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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Bastl Thyme+ Quickie : robot assisted time crimes (it's a digital tape delay)

video upload by soffter

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

SILHOUETTE SPORT is steppin out

video upload by Pit Przygodda

"The new portable audiovisual SILHOUETTE synthesizer "SPORT" is now leaving the workshop to be presented at Superbooth synth fair 24, Berlin, booth O405. It offers mobility (batterie), light-table-option, desktop-stand-option, touchscreen, 9-encoder-on-screen-controller, flexible camera, midi.

This is a prototype, serial production begin is estimated winter 2024/25.
More infos about Silhouette Synthesizers:

Superbooth booth O405:"

Monday, May 06, 2024

Keyboard Jun '84 | Turmoil in MIDI land, and isn't pretty

video upload by Espen Kraft

"Not everyone was happy with how MIDI came by and what it became. Many well known people (today) were pretty harsh with how Sequential and the 4 Japanese companies set the standards. The nay-sayers were quite moronic though. They had their chance to be part of the gang, but they bottled it for themselves.
Back in 1983 the MIDI spec page was 10 pages long, but it expanded rapidly. As it was "open source", every manufacturer could implement it as they saw fit and that caused all kinds of problems.

New tech and techniques have always polarized opinion and most people fear new things. Today the rise of AI is such a thing. Some people go bat shit crazy over it, while other's embrace it. Some just ignores it as well. No right or wrong. It all depends on where you're at I guess."

Sunday, February 25, 2024

ambient talkie: ep 32 - exploring forgotten ORGANELLE patches (part II)

video upload by tworoundrobins

Part I here

"this is part II of episode shenanigans and fun stuff included."

"I remember when I first got an organelle I downloaded a million of patches and organised them into sub categories, but soon after I completely forgot which one's I have, have used and what they do. in this more "freeform" episode I explore some of these SYNTH patches, the one category i rarely use on organelle. hope this will be fun for y'all and enjoy the video!

get the patches

#critterandguitari #organelle #organellem #review

Monday, February 12, 2024

ambient talkie: ep 32 - exploring forgotten ORGANELLE patches (part I)

video upload by tworoundrobins

"I remember when I first got an organelle I downloaded a million of patches and organised them into sub categories, but soon after I completely forgot which one's I have, have used and what they do. in this more 'freeform' episode I explore some of these SYNTH patches, the one category i rarely use on organelle. hope this will be fun for y'all and enjoy the video!"

Update: part II here

Monday, January 08, 2024

Midiverse Modular - SideBander - Announcement/Demo Video

video upload by Midiverse - TV

"What's up everybody? Welcome to Midiverse - TV! We've been hard at work on a new eurorack module collaboration project with our friend Cory Kiser, we're excited to announce the module is now available. Check it out!"

via Midiverse Reverb

"Sidebander is a Eurorack module that employs additive synthesis to create FM synthesis sounds.

FM synthesis, known for its complexity, is made more accessible and performance-friendly with Sidebander.

The inspiration for Sidebander originated from the "tone clusters" famously utilized by Penderecki, which its developer discovered through the collaborative works of Radiohead's guitarist, Johnny Greenwood, with Penderecki. The developer of Sidebander eventually recognized a fascinating link between these tone clusters and FM synthesis.

Intriguingly, FM synthesis naturally produces sidebands that deviate from a carrier wave's fundamental frequency, mirroring the concept of equally spaced tone clusters in an unexpected way. Furthermore, when these sidebands are exceptionally close to the fundamental frequency, they create effects akin to unison or chorusing.

Sidebander offers a novel approach to exploring sonic landscapes, enabling users to extract pure waveforms, unison effects, FM-like sounds, and tone clusters, all within a single, versatile module.

Original concept and firmware developed by: Cory Kiser"

Sunday, December 31, 2023

Exploring CHOMPI Live! And a dog kicked my synth..

video upload by Ricky Tinez

00:00 Getting some Hellos in
01:53 Stream Really Starts
13:35 JonMakesBeats Makes Me Rap
24:28 A Dog enters the chat
28:08 Dog Kicks My Synth..

Sunday, November 12, 2023

Mannequins Mangrove

video upload by Wake Rise Fall

"Running 2 independent voices from Mangrove only. One controlled by Marbles and the other controlled by CV/Envelope from Moog Grandmother."

Sunday, October 15, 2023

Dogma: Cinematic Synth Improvisation with the Melbourne Instruments NINA + Expressive E Osmose

video upload by Christopher Gwinn

"Dogma: another bit of improv with a very cinematic pad on my Melbourne Instruments NINA desktop synth, using an Expressive E Osmose as the controller. Running through light UAD EQ, compression/limiting, and tape sim.

© 2003 Rig Veda Music."

Monday, August 21, 2023

The Uncanny Surrealism of the Osmose Expressive E

video upload by John C.S. Keston

"The Osmose is inherently susceptible to an emotional response akin to our revulsion toward humanlike robots. I admit that this may seem a bit exaggerated, but I consider this evidence of a marked advancement in music technology; the Osmose gives keyboard players the ability to inject nearly as much expression into a synthesizer engine as musicians are able to express with tactile acoustic instruments. Read more at"

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Serotinal (Buchla Music Easel)

video upload by Electrum Modular

"A two-voice track on the Buchla Easel, with stereo delay and a little reverb added externally. The idea was to generate an irregular rhythm via the “arpeggiation rate” input, while maintaining the time signature via a MIDI clock. Further patch notes in the video.

Thanks to Jean-Francois for loaning the Easel, and to my son Max for designing and making the Easel stand.

Video footage from the prairie park near my house in Iowa City.

Gear used:
Buchla Easel (2013 reissue)
Electro-Harmonix Cathedral pedal
Electro-Harmonix 95000 looper"

Sunday, August 13, 2023

Moog Grandmother & Classic Piano in Tschechien- Krizovy vrch- Kreuzgang Cvikov

video upload by musentriduse

"Inspired by this special beautiful place in Cvikov, Czech Republik, and the country and its people itself, I had the opportunity to compose this Song and this little movie in Travnic and Cvikov.
I hope you enjoy it, it's my first self-made production.
I play piano and Synthesizer in front of the Chapel on top of the Krizovy-mountain-'Kalvarienberg' (in German)it is shortly after a Thunderstorm, the rain was still dropping from the leaves of the so old trees.

'Kreuzberg' or 'Kreuzweg' means a place where the crucifixion of Jesus Christus is showed in life size 3dimensional frame-pictures to lead to a chapel on top of the hill, where the grave of Christ is imagined. There are 14 Chapels with different pictures."

Moog Grandmother &Classic piano -Sonata Ceska

video upload by musentriduse

"The second part of my Cesky-Movie -inspired by the summer time in Cesky Republic in Travnic, Cvikov in July 2023 Composed, recorded and produced by Julia Vera Rodatz, Bremen"

Sunday, July 23, 2023

Less than 5 minutes with the Sequential Take 5

video upload by Animal Clinic

"Spending some time with this versatile instrument. #sequential #take5 #analog #synthesizer"

Wednesday, June 21, 2023 Composition Contest Videos

Use the player controls on bottom to skip around.
You can find descriptions for each video below. You can find additional contest posts here.


1. O Z Hall: Zebra Synth
Dive into the enthralling world of synthesizers and witness O Z Hall's outstanding entry, "Zebra Synth", in the Composition Contest. Crafted with unparalleled precision and technique, this remarkable composition combines an array of captivating sounds that will take you on a breathtaking sonic journey.

Hall masterfully utilizes three distinctive patches in "Zebra Synth" to create an immersive soundscape. The first patch features a drone made using a Q106A oscillator, which is meticulously processed by a wave folder. Another oscillator, intertwined with linear FM from the wavefolder output, results in a fascinating "clang tone" that is beautifully amplified by a digital reverb.

In the second patch, a sequenced voice is artfully produced by employing two re-paneled Q106 oscillators. One output is channeled into the input of the linear FM, which subsequently provides intriguing timbral variations. The Q119A sequencer's 3rd row masterfully controls a Ratchet effect, adding even further depth to the composition. An expertly-applied digital delay effect enriches the output of this patch.

Lastly, the lead voice is ingeniously designed using the Q169 Dual Oscillator with Pulse Width modulation. O Z Hall skillfully manipulates the 24db/oct low pass filter in real-time to deliver an electrifying performance. The extended digital delay effect ties the entire sonic experience together.
O Z Hall's "Zebra Synth" draws its arsenal of modular synthesis tools from the catalog, including Q106, Q106A, Q119A, Q171, Q148, Q127, Q169, Q168, Q167, Q114, Q174, and Q175A modules. The creative process has been meticulously executed, showcasing how these modules can be combined to engineer a rich and dynamic sound adventure.

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field. Sampling guitar through the onboard mic

video upload by Freedom of Movement

"A quick outdoor video of a loop I made late last night sampling me playing a nylon string guitar directly in through the field’s onboard mic…which is surprisingly good

Dog & boarders nothing to do with me #analog #beat #breakbeat #op1field #op1 #teenageengineering #outdoors #dogs #surfsup"

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Korg Trident mk.1

Note: Auction links are affiliate links for which the site may be compensated.

via this auction

"Flawless operation. Has many marks and signs of use externally - please check photos. Just received from a meticulous cleaning session. It truly is a spectacular musical instrument with lush warm sounds on all 3 engines (synth, brass, strings) Nothing like it out there. Legendary for a reason."

Pics of the inside below.

Friday, June 02, 2023

✈Airplane Mode {album} 📺 Pt 3/3

video upload by Postmodern Machine

Pt 3 featuring the Sequential Prophet-5. Parts 1 and 2 below.

"🌿It would mean so much if you follow me on Bandcamp!🌱

I've released my new album "Airplane Mode" here on 📺 in three parts.
Part 3 is the final installment of the album gapless.
Final masters of each song, with some new experimental techniques regarding connecting two or more videos with a morphing video mask. It is taking heavy processing power to render these effects on the video, but I am enjoying the results 😍"

✈Airplane Mode {album} 📺 Pt 1/3

✈Airplane Mode {album} 📺 Pt 2/3

video upload by

Monday, March 27, 2023

#shorts #synthesizer Ensoniq VFX SD - Classic Thrift Store Find

video upload by Kveg

"Right on the heels of my video about using what you have and not buying synthesizers, this guy shows up at my local thrift store for a good price. Had to pick it up. I promise I am done now."

I love how the dog is just watching him play.

Monday, March 06, 2023

Q&A with the Noise Engineering team

video upload by

"You have questions. We have answers!

0:11 Are you coming to Superbooth this year?
0:19 What's the dog's name?
0:30 Favorite module?
1:09 How many modules is enough modules?
1:26 How do you get started with the Daisy platform?
1:50 Is the dog your CEO? And if not, why not?
2:14 What is the most interesting experiment or idea you have that didn't make it into a product?
2:54 If you were to choose one person on this planet to give every Versio module to, why Megan?
3:12 What are some common modulation chains that you like to use (and what purpose)?
4:14 What's the best advice you have received?
5:08 What's changed most since you started?
6:00 Any chance of you doing a standalone or semi-modular instrument for us non-Eurorack folks?
6:16 Why does your modular cat look like a dog?

Link to libDaisy on Github:"

Thursday, February 16, 2023

HOW TO MAKE: Trentemøller's bitcrushing lo-fi sounds

video upload by

"We will show you how to utilize these features in the context of 2 tracks by @trentemollerOfficial called Miss you and Moan. Trentemøller's music is known for extensive use of bitcrushing effects.
His tracks fit really well into the long, dark winters, characterised by imperfections and somewhat broken character of the sound, so we just had to try and recreate it and process it using our Ghost eurorack effect module.

Original tracks:"

Trentemøller: Miss You

video upload by Trentemøller

"A tune I’m still very proud of. Written and recored in two hours! That was it. I didn’t change a single note afterwards because I was so happy with the result. I captured that longing vibe I had late that night and it still is a song I love to play live in different versions."

Trentemøller - Moan

video upload by

"Video for Trentemøller: Moan (Trentemøller remix radioedit), directed by Niels Gråbøl and Ulrik Crone. In memory of Laika (✝1957), the first living creature in space. The song is available on the double-CD "The Trentemøller Chronicles". Original version of Moan appears on the Trentemøller album "The Last Resort" (2006)."

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