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Tuesday, December 05, 2023

Who becomes silverware first? - 10 minute LFO filter sweep and semi-generative Eurorack jam

video upload by thesrabbit

"This sonic experiment was inspired by the Dreadbox Erebus LFO having a whopping 10-minute long cycle time. Therefore, I thought it might be fun to run that LFO into every single filter I have with a CV input, including big analog polys with a VCF control input on the back intended for expression pedals. The honorary VCFs include: 2x Roland System-500 521, G-Storm Electro SH-2 and SH-5, Dreadbox Erebus, Oberheim OB-X8 (OB-X SEM LP mode), Sequential/Oberheim OB-6, Roland Juno-6.

Interestingly the filters on the big polys don't open all the way. I assume this has something to do with the inputs being calibrated for expression pedals rather than Eurorack CV. According to my oscilloscope, the Erebus LFO range is -5v and +5v. This is pretty typical for Eurorack. I set the cutoff at about 50% for all the filter modules. This seemed to work perfectly. But I was not able to do that with the polys. With the cutoff at 50%, the filters would open up all the way, but they wouldn't close nearly enough. I had to bring the cutoff completely down, and as a result, the filters on the polys wouldn't open up all the way. I did alternate takes where I walked around and tried to smoothly nudge each one up in order to get the filters fully open, but that was a disaster. In retrospect, I could have set up a one-shot MIDI LFO to do this and triggered it once at the right moment, but I already had enough things to worry about.

One of my audio interfaces is dead or dying, and it keeps ruining takes and sometimes crashes Logic. I finally turned it off and went with my lone Focusrite Scarlett 8i6, which has always been solid. But now I had an extra synth without an input and I wanted to have the polys on their own tracks so that I could blend them in with the Eurorack stuff to taste. And there's no possible way I could overdub since the whole point is to have one LFO sweeping all of the filters at the same time. I ended up resorting to an old 1989 JVC cassette deck to record the OB-6. So that shot at the opening of the video is legit. There's such a big wall of sound here that it's impossible to tell if it ended up adding any saturation. It definitely added some hiss and crackles but that's fine in this context. The cassette itself is ancient, cheap consumer grade, 60 minutes per side. I ended up recording over some 90's black metal that had been there since, well, the 90's.

To add to the grit and grime, I intentionally ran the filters from the Eurorack straight into the audio interface, bypassing the typical flow through VCAs. Ok, fine, I totally forgot about the VCAs, but it sounded extra dirty, so I didn't stress out too much. I certainly wasn't going to power everything back on, tune everything up and do another take because of it.

Obviously when the filters are closed or nearly closed for several minutes, there needs to be something to fill that gap. That's where the generative stuff comes in. There's 3 different sample and hold circuits feeding different things, including back into themselves in one case. Some voltage is running through different logic gates in conjunction with other, steady LFOs. Since I'm out of filters, the sound consists of pink noise through a VCA, triggered at random by a very short decay envelope. This runs into a recovery tape delay module, that gives sort of a slapback effect.Then there's a single oscillator, pitch controlled by another S/H circuit run through a quantizer and then running into the spring reverb tank. It's also triggered by the same random voltages triggering the noise hits. Then there's the Mutable Instruments Plaits, making the plinky plonky sounds, again everything triggered at random. It's running into the majestic Calsynth Typhoon.

The last thing to note is that the Erebus LFO also acts like an automated fader to increase and decrease the level of the VCA where all the rhythmic sounds are running through. I simply inverted the signal of the LFO output to do this. As the filters open up, the VCA level diminishes. When the filters fully close, the VCA level increases to maximum.

Last last thing. That knob twisting near the beginning isn't for sci-fi FX, though that's an added bonus. I was simply trying to get the LFO back to its "starting position." I didn't quite succeed. I don't believe the Erebus has any sort of LFO triggering mechanism to help with this. All good though.

FX: Audiothingies DoctorA delay and reverb, Boss DM-101 delay

No post processing other than a 30Hz low cut and slight limiting on the master"

Saturday, December 02, 2023

Dreadbox Nymphes first jam

video upload by tsrono

"using the Squarp Hapax to sequence the Dreadbox Nymphes through an Alesis Quadraverb (flanged echo patch). just a quick rough jam from the first ~30 minutes of playing with the synth, brand new to me."

Friday, December 01, 2023

Bad Gear - A Tragedy???

video upload by AudioPilz

"Welcome to Bad Gear, the show about the world's most hated audio tools. Today we are going to talk about Dreadbox Nymphes. Is this compact polyphonic analog synthesizer a worthy replacement for classics like a Roland Juno or the Sequential Circuits SixTrak it was inspired by? Is it on par with other Dreadbox synths like Erebus and Typhon and is the UI truly a tragedy???"

00:00 Intro tune
01:08 Overview Dreadbox Nymphes
01:39 Polyphony, Oscillator
02:01 Autotune Mode
02:08 Shift Modes: Pulse Width, Detune
02:32 More Polyphony Modes, Chord Mode
02:51 Lack of Multitimbrality and Sequencer
03:00 Filter, Self-Oscillation, HPF
03:12 Envelopes, LFO1
03:28 LFO2, Introduction to Menu Diving
03:36 Recalling a Patch
03:55 Routing Matrix
04:13 Mono Reverb
04:34 Mono Output, Rear Panel
04:48 Pricing
04:58 Hate
05:22 Jam 1 (Techno)
06:14 Jam 2 (Slow Arrangement)
07:09 Finale (Epic Stuff)
07:40 Verdict

Thursday, November 23, 2023

dreadbox Hades Reissue Sound Demo (no talking) feat. Empress Echosystem: 21 Presets

video upload by Limbic Bits

"Dreadbox Hades Reissue Sound Demo (no talking) feat. Empress Echosystem: Presets for Techno and Electronica"

0:00 Techno Arp
0:57 Bass 1
1:33 Aggressor Bass
1:47 A damn Killer Bass
2:11 Electronica Bass (hi Q)
3:39 Most annoying trade show lead ...
4:23 ... which gets better with FM
4:58 Vocal Bass
5:28 Melodic Techno Lead
6:14 Substantial Bass
6:56 PWM Power
7:51 Simple Lead Variations (Ambient)
9:29 Trance Lead
10:20 Hollow Bass
10:38 Not so funky Bass
11:01 PsyTrance Bass
11:11 Percussive Lead (FX)
11:45 Arafnafat (FX)
12:18 FM Zaps / Kicks
12:35 Kick it
13:14 Filter Sines

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Dreadbox Typhon Desktop Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

Sunday, November 19, 2023

Tetrahedron - MicroFreak, Volca Drum, Nymphes, OXI ONE, Golden Master

video upload by Waveformer

"This is a Berlin School style jam where I explore how to use a MicroFreak Cloud Grains oscillator to provide different timbres across the keyboard. I familiarize myself with OXI ONE's matriceal sequencer. And finally, I get to know the Golden Master as an end-of-chain device for balancing levels, adding some polish and in general gluing the mix together. Jam and patch notes are included as text overlays in the video.

Thank you to for sending over the Golden Master pedal for me to test out.

The MicroFreak samples used for the Cloud Grains oscillator is part of the soundbank available for purchase here:"

Saturday, November 11, 2023

Lament - Melodic Dark Ambient Psychedelic Doom - Elektron Analog Four MKII & Polyend Medusa live jam

video upload by Abre Ojos

"73bpm Melodic Dark Ambient Psychedelic Doom

Live hardware jam with Elektron Analog Four & Polyend/Dreadbox Medusa.

Medusa is in FM mode with loads of modulation and audio into Analog Four as well as being MIDI master sending clock and transport to the A4.

A4 mkII - track 1 is synth kick, track 2, 3 & 4 are using Medusa input as Osc 1 input plus being fed direct into the ext in. Chorus, delay & reverb all A4.

Video processed live through Resolume

Shot with GH5 MKII

Dark ambient audiovisual stuff:
Noisy layered drone techno:"

House 90 🎹 (Hapax sequencer // JD08 // 0Coast + Apocalypse + H9 // Nymphes + Julianna + Pill // S1)

video upload by 2-Minute Warning

"The Squarp Hapax is probably one of the most powerful hardware sequencer I've used 🤩 In this video it's at the heart of the setup, sequencing the Roland JD-08 (synth & piano chords), the Make Noise 0-Coast (tonal kick) and the Dreadbox Nymphes (pulsing bass). The Roland S-1 is being played in real-time on the bridge part.

I used a lot of features of the Hapax in this video:
- The Euclid and Swing midi effects for the synth and piano chords
- The conditional trigs to add fills etc., chance (probability for some notes to play or not) and roll
- CC automation, used to modulate the cutoff, noise oscillator on the bassline played by the Nymphes
- CV modulation on the 0-Coast (you can see the signals being sent by the red/green connectors at the back of the Hapax)
- The transpose within scale feature, where with one track (track 16), you can transpose in real time - or record the transpositions (I used both here) - all the patterns playing on the other tracks.

* Hardware used *

- Roland JD-08 (digital 128-voice, bi-timbral synth)

- Make Noise 0-Coast + Death by Audio Apocalypse (fuzz pedal) + Eventide H9 Max (bandpass delay)

// BASS:
- Dreadbox Nymphes (6-voice analog synth) + Walrus Audio Julianna (analog chorus/vibrato) + Pill (analog ducking pedal)

// LEAD:
- Roland S-1 (4-voice digital synth, inspired by the famous mono synth SH-101)

- Squarp Hapax (dual-project sequencer, 16 tracks per project, 8 patterns per track, 8 effects per track, algorithmic tools, MIDI, CV, etc.)"

Monday, November 06, 2023

Hypnotic jam with Sequential Take 5, Midicake ARP, Dreadbox Nymphes, Roland SH-101, DrumBrute Impact

video upload by Jay Hosking

"Please support my work on Patreon:
A live, semi-improvised synthesizer jam performed entirely on hardware.

I'm lucky enough to have access to a new studio space, and am now in the process of moving over there. That means the days and nights have been long. One evening I was casually noodling on the Take 5 and came up with a patch and arpeggio I liked, but didn't feel I had time and capacity to do a full sequence and arrangement with other devices.

That's where the Midicake ARP comes in to save the day. Rather than sequence anything, I simply sent my MIDI data out of the Take 5 and into the ARP. The ARP then recontextualized the notes and can send them out to up to four other devices (here, I used three, plus MIDI clock to the DrumBrute Impact). Thanks to the ARP, I could explore chords and improvisation without having to write a single note in a sequencer. The ARP really is a great solution to a classic songwriting problem: being able to find the song with all the parts at once, rather than imagine all the parts and then write them.

From there, it was a matter of laying down some instruments and effects I liked the sound of. No surprises here, other than the Boss DM-101, which I got recently. It doesn't quite have the personality of the Matriarch delay, but it's a great and more versatile analog delay that I look forward to using more.

All in all, a really fun jam, and I was extremely grateful to have the tools I needed to write the song on the fly across multiple instruments.

Thanks for listening.

Sequential Take 5 - main arpeggio, MIDI controller/data out
Midicake ARP - "sequencer" (note recontextualizer? arpeggiator?)
Arturia DrumBrute Impact - drums
Dreadbox Nymphes through Strymon BigSky - arpeggio two
Blackout Model D through Boss DM-101 - bass synth
Roland SH-101 through Walrus Sloër - arpeggio three (the slow high one)
Kenton Pro-Solo Mk3 - MIDI to CV for SH-101
Kenton MIDI Thru - MIDI through to all devices

Performed and recorded live, with eq, compression, and limiting in the box."

Wednesday, November 01, 2023

The spider and the wasp and the 606

video upload by Michigan Synth Works

"Spider sequencing Wasp through Hypnosis clocked by trigger out of 606"

Monday, October 30, 2023

Reverb Made Horror Soundtracks With a Kids Toy... and the Results Are Terrifying

video upload by Reverb

Reverb Gear Giveaway here

"Over the years, sound designers and composers have used children's toys, toy pianos, and even children's voices to create chilling sounds for horror films. So naturally, we thought Playtime Engineering's Blipblox Kids Synthesizer should also fit the bill. We were not disappointed. Learn more and shop the gear in this video: [click here]

Gear Used:
Playtime Engineering Blipblox
Walrus Audio Slo Fathom
Dreadbox Darkness
Matthews Astronomer V2
EQD Spires
Walrus Audio Canvas DI"

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Dreadbox TYPHON Factory Patches

video upload by Markham Synth Society

"Exploring the Dreadbox Typhon and a few factory patches."

Thursday, October 19, 2023

Dreadbox Typhon Sounds

video upload by Markham Synth Society

"A brief snippet of a session."

Thursday, October 12, 2023

Dreadbox Nymphes, Dysmetria, & Typhon No Talk Demos

video uploads by lemorgue

Synth: Dreadbox Nymphes
Drums: Ableton Live Kit ( 6 x Analog Synth )
DAW: Ableton Live 10

Dreadbox Dysmetria No Talk Demos

video uploads by lemorgue

Synth: Dreadbox Dysmetria
Drums: Dreadbox Dysmetria
DAW: Ableton Live 11

Dreadbox Typhon No Talk Demos

video uploads by lemorgue

Synth: Dreadbox Typhon
Drums: Ableton Kit
DAW: Ableton Live 11

Saturday, September 16, 2023

Modular Explorations Manis Iteritas Tymp Legio Dreadbox Kinematic and Pocket Operators #eurorack

video upload by HANJŌ

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

HYPNOSIS Reissue by Dreadbox / Time Effects Processor / DIY Kit

video upload by Dreadbox

"Unleash the power of 80s nostalgia with HYPNOSIS Reissue, our multi-effect unit, designed to transform your instruments into a sonic time capsule.


BBD Chorus - Flanger
Hybrid Delay
Real Spring Reverb
2 x wide range LFOs
Wide input range
11 patch points
Desktop or Eurorack Modular format
Compact, USB powered

+ More information on HYPNOSIS Reissue:"

Sunday, September 03, 2023

Dreadbox Nymphes 6-Voice Analog Synthesizer w/ Original Box SN 0904

via this auction

Some pics of the packaging.

Thursday, August 24, 2023

Studio jam on Dreadbox NYX

video upload by Echoflow Music

"Another studio jam on Dreadbox Nyx analog synthesizer"

Monday, August 07, 2023

Cadence Demo Gates, Drones and LDRs

video upload by DecadeBridge

"Cadence's oscillator A gating the Dreabox Erebus.
Erebus LFO to Cadence's filter cutoff CV in.
Cadence's oscillators B, C and D out to the Hologram Electronics Microcosm.
Using a torch to change the oscillator pitch using the LDRs."

Ambient jam with Dreadbox Nymphes, Tasty Chips GR-1, Walrus Slöer, Meris LVX

video upload by Jay Hosking

"Please support my work on Patreon:
A live, semi-improvised synthesizer jam performed entirely on hardware.

In my previous video, I tried the Walrus Slöer reverb pedal with a few fun synths. During that session, I stumbled into a chord progression on the Nymphes that sounded really lovely with the Slöer, and this track was born from it.

I knew it needed some accompaniment that matched the feeling, so I brought out the GR-1, my favourite granular hardware. With its four-layer timbrality, I could both create textures, and also use a timbre to double the Nymphes for some building/progression. I'm really happy with how hardware explorations can quickly lead to finished songs, and this is no exception.

Dreadbox Nymphes into Walrus Slöer - Pad
Tasty Chips GR-1 into Meris LVX - Four granular synth sounds
Arturia Keystep 37 - MIDI controller
Kenton MIDI Thru (not seen) - MIDI Thru

Performed and recorded live, with EQ, compression, and limiting on the master.

Thanks for listening."

Patch n Tweak
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