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Friday, June 07, 2024

A Conversation with Anthony Marinelli with the Alan R. Pearlman Foundation

video upload by Alan R. Pearlman Foundation

"Celebrate Alan R Pearlman's birthday! June 7 and join the Alan R Pearlman Foundation (Right after PSN's Friday show @ProSynthNetwork ) at the watchparty featuring d'ARP in conversation with Anthony Marinelli @anthonymarinellimusic

What? Watchparty and Fundraising month kickoff
Who? Anthony Marinelli interview
Where? YouTube
When? 4:00 PM NY / 1:00 PM LA/ 9:00pm UK / 10:00PM EU

Anthony Marinelli is an American composer, pianist and programmer. In his early career, he composed and performed accompaniment on the synthesizer for albums including Michael Jackson's Thriller. Marinelli has also recorded with Lionel Richie, Kenny Loggins, Herb Alpert, Supertramp, The Crystal Method, Billy Childs and James Brown and many, many more.

Marinelli worked with Steven Spielberg on The Color Purple (1985) and composed for Young Guns (1988), Graveyard Shift (1990), Leaving Las Vegas (1996), and Internal Affairs (1990).

Marinelli's work includes over a hundred feature film credits, Emmies, Clio Awards, two AICP Awards, two ADDY Awards, three Indian Telly Awards and a Cannes Silver Lion Award.

In 2022 Marinelli became the co-host and producer of the podcast series Stories in the Room: Michael Jackson's Thriller Album Podcast, which has gone viral on social media and now hosts his own hugely successful YouTube Channel: Anthony Marinelli Music @anthonymarinellimusic"

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Cherry Audio Announces the Rebirth of the Long-Awaited Chroma Synthesizer


1. Cherry Audio | Chroma Synthesizer

2. Cherry Audio | Chroma Classics Preset Pack
Chroma Classics Preset Pack for Chroma features an additional 100 phenomenal presets by Cherry Audio's Director of Sound Design, James Terris, blending vintage tones with a contemporary feel.
3. Cherry Audio | The Story of Chroma
"Dive into the captivating history of the Rhodes Chroma synthesizer with "The Story of Chroma," a documentary that traces its revolutionary path from the final days of ARP Instruments to its celebrated release by Rhodes in 1982. This compelling video brings to life the innovative spirit of the Chroma through the firsthand accounts of those who stood at the forefront of its creation. Hear from Dr. Tom Rhea, a renowned electronic music historian, Michael Brigida, a dedicated ARP and Rhodes product specialist, and Mary Lock, the esteemed service manager for both companies, as they recount the synthesizer's development, challenges, and triumphs. Featuring exclusive interviews and insights, this documentary not only explores the technical breakthroughs and musical possibilities the Chroma introduced but also celebrates its enduring legacy and the recent resurgence through Cherry Audio’s efforts. Witness the story of a musical marvel that continues to inspire innovation and creativity in the world of music.

Produced by Daniel Keller
Editing and graphics by Mal Meehan
Music by James Terris"
4. Cherry Audio | Introduction to Chroma Synthesizer
Synth designer Mitchell Sigman of Cherry Audio introduces Chroma, Cherry Audio's virtual instrument that emulates the 1982 Rhodes Chroma polyphonic analog synthesizer and its Expander unit.

Online User Guide at

0:10 Introduction
1:18 User Interface Basics
4:44 Voice Architecture and Patch Configuration
9:43 The Chroma Arpeggiator
11:37 Sweep Generators (the LFOs)
17:02 Envelope Generators
19:46 Chroma CPU Usage
Cherry Audio Chroma User Videos

1. Cherry Audio Chroma: A demo + tutorial of an elusive analog synth - CatSynth TV - Patreon
We take a deep dive into Cherry Audio's new Chroma, a meticulous recreation of the legendary and elusive Rhodes Chroma. It was a polyphonic analog synthesizer that came with some unique features, notably the ability to reconfigure the signal path among its oscillators, filters, and VCAs, opening up a wider range of sound possibilities. Cherry Audio's version combines these features with a modern user interface that allows direct manipulation of the parameters (unlike the original with a single data slider), and adds a full-featured effects section. We go over the expansive feature set of this instrument, showing you how each feature works and how to use them to make your own sounds.

00:00 Introduction
00:27 History of the Chroma synthesizer
01:38 Presenting the Cherry Audio Chroma
02:39 Oscillator features
06:56 Filter features
11:17 VCA features
12:42 Dual Layers configuration
16:49 Dual Layers + Oscillator Sync
18:47 Dual Layers + Ring Modulation
21:13 Filter FM
23:54 Parallel Filters
26:09 Parallel Filters + Oscillator Sync
27:04 Series Filters
31:44 Effects section
32:38 Factory Presets
39:41 Conclusion
2. Cherry Audio Chroma Expander Sounds of Chaos Beauty Virtual Synthesizer - Rik Marston Official - AhnyxianSoundDesign

3. Cherry Audio Chroma Expander Sounds of Light & Darkness Virtual Synthesizer VST - Rik Marston Official - AhnyxianSoundDesign

Press release follows:

May 14, 2024: Cherry Audio is excited to unveil Chroma, a groundbreaking virtual instrument that brings the legendary sounds of the 1982 Rhodes Chroma into the digital age.

Saturday, March 30, 2024

Pro Synth Network LIVE! - Episode 208 - 4th Anniversary Episode - SPECIAL GUESTS!

video upload by

SynthAddict's MATRIXSYNTH cap from 19:05 on gets the post. :)

"Music Technology Discussion with Kent Spong, Andrew Longhurst & Rob Puricelli!

It's our birthday!! 4 years ago, we decided to start doing a livestream and here we are, 4 years and 208 consecutive episodes in! Join us as we celebrate 4 years of mayhem, nonchalance, sarcasm, wit, vim and vigour and the occasional discussion about synths and music tech!"

Friday, February 16, 2024

Anthony Teaches at ARP Foundation | NAMM 2024

video upload by Anthony Marinelli Music

"Join me at the Alan R. Pearlman Foundation booth as I take questions, help people program an ARP 2600 synthesizer, give tips, recommend practice techniques and patch / perform a few sounds. We also raffled off a ARP 2600 (signed by me) that was generously donated by Korg USA. It was a fun day at the ARP booth spreading the joy of programming and performing on vintage analog synthesizers.

00:00 Opening (music)
00:17 Anthony's Intro
01:37 ARP 2600 M Giveaway
03:22 Shane works on a lead sound
08:33 Anthony plays the lead sound
11:07 Anthony talks about overcoming hardware issues
11:38 Han works on a ring modulator sound
13:59 Anthony talks about saving sounds
15:08 ARP 2600 Patch Book with 100 Patches
16:22 4 Ways to Break down a sound
18:51 Review Han's ring modulator sound
20:41 Review the 4 Ways to Break down a sound
23:10 Favorite Patch
23:31 Anthony Patches a Theremin
29:21 Tim Pates a Theremin / String
31:47 Camillo makes a high tone pluck sound
34:44 Anthony recommends making simple sounds with efx
35:18 Making sounds that fit the song
37:04 Surprising Sounds
38:43 Recording Effects
41:07 Synthesizer Cookbook Series
41:23 Anthony talks about emulating acoustic instruments
43:21 Closing
43:37 Sign up to win an ARP 2600 M / Support ARP
44:11 Logo (music)"

Thursday, February 15, 2024

A Conversation with Lamar Kronick Mitchell

video upload by

"February 15, 2024 10PM UK • 5PM NY • 2PM LA

Watch Party fun! Make a donation during the Watch party (and chat) and be automatically entered to win a tee shirt of your choice! Winner announced on Monday.

ARPchives LIVE! is back with new interviews, instructional videos and more, and introducing a new Series: Unsung Heroes of Electronic Music and Keyboards.

Kicking off the series: A Conversation with producer/programmer/keyboard tech LaMar 'Kronick' Mitchell.

LaMar’s story parallels the growth and popularity of electronic keyboards, starting from early days in Youngstown, Ohio, leading to a pivotal mentorship with Bernie Worrell, performing with the Woo Warriors; Mos Def and Busta Rhymes; and producing the likes of Jodeci and New Edition. This true keyboard heavy currently runs a non profit and works as Stevie Wonder’s Personal Technical Assistant."

Saturday, February 10, 2024

ARP 2600 Synth Patching Lessons LIVE! at MIDI 2 | NAMM 2024

video upload by Anthony Marinelli Music

"It was my honor and pleasure to be a guest speaker for the Alan R. Pearlman Foundation on the MIDI Association’s MIDI 2 stage at NAMM 2024.
In the spirit of the foundation and its mission statement, I opted to share the stage with some up and coming synthesists. Join us as we explore how to create sounds in your head and the endless possibilities that come from creativity, believing in yourself and knowing how to practice efficiently. I was blessed to meet some talented people before, during and after my talk.

The ARP Archives & The Alan R. Pearlman Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Their mission is to celebrate the legacy of inventor, musician, entrepreneur and engineer Alan R. Pearlman, by making his innovative inventions publicly accessible, and by inspiring future generations to imagine and create. Please sign up for their newsletter to learn about events, launches, news and site updates.
The ARP 2600 on stage with me was generously donated by Ryan Hawkins from the Synth Cave.

00:00 Introduction
00:50 My ARP 2600 first experience
02:00 How to patch sounds on the ARP 2600
02:54 1st Guest - Alcee
15:26 Alcee reviews what he learned
16:55 Anthony's 10 second helicopter sound
18:33 2nd Guest - Daniel
20:04 Dina Pearlman - ARP Foundation
22:21 Daniel Makes his first ARP 2600 Patch
26:23 Anthony's Helicopter Story
27:54 Wrap Up / Doctor Mix introduction
28:39 Logo (music)"

Monday, February 05, 2024

Stevie Wonder & MJ Keyboard Secrets by Greg Phillinganes | NAMM 2024

video upload by Anthony Marinelli Music

"*Visit Alan R. Pearlman Foundation*

Mission Statement: Our mission is to celebrate the legacy of inventor, musician, entrepreneur and engineer Alan R. Pearlman,by making his innovative inventions publicly accessible, and by inspiring future generations to imagine and create.

If you want to be among the first to learn about events, launches, news and site updates, please sign up for our newsletter."

Wednesday, January 17, 2024


Press release follows:


Made possible through a generous sponsorship by Korg USA, Inc

KINGSTON, NY, JANUARY 15, 2024– The Alan R. Pearlman Foundation in conjunction with Anthony Marinelli Music will be presenting “ARP 2600 Made Simple” demos at the Foundation’s NAMM booth (#9800) on Friday, January 26th at 2PM PST and Saturday, January 27th at 12PM PST.

Anthony Marinelli is a musician, composer, synthesist, producer, and conductor. He has recorded with Michael Jackson (most notably as a driving force on the Thriller album), Lionel Richie, Kenny Loggins, Supertramp, and many other notable artists. He has also scored countless feature films including Young Guns, written award-winning TV commercial music, and performed on blockbuster films such as WarGames, Stand By Me, Starman and more. His YouTube Channel, Anthony Marinelli Music, seeks to help musicians get the most out of their synthesizers. Recently, his YouTube videos have gone viral in and beyond the synth community. [some posted here]

During the “ARP 2600 Made Simple” demonstrations, Anthony will be present to program & demo the 2600, share stories, answer questions, and premiere a unique video featuring the 2600 “Blue Marvin”.

Attendees are encouraged to connect with the Foundation at the demo, or at any time during the show. Come by the booth to enter to win an FREE ARP 2600M synthesizer signed by Anthony Marinelli. The drawing will take place on Sunday, January 28th at 4:00pm.

The ARP 2600M is a small-size recreation of the original ARP 2600. At about 60% the size of the original and iconic 2600, it faithfully recreates the sound of its ancestor at a more convenient size, with additional features that help this historic synth find a place in any modern stage or studio. The Foundation expresses their gratitude to Korg USA for sponsoring this giveaway.

For more information about the Foundation, visit For more information about Anthony Marinelli Music, visit

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

ARP Foundation's ARP 2500 For the Masses Is Funded

via The ARP Foundation

"Last November on #GivingTuesday the Alan R Pearlman Foundation asked for your help, and launched an IndieGogo campaign to raise funds to complete the restoration of what will become the only publicly-accessible ARP 2500 synthesizer in the USA, and to bolster its ARPs For All Program in preparation for the 2500’s arrival.

Read Full Press Release [posted here]

Thank you!
The Alan R. Pearlman Foundation would like to thank everyone who donated to our ARP 2500 Indiegogo fundraiser so far. We're delighted to announce that we have reached (and surpassed) our goal of $6000 with a current total of $6,445 We greatly appreciate the support and donations from all our backers. Thanks to you, our new (ish) ARP 2500 will soon be available for anyone to experience! We are grateful to you all.

Delivery to our ARPs For All project space in Boston is scheduled for February.

There is still time to donate to our campaign

If you would like to contribute to our mission of making legendary synthesizers available to anyone, please donate here.

Special thanks go to Cherry Audio for their gracious support and ongoing sponsorship. In case you haven't heard, they recently produced an EXCELLENT software recreation of the classic ARP Pro Soloist, and donated a portion of the profits in the month of December to our Fundraiser.

Also a huge shout out to the gang at ProSynth Network for rallying the gang, and for Linda and Phil of CMS for helping us make this dream come true for not only for us but most importantly, for the synth community. See our ARP 2500 for the Masses Campaign!"

Friday, December 29, 2023

Alan R Pearlman Foundation : Year 2023 Recap

video upload by Alan R. Pearlman Foundation

"What an amazing year! From accepting the MiDI Association's Lifetime Achievement Award on behalf of Alan R Pearlman, to acquiring one of the most sought-after synthesizers of all time for our ARPs for All collection, we've been busy! Catch a glimpse of a few of our accomplishments ... it's a fanstastic flashback through our best year yet! Music by Lisa Bella Donna with d'ARP (Dina Pearlman-Ifil) Thank you for your continued support and consider an end-of-year donation:"

Monday, December 25, 2023

Happy Holidays from the Alan R. Pearlman Foundation!

video upload by Alan R. Pearlman Foundation

"The Alan R. Pearlman Foundation wishes you and yours a very happy and safe holiday season!"

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Interview with D. Bruce McLendon!

video upload by Alan R. Pearlman Foundation

"Interview with D. Bruce McLendon, former ARP sales person as we discuss his recent donation of an ARP 2500 Performance Wing Cabinet to the ARPs-for-All-Project!"

Monday, December 11, 2023

Help the ARP Foundation Share Their ARP 2500 Synth With the World!

video upload by Alan R. Pearlman Foundation

"Help Us Share Our ARP 2500 Synth With the World!
The ARPs for All project is expecting a new member of the family! We need your help!

(see our Fundraiser

This video contains excerpts with permission of a longer video from @DivKid [posted here]
Music is by permission from @DavidBaronMusic .

The restoration process has been very laborious and time-consuming, and this is where we need your help! If we reach our goal with your donations, this will become the only ARP 2500 available for public use in the USA!

Filling a missing module, sourcing a keyboard, and adding a protective case will cost upwards of $6000.

We are asking for donations of any amount... BUT we have some GREAT perks for those who help us - including actual hands-on time with the wonderful and rare ARP 2500 in Boston!

All funds will go towards the Foundation's 2500's restoration effort and the ARPs for All project."

Tuesday, November 28, 2023


Press release follows.

The Foundation Announces the First Publicly-Accessible ARP 2500 in the USA

STONE RIDGE, NY, November 28, 2023: Thanks to a generous donation by former ARP employee Bruce McLendon, the Alan R. Pearlman Foundation is welcoming a 2508 Wing Cabinet into its collection of legendary ARP synthesizers.

This 2508 cabinet was assembled as a complete self-contained 2500 synthesizer featuring original oscillator, filter, sequencer, envelope and mix-sequencer modules, all linked by the flexible 2500 patch matrix system. It also contains a new oscillator module designed and built for the Foundation by Phil Cirocco of CMS (Discrete Music Systems).

The ARP Foundation is launching an IndieGogo campaign to raise funds to complete the restoration of what will become the only publicly-accessible ARP 2500 synthesizer in the USA, and to bolster its ARPs For All Program in preparation for the 2500’s arrival.

View the Campaign!

About the Alan R. Pearlman Foundation:

The ARP Archives & The Alan R. Pearlman Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Its mission is to celebrate the legacy of inventor, musician, entrepreneur and engineer Alan R. Pearlman, by making his innovative inventions publicly accessible, and by inspiring future generations to imagine and create. Alan R. Pearlman was a pioneer in the electronic music world, and the founder of ARP Synthesizers, a leading synthesizer manufacturer in the 1970s. The Foundation is dedicated to preserving his legacy, and is committed to creating opportunities for emerging artists, sound designers and electronic music entrepreneurs.

Among their missions is enabling artists and designers to use rare, vintage ARP synthesizers, as well as recording and production equipment - which they’ve successfully accomplished with the ARPs For All Program in cooperation with their partners at The Record Co. in Boston, MA


Side note for synth history's sake: The New England Synthesizer Museum supposedly had the first ARP 2500 on display, but it was non functional when I visited, and the museum no longer around. The owner/curator David Hillel Wilson passed away back in 2010.

Thursday, November 09, 2023

ARPs For All! // The ARP Foundation at Knobcon 2023 with Dina Pearlman & Chris Meyer

video upload by DivKid

"Here I talk with Dina Pearlman (Alan R Pearlman's daughter) and Chris Meyer (a new board member) from the ARP Foundation. We find out about what the ARP Foundation is as well as a new venture with arps for all, which through a partnership with TRC (The Record Co) they're amassing a collection of historic ARP instruments to make them accessible to everyone, based out of Boston, Massachusetts, USA."

ARP Foundation //
The Record co (partner in Boston) //

Thursday, November 02, 2023

Depeche Mode Drums

video upload by Alex Ball

"A look at a specific drum setup used by Depeche Mode and Daniel Miller on their album, Speak and Spell, from 1981.

0:00 Intro
0:51 KR-55 Snare
1:55 Interfacing Setup
3:23 ARP 2600 Daniel Miller Kick
7:32 Roland MC-4
8:14 Test it out
8:43 Alternative Gear / Sample Pack
9:34 Outro Jam

Get the sample pack:"

Monday, October 30, 2023

A Conversation with Alan Howarth: A Halloween Watchparty!

video upload by Alan R. Pearlman Foundation

Note: "For those attending the watch party on Monday if you make a donation during the premiere, your name will be put into a drawing for a poster or tee shirt from our shop (don't forget to check out new merch!) The winner announced on Halloween."

"Right in time for Halloween! Join d'ARP (Dina Pearlman-Ifil) as she chats with Alan Howarth about his life and work as a Music Composer, Sound Designer and Producer!

Alan Howarth’s award–winning film work started on Star Trek–The Motion Picture, launching him as a sound designer for the following 6 Star Trek feature films. Next was 'Escape From New York', collaborating on music with director and composer, John Carpenter, and scoring for 'Halloween sequels 2–6″, 'Christine', 'Big Trouble in Little China', 'Prince of Darkness' and 'They Live'. He has since composed music for over 50 films with his most current score of “From the Shadows” set to release in this fall of 2023. (read more on his website:

Stick around after the Interview for a special Demonstration video with Alan discussing and makeing some of his sound-making techniques. Not to be missed! You'll have time for a short break, then go right to the video!"

Alan Howarth - Demonstration! (premiers at 3:30 PM after the above show)

video upload by

"After the initial visit with Alan Howarth, d'ARP (Dina Pearlman-Ifil) and Alan met once again where he shows how he created patches for his new and upcoming films! Celebrate Halloween and learn how to make some really cool sounds!"

"Other details...
The watch party is FREE, however, if you choose to donate during the watch party, your name will be put into a drawing for a poster or tee shirt from our shop (don't forget to check out new merch!)The winner will be announced on Halloween."

"Prize details:

For those attending the watch party on Monday if you make a donation during the premiere, your name will be put into a drawing for a poster or tee shirt from our shop (don't forget to check out new merch!) The winner announced on Halloween."

Friday, October 06, 2023

The First Ever all ARP 2500 Album Opens for Preorder Today on BandCamp

via the Alan R Pearlman Foundation

It's BandCamp Friday, and we have a treat for you!

The first ever all ARP 2500 album opens for preorder today on BandCamp!

Check out the album Now!

The ARP 2500 by David Baron
Distrubuted by Here & Now Recordings

About the Album:

Although it went largely unnoticed at the time, the 2500 became one of the most famous synthesizers in history when it was featured prominently in the film Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, where it was used to communicate with an alien spaceship.

ARP instruments founder Alan Robert Pearlman was a Nasa scientist. Between 1970 and 1981 only 100 ARP 2500's were ever made, each a custom order, no standard configurations. ARP 2500 one of Jean-Michel Jarre's favourite instruments. All the sounds are completely unique. You pretty much need a degree in physics to operate one!

Pete Townsend "Mine plays six notes at once, can have 20 sets of preset control voltages available, six audio signals mixed and instantly usable at various levels. The most incredibly subtle tone colours can be produced using the multimode resonator in conjunction with a normal filter, and the sequencer will provide exhilarating cascades of arpeggios."

David Baron "The Arp 2500 was the only sound source. I sequenced one or two patches at a time and then built the compositions in layers. A lot of the audio FX were created through the use of pedals. The reverberation came from the Bricasti, EMT 240 Plate, Roland Space Echo 501, and a Vermona Spring Reverb. The Arp 2500 always ran through the Avedis Key Pre. I used very little dynamic compression/limiting. Time delay effects were mostly created ‘in the box’ but also with rack mount outboard including the AMS Tape Phase Simulator, an Eventide Instant Flanger, and a MXR Flanger/Doubler. The instrument stays in tune (for the most part). The filters can distort so some care has to be used when gain staging. The envelopes are very snappy. The sound is beautiful and creamy yet percussive and forward."

About David Baron
Record producer, film composer, musician, arranger, engineer located in the historic Woodstock, New York area. An avid collector of vintage analog synthesizers and recording gear. He owns a private recording studio called Sun Mountain Studios located on top of a mountain overlooking the Ashokan Reservoir.

Some artists he has worked with: Lumineers, Shania Twain, Jade Bird, Shawn Mendes, Vance Joy, Meghan Trainor, Lenny Kravitz, Jeremiah Fraites, Josin, Matt Maeson and Lana Del Rey.

He blends retro and modern, orchestrated and raw. The contrast that brings out the emotion of a scene or in a song.

David releases his own music on UK-based Here and Now Recordings.

Album Credits
Releases November 17, 2023

Written recorded and produced by David Baron

Album cover designed by Dina Pearlman-Ifil derived from an old ARP 2500 brochure originally designed by Margaret Shepherd in 1970 for Tonus, Inc / ARP Instruments.
Photograph courtesy of the Alan R Pearlman Foundation

About the Alan R Pearlman Foundation
The ARP Archives & The Alan R. Pearlman Foundation is a small, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Our mission is to celebrate the legacy of inventor, musician, entrepreneur and engineer Alan R. Pearlman, by making his innovative inventions publicly accessible, and by inspiring future generations to imagine and create.


Friday, September 01, 2023


Press release follows:

The ARP Foundation Strengthens its Mission

Kingston, NY, AUGUST 31, 2023– The Alan R. Pearlman Foundation has welcomed three new appointees to its Board of Directors: Chris Meyer, Collin Russell, and Andrew Schlesinger.

Chris Meyer
As a teenager in the 70s, Chris Meyer took lessons on piano, bass, and modular synthesizers. He went on to write code and help design products for Sequential Circuits, Digidesign, Tom Oberheim, and Roland R&D where he was chief engineer. He is perhaps best known as the creator of Vector Synthesis. >

Chris also taught synthesis at UCLA Extension, wrote numerous articles for Music Technology Magazine plus a column for Keyboard Magazine, and was technical chairman of the MIDI Manufacturers Association where he authored several additions to the spec including MIDI Time Code.

After a two-decade detour in the video and film industry, he recently returned to modular synthesis, creating videos, courses, and articles under the name Learning Modular, and co-authored the popular book Patch & Tweak. Proving that one who teaches can also “do”, most recently he has been focusing on composing and performing sweeping, emotional electronic music under the name Alias Zone which combines synthesizers, samplers, field recordings, and percussion instruments.

Collin Russell

Collin Russell is a composer, sound designer, and educator specializing in modular synthesis and through-composed electronic music. In addition to creating sound libraries and scoring music for films, Collin releases his own personal music in genres ranging from ambient to harsh noise. His process is rooted in the melding of traditional harmonic and rhythmic structures with organic modulations, bridging the gap between familiar and explorative sound.

Synth Gems 1 and Inspire the Music – 50 Years of Roland History.

Andrew Schlesinger

Drew Schlesinger is a renowned professional sound designer who has been involved in creating patches for synthesizers, effects and software products beginning with the Casio CZ-101 in 1984. He’s developed internal presets for over two hundred devices from thirty different manufacturers including Roland, Korg, EMU, Kurzweil, Alesis, Sony, Yamaha, Eventide, Lexicon and Sound Toys among many others.

He's recognized as one of the most prolific and accomplished sound programmers in the MI industry and has created seminal sounds and effects that include “Crystal Echoes” (Shimmer), the “Black Hole” reverb for Eventide and “Prophetic Steps” for Korg’s Prophecy synthesizer.

Drew was recently presented with the Golden Knob Lifetime Achievement Award at the Knobcon 2022 for his work in synth sound design and the contributions to the electronic music community. He’s also included in NAMM’s Oral History Series and is a frequent podcast guest.


"We’re very excited to welcome these talented professionals into our Board of Directors," said Dina Alcalay Pearlman-Ifil, founder and Executive Director of the ARP Foundation and daughter of Alan R. Pearlman. "These three new Directors are well-recognized in their fields and we’re looking forward to their contributions bringing the Foundation’s efforts to the next level.”

The ARP Foundation continues its work with contributors, collaborators, vendors, manufacturers, venues, and synthesizer owners to provide music students with access to vintage ARP synthesizers to explore the endless possibilities of electronic music. The Foundation relies on donors to continue its mission, and encourages everyone who understands the importance of music education to visit to learn more and pledge their support.

Wednesday, June 07, 2023

1970's ARP Demo featuring Tom Piggott & Conversations with Tom Piggott & Greg Phillinganes

video upload by Alan R. Pearlman Foundation

"PLEASE NOTE: The beginning of the video is glitchy... both the sound and video will resolve at between 1:30 and 2:07.

Originally aired on WOVB-TV, in association with The Ohio University Telecommunications Center, this is one of several UMATIC demo tapes found in a box when d'ARP (Dina Pearlman-Ifil, Alan Pearlman's daughter) was going through her father's effects.

Tom Piggott was one of several educators that worked at ARP Instruments in the 1970s. He worked closely with Al, helping write the classic: 'Learning Music with Synthesizers' David Friend, Alan R. Pearlman, Thomas D. Piggott)."

A Conversation with Tom Piggott

"d'ARP had several conversations with Tom over the past few years. This interview highlights some recent footage.

Tom Piggott has been a product specialist and clinician for numerous companies, including ARP, CRUMAR, SYNERGY and more, and worked with Peter Nero, Stevie Wonder, Nyle Steiner, Linda McCartney, Vangellis, John Entwhistle, Klaus Schulze,T Lavitz, Wendy Carlos, Dr. Richard Boulanger, Mike Bergeman, Donald Fagan, Edgar Winter, Tom Coster, Jimmy Page, Roger Powell, Jerry Kovarski, and many others.

Tom Piggott was one of several educators that worked at ARP Instruments in the 1970s. He worked closely with Al, helping write the classic: 'Learning Music with Synthesizers' David Friend, Alan R. Pearlman, Thomas D. Piggott)."

A Conversation with Greg Phillinganes

"D'ARP has a conversation about ARP Synthesizers with Greg Phillinganes, who has recorded or toured with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, George Harrison, the Bee Gees, Donna Summer, Anita Baker, George Benson, Karen Carpenter, Eric Clapton, Donald Fagen, Aretha Franklin, Patti LaBelle, Michael Jackson, Richard Marx, Paul McCartney, Al Jarreau, Quincy Jones, and Stevie Nicks (whew!)!"

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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