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Friday, June 21, 2024

Intellijel Introduces Atlantix & Atlx

video upload by Intellijel

Additional user videos below.

"This is the Intellijel Atlantix & Atlx

The Atlantix is the highly-anticipated successor to the Intellijel Atlantis which was originally inspired by the classic Roland SH-101—one of our all-time favorite synthesizers. Despite the SH-101’s seemingly limited architecture, it produces various creative and musically useful sounds that have inspired generations of artists and countless hits. The Atlantix is just as immediate for dialing in beautifully rich bass and lead sounds. Thoughtful design, numerous additional features, and flexible patching options open up a massive amount of new sonic territory to explore.

In this video, we take a first look at Atlantix and the Atlx Expander. More in-depth feature videos will be available soon."

00:00 - Introduction
00:47 - Quick Overview
01:00 - Oscillators
01:57 - Mixer Section
02:36 - Multi-mode VCF Section
03:33 - Envelope & VCA
04:23 - Modulation Source Selectors
05:05 - Patching Atlantix & Atlx Expander
06:00 - Summary

Full Feature List:
• Cascaded 4-Pole multimode filter with LP2, BP2, LP4, BP4, HP4, and Phaser modes
• Two Triangle Core VCOs
• VCO A: Thru-Zero FM with INDEX and PWM, Hard/Soft Sync, Octave switch
• VCO B: Linear FM, LFO/VCO switch, Hard Sync, Octave switch
• Suboscillator with three modes spanning two octaves
• White and Pink noise sources
• Six-channel mixer comprising VCO A Waveforms, Sub, Noise, and two Aux inputs
• Aux inputs have switched normals with sources from VCO A and B for quick paraphonic play without patching
• Mixer Aux 2 can be routed post-VCF / pre-VCA
• Mod X and Y buses allow for quick modulation routing of VCO B, S&H, Noise, and feedback sources without patching
• Both Mod X and Y buses have polarity and level-shifting switches
• Analog ADSR envelope with three time ranges, manual gate, and level (velocity) input
• Patchable Sample and Hold modulation source
• Asymmetric and symmetric output distortion modes
• 20 Sliders, 4 Knobs, 27 toggles, and 2 Rotary switches for expressive hands-on control
• 32 Jacks for creative and complex patching options
• 16 additional jacks with the optional Atlx expander

Intellijel ATLANTIX: No Talking Acid Test ­čśő

video upload by mylarmelodies

"Here's my first jams with the new SH-101-inspired Eurorack module from Intellijel, the ATLANTIX. I'm working on a full demo, so while u wait, here's me having fun as I learn it. Links to pricing below!"

00:00 Jimi Hendrix Acid
02:11 Itchy Acid
02:58 Foghorn Phazer Acid

intellijel Atlantix Sound Demo (no talking) with Atlx 3 U and Sealegs

video upload by Limbic Bits

0:00 Melodic Techno Lead
1:00 7th Pad
2:26 Sweetener Lead
3:51 RingModder Lead
4:26 Hello Precinct 14
5:00 Ring that Bell
5:29 Not really a duophonic lead
6:46 Tech Stack
7:38 PWM Lead
8:33 Trance Lead
9:45 Blip Blop Pulse
10:01 Dirt Bass
10:30 S&H Bandpass Lead
11:06 Sawmple & Hold HP Lead
11:27 Psytrance FX
11:57 Broken Tape
12:34 Kick Variations
13:01 more Kicks (Self Oscillation)
13:07 Metallizer Outro

Thursday, June 20, 2024

Another day, another modular synth!

video upload by John L Rice

"Modules from 4ms, Erica Synths, Happy Nerding, 2hp, Doepfer, Synthesis Technology, Bubblesound, Intellijel, Circuit Abbey, Synth-Werks"

Sunday, June 16, 2024

Housed By Our Light /// Cascadia, Pulsar, OB-6…

video upload by Jon Gee

"Fun to mix this improvisation. Many synths involved here. Keepin it spacey.
Thanks to Chris for the video help and overall immaculate vibe enhancer."

Sunday, June 09, 2024

Decoding Reality /// Cascadia, OB-6 improv

video upload by Jon Gee

"Recording and posting more improvs. This late night hypnosis is a @DorianConcept1 inspired synth loop jam.
Thought about droppin in a beat, but I quickly took it out to keep this one synth loop / arp sounds only."

Saturday, June 08, 2024

Time Trees /// Cascadia, Pulsar, OB-6 improv

video upload by Jon Gee

"Jamming on the regular here at the Noasphere. Chris’ best line is 'you should record this!'
It makes me laugh every time. The motivation to post and share comes and goes for all of us. It’s pretty fluid….we can get music into each other’s heads almost instantly. So why not….Here’s a jam around a Cascadia motif and a sweet beat treat from Pulsar. OB-6 has been a joy to play. I’ll post more off the cuff improvs and all the jams that fall into the 'you should record this' moment.
Power to the Peaceful."

Wednesday, June 05, 2024

Intellijel Cascadia - Patching in the FX Section

video upload by Intellijel

"Who ever said FX pedals were just for guitars?

Cascadia has a dedicated FX section for patching in pedals and line level FX processors. No need for adapters or weird cables - ¼” jack sockets for Send, Return and Expression control can be found on the back of Cascadia, with complete signal control to ensure the best possible match up. Cascadia works great with delay, reverb, distortion, chorus.. Pretty much whatever FX you have to hand. Matt explains how this all works while partnering Cascadia with some of our favourite pedals. What are your favourite FX for synthesizers? Let us know in the comments!

00:00 - Introduction
00:23 - FX Section Overview
00:48 - Patching in the FX Section
01:09 - Time to add FX! + Patch Notes
02:06 - FX Section Controls
03:42 - Expression Out
04:38 - Patching FX through Cascadia's Modules (Ring Mod & VCF)
05:28 - Summary

Manual reference - Page 72"

Tuesday, June 04, 2024

u-he CVilization Mode I: Musical demo (no talking)

video upload by u-he

"Here's a jam featuring our CVilization module in Mode I (4 x 4 Matrix Mixer). We're exploring the musical possibilities of the mysterious Matrix Rotation [posted here]. 4 different oscillator signals are routed through CVilization's matrix and distributed to various other modules. CVilization now rotates its inputs and outputs, creating ever-changing mixes of these oscillator signals. CVilization's sidekick Wiretap also joins the game with two of its outputs hooked up, creating some funky alternating envelopes.

modules in this patch:
u-he CVilization
u-he Wiretap
u-he Prototype Cascade Filter
ALM Pamela's Workout
Mutable Instruments Links
Mutable Instruments Plaids
Mutable Instruments Shades
Happy Nerding FX Aid
Happy Nerding MMM VCF
Intellijel ┬ÁScale
Intellijel Dubmix
AJH Synths Next Phase
Dave Smith Instruments Curtis Filter
Xaoc Instruments Batumi
Xaoc Instruments Tallinn
Tiptop Audio Z8000
Instruo t├▓na
Make Noise Mimeophon

00:00 - Patch overview
02:44 - Jam"

Saturday, June 01, 2024

Intellijel Cascadia: patching Ring Mod into FX loop with Chroma Console

video uploads by The Synth Shed


1. Intellijel Cascadia sound demo with Vector Five12 sequencer (no talking)
Sound demo showing how to set up a basic patch and modulations (based on some of the start-up examples in the manual) - with CV pitch/gate controlled through the amazing Five12 Vector Sequencer to give us a driving techno line with lots of dirt.

side-note: I don't know if I was hallucinating after too much coffee, but by the end I thought the melody had morphed into the Star Wars Imperial March. WELCOME TO THE DARK SIDE!
2. Intellijel Cascadia: patching Ring Mod into FX loop with Chroma Console
Fourth part of my initial Cascadia explorations, again using the Chroma on fx duties, but this time with the added textures created by patching the Cascadia's Ring Modulator into the FX loop. Tasty sounds!
3. Intellijel Cascadia x Chroma Console = 'Add N to (X)'
Building on the patch and sequence created for my first Cascadia sound demo, we take things further with the addition of the inspiring multi-fx unit Chroma Console from Hologram Electronics. The perfect pairing for creating experimental sounds - and if you slow the tempo you're in instant 'Add N to (X)' chunky synth groove territory. Once again driven by the Five12 Vector Sequencer.
4. Intellijel Cascadia x Chroma Console PART 2: Filthy fuzz bass!
Had so much fun experimenting with this killer combo in the first video, that I ended up recording another video just to show how dang low down and dirty the Cascadia can go with a little help from its friends (in this case, FX from the Chroma and sequencing via the Five12 Vector)

Friday, May 31, 2024

Intellijel Cascadia - Hidden Function: The Entropic Sequence Generator

video upload by Intellijel

"Did you know about Cascadia’s hidden function - the E.S.G?

It’s short for Entropic Sequence Generator, and it’s an alternative mode to the LFO on Envelope B. In this video, Matt explains what it is, how it works and the 2 methods to enable it. Get random, get weird!

Note: The E.S.G. was added in Firmware update 1.3+ - Please update your firmware version if older than this.

00:00 - Introduction
00:45 - Setting up the E.S.G.
01:15 - Method 1 - Enable on Hardware
01:45 - Method 2 - Enable with the Intellijel Config app
02:10 - Quick patch
02:15 - E.S.G. Controls - Rise
03:02 - E.S.G. Controls - Fall
03:30 - E.S.G. Controls - Shape
04:15 - Modulating the E.S.G.
05:36 - Summary

Latest Cascadia Firmware:

Download the Intellijel Config App:

Patch notes:
E.S.G Enabled
ENV B Out --- Mixuverter In (for range control)
Mixuverter Out --- VCO A Pitch In
ENV B EOF Out --- ENV A Gate In
ENV A Out --- VCF FM3 In
ENV A Out --- Normalled - VCA A Mod
LFO X Out --- ENV B Fall Mod In (to modulate seq length)
LFO Y Out --- ENV B Rise Mod In (to modulate seq rate)
LFO Z Out --- ENV B Shape Mod In (to modulate regen probability)"

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Intellijel Cascadia - Creating Sounds without Patch Cables

video upload by Intellijel

"Matt takes us through the basics of how to create and sculpt sounds on Cascadia without the use of patch cables.

Cascadia is a hugely versatile semi-modular synthesizer, and at first glance the vast number of patch points & controls might seem daunting. This video breaks down the basic signal flow and normalled connections, so you can get an overall sense of how Cascadia works - whether you're a beginner or just curious! This is by no means a deep dive, but we'll be following up with more videos on specific features soon.

00:00 - Introduction
00:34 - Basic Signal Flow
01:07 - Generating a tone
01:55 - What's next?
02:05 - Introducing a MIDI Sequencer (Metropolix)
02:32 - MIDI Section Normalizations
03:11 - Shaping Up a Basic Patch
04:02 - Summary
04:26 - Jamming & Exploring More Normalled Connections"

Saturday, May 18, 2024

Intellijel System ~ Flamenco Scale ~ Strymon Cloudburst

video upload by Ebotronix

Intellijel Designs System
Dubmix, Azimuth 2 , Quadrax,
Shapeshifter , 2x Amps , 4x Planar 2 , 4x Polaris Multi Mode Filter,
5x Dixie II +, 2x Plonk , 2x Multi FX 1u, 2x Mixup, 2x Tangrams,
2x Quadratt 1u, 2x passive LPG, Dr. Octature 1 & 2, Steppy,
Scales, Bifold, Flurry , Quad VCA,
Sealegs, Quad Inverter, ┬ÁMod V1 , ADSR,
2x 104 ~ 7 U Case.
Cylonix - Cyclebox II with expander
Tunefish Modular 2x ┬ÁVeils , ┬Á Yarns, Temps Utile ,
3x Ornament and Crime with Flamenco Scale
Mutable Instruments Shades
Ritual Electronics 2x Flexibilite´
4ms Peg
XAOC 3x Batumi
Flame Q Slider
Doepfer R2m , A 156
Strymon AA1, Cloudburst (2x)
Midi CC ( 8 channels) by 16n Faderbank AtoVproject
video # 2375

Silhouette /// Polybrute, Cascadia, Pulsar-23, OB-6

video upload by Jon Gee

"First jam with the new setup. Wanted to make space in the studio for more dancing. So far so good. Wrote a sequence on the Polybrute, layered with Cascadia, added the OB chords. pulsar beat…
Thanks to Chris for the ceremonial grade vibes."

Friday, May 17, 2024

Intellijel Metropolix Solo - Desktop Sequencer with MIDI

video upload by Intellijel

"INTELLIJEL METROPOLIX SOLO: CV and MIDI Sequencing on your desktop

We've set Metropolix free from the rack, in a small desktop case, allowing you to interface with your DAW or other hardware music machines without needing a full eurorack system.

Going Solo, but not alone

The Metropolix Solo Kit is available for current eurorack Metropolix owners that want to set Metropolix free to sit next to their modular systems.


Metropolix Solo has all the connections you need for USB MIDI, Serial MIDI (TRS or DIN with Adaptors) and CV/GATE for modular systems. Use CV/Gate, TRS and USB MIDI all at the same time.

Top Panel (CV/Gate)
- A/B Assignable CV Outputs
- X/Y/Z CV Modulation Inputs
- CLK Sync and Reset Input
- CLK Sync Output
- Track 1 and 2 Pitch and Gate

Rear Panel (MIDI/Power)

- MIDI TRS: In / Out / Thru
- 2.1mm DC for Power Supply"

Friday, May 10, 2024

Intellijel Dubmix Gangeshwari ~ Strymon Cloudburst

video upload by Ebotronix

Intellijel Designs System
Dubmix with Mini Expander, Azimuth 2 , Quadrax,
Shapeshifter , 2x Amps , 4x Planar 2 , 2x Polaris Multi Mode Filter,
4x Dixie II +, 2x Plonk , 2x Multi FX 1u, 2x Mixup, 2x Tangrams,
2x Quadratt 1u, 2x passive LPG, Dr. Octature 1 & 2, Steppy,
Scales, Bifold, Flurry (master clock), Quad VCA,
Sealegs, Quad Inverter, ┬ÁMod V1 , ADSR,
Cylonix - Cyclebox II with expander,
ARC Serge TKB,
Tunefish Temps Utile and
2x Ornament and Crime Gangeshwari Scale number of notes: 6
notes (in cents): 0, 385.9, 497.7, 702.3, 792.2, 996.1
Mutable Instruments Ripples 1
Ritual Electronics 2x Flexibilite´
4ms Peg
XAOC Batumi
Strymon Cloudburst (2x) Midi CC ( 8 channels) by 16n Faderbank AtoVproject
Drums : Kick by Dixie, Snare by Plonk, Hihat by Plonk to Azimuth2.
video # 2372

Tuesday, May 07, 2024

Intellijel Dubmix ~ Strymon Cloudburst

video upload by Ebotronix

Intellijel Designs System
Dubmix with Mini Expander, Azimuth 2 , Quadrax,
Shapeshifter , 2x Amps , 4x Planar 2 , 2x Polaris Multi Mode Filter,
4x Dixie II +, 2x Plonk , 2x Multi FX 1u, 2x Mixup, 2x Tangrams,
2x Quadratt 1u, 2x passive LPG, Dr. Octature 1 & 2, Steppy,
Scales, Bifold, Flurry (master clock), Quad VCA,
Sealegs, Quad Inverter, ┬ÁMod V1 , ADSR,
Cylonix - Cyclebox II with expander,
Tunefish 2x Ornament and Crime (Aeolian Scale)
Mutable Instruments Ripples 1
Ritual Electronics 2x Flexibilite´
Strymon Cloudburst (2x) Midi CC ( 8 channels) by 16n Faderbank AtoVproject
Drums : Kick by Dixie, Snare by Plonk, Hihat by Plonk to Azimuth2.
video # 2371

Sunday, May 05, 2024

Uplifting Synth Jam feat. the OB-6, Pulsar-23, Cascadia, Polybrute

video upload by Jon Gee

"Lil weekend jam session I recorded yesterday. Made a sequence on the OB-6, oscillators tuned to 5ths. Took inspiration from a beat Lone did in his tune “Realise”. Cascadia arp mostly on that lovely sine wave (likely one of my fav sounds from Cascadia). Halfway it goes into some freaky territory with Pulsar’s bass and some thru-zero FM on the arp. Music is healing. A jam a day keeps the doctor away."

Monday, April 29, 2024

Riverflows /// Cascadia, Sealegs, OB6 & Pulsar-23 noises

video upload by Jon Gee

“Nothing is something worth doing” -old Shpongle proverb

Thursday, April 25, 2024

Dreadbox Psychosis

video upload by Ebotronix

"tested with Intellijel Designs System
part one with Barberpole Flurry Noise
part two with Dixie and Shapeshifter start at 7.30
I miss a four coloured led button for the FX modes and
a sync function for the internal pan LFO and the FX
rev pre delay ,delay time, chorus LFO, flanger LFO
Tunefish Modular Twiigs and Ornament and Crime Sequin Aeolian Scale
video # 2366"

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Buchla Music Easel in Eurorack!

video upload by Electrum Modular

"Unveiling of the Easel-esque system! Demonstration includes three patches, with notes on each."

ST Modular SHIKENSA (1st post to feature one)
Intellijel Scales
ALM Pip Slope
ALM Pamela's Workout
Intellijel Dixie II+
Shakmat Banshee Reach
Intellijel Bifold
Make Noise Optomix
Synthrotek MIXIV
ART Junction (1st post to feature one)
Mutable Instruments Beads
Doboz Touch Plate Controller & Gliss
Expert Sleepers Disting

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Ambient for Inner Peace /Poly Effects Hector (Plaits Marbles Clone) Beads Echoz Ensemble Oscillator

video upload by Wac- Lounge

"Thank you for watching!
Here are the simple patch notes, a list of the gear, and more information.


Granular ambient voice = Hector(Plaits clone) processed by Beads sequenced by Hector(Marbles clone)
Echoed random sequencing voice = Hector(Plaits) processed by Hector(LP filter+Delay) modulation & sequenced by Hector(Marbles + ADSR)
Percussive voice = Hector(Plaits) processed by Echoz modulation & sequenced by Hector(Marbles+ADSR)
Synth lead voice = Hector(Plaits) processed by Hector(Delay) slew limiter & sequenced by Hector(Note sequencer triggered by Steppy)
Strings synth voice = Ensemble Oscillator modulation & sequenced by MATHS
Reverse piano loop voice = Disting triggered by Steppy
Master clock = Hector(divided by Steppy)


Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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