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Tuesday, July 09, 2024

Joranalogue on Eurorack Design Philosophy + Analog Modular Techno! // Machina Bristronica 2023

video upload by DivKid

"In this video Joran discusses his history, birth, design philosophy and Joranalogue modular range while Boris gives us a banging hit of analog modular techno to round things off. This was part of the DivKid Discussion stage from Machina Bristronica 2023.

The 2024 Machina Bristronica event is coming on October 12th and 13th and we'll have new talks and discussions at this years event. Tickets and information here //"

Thursday, July 04, 2024

David Gerard Matthews: Ondes Martenot - ContinuuCon 2024

video upload by ContinuuCon

Monday, July 01, 2024

Walkabout at the Synthesized event, Cambridge

video upload by MIDI IN

"I wasn't able to do the usual musical Sunday video this week, I was at the Synthesized event at the Centre for Computing History in Cambridge.
Tony the organiser had caught everyone for interviews which will be on the museum's own channel here: (link when available)
So I just picked a quiet moment for a walkabout to show the variety of musical technology on display."

Also see Synthesized Festival 2023 - Cambridge Centre For Computing History & Making Drums For Modular Synth

Thursday, June 27, 2024

Batchas @ Micro Contact Festival 2023 [Excerpts]

video upload by batchas

"Excerpts taken from a movie made by Thomas Hémery during the Micro Contact festival: [below]
I played with my Scrotum Lab mini-system and Ciat-Lonbarde Plumbutter & Cocoquantus."

MICRO CONTACT lutherie sauvage et musique expérimentale

video upload by Micro Contact

"Film produit et réalisé par Thomas Hémery dans le cadre du festival Microcontact #2, du 25 septembre au 1er octobre 2023 à Crest, Drôme, FR."

Saturday, June 15, 2024

SynthFest France 2024 Presentations

video uploads by SynthFest France

Use the player controls to skip to any video.

Baloran demo | SynthFest Replay 2024
Sequential demo - Chris Calcutt | SynthFest Replay 2024
Arturia AstroLab demo - Fred Renaudin & Wally Badarou | SynthFest Replay 2024
Korg demo - Michel Deuchst | SynthFest Replay 2024
Schmidt Synthesizer demo | SynthFest Replay 2024
The sounds of Dune 2 - Expressive E - La Voix du Luthier | SynthFest Replay 2024
KApro demo - Kurt Ader | SynthFest Replay 2024
Dualo demo | SynthFest Replay 2024
This Is Not Rocket Science demo | SynthFest Replay 2024
Novation demo - Chris Calcutt | SynthFest Replay 2024
Nord demo - François Bréant | SynthFest Replay 2024
Larix Elektro demo | SynthFest Replay 2024
Kodamo demo - Masami | SynthFest Replay 2024
Joranologue demo | SynthFest Replay 2024
Embodme demo | SynthFest Replay 2024
Bvr-Instruments | SynthFest Replay 2024
Université d'Angers demo - Open source synth | SynthFest Replay 2024
Theresyn demo - Cynthia Caubisens / Nori Ubutaka | SynthFest Replay 2024
Plural Modular Synthesizer - Jérôme Bridonneau | SynthFest Replay 2024
Man Behind The Machine demo | SynthFest Replay 2024
Demo L1V3 | SynthFest Replay 2024
Touellskouarn demo | SynthFest Replay 2024
Rythmicomputer story - Yves Usson / Michel Geiss | SynthFest Replay 2024

Monday, June 10, 2024

Belgian Modular Day 2024 Set for Saturday, June 15

via Belgian Modular Day

"Welcome to Belgian Modular Day II in Ghent on Saturday, June 15.

A well-filled day, starting at 1:30 pm and the last powercase will be turned off around 10:00 pm. Be there or be a square wave…

Modular Monster Jam
We start Modular day with the world record attempt for the biggest number of musicians jamming together with modular synths.

Demos & talks
We’ll serve up talks and demos from these Belgian creators: Joranalogue, Klavis, Skull & Circuits, ThreeTom, Voltage Vibes, Morphor and Alfa Delta.

Live acts
We close the day with concerts by Modtech (Frederik Strobbe), Dries Geusens, Halfgeleider (Maarten Voeten), Lieven Stockx, Tectonia (Ricardo Verschut) and ArkOdd (Vincent Vanesse).

Synapse workshop
During the day you’ll get synaptic waves from the Synapse workshop.

Meet & patch
You’ll find plenty of fine places to patch and catch up on bleeps and beeps.

Newbleeps are very welcome, it is the ideal opportunity to meet our warm crackling community."

And via ThreeTom Modular:

"I’m pleased to announce the second edition of Belgian Modular Day, which will take place on the 15th of June in Ghent at the venue of Wisper on the site of Dok Noord.

During BMD I will be giving a talk titled “A wavefolder is not a wave folder”. This talk wil showcase how I use simulations in my design workflow. If there’s things you’d like me to specifically talk about regarding this topic (or another), please feel free to reply to this mail :)

I’m proud to contribute to Belgian Modular Day by sponsoring the performance of Dries Geusens at 20:40. Dries has a preference for self-built, analog modules, and live recordings. He approaches patches as “impressionistic snapshots of the temporary state of the system”.

Dries describes his latest release “Sakura Variations – 4 studies for modular synthesizer” as "4 pieces combined in 1 track serving beautiful sounddesign, fantastic harmonies, emotional-deep-calm layers, inspiring transitions, modular solos, energetic-relaxing-hypnotising rhythms and sequences with sometimes a jazzy flavor." My personal favourite track by Dries is “Variations on Sakura (live)”, a recording from his live performance during the previous edition of Belgian Modular Day.

You may also know Dries from the bands Nordmann, Knelpunt, and Elias, where he plays bass and synthesizer."

Friday, May 31, 2024

The M.E.M.S Project at Buchla & Friends

video upload by Logan Mannstrane

"January 27th, 2024

As an avid enthusiast of Buchla format modules, I couldn’t resist attending the Buchla & Friends event in downtown Los Angeles. Armed with my camera, I set out to capture the essence of such a unique gathering. I documented the event and later layered my footage with performances on an array of Buchla format setups, featuring gear from Buchla, Keen Association,, Studio.H, Roman/Verbos clones and Buchla re-issues to create an electrifying soundtrack.

The highlight of the event was the M.E.M.S talk by Chip Flynn and Mark Milanovich, which delved into the legacy of Don Buchla. Their dedication to recreating the original designs is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Although I didn’t have the opportunity to record with the M.E.M.S modules myself, their live sound was phenomenal. I hope this HDR video provides a vivid glimpse into their meticulous craftsmanship.

Discover more about M.E.M.S:"

Friday, May 17, 2024

Upcoming Instrument Design Workshop with Roger Linn at CCRMA

via Roger Linn Design

"Every year around June, I and Sasha Leitman co-teach a one-week, five full days, hands-on workshop about designing and creating simple electronic music/audio projects at Stanford University's CCRMA computer music school, either in-person or remote via Zoom.

In the workshop, Sasha and I provide lots of information about sensors, actuators, software, mechanical design and materials, and lots more. We help you come up with a project idea and help you build it. If you're attending in person, you'll have access to sensors, actuators and electronic/mechanical tools in the CCRMA Max Lab. Or if you're attending remotely online, you'll obtain the needed items in advance. Either way, we'll provide one-on-one help with your project.

Given that the workshop is only one week, the projects are generally simple, providing a novel way of interacting with sensors to generate sounds, controlled by software written for a Teensy microcontroller board or a laptop. Click [here] for some examples of projects from the 2023 workshop.

Our microcomputing platform of choice for projects is the Teensy microcontroller board, which is based on the Arduino software environment, but students are welcome to use their development platform of choice.

The workshop is conducted both in-person at Stanford ($500) or remote online from anywhere ($250). It is open to all, with no prerequisites.

In 2024, the dates are Monday June 17 through Friday June 21.

To learn more, here is Sasha's overview of the workshop.

To see some of the content of my lectures for the workshop, click here.

To register, click here.

I hope to see you in June!

- Roger"

Friday, May 10, 2024

New England Synth Fest, Saturday, May 18 at SynthCube in Waltham, Mass

New England Synth Fest on Saturday, May 18 at SynthCube in Waltham, Mass. Lectures, exhibitors, petting zoo 10am-1pm (lectures from Richard Tarantino, Eric Crawley, and Jade Rose). Performances 1pm-5pm.

Performances from DannoTronic with visuals by Digital Awareness, Winterr, Wizard Peter, Mute City with visuals by Anagram, Nick Homenda with visuals by Caitlin, NoizCode with visuals by, C. Chris Peters with visuals by Jame Coyne, and Guilt Factory. Performance schedule posted here.

Follow on Instagram and Linkedin for updates.

Tuesday, May 07, 2024

New Arturia Synth Incoming - Three Wave Music Synth Meetup with Arturia Saturday, May 25th

If you are in the Midland Park, NJ area, you might want to drop by Three Wave Music Saturday, May 25th.

Note the flyer mentions a "new, upcoming product," with what appears to be a synth blacked out.

Berlin Stompbox Exhibit Set for May 18, 2024

video upload by EHX

Note the above video from EHX is from the 2022 event. Guitars meet synths meet pedals. You might notice Three Wave Music in the video. If you aren't familiar with them, check them out here.

Details on this year's event follow. You can RSVP on Eventbrite here.

The Brooklyn and London Synth and Pedal Expo's organizers are excited to announce the first edition of the Berlin Stompbox Exhibit, a free, strictly in-the-headphones event scheduled for May 18, 2024 at the central Heynstudios venue.

Musicians are welcome to bring their instruments to try out hundreds of pedals in the headphones. Any instrument with a pickup is welcome!

Like all our events, this show is free with RSVP!

Saturday, May 18, 2024, from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.

| Heynstraße 15, 13187 Berlin |

In case you missed it: FREE!


Pedal Store Partner:

Pedal Markt

Pedal Builders

4D Pedals
Animal Factory
Crazy Tube Circuits
Gamechanger Audio
Hamstead Soundworks
IK Multimedia
Jackson Audio
Jam Pedals
KMA Machines
KSR Amps
Mad Professor
Old Blood Noise Endeavors
Rabbit Hole FX
Solid Gold FX
Tsakalis Audioworks
Voodoo Lab
Walrus Audio
Way Huge

Monday, May 06, 2024

LA Synth Club Event - Bitwig Workshop & Synth Meet

This one is in via supporting member justin3am.

"I’ll be doing a workshop at the monthly LA Synth Club meetup, featuring Bitwig Studio. I’ll be demonstrating methods of integrating modular synths with Bitwig. The event is tonight between 6pm and 9:30pm."

From the flyer:

presented by and hosted at
All WEISe gundo blo, Hawthorne, Ca

Saturday, April 20, 2024

Panel discussion at LA Premier of the Subotnick documentary - Philosophical Research Society 4/17/24

video upload by Peter Grenader

"Excerpt from Jill Fraser, Peter Grenader and Lance Hill's panel discussion at the Los Angeles premier of Wavemaker Media's documentary SUBOTNICK: Portrait of an Electronic Music Pioneer at the Philosophical Research Society on April 17th, 2024.

The discussion begins talking about Mort Subotnick's use of control tracks on A Sky of Cloudless Sulfer, a process that he developed."

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

3 Encounters at the Center for New Music (Farhadian / Matheus, Chaudhary, Watkins)

video upload by CatSynth TV

"Highlights from an evening of 3 short sets at the Center for New Music in San Francisco: Amanda Chaudhary (electronics) , Zachary Watkins (guitar and electronics), followed with a duo with Thea Farhadian (violin & electronics) with Silvia Matheus (electronics).

0:00 Introduction
0:13 Amanda Chaudhary
2:25 Zachary Watkins
4:02 Thea Farhadian and Silvia Matheus
6:23 Conclusion

'Amanda Chaudhary opens the evening with her blend of experimental electronic sounds with jazz, funk, and other idiomatic styles, with her visualy intriguing performance. Following is Zachary Watkins, composer-performer performs a set for solo electronics with his many influences including just intonation and “high vibration resonance.' Thea Farhadian and Silvia Matheus will present their 3rd performance in this new collaboration – working with structured and free improvisations, the duo integrates noise based material to tonal music, with real time processing. Three 25-minute sets by three musicians/composers based in the Bay Area.

Amanda Chaudhary

Zachary James Watkins

Thea Farhadian

Silvia Matheus
/ silvia-a-matheus"

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Soundmit w/ International Faust Conference Set for 23/24 November in Turin - Call for Exhibitors

via Soundmit

"We started to promote the next edition of Soundmit, dates are set for 23/24 November always in Turin but this year we are also the organizer of the International Faust Conference, the scientific appointment about the FAUST programming language for Audio."

SUPER EARLY BIRD in April (20% discount)
MAY ERLY BIRD (15% discounts)

dates 23/24 November - Torino 14th edition!


International Faust Conference organized by us on 21/22 November (same location) opportunity for developers, companies and researchers"

Thursday, April 04, 2024

Oddment Audio Groc Demo at AES University of Michigan Chapter Tomorrow Apr 5th

For those that can make it, Oddment Audio's Groc will be demo'd at the University of Michigan tomorrow. Details follow.

"This month we were lucky enough to meet Trevor Reed, another local in our little Michigan town that was enthusiastic enough about Groc and Oddment to join us in the development effort. With both a software and music background, we think Trevor can help us accelerate Groc’s workflow and user interface. It has also been great to put our first real Groc into someone’s home studio and let them explore on their own.

John will give a presentation on Groc for the Audio Engineering Society’s University of Michigan chapter on Friday April 5 at 1-2pm (tomorrow!). If you happen to be near Ann Arbor, the event is open to the public and we have included all of the details below. A huge thanks to Nick West, the student AES chapter chair, and Dr. Jason Corey with the Performing Arts Technology faculty for helping to organize this event. We also expect Justin Van Slembrouck from Modern Sounds to join us and share a bit about what they have been working on lately. This should be a lot of fun, and as an alumnus of the department, John is anticipating a lovely trip down memory lane.

In preparation for Friday, John had a chance to present Groc to the Northwestern Michigan College audio technology students. Thanks to Brady Corcoran for arranging this and to all the students that had really great questions and seemed enthused about granular synthesis. We hope these local audio enthusiasts can help us record samples, create patches and maybe even help to produce and test Grocs before shipping them to you!"

Tuesday, April 02, 2024

AtoVproject DHO Workshop at SchneidersLaden

video upload by SchneidersLaden

"The workshop by AtoVproject about the DHO – Dual Harmonic Oscillator at SchneidersLaden. AtoVproject introduce their exciting new oscillator and play a performance so you can hear the module in a musical context.

Complex oscillators are renowned for their amazing sonic potential. The DHO uses the power of digital controls to improve accessibility and inspiration. Each analog oscillator generates four octaves of triangle waves and modulates each other using through-zero FM. All of this is channeled through a four-stage diode wavefolder.

For extremely complex modulation there is the power of simplex noise implemented in the DHO. This is an algorithm straight out of the video game industry. One twist of a knob allows you to dynamically modulate 10 parameters. You can explore infinite soundscapes and give life to the whole module with just one CV input. This fantastic noise source can also direct the frequencies of up to 10 internal LFOs, injecting motion and complexity into your sound without cluttering your rack with external modulation sources."

Monday, April 01, 2024

SynthFest 2024 Set for April 18 w/ Raffle

video upload by SynthFest France

"Thank you to all of the exhibitors at SynthFest 2024 who will receive a prize in this tombola for the annual deal for all the passions of synths and modules."

"► Billetterie:
► 20 lots / 2000 tickets / plus de 10000€ de lots
► 10€ le ticket
► Entièrement en ligne. Pas la peine d'être présent au SynthFest pour gagner un lot.
► Fermeture de la billetterie : 18 Avril 2024

Merci à tous les exposants du SynthFest 2024 qui font encore une fois de cette tombola le deal de l'année pour tout les passionnés de synthés et de modulaires.

1e prix - Expressive E Osmose
2e prix - Kodamo EssenceFM MKII
3e prix - Haken Audio Eagan Matrix Eurorack
4e prix - Kiviak Wofi
5e prix - Paire d’enceintes Nord Piano
6e prix - Korg Keystage 49
7e prix - Arturia MiniFreak
8e prix - 1010music Nanobox Tangerine Desktop
9e prix - Novation Circuit Tracks
10e prix - Projet Home Studio pack Mix / Mastering
11e prix - Hlabs EQ169 API 500 module
12e prix - Kaona Skippy Eurorack module
13e prix - Faselunare Vega Eurorack module
14e prix - BVR instruments TS1 Eurorack module
15e prix - This Is Not Rocket Science Ardabil
16e prix - Piano LED Plus 2024
17e prix - Fred's Lab Zekit Assembled
18e prix - Morphor Plectrum Eurorack module
19e prix - Joranologue Route 4 Eurorack module
20e prix - KR Home-Studion 1 an d'abonnement"

Saturday, March 23, 2024

New Befaco Modules Launch Party! // Live from Elevator Sound EU (Barcelona)

video upload by DivKid

"Join us on Saturday the 23rd of March at 4pm CET (Spain) for the launch party with 3 new Befaco modules on show at the EU Elevator Sound store in Barcelona.

I'll be in person with Befaco to talk about new modules, patch, make music and sounds and hangout both in the stream and in person for the event."

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Asking synth manufacturers to say the F London Synth & Pedal Expo

video upload by mylarmelodies

"Being a collection of interviews I shot at the London Synth & Pedal Expo '24, after they hired me to cover the event. The format was up to me. So I put the SAME two questions to industry folks at the show: 1️⃣ What is your favourite thing you sell? 2️⃣ What your favourite thing you DON'T sell?"

00:00 The Journey Begins
00:41 Divkid
02:44 Endorphines
03:53 Knobula
06:07 Lord Morts Thoughts
08:29 Nick Batt - Sonic State
11:29 Signal Sounds
14:35 ASM/Arturia
16:52 Scanner & Daniel Troberg
18:12 KMR Audio
19:51 ALM Busycircuits
24:05 RYK Modular
26:14 Enjoy Electronics
27:41 Erica Synths
29:04 PWM Synths
31:08 Journey's End

Good people make for good events and good gear, so lets meet them // London Synth & Pedal Expo 2024

video upload by DivKid

"What an amazing weekend we've just had! Here's a video with some of the people at the London Synth & Pedal Expo 2024. Held over this past weekend (Saturday and Sunday the 16th+17th of March 2024) in Studio 9294 in Hackney Wick, the London Synth & Pedal Expo is a free to attend show with plenty of synths, modular and pedal FX on show for people to come and play with.

As it takes good people to make good events (and the good gear we love) I wanted to focus on the people, asking who they are and what they do, more specifically how would they explain what they do to someone with no idea about synths, pedals and music tech. That led to some funny answers, all spread around various bits of b roll and footage from the event."

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