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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Prophet VS: Sequential Hardware vs. Arturia Software -- Can You Tell the Difference?

video upload by Lantertronics - Aaron Lanterman

0:00 -- Introduction
0:13 -- The game
1:03 -- Test setup
1:25 -- Volume issues
2:13 -- The experiments

Saturday, July 13, 2024

Polybrute 12: Cutting-edge or Old Tech?

video upload by Ricky Tinez

"The Polybrute 12 is a great sounding analog synthesizer aimed at keyboard players. It’s very expensive, but if you get your hands on one you’ll know why. It’s everything you’d want in an analog synth. But do you NEED all that stuff to have a good time? Of course not. But today I'll show you why this thing is special"

00:00 Polybrute 12 Overview
01:01 The Adgenda
01:16 The Morph Knob Is what really stands out.
02:46 Touchpad Morphing between patches!
04:29 The Knob per function
05:21 No More Boring Analog Sounds
06:27 One of the BEST mod matrix in the synth world
07:12 Mapping the Morpheé is SUPER simple!
08:00 LFO 3 is dope!
08:25 The Effects are GOOD not great...
09:24 The Cons!
09:35 Filter Section Confusion
10:09 i STILL can't do this at this price?
10:37 It's A LOT to learn... Be prepared!
11:18 Only 1 mod envelope? Really...
11:36 My Take on the "Full Touch" Keyboard Technology. Not for me. YET

Friday, July 12, 2024

Bad Gear - Most Expensive Home Keyboard

video upload by AudioPilz

"Welcome to Bad Gear, the show about the world’s most-hated audio tools. Almost every day critics of this channel spread fake news that I will one day run out of Gear to review - if I haven’t already.

Today we are going to talk about Arturia Astrolab. This arguably most expensive home keyboard of all time and proprietary plugin host is the living proof that this day will most likely never come: a name suspiciously similar to your favorite personal lubricant, the UI of a smart home thermostat and the most obnoxious paywall of all time - merci beaucoup!!!

Bad Gear - Most Expensive Home Keyboard of All Time

00:00 Intro tune
00:55 Overview Arturia Astrolab
01:26 Patches ( Piano , Minimoog , Yamaha DX7 , Fairlight CMI ,...)
02:27 Overall Concept
02:37 Macro Controller
02:54 Loading Times
03:13 (not so) smooth Transitions
03:26 Multitimbrality (Layers, Splits)
03:46 FX Section
04:03 Arpeggiator, Chords, Midi Recorder
04:27 Main Display/UI
04:42 Software Integration, Editing Patches
05:09 F***ing RAW!!!
05:21 Workarounds,...
05:33 Playlists
05:41 What Else??? (Thanks, Build Quality, Vocoder ,...)
06:00 Hate
06:26 Jam 1 ( Downtempo )
07:25 Jam 2 ( Solid Bass Techno )
08:25 Finale ( Epic & Evil Soundtrack )
08:55 Verdict"

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Novation Peak and Bass Station + Arturia Arturia Minifreak jam by @kojikobura #shorts #synth

video upload by Synths & Machines

Tuesday, July 09, 2024

Arturia Minifreak - "Aura" 40 Presets (Soundset)

video upload by LFOstore

" presents 'Aura' the soundset for Arturia Minifreak.

More Minifreak presets:

Soundset by Sacral Reason.

Arturia Minifreak is an incredible synthesizer with amazing features and sound, and we continue to unlock its potential.

Time for cosmic vibrations and aura healing!

In the bank you will find deep pads and soundscapes.

40 amazing presets are waiting for you and ready to fill your compositions with new colors and inspire creativity.

Cinematic, Electronic, Ambient, create new music worlds with Arturia Minifreak and 'Aura'

Every patch of our soundset is musical & can be immediately used in your tracks & production.

Enjoy and may the music come with you!"

Saturday, July 06, 2024

LOOPER and SYNTH // How Good Can It Be?

video upload by

"BOSS RC-202 DESKTOP LOOPER combined with ARTURIA ASTROLAB emulations of ROLAND JUNO-6 is a fun combination indeed!
First steps with live looping with a synth, just using one track of the looper pedal today and the built-in cheezy drums that serve as a metronome.


Friday, July 05, 2024

VGM #216: The Port Town of Brisk // Sea of Stars ((Piano/Synth Rock Cover)

video upload by Amie Waters

"Thank you to my patrons for voting on this track for me to cover! I adored my time with Sea of Stars and I was so happy to finally get to cover something from it! What a wonderful indie RPG game with a delightful soundtrack.

Amie Waters uses synthesizers and vibes to create emotive and moving covers from your favorite movies, tv shows and video games. Some of her most well known work was made under her old name, Ace Waters, which includes Covers from Undertale, Zelda, and more. Her music covers a wide range of styles, from ambient mood pieces to progressive synth rock and everything in between."

Thursday, July 04, 2024

Arturia Pigments/Analog Lab/AstroLab: Atmospheric Presets

video upload by Anton Anru

"Arturia Pigments/Analog Lab/AstroLab 'Tape Dreams' is a collection of 50 presets: 7 Arps, 4 Bells, 5 Basses, 6 Keys, 7 Pads, 5 Rhythmical, 5 Strings, 4 Synths, 7 Textures.
The bank of presets is dedicated to romantic, melancholic, nostalgic, retro/vintage, lo-fi sound. It features various colors: warm and cold, noisy and detuned, soft and punchy, dark and bright, clean and distorted, deep and airy.

📻 Get the soundset:

🎹 Each preset has 4 Macros and Modwheel that make it easy to develop timbre and adjust key parameters.

🎛 The macros are a significant part of the soundset. They can change tone, stereo width, modulation depth and rate, noise level, distortion, detuning, space/echo/reverb, effects mix, envelope parameters, and others.
You may control them via MIDI controller or use them for automation.

The soundset is suitable for many genres: ambient, electronica, IDM, trip-hop, lounge, downtempo, pop, chill out, new age, cinematic, trance, deep, progressive, techno, retrowave, synthwave, breaks, jungle, drum and bass, dub and others.

🔹 Wide range of timbres
🔹 Thoroughly set parameters
🔹 ModWheel adds expression
🔹 4 macros to shape the timbre during performance
🔹 Tags for a more comfortable browsing experience

Compatible with Pigments, Analog Lab, AstroLab.
Make sure you are using the latest software/firmware version.

For AstroLab users.
Import the bank into Analog Lab.
Send the presets to the device.

Wednesday, July 03, 2024

It’s Arturia AstroLab Thyme+!

video upload by Enjoy Synths

Monday, July 01, 2024

Walkabout at the Synthesized event, Cambridge

video upload by MIDI IN

"I wasn't able to do the usual musical Sunday video this week, I was at the Synthesized event at the Centre for Computing History in Cambridge.
Tony the organiser had caught everyone for interviews which will be on the museum's own channel here: (link when available)
So I just picked a quiet moment for a walkabout to show the variety of musical technology on display."

Also see Synthesized Festival 2023 - Cambridge Centre For Computing History & Making Drums For Modular Synth

The beautiful & scenic Taconic Parkway in Westchester County, New York

video upload by CatSynth TV

"We take a ride along the beautiful and scenic Taconic Parkway in Westchester County, New York. The Taconic functions as a freeway in the northern suburbs of New York City and one of the main routes connecting north to the state capital in Albany. The highway is designed to be in harmonic with its landscape, sometimes broad and open, sometimes narrower and winder, as the terrain changes.

In this first of multiple videos, we start just north of its junction with the Saw Mill Parkway (as seen in a previous video) and heading north passing NY routes 100 and 133 in Millwood and Chappaqua (where CatSynth creator and host Amanda Chaudhary grew up), crossing the Croton Reservoir on the AMVETS Memorial Bridge, and passing Franklin D Roosevelt State Park. We turn off the Taconic onto the Bear Mountain Parkway, US 202 and NY 35.

The music through most of this video is the track "Taconic Parkway Bridge" off of Amanda Chaudhary's new album January Suborbital Denomination. The track features composer and musician Jerry King on electronic guitars in addition to Amanda on keyboards and synthesizers. You can hear (and purchase) the album at:

Synthesizers on "Taconic Parkway Bridge" include:
Arturia Pigments, 2600 V, Synthi V, Delay Brigade
Arturia MiniFreak
Yamaha RX5 vintage drum machine
Cherry Audio Elka-X, GX-80, and Stardust-201 tape delay

Additional music features:
Cherry Audio MemoryMode, Chroma, and Stardust-201
Arturia CMI V
Big Fish Audio Grindhouse (Kontakt)
AudioThing Wires

00:00 Introduction
00:10 Hawthorne, Briarcliff Manor, and Mount Pleasant
02:13 Millwood, Chappaqua, Ossining
04:02 Crossing the AMVETS Memorial Bridge into Yorktown
06:05 Exiting onto the Bear Mountain Parkway, and US 202 / NY 35

Please consider supporting us:

Saturday, June 29, 2024

► ARTURIA POLYBRUTE - 50 Custom Patches, Sounds & Soundset | Synth Demo

video upload by synth4ever

"► Get these patches here:

Unleash your Arturia Polybrute with Morphology, a creative and versatile custom patch bank and sound set featuring 50 different sounds & presets. These meticulously crafted patches cover various styles, from regular bread and butter sounds to more ambient, electronica, industrial and experimental timbres for you to explore and create music with.

The Arturia Polybrute is a powerful and extremely expressive analog synthesizer, and I tried to push it in many different directions when building these patches. In addition to standard sounds (leads, bass, pads etc), I also explored arpeggiators, sequences, soundscapes and texture-based approaches to sound design.

All patches contain separate A & B layers for full morphing and take full advantage of the Polybrute's various expressive controllers (morphee, ribbon, aftertouch, mod wheel) to give you additional sonic possibilities within the patch itself - so be sure to experiment with all of these controllers!

These 50 Arturia Polybrute custom patches and sounds will import as a user bank via Polybrute Connect software, where you can transfer them to your Polybrute. This sound set requires Arturia Polybrute firmware version 3.0 or higher. Patches are compatible with both the original Polybrute and the Polybrute 12.

Overall, I'm proud of this sound pack and believe it covers a lot of interesting sonic territory for musicians and listeners alike. Thanks for your interest in my sound design and work; I hope you enjoy exploring and performing with these patches on your Arturia Polybrute as much as I do on mine."

Friday, June 28, 2024

Tutorials | PolyBrute 12 - Settings & PolyBrute

video upload by Arturia

"Follow Matt Paull as he takes you through the entire Settings area of the PolyBrute 12, unlocking many additional features of the instrument. Additionally, you will learn about its software counterpart called PolyBrute Connect, which will help you understand how to organize and manage your sounds and presets."

00:00 Intro
00:20 What's it all about
00:43 Preset
01:02 VCO 1 & 2
02:47 Metalizer
03:15 Sub Osc
03:45 Morph Pitch Quantize
05:23 Envelopes
06:28 LFO
06:57 Voice Allocation
08:25 Out Section
08:49 Expression control
09:18 Preset Info
09:39 Global
09:48 Sync
10:15 Keyboard
10:27 MIDI
11:11 MISC
11:33 PolyBrute Connect
12:25 Standalone & DAW
12:49 Presets management
14:00 Outro

Thursday, June 27, 2024

Behringer Solina vs Solina software clones

video upload by Analog Prophet

"A comparison between Behringer Solina String Ensemble and three different Solina software clones: Arturia Solina V2 (virtual analog), UVI String Machines 2 (sampled based) and a Solina sample pack från BiggaGiggas (samples).

The settings used in all examples is all instruments, ensemble on, medium bass volume, medium crescendo and medium release.

Some of the instruments are made to shine in stereo but for the sake of comparison everything is in here in mono, just as the original Solina was made as well as the hardware Behringer clone. No external processing such EQ has been applied but small settings on the instruments to reproduce about the same sound as close as possible and volume matching.

The purpose of the comparison is to show the different character of the hardware Solina clone and some Solina software clones."

Wednesday, June 26, 2024


video upload by Synth Tailor Electronics

"Electronic Dream Plant WASP synthesizer demo for Matt. This WASP was repaired and the ELBY MIDI kit was installed by Synth Tailor Electronics.

All sounds made by the WASP (excluding the percussion made by the Sequential Circuits DRUMTRAKS drum machine + Arturia Keystep Pro controlled sequences via MIDI)

The EDP WASP is a hybrid digital VCO and analogue VCF synthesizer designed by Chris Huggett. the Wasp was released in 1978. Such an interesting little synth, that has a very unique sound. The keybed is a touch sensitive two octave keyboard, that works by sensing skin capacitance, so playing with gloves on is out of the question. The midi kit is a must to install in these units to be able to use in a modern setup."

Arturia Microfreak Generation Loss MK2 / Boards of Canada / Thom Yorke

video upload by Blossom Bisquits

"Arturia Microfreak vocoder ed."

Monday, June 24, 2024

Arturia Polybrute 12 Analogue Polysynth Sonic LAB Review

video upload by sonicstate

"Its a beast and as such does not deviate too far from the orginal synth in terms of the architecture. What it does have is double the polyphony at 12 voices, plus a brand new keybed which not only features Poly Aftertouch, but a new control paradigm called FullTouch which allows expression to be controlled from the moment you touch a key.

We reviewed the original when it first came out, we recommend you watch that for a deep synthesis dive. In this review we're looking at the new Keybed and FullTouch feature - it really adds some deep expression to the instrument.

The poly Aftertouch also allows for per voice morphing which really is a joy to play too (thanks to the question on Patreon by Steve Elbows on our preview video)

Another aspect is the stability of the tuning and calibration (_Truck asked about this) for 24 filters and 24 oscillators I found it very good, I only calibrated it once and didn't need to again.

Nice work Arturia, though its not what one would call affordable,I think it represents a reasonable value for money given the number of voices and features."

00:00 START
00:00:31 Intro
00:01:27 Structure
00:02:56 Morphing
00:04:40 Keybed
00:05:28 Sounds Demo 1
00:07:45 Aftertouch modes
00:09:13 FullTouch
00:10:46 24 Oscillator Unison
00:14:06 More FullTouch
00:17:21 Feature Request
00:18:03 SOunds 2
00:20:01 Stabillity + Callibration
00:22:55 Timbrallity
00:25:21 More Sounds
00:28:09 Conclusions

Sunday, June 23, 2024

Arturia MiniFreak Hybrid Polyphonic Keyboard Synthesizer

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via this listing

Additional Perfect Circuit listings

Arturia MiniFreak - Classic Sounds [SOUNDSET] • Custom Presets

video upload by Mr. Card

"My private collection of classic sounds dedicated to Arturia MiniFreak. I’ve always loved classic sounds like Oberheim OB-Xa, Roland Juno 60, Roland Juno 106, Moog Minimoog, Sequential Prophet One or Sequential Prophet 5. I decided to recreate them with one of my favorite synthesizers. I love Arturia MiniFreak for its versatility and sound. With this soundset, you can take your instrument to the next level. The presets are fully compatible with the Arturia MiniFreak V virtual instrument. Check out my soundset: 🎵"

Saturday, June 22, 2024


video upload by Woody Piano Shack

"Demo of ARTURIA ASTROLAB synthesizer stage keyboard and ROLAND TR-86 drum machine.


“Down In The Park”
Ashes Bass & Lead

A Winter’s Night

Lily’s Dream

3AM Rain

“Lemon Tree”
Celestial Organs
Flying Objects

Galaxy 6x6
Where’s Wally

Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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