning After 40 Years

Published on Sep 10, 2018 Synthtopia

Some fascinating history with early Moog Music covered in this one.

"Here's an interview with one of the creators of the classic Polyfusion 2000 modular system, Ron Folkman.

Folkman is working with partners Jim Soloman and Jammie Logan to reissue the original system, and to create a new line of updated modules. They were showing the 1979 Polyfusion 'monster' of Toto's Steve Porcaro, 'Darius'.

Synth master Matt Baxley, aka Moot Booxle
(, also stopped by to check out the vintage Polyfusion monster synth."

See the Polyfusion and Knobcon labels directly below for more.

SynthMania Knobcon Videos

Published on Sep 9, 2018 SynthMania


1. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 1 - Hello, Knobcon
Going to Chicago for the KnobCon annual synthesizer convention
2. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 2 - Logan Soloman - Polyfusion
As I was walking in the hotel lobby I had the pleasure of meeting Jim Soloman and Jammie Logan, two great guys who are working with Ron Folkman to bring back a modern version of the mega-classic Polyfusion modular series 2000 - designed in the late '70s and early '80s by Ron Folkman and Alan Pearce (who also worked at Moog)
3. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 3 - Opening night
Venue vendors and performers setup, and Knobcon 2018 opening night reception party
4. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 4 - My live set
My live set at the Friday night opening party of Knobcon 2018:
00:26 Misty (Erroll Garner)
02:38 Control (SynthMania)
07:28 Drum Fairy (SynthMania)
13:13 Echoes (SynthMania)
18:52 Fruit Fly (SynthMania)
23:03 Decades (Joy Division)
28:23 Perfect Life (SynthMania)
34:07 To France (Mike Oldfield & Maggie Reilly)
5. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 5 - Suit & Tie Guy & Andre Cholmondeley live set
Mega-hypnotic live set by Suit & Tie Guy & Andre Cholmondeley at the Knobcon 2018 Friday night reception party
6. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 6 - Vendor hall walkthrough (G.A.S. inducing)
Saturday morning at Knobcon 2018 - a walkthrough of the large exhibitor room
7. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 7 - Moda Modular
Kevin of Moda Modular debuts the Castor & Pollux sequencer at Knobcon 2018
8. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 8 - Eurorack Modular Case
Brock from Eurorack Modular Case shows their portable cases for KnobCon 2018
9. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 9 - IK Multimedia
Daniel and Eric of IK Multimedia show us the brand new software editor for the UNO Synth - I plan to make a video using the editor very soon, as it further "unlocks" the sound capabilities of this great portable analog synthesizer
10. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 10 - Synthstrom
Synthstrom shows their Deluge portable synthesizer/sampler sequencer
11. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 11 - SYINSI
SYINSI shows their new modular tiles
12. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 12 - STEM Modular
13. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 13 - AKAI
The great sounding and portable AKAI MPC Live
Wesley of STEM Modular shows his upcoming modules
14. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 14 - Playing the Polyfusion
Incredible power, powerful and majestic sound... a wonderful synth!!! Toto's Polyfusion... big thanks to Jim, Jammie, and Ron for letting us experience this beautiful, classic machine!
15. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 15 - Vendor hall walkthrough 2 (more G.A.S.)
Another walkthrough on the main exhibition hall at Knobcon 2018
16. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 16 - Detroit Underground
Aaron shows their latest Arduino based diy module "shield", the DUIno
17. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 17 - Hammond organ workshop
An incredibly interesting Hammond workshop at Knobcon 2018. Featuring Suit & Tie Guy, Steven Eaklor, Ray Gerlich, Todd Phipps, and the best sounding Hammond I've ever had the pleasure to play - a 1963 B-3 with a 147(amp) + 122 (cab) owned and so kindly provided to Knobcon by Todd Phipps
18. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 18 - DIY build workshops
Knobcon 2018 featured DIY build workshops where you could build your own synthesizer modules
19. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 19 - Bug out bunker
KnobCon has a large dark room in the basement of the hotel called the "Bug Out Bunker" - where you can play modular synths, perform together and experience some really cool graphics being projected on the walls
20. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 20 - Ethereal Sun
Steve of Ethereal Sun shows some of their very cool eurorack cases at Knobcon 2018
21. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 21 - Behringer
I programmed some beats on the new Behringer RD-808 at Knobcon 2018. Really good sound. (sorry, 2nd part of the video got corrupted so I had to flip and crop).
22. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 22 - Vendor hall walkthrough 3 (G.A.S. again)
More exhibitors at Knobcon 2018
23. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 23 - Golden Knob banquet
Knobcon's Saturday evening banquet, featuring live music, raffle prizes, keynote speaker, and all-night jam session with classic and vintage synths and keyboards
24. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 24 - Gil Trythall keynote address
A wonderful, insightful, interesting, and very entertaining keynote address!! By Dr. Gil Trythall, electronic music pioneer, college professor of music, author of fantastic '70s Moog-based records like "Switched-On Nashville", "Nashville Gold", "Yakety Moog" and many other compositions
25. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 25 - Sat night jam session
After party all-night long jam session with lots of *excellent* players from all over the United States!! Lots of fun, with incredible vintage instruments like 1963 Hammond B-3, '70s Clavinet, Yamaha CS-50 and more. Everyone invited to join in and jam (I joined in later in the evening)
26. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 26 - Real Fake Knobs
Such a cool idea by Izzy! To spiff up your modular setup, grab his real fake knobs / panels
27. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 27 - Vinicius Electrik & Key Magic
Excellent modular synth company from Brazil and two great guys to boot - I had the pleasure of sitting at the same table as Vinicius and Fabio at Knobcon's dinner and we talked about synths and music extensively all evening. I bought a Lizard multi mode dual VCO from them as soon as I heard it right and there at Knobcon, it's that good (and versatile). They also produce a full system that includes other modules. Vinicius and Fabio produce these modules and distribute them all over the world - To listen to and buy their modules:
28. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 28 - Zeppelin Design Labs
Glenn showing some of their really cool products: a Theremin style MIDI controller, companion mini synth, amplifiers, pedals
29. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 29 - Therevox
Wonderful, wonderful instrument. Played it five minutes at the show. Ordered one right away.
30. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 30 - Vendor hall walkthrough 3 (G.A.S. galore)
More incredible gear presented at Knobcon 2018
31. Knobcon 2018 - That's a wrap
Until next year

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Polyfusion Vintage Modular Synthesizer Brochures & Price List

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via this auction

"Huge lot of vintage POLYFUSION promo material. If you have one of these systems, having these original promo items will greatly add to the value of your investment.

Lot includes the following:

*large cardstock 'poster' (creased)

*series 2000 6pp catalog

*sound-a-round panner papers (2)

*system A double-sided sheet

*promo pic

*warrantry card


*double-sided sheets for 9 modules"

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Polyfusion Analog Sequencer & Row Modular AS 1-R Synthesizer SN 7503

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via this auction

Sunday, November 26, 2017

phasers to stun with an ARP 2500, Vintage E-mu Modular, Polyfusion, Roland 100m, Paperface Serge, Bucha 100m and R.A. Moog 3C

Published on Nov 26, 2017 zack dagoba

"I decided to try out Notch Filtering on some of my modular synths to see how they compared. See http://myblogitsfullofstars.blogspot.... for more information"

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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