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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Motion Loop your Eurorack Mixes with 12 Knob Recorders!! // NEW MODULE LAUNCH

video upload by DivKid

"It's a new module with 12 knob recording motion loopers. So you can perform mix shifts in realtime and have them loop. It's POWERFUL, I've been impressed and I'm exciting to share this with you."

via NANO

Performance Mixer


Central control and mixing hub designed to manage and combine audio signals from various sources within a modular setup. Its Knob recording feature (REC) allows you to record your moves for volume/pan/aux controls.

– 2 MONO Channels with Volume, Panning and Auxiliary send controls with CV for each function. Knob recording (REC), CUE bus and MUTE function.

– 2 STEREO Channels identical to MONO Channels, but the CV for the AUX function is replaced by the right (R) audio input.

– AUXILIAR Channel with 2 Mono Sends (X & Y) and 2 Stereo Returns with volume adjust.

– MASTER Channel with volume adjust for the main outputs, vu-meter, Headphone output with volume and cue/mix blending knob.

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Befaco Introduces VOLTIO voltage source and precision adder eurorack module

video upload by Befacosynth

"An accurate voltage source and precision adder. Voltio fits somewhere between a music tool and a piece of electronics lab gear.It generates voltages equivalent to all the notes on the 12-tone equal temperament scale throughout a ten-octave range, with an intuitive two-knob interface.The Precision Adder In, lets you sum Voltio’s Out with external voltages.Additionally, the front panel banana connectors let you plug standard multimeter probes for hands-free operation on electronics lab.Use it to transpose Oscillators and sequences in a musical way or as a reference to calibrate your analog gear.

Available in assembled and DIY Kit versions.

Easily adjust your oscillators in known intervals.
Transpose Musical phrases from sequencers, arpeggiators, or any other notes source.
Calibrate oscillators and filters on your DIY projects or during analog gear maintenance.

Current needs: +12V: 35mA, -12V: 15mA
Width: 6 HP
Depth: 30mm including power connector
Designed, kits prepared and assembled in Barcelona."

via Befaco

Saturday, November 25, 2023

TAILGATER - a pitch to cv module from Noise Lab Sweden

video upload by Noise Lab Sweden

"Tailgater is a very precise pitch-to-cv module that converts any audio signal into voltage allowing you to control the pitch of a VCO. Instead of using a keyboard, you can play your Eurorack with a guitar, flute, cello or just about anything that makes a sound! Tailgater also features an envelope follower and a preamp that will boost your audio signal up to Eurorack standard (10 Vpp). Find out more about Tailgater and other modules at"

0:00 Intro
0:30 Gain settings
0:38 Setup
0:57 Envelope follower
1:13 Attack and Release
1:23 Quantizer
1:49 Gate and Trig
3:22 Bass guitar
4:30 Preamp
5:50 Controlling FX
6:23 Preamp and envelope follower
8:34 Experimenting!
10:30 Gear!
10:40 Fuzz!

Friday, November 24, 2023

2500 Dual Envelope - 2hp Gate Expander

video upload by O.Z. Hall

"This is a short video about a DIY 2hp expander module for the 1033/1003 Dual Envelope Generator module from the Behringer 2500 series of eurorack modules.
Note: I am not compensated for this review.
The expander is by Euro Utilities out of Berlin Germany. Their store is here:"

ALM Introduces MFD - DJ Crossfader & Stereo VCA

video upload by ALM TV

"The MFD is a 2-channel stereo crossfader designed for live DJ-style mixing and jamming in Eurorack. Two mono or stereo inputs are mixed to a single stereo output via direct or voltage control. Additional Cue controls provide preview monitoring of either input pre-mix via dedicated Cue switches and an output.

Voltage control over the crossfade and DC coupling allow for further creative uses such as a high quality stereo VCA or as a mix processor for either stereo audio signals or CV.

The MFD is designed to have very low noise and cross bleed and employs equal power crossfading for smooth constant level blending between signal sources."

Monday, November 20, 2023

Boredbrain Xcelon and XP3 brief introduction

video upload by Boredbrain Music

"It’s finally here! Adam briefly introduces Xcelon, a new fully-featured eurorack mixer from Boredbrain, along with its companion the XP3 channel expander.

Xcelon is an all-analog six-channel stereo audio mixer for eurorack modular systems. With an interface designed for immediate hands-on control and visual feedback, plus extensive CV and expandability, the module is a powerful mixing tool for both performance and production.

- Six stereo/dual-mono channels with low-noise analog circuitry
- Two stereo FX sends and two dedicated FX returns
- Two stereo output mix busses selectable per-channel
- Variable input gain for both modular and line-level sources
- Long-travel volume faders with responsive LED indicators
- Balance controls with pan law curve and dual-mono crossfade mode
- Clickless mutes and VU meters on all channels
- Twenty-six discrete control voltage inputs
- Configurable jumpers for pre/post-fader FX and meters, plus volume VCA mode
- Expansion ports for channel expanders, direct outputs, and more"

Saturday, November 18, 2023

SOMA Labs Introduces METACONFORMER Modular MIDI Processor

demo video upload by Vlad Kreimer

"Metaconformer is a modular MIDI processor designed to expand the capabilities of musical instruments and to simplify the interaction between a musician and their MIDI instruments. It offers new ways of playing music through innovative and groundbreaking MIDI message routing capabilities between multiple instruments.

The MIDI protocol is an efficient engineering solution used reliably for decades by musicians. However, in many situations it does not take into account the musical context, which is essential for the artist. Metaconformer changes this. Located between the MIDI controller and your instruments, it coordinates human ideas with the language of hardware.

Metaconformer’s capabilities provide new ways of playing instruments, by combining MIDI instruments and exploring their interaction . You will be able to play multiple instruments at the same time as if they were part of one larger instrument. Metaconformer also opens up the possibility of sound control through pressing the keys on your MIDI keyboard, instead of having to reach for the knobs on your gear. This will allow you to discover and unlock new facets and possibilities of your favorite instruments!

The idea behind the Metaconformer is to give musicians a new way of looking at their instruments and what else they can do with a little creativity in MIDI.

SOMA is closely related to the idea of organismic synthesizers . Each of our instruments aims to give the musician the experience of interacting with a system in which several independent modules can influence each other and create more than the sum of its parts.

Metaconformer is no exception. It breaks down at least two barriers that have stood in the way of all MIDI musicians for decades. It establishes a dialogue between different instruments, breaking the barrier of parallel universes of MIDI channels. And Metaconformer also allows you to enter the values of synthesis parameters not by turning knobs on your synths, but by pressing keys on your MIDI keyboard, breaking the barrier of the one- dimensional universe of notes and creating a multi-dimensional universe of parametric chords."

Friday, November 17, 2023

Midiverse Modular - Skew LFO

video upload by Midiverse - TV

"In this video we're checking out our new LFO module, MVM020 - Skew LFO.

15% of the proceeds from this collection of modules will be donated to One of a Kind Pet Rescue in Akron, OH. OOAK Pet Rescue is a “no kill”/no-time-limit shelter which rescues animals from a variety of dangerous situations. There’s also no-time-limit on this project in the sense that it’s not merely a one time donation, but will apply to the life-span of this particular collection of modules."

Available at -

Barton Musical Circuits BMC106 Resonant Glide

video upload by boogdish

via Barton Musical Circuits

"This module is composed of two Sallen-Key low pass filters designed to be used on very low frequencies. When pitch control voltages are processed through this, it creates a portamento which then turns into vibrato. Depending on resonance control, this vibrato can die out almost immediately or go on for the duration of the note. When used with envelope generators, this module can be used to add extra "bumpiness" to an envelope signal allowing for more harmonic content. With a gate signal, the module can be used as a simple envelope generator with equal sloped attack and release.

This design can be used with +/-15V systems without modification"

Barton Musical Circuits BMC107 Dual Comparator w/ Logic Outputs

video upload by boogdish

BMC107 Schematic Walkthrough. Dual Comparator W/Logic Outputs

video upload by boogdish

via Barton Musical Circuits
"This module is composed of two voltage controlled comparators which are gate outputs that turn on when an input voltage exceeds a threshold voltage. Four additional gate outputs turn off and on depending on the relative outputs of the comparators. This was initially designed as a way to add soft-sync features to VCOs that only have hard-sync, but has also been useful for turning envelope generators into gated loops

This design can be used with +/-15V systems with a few resistor value changes."

Thursday, November 16, 2023

Pittsburgh Modular The Toad - Phase Shifter Eurorack Module

Patch Lab with Richard Nicol video upload by Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers

The Toad was first mentioned in this SUPERBOOTH23 post.

via Pittsburgh Modular

"The Safari Series continues to provide artists with an advanced preview of innovative new concepts stemming from our research and design process. The seventh Safari Series reinvigorates the sound of one of our favorite vintage Pittsburgh modules.

Pittsburgh Modular The Toad phase shifter is a creamy, 12 stage, all analog effect module designed to expand on the classic swirls, rich swooshes, and doppler effects associated with the phaser.

The Toad has a single 12 stage audio signal path to create a very rich, full sound. Dual phased audio outputs are tapped from stages 7 and 12 and can be used together for wide, flowing, stereo effect. Each output has a switch that allows the phased signal to be mixed with a positive or inverted dry signal resulting in even more sonic flavors to melt with.

An attenuverting CV input and onboard triangle LFO allows for maximum flexibility for custom modulation options. Feedback can be positive or negative and The Toad is more than happy to self oscillate in either direction.

Price, Availability, and More Information
The retail price for Toad is $299 USD each. Because these modules are considered experiments, production has been limited to 200 modules."

Noise Engineering Introduces Nive Grad Level Shifter Eurorack Module

video upload by Noise Engineering

"Nive Grad is available now on our website or at your favorite retailer:

0:00 Overview
0:43 Panel review
1:37 Synthesizer to Eurorack
2:00 Euorack to pedal, back to Eurorack

Nive Grad is a high input impedance stereo or dual-mono level shifter in 4 HP. With a simple-to-patch interface and a compact size, Nive Grad is an easy and straightforward way to integrate Eurorack with the rest of your gear!

When we released our Xer Mixa in August, we got questions about using line-level instruments with it. We decided to make that easy with Nive Grad. Bring guitars, external effects, or line-level synths up to Eurorack levels, then bring the Eurorack signals back down to line and pedal levels. In just 4HP, it gets you two channels of step up and step down by 12 and 24 dB.

More on the Xer Mixa:"

Press release follows:

Noise Engineering debuts Nive Grad, making it easier than ever to integrate a Eurorack system with the rest of your studio.

It’s easier than ever to integrate your Eurorack system with the rest of your gear.

Los Angeles, CA — Noise Engineering, known for their hybrid approach to modular synthesizer design, has announced Nive Grad, a compact and inexpensive level-shifting utility designed to integrate Eurorack systems with other gear.

Designed for simplicity and straightforward patching, Nive Grad has two sections, each with two channels, for stereo or dual-mono use. The top section is designed for amplification, adding +12dB or +24dB to a signal—values designed to take line-level or guitar-level signals up to Eurorack levels respectively. The input is high impedance, making it suitable for use with passive guitars. The bottom section attenuates signals by -12dB or -24dB to connect Eurorack sources to pedals, recorders, or line-level effects. According to Noise Engineering, these fixed gain adjustments work well for most external gear, which allowed them to keep the design simple—it’s just 4HP—and, in turn, the cost low.

The team says the inspiration for the module came from users, including themselves. Earlier this year, Noise Engineering released Xer Mixa, their take on a comprehensive system mixer. Nive Grad was designed to be the simple piece that would allow users to mix external synths and drum machines into Xer Mixa, as well as to integrate pedals into an FX send. Although designed with Xer Mixa in mind, Noise Engineering is quick to point out that it can be used with any Eurorack setup.

Nive Grad is available now at and at retailers globally.

Availability and pricing:
Nive Grad: In stock in black and silver. Shipping from Noise Engineering and retailers starting November 16th, 2023; MSRP US$160

Nive Grad:

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Midiverse Modular - Working on something new...

video upload by Midiverse - TV

"What's up everybody? Welcome to Midiverse - TV! We've been hard at work on a new eurorack module collobaration project with our friend Cory.

Stay tuned, as an official module announcement is coming soon!"

Vinny's Controlled Filter synth cat module.

Midiverse Modular Reverb Shop

Doepfer Basic System 3 - EP.1 - Subtractive Synthesis

video upload by Stazma

"The creator of eurorack, Dieter Doepfer, has a new full system to offer: the Basic System 3.
This new system is fully analog, and a nice mix between classic subtractive synthesis building blocks, that we are going to check out today, and more 'West Coast' oriented modules (to be explored in future videos).
As we'll see we can already go quite far just staying into subsctractive land. Let's dive in! Have fun!"

00:00 Intro
01:15 Classic substractive patch
07:23 Add complexity and movement to our patch
13:20 Jam
15:37 End talk

Stazma Doepfer Basic System 3 overview videos

Friday, November 10, 2023

E-licktronic Modular System 100m M-118A

building process video upload by e-licktronic

"Here is a short video that show you the assembly process of the M-118a, first drum module of the system 100M serie. -All informations about the M-118a:

"M-118a is a part of our M-100 Series modules fully compatible with the Roland System 100M series rack. M-118a is a full analog drums modules combined with a dedicated sequencer. Drums are analog bassdrum and analog snaredrum inspired by the famous Roland TR-808 Drum computer combined with a two tracks trig sequencer inspired by the unique Mutable instrument GRIDS sequencer. Many thanks to Emilie GILLET, creator of Mutable instruments, to let me use and customize his sequencer.

M-118a is sold as a partial kit or preassembled kit"

Diving into the Cosmos eurorack module

video upload by Stazma

"Hey there! Here is an intro of how to use the Cosmos, a pretty crazy eurorack module, a patch programming interface or platform, as I like to call it, from Black Noise Modular. It does so many things that I'm just going to show you a few that enjoyed the most.
It is a very deep and complex module but that encourage experimention by trial and error in a very nice way, there's two input and a lot of outputs to choose from.

Have fun!"

Cosmos : Universes at your fingertips
video upload by BLACK NOISE

via Black Noise Modular

"Cosmos is a new kind of module that will help you to creating complex modulation, sounds, patterns with ease and will lead you to new sounds territories.

Inspired by early analog computers, Cosmos is a unique, innovative, very flexible and fully analog module allowing it to be used as: VCO, LFO, Ring Mod, Polarizer, “VCA”, “LPG”, Phase Lock Loop, Cross-Modulation, Minimum, Maximum, Logic Gates, Waveshaper, Complex gate generator, Fuzz, Distorsion, Gate extractor, Trig extractor, Gate generator, Voltage generator, Trig Generator, comparator, window comparator, complex comparator, Half-Rectifier, Full-Rectifier, Inverter, Buffered Multiples, Mixer, Difference, Compressor, Sidechain, compressor, VC Clipper, VC Switch, Clock doubler, Envelope follower, and more.

With its wide fields of application Cosmos can replace many modules but it will also bring new colors to your palette thanks to its unique character. This makes Cosmos the ideal module whether you have a small case or a big system. 100% analog and with an intuitive interface Cosmos is also very easy to use, no menu and button combo problems.

Inspired by the past and crafted for the future, 100% analog Cosmos was not only thought to be the center of any system but also to blend perfectly with the rest of your case to form a consistent and coherent system.

Cosmos was designed not only to be a swiss army knife module but also to push you to explore and you help create new sounds and explore sonic territories that were previously unattainable."

Thursday, November 09, 2023

DIY synth jam #7 with Modulove modules | full DIY eurorack modular synth system

video upload by HAGIWO

"Use 3 Modulove modules."

Not seeing MVMT on their site. A•RYTH•MATIK, SYNC MOD LFO, and SCOPE captured below. Note SCOPE is not featured in the video.


The module runs on an Arduino Nano and can be easily reprogrammed or modded with Arduino IDE

The provided firmware release is a modified version of the Hagiwo Euclidean Sequencer adding support for the added Hardware reset in and LED indicators for each channel as well as the clock.

128*64 OLED Display

Rotary Encoder with PUSH Button

6x Trigger Outputs (0-5V)

Clock Input (0-5V)

50mA (5V) / 50mA (12V)
Arduino IDE (nano)

Wednesday, November 08, 2023


video upload by HOX808

"Comprising initially of 6 modules, based on transistors and Vactrols for sound manipulation to create an analog and organic sound. Inspired by the rhythms of traditional Zulu drums from South Africa, the series promises a variety of drum sounds, including deep bass percussion and lively rhythms. Although a total of 9 modules are planned, the first 6 modules, including the Bass Drum, will be released initially, while the remaining 3 modules will be available later. More information can be found at"

Tuesday, November 07, 2023

About glow LFO mk2

video upload by errorinstruments paul tas

"This model is only available at"

"Introduction: The Glow LFO Mk2 is a unique and innovative low-frequency oscillator (LFO)

that offers a range of extra features. With its three outputs, reset input,

and additional functions like lock and loop, this compact 4 HP

In this article, we will delve into the various capabilities

of the Glow LFO Mk2 and explore how it can enhance your musical compositions.

I. Overview of the Glow LFO Mk2 A. Introduction to the Glow LFO Mk2 B.

Key Features and Specifications 1. Three Outputs: Square Wave,

Sine Wave, and Special Random 2. Reset Input for synchronization 3.

Lock and Loop Functionality for creating melodies 4. LDR Sensor

for light sensitivity and added creativity 5. Compact and

Skiff-friendly design II. Exploring the Outputs A. Square Wave Output

Monday, November 06, 2023

Xaoc Devices strikes back with Batumi II

Update via Xaoc Devices: "Unfortunately, we had made an error in the Batumi II description you received suggesting the assign waveform selection was performed on a per-channel basis even without the Poti II expander. That is not the case."

Updated press release follows:

Xaoc Devices presents Batumi II – a greatly improved and enhanced new iteration of the modern day classic that is/was the original Batumi, preserving its layout and form factor. The premise remains the same: four LFO’s with individual outputs for sine, assign and rectangle waves. The channels can operate independently or they can be linked – phase shifted, divided or multiplied (new mode alert) with regard to the first channel. Multiple major and minor improvements have been implemented, e.g. when synced to an external clock source, each channel’s frequency slider selects a clock division for that channel’s outputs.

We have managed to incorporate the features of the original expander into Batumi II (sync mode switching and assign waveform selection) without changing the size of the module which opened up new possibilities for the new optional expander. The Poti II expander for Batumi II adds multi destination inputs for sine wavefolding, assign output waveform selection or rectangle pulse modulation with the destination set for each channel independently. Poti II also features frequency input attenuation as well as sine and assign output attenuation. All adjustments may be performed separately for each individual channel or for all channels simultaneously.

The Batumi II software has been rewritten from scratch to ensure best performance. The hardware has also been updated to allow for V/oct tracking and stable operation up to audio rates (more powerful CPU, precise, wideband converters, antialiased waveforms).

Batumi II notable features:

– 4 LFO’s
– redesigned from scratch – both the hardware and software
– new waveforms for the assign output (including random)
– new frequency multiplication mode
– all features of the Poti expander incorporated into the main module
– very wide frequency range well into audio rate
– 1V/oct tracking = so can be used as 4 VCO’s
– in the Phase/Divide/Mult modes the random waves at the ASGN output follow the values available in the master/A channel
– 10HP
– +90/-50mA


Poti II expander notable features:
– per-channel input and output attenuation for the SINE and ASSGN outputs
– per-channel shape modulation with switchable destination (wave folding, shape switching, PWM)
– stores settings during a power cycle
– LED indication of the discrepancy between the stored setting and current pot position
– 4HP
– +10/-0mA from Batumi II



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