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Wednesday, June 12, 2024


video upload by cirtcele

"Razors is a dual voltage controlled frequency tripler........sort of, maybe best viewed as a harmonic generator for sine and triangle waves or a fuzz/distortion. Out 1 is sent to In 2 to get them running in series"

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

infinitedigits ectocore: full break mode

video upload by infinitedigits

"ectocore is an upcoming module I'm working on with toadstool tech. more info:

here, "break mode" activates 16 different effects randomly, causing complete mayhem in any audio sample."

Orpho VLPF - Eurorack Vactrol Low-Pass-Filter

video upload by HOX808

"The Orpho VLPF is an active low-pass filter module for modular synthesizers in the Eurorack format. It is a fully resonant low-pass filter that uses vactrols as controlling elements for the filter frequency and resonance. The two potentiometers for frequency and resonance set the desired filtering. The more they are opened, the more light falls on the two LDRs. By changing the control voltage, frequency, volume, and resonance change simultaneously. The potentiometers allow the adjustment of the light impact to achieve fine gradations. The two LEDs are exposed to provide a visual representation.

A fully resonant filter shows significant amplification at its resonance frequency, leading to a sharp peak in the frequency response. The quality factor (Q-factor) determines the sharpness of this resonance: a high Q-factor implies a sharp resonance, while a low Q-factor results in a more damped resonance. Fully resonant filters can also tend to oscillate in the absence of an input signal when set to maximum amplification, a phenomenon known as self-oscillation.


A vactrol is a combination of a light-dependent resistor (LDR) and a light-emitting diode (LED) housed in a common, light-tight enclosure. Increasing the LED brightness decreases the resistance of the LDR. This can be used for various circuits that rely on variable resistances. These components are known for their "soft" sound, as they are linear elements that do not cause distortion.

Module Overview:

- VLPF with vactrol control
- Fully resonant filter
- Self-oscillation possible
- High-quality potentiometers
- CV input
- Two LEDs behind the front panel for visual representation
- Amazing organic sound, ideal for drum snappy sounds and bongo sounds

Enclosure and Power Consumption:

The VLPF is 3U high, 8HP wide, and 18mm deep. Power consumption: +12V, -12V | 40mA."

AI026 Eurorack Line I/O Interface

video upload by AI Synthesis

"A Demo Video for the AI026 Eurorack Line I/O Interface"

The AI026 Eurorack Line I/O Interface provides a stereo (or two channel) interface that brings line level signals up to Eurorack and Eurorack Levels down to Line Level, ensuring that the highest quality signal to noise ratio is maintained during level conversion."

AI026 Eurorack Line I/O Interface Build Guide

video upload by AI Synthesis

The AI026 Eurorack Line Interface converts between +/- 2V Line Signals and +/- 5V Eurorack signals. This allows for the best headroom and highest quality when processing Line signals with Eurorack modules, and vice versa.

Features include:
Volume control for Eurorack to Line level signal conversion.
Volume control for Line to Eurorack level signal conversion, with the ability to add gain/overdrive for non normalized signals.
Input and Output jacks

Kits include all parts needed to build and mount the AI026 Eurorack Line Interface including:
Hi Quality Aluminum or Black Panel
Mounting Screws
Jacks and Nuts
Power cable

Monday, June 10, 2024

Cycle Instruments Tetrachords and Expert Sleepers FH-2 (quick and dirty)

video upload by Martin Doudoroff

"This is just a simple example of using the FH-2 as an output expander for Tetrachords. In this case, I have the FH-2 providing pitch, gate and velocity from MIDI channels 3 and 4, which I have assigned to Tetrachords tracks 2 and 4, respectively. (Audio is just from the cell phone.)"

via Cycle Instruments

"The Tetrachords is a 4 track polyphonic CV & MIDI note sequencer for Eurorack systems.

Featuring extensive connectivity, the Tetrachords can act as a bridge between a modular system and the rest of a studio.

The unique, built-for-purpose interface turns a studio into a melodic and harmonic playground. Easily explore anything from unisons and simple melodies to dense note clusters, made-up scales and polytonal mayhem."

Sunday, June 09, 2024


video upload by SOVAGE ENGINEERING

"Scratching the surface of LA REINE DU CHAOS
Direct out / no FX

05:02 TWEAKING + 1v/oct"


LA REINE DU CHAOS - SYNTH SETUP - TWEAKING /// Eurorack full voice synthesizer sovage coast

"2 Setups using LA REINE DU CHAOS in a 'classic' synthetiser way !
Using FAILLE TEMPORELLE with no distortion to have a "fake" reverb FX
Direct out / no treatment"

SynTesla DLF-V1 Eurorack VCF Filter review

video upload by SynTesla

"The SynTesla DLF-V1 is a Eurorack voltage controlled filter with a differential dial (2.5 needle to knob ratio) and lots more, offsets are accessible from the front panel, resonance has 2 modes (Q Limit 1 and 2), a safe mode and a normal mode where the resonance can go into auto-oscillation, as well as a feedback control to destroy everything. The topology is a Salen key, 12db/O with a diode ladder. It has 3 modes, low-pass, high-pass and band-pass. It offers a wide range of filtering, from the most subtle to the most devastating.

It will be on sale on the SynTesla website from October 2024. (The SynTesla website is still under construction).

00:00 Intro
00:10 Presentation
00:22 Specs
00:33 Controls
01:24 Sound test Low-Pass
01:35 Resonance
02:46 Feedback
03:35 Band-Pass
04:23 Q-Limits"

Saturday, June 08, 2024

Drone FM resonant filtered noise

video upload by Ghost In Translation

"This is Drone 2.0, 4 voices with individual 1v/oct pitch control, each voice has a sine oscillator and a resonant filtered white noise that can be mixed together and controlled by CV, the mix of the 4 voices can also be controlled by CV. Finally it is also possible to control the FM range of the 1v/oct inputs via CV, allowing nice FM at audio rates in place of 1v/oct sequences.

Follow my work:"

Thursday, June 06, 2024

Quick, Fun & Musical! Triple Eurorack Filter with Snapshots // Etna by Patching Panda

video upload by DivKid

"Here's Etna, an advanced morphing self animating and sequenced triple multimode analogue filter from Patching Panda. While Etna has all your standard filter controls and modulation inputs it comes with a simple to use, quick and fun ... and musical! ... snapshot control. It's always capturing and saving your slider movements ready to recall or sequence through with clocks or CV control."


00:00 Hello & patch previews
01:24 What is Etna? Feature run down
04:35 Raw sound demo - filter sweeps
06:24 Triple filters are lovely (even without snapshots!)
06:55 Techno riff machine! Quick, fun, musical snapshot action
08:20 Creative FX send routings & modulations
10:32 Live enhanced percussion lines - engaging percussion from boring sources
13:10 Fascinating dynamic audio rate modulation
15:21 Triple pinged filter action
16:16 Clock dividing snapshot sequencing
18:23 Gliding formant filtering
20:22 Weaving across 3 synth lines with scene changes
23:35 Get funky with snapshot rhythms - reset and length mod + FQ3 out
25:49 Auto panning - ping pong harmonics & voice layering
26:52 Ping pong ANY delay! + sequenced filter echo spaces
29:06 Slow gliding filter shifts - amazing for ambient work

**THIS VIDEO IS SPONSORED BY PATCHING PANDA** they have funded the creation of this demo video.

"Etna is an advanced triple control analog multimode morphing filter, meticulously designed for precise and dynamic sound shaping. It allows for rapid or smooth transitions between diverse filter settings, known as snapshots.

Each snapshot comprehensively defines all of the filter’s parameters, which can be adjusted either swiftly or gradually. These transitions are controlled through an applied voltage or clock and triggers, with the flexibility to use up to eight distinct stages for creating complex filtering effects in a variety of audio applications.

In addition to its morphing capabilities, Etna incorporates analog controls that enable real-time, expressive modifications to the parameters of each saved snapshot. This enhancement not only enriches the morphing process but also provides a tactile, live experience that adds significant depth and nuance to the audio output, making it a powerful tool for both studio and live performance settings."

Monday, June 03, 2024

5 New Modules you should try in June 2024

video upload by Omri Cohen

"The patches from this video are available on my Patreon page -

00:00 - Introduction
00:14 - Memory system
03:46 - Glass Shard
06:51 - Pressed Duck
09:46 - Quant
13:16 - Spike

[$11] DIY eurorack modular synth SSI2131 VCO | analog oscillator

video upload by HAGIWO

"My 79th original eurorack modular synth DIY projects.
SSI2131 IC based analog VCO.

working documents (schematics)

Additional information about SSI2131 VCO module

Please support me to continue projects.
In patreon you will find content about my background , technical information."

Saturday, June 01, 2024

CubuSynth Introduces ConseQuencer 16 step Sequencer and Touch Controller for Generative Melodies

Introduction video upload by CubuSynth Modular

"Our new Sequencer / Touch controller is now available for pre-sale.
Use Code SEQ10 to save 10% off here:
Shipping starts in August.

00:00 Intro
00:39 Keyboard Mode
01:19 Sequencing Modes
03:10 Clock features
03:47 Gate Modes
04:17 Quantizer
04:43 CV link switch
06:22 Jam"

"The CubuSynth ConseQuencer is a powerful tool to create generative, randomized, and complex sequences and melodies on the fly. Featuring touch-activated step selection, versatile gate modes, and configurable CV outputs, this sequencer offers unique possibilities and control over every note. With built-in clock generation and division, five sequencer modes, and a pitch quantizer, the ConseQuencer influences the behaviour of every note that makes part of your Melody, ensuring dynamic and evolving patterns. Perfect for both live performance and studio production, the ConseQuencer brings your musical ideas to life with precision and flexibility.

Key features

Touch-Activated Step Selection:
Instantly activate and set start points with intuitive touch plates.

Five Gate Modes per step:
Choose from HOLD, TRIGGER, REPEAT, RANDOM, and OFF for versatile step behavior.

Dual CV Outputs:
One Quantized Pitch output from the faders plus a second CV output

Clock Division Control:
Adjust the clock cycles per step with a five-position switch for complex rhythmic patterns.

Built-In Clock Generator:
Internal clock with external sync capabilities, ensuring seamless integration.

Sequencing Modes:
Five modes including Forward, Backward, Flip, Random, and Off for flexible sequencing.

Touch Output:
5V gate output for “Keyboard” mode

Pitch Quantizer:
Seven selectable scales for precise pitch quantization and musicality.

Modular Integration:
CV inputs and outputs are compatible with other modular systems for expanded creativity.

Real-Time Control:
Perform live adjustments with ease, perfect for dynamic performance and studio sessions."

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

The fascinating world of PULSAR SYNTHESIS with Plume from hieroglyphic

video upload by DivKid

"Have you heard of Pulsar Synthesis? If not come and learn along about what it is and how to use it and if you have then here's a refresher and some patch examples with Plume.

Plume is a new pulsar synthesis oscillator, think of it like a micro sound oscillator or modulator from new company hieroglyphic. Pulsar Synthesis is like granular synthesis but with synthesised waveforms treat as individual pulses rather than using samples like granular synthesis does. Any questions leave them in the comments.

This is one of my "3 patches with" style demos that distills things down to just 3 patches for a more condensed video. If you'd like to see something more in depth, or further patch examples, let us know in the comments."

"A fully-featured pulsar synthesizer for the Eurorack modular system. Using principles adopted from the Curtis Roads white-paper Sound Composition with Pulsars, Plume presents an approach to sound and rhythm that is somewhere between oscillator, granulator, and clock generator.

·96kHz/24-bit stereo outputs.

·Range switch (HI/LO) for use as VCO, LFO, or both.

·Formant and Cluster controls for complex output spectra.

·Continuously variable output wave shapes.

·West-Coast style wave folder.

·2 types of output masking for advanced spatialisation.

·Continuously variable pulsar window shape and amount.

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Arcaico DOGON drum synth x3 #eurorack #modularsynth

video upload by Arcaico Instruments

"Dogon is a 3-voice percussive module and because of the modulation inputs it gives the possibility to create many sounds.
In this video you can listen to 3 units of Dogon for a total of 9 voices (not all of them were used all the time) some voices were modulated and others only triggered.

Arturia beatstep pro was used for the percussive patterns, and some external modules to modulate some of the voices. With 3 units we have unmeasured firepower.

A bundle at a special price will soon be available on our website."

"Dogon is a module for creating a multitude of percussive sounds.

With Dogon you can create from the classic and iconic kick, tom, snare drum and hi-hat sounds of the most famous and historic drum machines or you can unleash your creativity with the available modulation inputs that allow you the creation of a multitude of sounds.

Dogon is divided into three different voices/sections and each voice has a Mix control for the master level out plus each voice has a separate dedicated output (these outputs have no distortion).

A distortion on the master level enriches the final sound and thanks to a potentiometer for handling Dry/Wet (also controlled by voltage) you can decide how much distortion or dry sound to have.

In this module we have tried to offer as many modulations as possible precisely to give the user the opportunity to experiment and create the sound he or she prefers.

Dogon is compact but very powerful and the user can create both powerful and destructive percussive sounds for Techno and classic electronic percussion"

Wyvern [Malstrom Audio] - Stereo Saturation Controller. A module like no other.

video upload by Audiorial

today we fly on the wings of the dragon with Wyvern, from Mastrom Audio, a truly unique module that I'll let you discover."

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Doboz T12 [Touch Controller and Sequencer]

video upload by Doboz

via Doboz

"T12 is a versatile and powerful touch controller for Eurorack modular systems. A performance oriented composition tool focusing on the creation of complex melodic and rhythmic progressions. Its core behaviour is determined by the selected operator. Based on this the module can be used as a dynamic touch controller, a sequencer or an arpeggiator equipped with on-board CV shaping tools (note quantizer, vibrato, portamento) and further CV generators."

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Barton Musical Circuits BMC110 Rhythm to Voltage

"Demo of a new DIY synthesizer module that can be used for creating rhythmic and melodic sequences as well as converting external rhythms into CV sequences."

via Barton Musical Circuits

"This module converts rhythmic patterns from gates into melodic CV sequences. It uses two 8 stage gate shift registers that can be combined to a single 16 stage. It can also be used as a standalone sequencer of rhythms and melodies.

Compatible with 12V or 15V systems, all jacks/switches are mounted on a PCB for no wiring when building in eurorack. Documentation has pinouts for the interboard connectors for people building in other formats."

Barton Musical Circuits BMC111 CMOS CHIME

video uploads by boogdish

via Barton Musical Circuits

This is a percussive voice composed of four CMOS square wave oscillators with manual frequency controls. The harmonies between them create metallic chiming sounds. Two of the oscillators have mute switches to simplify the sound, and a loop toggle allows you to create repeating sounds.

Compatible with 12V or 15V systems, PC mounted pots, but jacks/toggles are offboard.

Heretic Machines presents: Kick! :teaser

video upload by e j

TTMC 107 10channel VCA Mixer

video upload by Tokyo Tape Music Center

Patch n Tweak
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