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Monday, June 24, 2024

Chris Meyer’s trick WavPak for the ModBap Osiris digital wavetable VCO

video upload by

"need to writeThe ModBap Osiris is currently my favorite wavetable oscillator: it has high fidelity, built-in processing such as stack & detune, a suboctave, a VCA, and more. It also allows you to load your own waveforms into it.

This caused me to sample my favorite waves and tricks on my “Monster” Eurorack modular system and load them into the Osiris, so I could take some of my favorite sounds with me on the road in my travel case. I created four banks: East Coast, West Coast, Formants, and Harmonics.

I did not just sample, say, the sawtooth wave of all of my VCOs; I created patches like audio-rate waveform crossfading, processed them through tube VCAs, sent the fundamental plus second or third harmonics of a warm sine through Serge-based wavefolders and rectifiers, and dialed in my favorite sounds on the Livewire AFG, Verbos Harmonic Oscillator, and Xaoc Devices Odessa as well as different formant filters and filter banks.

As fun as the individual waveforms are, the real trick is what I did with the Y axis of the wavetables: Instead of just loading more waves, I filled them with the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th harmonic of the source waveforms. That means as you modulate the Y value, this WavPak smoothly crossfades between different consonant musical intervals to the root (octave, octave + fifth, two octaves, two octaves + third, two octaves + fifth, and three octaves). When layered with a second oscillator tuned to the root pitch - or with the Osiris’ own subharmonic - the result are musical intervals under voltage control. Used with the Osiris’ subharmonic plus its stack & detune algorithm, and now one VCO sounds like three - with custom waves!

This WavPak is currently available for free from ModBap:

And here is the index to the video above:
00:00 introduction
00:41 East Coast bank
02:00 West Coast bank
03:11 Formants bank
04:07 Harmonics bank
05:34 Y axis tuning tricks
07:00 patch ideas"

ARP Odyssey Proportional Pitch Control PPC Modification Kit

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via this listing

Additional Tone Tweakers Listings

"This upgrade kit was made to replace the pitch bend rotary pot in the early vintage ARP Odyssey mk 1 or 2 with the later mk 3’s unique proportional pitch control pads. This kit appears to be new and is untested and being sold as is, though we imagine anyone with the skills required to install this kit should also be able to troubleshoot it - it’s not rocket science. It may be possible to install this kit in another synthesizer as well, if you’ve got the skills and knowledge to do so. People without those skills should not be attempting to modify vintage synths. We have 2 of these, search our other listings for the other."

Saturday, June 15, 2024

Chroma Multi-Lane Filter Modulation

video upload by Dome Music Technologies

"This patch uses the Misfit Audio Drum Sequencer and the Poly Pressure Encoder to play different rhythmical patterns to each voice of the Cherry Chroma."

Friday, June 14, 2024

Best Synth Solo Ever Recorded // Note by Note

video upload by Starsky Carr

"In 1979 Gary Numan toured 'The Touring Principle' in which Billy Currie played a stunning synth solo during the performance of On Broadway, which appears on the Living Ornaments 79 album. This is widely considered as one of, if not, the best synth solos ever. It's musically accomplished and technically brilliant moving from organic orchestral style tones to worm hole ripping screeching electronic sync tones and back again.

It's a wonderfully emotional and very clever performance. In this I break it down note by note and show each of the tweaks on the synth (the Arp Odyssey) to get those dramatic changes in timbre."

0:00 A Little Bit of History
2:55 What's So Good About It?
5:22 How to Recreate the Basic Tone
7:23 Breaking Down the Solo
14:07 THE SOLO - Putting it All Together

Saturday, June 08, 2024

ARP ODYSSEY MKIII (1978) - Demo & Review

video upload by Andy Whitmore

"ARP ODYSSEY MKIII (1978) - Demo & Review

The ARP Odyssey was created as a direct competitor to the Mini Moog, addressing the demand for a smaller, more affordable synthesizer. ARP produced several versions between 1972 and 1978, and in 2015, they collaborated with Korg to faithfully recreate a re-issue with David Friend, the original designer.
The Odyssey stands out as one of the first duophonic synthesizers, with all functions controlled by sliders and switches on the front panel. The ARP Odyssey Mk III, featured in this video, was introduced in 1978. It boasts a redesigned chassis with an orange-on-black color scheme, consistent with other contemporary ARP instruments. The Mk III version includes ARP's new four-pole "4075" filter and features both unbalanced XLR and 1/4" outputs.
Often seen as a streamlined version of the ARP 2600, the Odyssey includes additional features like a high-pass filter and oscillator synchronization. It produces some of the best sync-lead sounds you'll ever hear from a synthesizer! The Odyssey is a true classic, both in design and sound.
The ARP Odyssey is highly versatile, offering numerous features:
• 2 oscillators (with VCO 2 doubling as a second LFO)
• VCO synchronization
• 2 filters (resonant low-pass and non-resonant high-pass)
• Ring modulator
• Sample & hold
• Noise generator (white and pink noise)
• 1 LFO
• 2 envelopes (ADSR and AR)

Friday, June 07, 2024

A Conversation with Anthony Marinelli with the Alan R. Pearlman Foundation

video upload by Alan R. Pearlman Foundation

"Celebrate Alan R Pearlman's birthday! June 7 and join the Alan R Pearlman Foundation (Right after PSN's Friday show @ProSynthNetwork ) at the watchparty featuring d'ARP in conversation with Anthony Marinelli @anthonymarinellimusic

What? Watchparty and Fundraising month kickoff
Who? Anthony Marinelli interview
Where? YouTube
When? 4:00 PM NY / 1:00 PM LA/ 9:00pm UK / 10:00PM EU

Anthony Marinelli is an American composer, pianist and programmer. In his early career, he composed and performed accompaniment on the synthesizer for albums including Michael Jackson's Thriller. Marinelli has also recorded with Lionel Richie, Kenny Loggins, Herb Alpert, Supertramp, The Crystal Method, Billy Childs and James Brown and many, many more.

Marinelli worked with Steven Spielberg on The Color Purple (1985) and composed for Young Guns (1988), Graveyard Shift (1990), Leaving Las Vegas (1996), and Internal Affairs (1990).

Marinelli's work includes over a hundred feature film credits, Emmies, Clio Awards, two AICP Awards, two ADDY Awards, three Indian Telly Awards and a Cannes Silver Lion Award.

In 2022 Marinelli became the co-host and producer of the podcast series Stories in the Room: Michael Jackson's Thriller Album Podcast, which has gone viral on social media and now hosts his own hugely successful YouTube Channel: Anthony Marinelli Music @anthonymarinellimusic"

ARP Pro-DGX Monophonic Analog Synthesizer SN 27310286

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via this listing

"Arp Pro DGX in superb conditions, fully serviced in our Lab.

New grommets set for keyboard, calibrated and more.

Plug and play."

Thursday, June 06, 2024

GForce AXXESS Mini Demos

video upload by GForce Software

"GForce AXXESS is a quick way to get stunning results in your production and it is a master at bass. It has a fantastic giant sound and a super fun sequencer that will surprise you. Thanks to our unique X-Modifiers, you can also go much deeper. They make it quicker to program complex sounds. AXXESS lends itself superbly to Electronica, Cinematic, Synthpop, Dance, Ambient, Rock, Prog Rock, Hip Hop and more."

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Movements For The Great Visionary (extrait & making of TERPSICHORE) #tangerinedream #berlinschool

video upload by KurtzMindfields

"New final album in tribute to the 50th anniversary of the release of Phaedra / tangerine Dream and Edgar Froese (1944-2015), who would have turned 80 today.

PERPSICHORE was 90% recorded with my analog synthesizers. This will be my last project for the Berlin School period from 1974 to 1979 for a while, in order to explore more of the following period.

Kurtz Mindfields set up: SynthR4 with sequencer and arpeggiator, NRsynth Moog 55 & Retro One, Hansy Mister M, ARP Pro-Soloist, S.E.1 Electronics, Behringer P800, Roland A90ex, Waldorf Zarembourg, Mellotron M400, Oberheim OB3 organ, Elka 490 Strings, Rhodes MKI, Arturia Mellotron V & Korg Electribe2, Reverbs & pedalboard (Flangers, Phaser, Echo, Chorus, ...) & EMS SynthiA"

Tuesday, June 04, 2024

TTSH Mini Meanie Arp2600 (Clone) - Its a Monster!

video upload by Andy Whitmore

"TTSH Mini Meanie Arp 2600 Clone Analog Synthesizer

This is one of the very few examples of a Synth today being built as it was in the 1970s - authentic analog technology.

The TTSH Mini Meanie Arp 2600 clone was released in 2015 by The Human Comparator.
The synth is designed to be built at home – although a lot of synth enthusiasts have them built by a Synth tech – which considering how complicated it is & how many soldering points there are – is probably safer.
The original Arp 2600 came out in the early 1970s to compete with Moog – amongst others.
Its goal was to take synthesis out of the lab & into the hands of the musicians.

The TTSH or Two Thousand Six Hundred Mini Meanie is a Modern version of the Original Arp 2600 at about 73% of the original size making it the "mini meanie".In terms of electronics the TTSH is pretty much identical to the early 70s grey faced model 2600P, which includes the built-in speakers (although these speakers are way better than the original speakers). Additionally it has awesome orange LED sliders as standard. ( particular TTSH v3 was built by Margo in November 2023 at her workshop in North London.
Extras include
Osc sync mod – sync osc 3 to either osc
Dc removal mod
Dc off set – gets massive thump open vca
Envelope range mode. Adsr - otherwise the release has no sustain (as per the original 2600) – now the sustain goes up to triple time.
Small mod on reverb amp – less hummy
Clock mod allows you to pole sync – clock sample & hold
This Mini Meanie cost £3000.

In this video – I explore the synth & show you some of the sounds it is capable of.
Thanks for watching."

Monday, June 03, 2024

ARP Axxe Solo Synthesizer Poster

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"Extremely rare and hard to find original poster

Measures 24 by 36

There is some damage to the sides as shown in the pics but once framed you can’t see it. I’ve had this framed for many years and have recently changed out with another poster. Very hard to find original poster"

Saturday, June 01, 2024

Improvisation on Matrix 12 and Yusynth modular by wo visiting friends

video upload by yusynthman


Two passionate friends visiting my studio. (2)

"Last Saturday afternoon, I had the visit of two musician friends visiting my synth studio. Here, the 'dread lock giant' is having a lot of fun tweaking a sequence on my Yusynth modular synth, while I manage to play a few notes and chords on the Memotron (a modern recreation of the Mellotron by Manikin Elecronic) to accompany the sequence. The other visitor is behind the camera and makes a kind of panoramic view of my music studio."

Two passionate friends visiting my studio (3)

"Last Saturday afternoon, I had the visit of two musician friends visiting my synth studio. Here, I am commenting a sequence patch on the MOS-LAB 2500 (a clone of the famous ARP2500 modular synth) The second visitor is behind the camera."

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Kevin’s Omni II and RE-150

video upload by foleytronics fx repair

"Here is Kevin’s overhauled Omni and his working RE-150. This is an Omni from the deepest depths of hell, but really what Omni isn’t?"

Monday, May 27, 2024

ARP Omni 2 Analog Polyphonic Keyboard Synthesizer

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Additional Perfect Circuit listings

Friday, May 24, 2024

ARP Foundation ARP 2500 Now Available for Public Use

The first ARP 2500 available for public use, previously posted here, is now available.

via The Alan R. Pearl Foundation

KINGSTON, NY, MAY 24, 2024– The Alan R. Pearlman Foundation proudly announces that their recently-acquired ARP 2500 synthesizer has been restored, fitted with upgrades, and is now available tom the general public at The Record Co. in Boston, MA. This ARP 2500 is the first and only publicly-accessible example of its kind in the USA.

Thanks to generous funding from donors and benefactors, and in line with the Foundation’s mission, this exceedingly rare 2508 Wing Cabinet is now available to everyone. Part of the expansive 2500 system, the 2508 is a self-contained synthesizer including original oscillator, filter, sequencer, envelope and mix-sequencer modules, interlinked by the 2500’s flexible patch matrix system. It also contains a unique new oscillator designed for the Foundation by Phil Cirocco of Cirocco Music Systems, who also restored the 2508 to pristine working condition. The synthesizer has been further enhanced with a protective cover as well as a new custom-made keyboard from

"The day has finally arrived," said Dina Alcalay Pearlman-Ifil, founder and Executive Director of the ARP Foundation and daughter of Alan R. Pearlman. "Thanks to our generous donors, colleagues, and friends, our 2500 got the TLC it needed to make it feel and sound brand new again. It’s ready to inspire the next generation of musical explorers, just as my father intended. We hope this will be the first of many.”

The 2500 is available by appointment. Users seeking to schedule hands-on time must contact The Record Co. at Previous modular synthesizer experience is strongly encouraged, however, users will receive an email with resources designed to familiarize them with the 2500’s workflow, empowering them to make the most of their time with this legendary synthesizer.

The ARP Foundation continues its work with contributors, collaborators, vendors, manufacturers, venues, and synthesizer owners to provide musicians with access to vintage ARP synthesizers to explore the endless possibilities of electronic music. The Foundation relies on donors to continue its mission, and encourages everyone who understands the importance of music education to visit to learn more and pledge their support."

Monday, May 20, 2024

NDLR Jam from 2019

video upload by Circuit 3

"#NewMusicMonday another archive find! This NDLR jam sent generative style notes based on my input to multiple synths. I like to experiment with non-song based music to see what happens. #synth"

Thursday, May 16, 2024

~My Friend~ Synth Jam featuring Korg Polysix, Moog minimoog + Arp synthesizers.

video upload by Remco Rones

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

The future of EXPRESSIVE analog synths is HERE

video upload by Anthony Marinelli Music

"I've been waiting 50 years to experience analog synthesizers responding intuitively and immediately to pitch, timbre and volume changes from the slightest movements of my fingers on a keyboard! In this video, you'll see and hear unprecedented control of one of the most extreme patches I've ever made. It incudes (4) Vintage ARP 2600's synthesizers and (1) Vintage 1969 Moog IIIc modular synthesizer playing all at once in unison mode or where each modular synth is playing a separate voice in the chord. I've never heard my favorite all-time analog synths sounding so musical, so different and just so good!

To accomplish this task, we are using 5 channels of Haken Audio CVC (Control Voltage Converter) to receive MPE messages from an Expressive E Osmose and also from a Haken Audio Continuum. These state of the art MIDI controllers are able to understand the players most subtle finger movements and immediately translate those messages to the CVC. Without any perceivable latency, the CVC can then send 4 independent control voltages to alter any parameter in real-time on any one of the synths being used as a voice.

My special guest, Osmose and Continuum expert performer Josh Madoff demonstrates all the features on both of these keyboards by playing musical examples. I'll be explaining what's going on, playing some duets with Josh and also providing an in-depth breakdown of the patches on each synth. I'm optimistic that we'l be seeing controllers n the near future delivering higher and higher levels of artistic experiences for performers. Please enjoy the this presentation and let us know what you think in the comments section. Thank you for your support, it means everything to us!

00:00 Anthony's Intro
00:41 Osmose Musical Example
01:11 Set Up (4) ARP 2600s (1) Moog IIIc
01:43 About the Osmose
03:05 About the Continuum
05:25 Musical Examples playing (4) ARP 2600s (1) Moog IIIc from Osmose
10:04 Our Experience Performing with Continuous Control Voltage
13:22 Sostenuto Pedal
15:22 Anthony Plays with a lot of Resonance
16:35 Musical Example - Osmose MPE Arpeggiator
18:23 Musical Example - EaganMatrix Sound Engine & Vintage Analog Modular
22:30 The Control Signals Osmose, Continuum & Haken CVC
25:17 Type of Control & Articulations
27:50 The Synth Patch on the Moog Modular IIIc
31:55 The Synth Patch on the ARP 2600s
34:36 RECAP of Control Voltage Signals Going to the Analog Synths
36:35 Controlling Each Synth Voice from the Keyboard
38:00 Anthony's Summary
38:25 CTA, Thank you
38:49 Logo (theme music)"

Monday, May 13, 2024

1977 ARP Avatar

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via this listing

See The Infamous ARP Avatar

"This is the ARP AVATAR. It is basically a Arp Odessy without a keyboard controller. It was intended to be used with the guitar MIDI controller pickup that I no longer have. my tech tells me that the Roland midi guitars or a Roland-style or any hex pickup will work. I used this with a Kenton box (midi to cv converter) which turned it into a tabletop synth module. I just had all the sliders replaced and it's pretty satisfying to play with.

It is from 1977 so it's not brand new. I just sent it to my tech to make sure it's all working and we decided to change all the sliders out. When I bought this 15 years ago it came in a road case that was deteriorated and left marks on the wood panels on the sides as seen in the pics. I did clean them up a little. If you are someone who is handy I am sure you could clean these up to look like new if you are inspired to do so."

Friday, May 10, 2024

Shimmers and Echoes (soundscape) for VCS3, Arp 2600, Clavinet, Mellotron and Gong.

video upload by R. Reger

"All VCS3 patches played through an Empress Echosystem. Arp 2600 patches played through a Boss RE-20 Space Echo. Clavinet played through a Fairfield Circuitry "Randy's Revenge" ring modulator. Mellotron played through an MXR 10-band EQ and Boss RV-5 reverb."

Patch n Tweak
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