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Saturday, March 02, 2024

Kurzweil Reveals K2061 and K2088 V.A.S.T. Synthesizers

via Kurzweil

"We asked ourselves, what if we could rebuild the legendary K2000 V.A.S.T. synthesizer, but using today’s technology?

Enter the new K20 Series…

Dynamic Variable Architecture Synthesis Technology (V.A.S.T.)
61- note synth action or 88-key fully-weighted hammer action w/ aftertouch
New industrial design with an aluminum+steel enclosure
Resculpted K2000 synth library
Compatible with K2 era libraries
32 layers per program
Customizable algorithms
Flash sample playback, VA, FM and KB3 engines
2 GB of factory sounds
2 GB user sample memory
Versatile FX chains and master FX section
256 voice polyphony
480×272 color screen
16-zone MIDI controller
Over 30 physical controllers per zone including an integrated ribbon
16 Arpeggiators
16 MIDI CC sequencers
16 RIFF generators
More info coming soon!"

And a few pics from NAMM:

Saturday, February 17, 2024

Doctor Mix At NAMM 2024: Synthesizer Supervlog

video upload by Doctor Mix

"Here's a 1 hour special on NAMM 2024's synthesizers!"

Friday, February 16, 2024

Anthony Teaches at ARP Foundation | NAMM 2024

video upload by Anthony Marinelli Music

"Join me at the Alan R. Pearlman Foundation booth as I take questions, help people program an ARP 2600 synthesizer, give tips, recommend practice techniques and patch / perform a few sounds. We also raffled off a ARP 2600 (signed by me) that was generously donated by Korg USA. It was a fun day at the ARP booth spreading the joy of programming and performing on vintage analog synthesizers.

00:00 Opening (music)
00:17 Anthony's Intro
01:37 ARP 2600 M Giveaway
03:22 Shane works on a lead sound
08:33 Anthony plays the lead sound
11:07 Anthony talks about overcoming hardware issues
11:38 Han works on a ring modulator sound
13:59 Anthony talks about saving sounds
15:08 ARP 2600 Patch Book with 100 Patches
16:22 4 Ways to Break down a sound
18:51 Review Han's ring modulator sound
20:41 Review the 4 Ways to Break down a sound
23:10 Favorite Patch
23:31 Anthony Patches a Theremin
29:21 Tim Pates a Theremin / String
31:47 Camillo makes a high tone pluck sound
34:44 Anthony recommends making simple sounds with efx
35:18 Making sounds that fit the song
37:04 Surprising Sounds
38:43 Recording Effects
41:07 Synthesizer Cookbook Series
41:23 Anthony talks about emulating acoustic instruments
43:21 Closing
43:37 Sign up to win an ARP 2600 M / Support ARP
44:11 Logo (music)"

NAMM Show 2024 Modbap Booth Fess Grandiose

video upload by Modbap Modular

Saturday, February 10, 2024

ARP 2600 Synth Patching Lessons LIVE! at MIDI 2 | NAMM 2024

video upload by Anthony Marinelli Music

"It was my honor and pleasure to be a guest speaker for the Alan R. Pearlman Foundation on the MIDI Association’s MIDI 2 stage at NAMM 2024.
In the spirit of the foundation and its mission statement, I opted to share the stage with some up and coming synthesists. Join us as we explore how to create sounds in your head and the endless possibilities that come from creativity, believing in yourself and knowing how to practice efficiently. I was blessed to meet some talented people before, during and after my talk.

The ARP Archives & The Alan R. Pearlman Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Their mission is to celebrate the legacy of inventor, musician, entrepreneur and engineer Alan R. Pearlman, by making his innovative inventions publicly accessible, and by inspiring future generations to imagine and create. Please sign up for their newsletter to learn about events, launches, news and site updates.
The ARP 2600 on stage with me was generously donated by Ryan Hawkins from the Synth Cave.

00:00 Introduction
00:50 My ARP 2600 first experience
02:00 How to patch sounds on the ARP 2600
02:54 1st Guest - Alcee
15:26 Alcee reviews what he learned
16:55 Anthony's 10 second helicopter sound
18:33 2nd Guest - Daniel
20:04 Dina Pearlman - ARP Foundation
22:21 Daniel Makes his first ARP 2600 Patch
26:23 Anthony's Helicopter Story
27:54 Wrap Up / Doctor Mix introduction
28:39 Logo (music)"

Thursday, February 08, 2024

Doctor Mix & Anthony Check Out the PWM Mantis Synth | NAMM 2024

video upload by Anthony Marinelli Music

"Join me and my good buddy Doctor Mix as we explore one of the most talked about synthesizers at NAMM 2024. It won't be difficult to discover how much fun we're having checking it out for the first time. I can see that there is still a lot to unpack about this synth and I'm looking forward to doing just that. Please stay on the lookout and tune in to AMM for a much more in-depth look at this super fun and great sounding instrument. It's part of a special family of synthesizers that were all designed with much love. PWM Mantis is a collaboration between the late Chris Huggett (EDP Gnat, EDP Wasp, OSCar) and PWM (Paul Whittington). A hybrid-analog synthesizer, Mantis utilizes mathematically-generated oscillators with a pure analog signal path and a modernized design architecture based on the EDP Wasp with an OSCar-style filter. It is also duophonic, with two fully independent voices, and features dual multi-mode filters that can be combined in series or parallel. Fully featured, Mantis is equipped with an arpeggiator, 37-note full-size semi-weighted keyboard with aftertouch, multi-function joystick, and MIDI/USB control for easy integration with any studio or live environment.

00:00 Doctor Mix and Anthony Sweeping Filters (Cold Open )
00:30 Walk up (music)
00:49 Meeting Mantis Co-Designer Paul Whittington
01:24 Trying out the PWM Mantis
02:22 Sweeping Multi-Mode Filters
03:33 Wave Shape Panning
04:57 Add Glide and Filter Sweeps
05:14 Paraphonic
05:40 Doctor Mix and Anthony Summary
06:18 Logo (music)"

Wednesday, February 07, 2024

Oberheim Inspired Analog Synth by Shear Electronics | NAMM 2024

video upload by Anthony Marinelli Music

See the Shear Electronics label at the bottom of this post for more.

"I had an inspiring and heart-warming experience meeting Jacob Brashears from Shear Electronics at NAMM 2024. Jacob, along with his mother Cheryl Brashears (a high performance systems engineer with a storied background) have together created a truly remarkable sounding discrete analog polyphonic synthesizer in the style of the Oberheim 8-voice Iconic SEM Synthesizer. It's aptly called the "Relic". In addition to achieving the classic sound and offering all the familiar routing of it's predecessor, the "Relic" delivers a new take with voltage controllable filter profiles (the ability to transition between HP, LP and BP filters for example), waveform blending, rich intermodulation distortion at fingertip control and all parameters are controllable with the highest resolution digital encoders available. Be sure to keep following and support this next generation synth company of mother and son on their journey to follow their dreams. I'm looking forward to playing their instrument(s) soon and seeing them flourish for a long time to come!

00:00 Anthony's Intro
00:18 Jacob's Story
00:53 About the "Relic" Synth
03:22 Sound Demonstration
04:18 About the Filters
05:08 "Take it to 11" (harmonic distortion)
05:56 Dry vs Reverb Sync Piano
06:44 Oberheim Inspired Sound
07:36 Plans for the "Relic"
08:10 Introduction to Cheryl Brashear (co-designer/engineer)
09:09 Anthony's Summary
09:56 Logo (music)E


Anthony's musical touch as both composer and performer is connected with some of the most influential creative minds over the last 40 years. He’s composed and conducted original orchestral scores for over 80 feature films including _*Young Guns*_ , _*Internal Affairs*_ , _*The Man From Elysian Fields*_ , _*15 Minutes*_ and _*Planes, Trains & Automobiles*_ , been commissioned by the *Los Angeles Philharmonic* for his symphonic work "In the Family Way", written over one thousand TV commercials in a myriad of musical styles, co-founded Levels Audio Post (LA's premiere post production facility) and performed and arranged on big-box-office films and influential hit records such as *Michael Jackson's* _*Thriller*_ .

His extensive work as a young arranger, orchestrator and performer for *Quincy Jones* , *Jack Nitzsche* , *Lamont Dozier* , *Arthur Rubenstein* and *Giorgio Moroder* was vital in launching his own career. His early years pioneering modular analog synthesizers along with his wide-ranging music scholarship positioned Anthony at the center of the music technology revolution. He attended the University of Southern California School of Music as a piano and composition major."

Monday, February 05, 2024

Stevie Wonder & MJ Keyboard Secrets by Greg Phillinganes | NAMM 2024

video upload by Anthony Marinelli Music

"*Visit Alan R. Pearlman Foundation*

Mission Statement: Our mission is to celebrate the legacy of inventor, musician, entrepreneur and engineer Alan R. Pearlman,by making his innovative inventions publicly accessible, and by inspiring future generations to imagine and create.

If you want to be among the first to learn about events, launches, news and site updates, please sign up for our newsletter."

Saturday, February 03, 2024

Ricky Tinez Sampled Namm 2024.. and liked it.

video upload by

"I took the EP–133 K.O. II around NAMM 2024 to sample sounds from some awesome musicians playing their instruments, straight into the KO II using the on board microphone! After the show was all done, I took the sounds back to the studio to see if I could make anything with the sounds that we got. This was beyond fun and shout out to everyone who I sampled. iIf you see yourself in the vid let me know down below!"

Shop my cool hats, shirts & music packs 👉🏼

00:00 Lets Find SeqTrak
01:49 The Sounds I Recorded
02:41 Making The Song Begins
04:48 Adding The Snare Rolls
05:53 Chopping and Adding the Saxophone!
08:46 Adding "Vocals"
10:57 Adding That Good Good Hat
12:44 Having Too Much Fun With The FX
14:01 I Love Happy Accidents

Friday, February 02, 2024

NAMM Show 2024 Modbap Booth VOLTAGE CTRLR

video upload by Modbap Modular

"Join us on Modbap's YouTube channel every Friday in February 2024 at noon as we debut a video series showcasing the complete Modbap module bundle. In preparation for their live NAMM 2024 show floor beat set at the Modbap booth, we provided four talented beatmakers with the full arsenal of Modbap's performance-oriented Eurorack modules.

Each episode features a 15 to 20-minute set by one of the beatmakers - Voltage CTRLR, Ali The Architect, Fess Grandiose, and Ken Flux Pierce - showcasing their skills and creativity using the Modbap module bundle in various combinations with a variety of groove boxes and modular systems all centered around modbap modules. Experience the sonic character of HUE, Meridian, Osiris, Per4mer, Transit, and Trinity as these beatmakers push the boundaries of sound and music.

Discover the innovative capabilities of Modbap's Eurorack modules and witness the incredible talent of Voltage CTRLR, Ali The Architect, Fess Grandiose, and Ken Flux Pierce as they showcase their skills in real-time."

NAMM 2024: Musonics Vanilla 5U Synth - Sounds Only

video upload by sonicstate

"At NAMM 2024, we hooked up with Suit and Tie Guy, who introduced us to the Vanilla Synthesizer, a departure from the Eurorack modular format toward a more East Coast leaning complete instrument. Suit And Tie Guy describing it as a walnut-cabinet beauty packed with 70s goodness in American format, says the Vanilla Synthesizer promises a unique blend of vintage aesthetics and cutting-edge functionality.

Jim Heywood from @EarmonkeyMusic spent some time with it to get us a sounds only video.

Vanilla Synthesizer Available to order. Price 2,500 USD"

Thursday, February 01, 2024

NAMM 2024: Korg MicroKorg 2 - No Talking

video upload by sonicstate

"Jim Heywood from @EarmonkeyMusic spent some time with the recently announced microKorg 2 - which offers a new synthesis engine, more effects and a looper.

The pre-production model here did not have a full compliment of presets on board yet."

Wednesday, January 31, 2024

NAMM 2024: Shear Electronics Relic - No Talking

video upload by sonicstate

"The journey of the Shear Electronics Relic has been a long one, first seen back in 2017 - a young lad Jacob Shear had a project he was showing, which back then was pretty ambitious, an analog Oberhiem clone (before everyone elses!).

A couple of iterations and a redesign later, its nearing completion and we were finally able to hear it in action. In this video Jacob and Jim Heywood of @EarmonkeyMusic flip some presets so we can get to hear the unique instrument.

There are very few units, each being built to order, but you can put your name down, the price is expected to be in the region of $6500 with units coming online in March 2024."

New Korg PS-3300 FS Deep Dive at NAMM 2024

video upload by Anthony Marinelli Music

"Watch Anthony Marinelli simplify the powerful reissue Korg PS-3300 FS vintage analog poly-synth at NAMMM 2024. He'll give you a hands on quick guide about how to use, program and play this classic vintage poly synth. The instrument in this video is currently the only one of it's kind in the world. It's heading back to Japan after the show, so don't miss this sneak peak and tutorial with the master!

00:00 Playing the 1st Sound I made
00:30 Introduction by Korg's Luke Edwards
01:13 Anthony's overview breakdown of the 3 Basic Modules
02:09 Anthony's overview breakdown of the Modulator Section
03:02 Anthony's overview breakdown of the Utility & Output/Mixer Section
05:01 Anthony's overview breakdown of the MIDI/USB and Librarian Section
05:34 Anthony's overview breakdown of Patching and Normals
06:00 Anthony Plays & shows how to Patch Your Own Sounds
08:08 Let's Hear the "Amazing" 3 Band Resonators
09:20 Exploring the Envelope Generator & Long Release Times
10:25 Creating a Multi-Timbral Sound from "Scratch"
12:01 Anthony breaks-down Luke's Favorite Preset Patches
14:42 Anthony Shows how to trouble-shoot when you can't hear the sound (trouble-shooting)
15:58 Anthony Breaks-down how to make a "Monster Pad" Sound
17:43 Luke shows us 2 more presets
18:03 Anthony's Summary - Why the PS 3300 FS is so powerful!
19:07 Anthony Explains How You Can Program the PS-3300 & some extra functions
21:30 Discovering the Damper Pedal Feature
22:03 Discovering the Librarian & MIDI
22:24 Closing Remarks"

NAMM 2024: Modal Carbon8 Sounds Only

video upload by sonicstate

"Jim Heywood from Earmonkey music responded to multiple requests via our Instagram comments to take a closer look at the Modal Electronics Carbon8.

It looks like after a period of uncertainty, that Modal will be back, and the Carbon8 will be in production.

Carbon 8 employs over 40 complex waveform algorithms, and is geared towards the more aggressive and modern spectrum of sounds. With two discrete oscillators, the Carbon 8 has a similar form factor to earlier Modal Synths, but has a new mixing stage with independent level controls for each oscillator."

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Erae II - Super Sensitivity + 24 outputs + MPE looper! #namm2024

video upload by True Cuckoo

"Embodme is making a next gen Erae II controller. Check it out!"

Monday, January 29, 2024

Soma Enner - Experimental Glitch Monster! - #namm2024

video upload by True Cuckoo

MicroKorg 2 - First peek - #namm2024

video upload by True Cuckoo

"Korg announced their Microkorg 2, a successor to their longest running production synth ever. I really like what I hear and see. Great user interface, with colourful, fun and clear parameters. I'm looking forward to dive deeper into this."

Additional MicroKorg 2 posts

NAMM 2024: SoundToys - Superplate

video upload by sonicstate

"At NAMM 2024, Sonic State had the opportunity to catch up with Chris and Walker from Soundtoys to discuss their latest plugin, SuperPlate. Released about nine months ago, SuperPlate has become a standout product for the company. Unlike traditional reverb plugins, SuperPlate is an evolution of Soundtoys' LittlePlate, featuring five meticulously modeled plate reverb bottles, including iconic models like the EMT-140 and EMT-240.

What sets SuperPlate apart is its auto decay feature, that allows for infinite decay while intelligently managing the reverb's intensity when playing into it. We delve into the algorithmic modeling process, stereo controls, and the plugin's ability to smoothly emulate the characteristics of various plate reverbs.

SuperPlate Price: 149 USD"

NAMM 2024: Yamaha - Montage M - ANX Sounds Only

video upload by sonicstate

"Jim Heywood very kindly stepped up again, this time to give us a demonstration of the Yamaha Montage M, so we can have a good listen to the AN-X engine. Yamaha Montage M6 Price: £3,219.00"

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