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Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Synth art acrylic light sign build

video upload by otemrellik

"Grab one here:
A quick documentation of the build process for my acrylic light signs."

Monday, February 05, 2024

ursulas' cave - electro - single take / analog studio

video upload by Peter Maas

"Meet Ursula, a member of the Britrusa tribe living in an cave under the sea. When the tribe is not foraging for food, they love putting their synthesizers together and rave all night.

Imageges Generated by Dall-E.

Equipment used:

* Roland System 100 for Bass, Lead, Snare and Wind effects
* Roland System 100m for bubbling effects
* Korg PS3100 for wavy pads
* Sequential Prophey 5 for portamento lead
* TTSH Arp 2600 Clone with 1602 Sequence for leads
* Arp Axxe + Little brother and Roland SVC350 for vocoding
* Midas Venice F24 mixer
* Various pieces of outboard gear (distressor, tc2290, kt dimension-d, kt 1176 bugbrand compressor, merris mercury)"

Sunday, December 03, 2023

Concerning Hobbits (Synth version) | Lord of the Rings soundtrack cover

video upload by Karel Smit

Some AI generated synth art.

"Had a lot of fun redesigning this orchestral track to a synth version. All sounds come from the Sequential Prophet Rev2 and Korg Minilogue xd, with a little help from the Moog DFAM for the kick drum."

Friday, November 03, 2023



"The oscillator is the beating heart of any synthesizer - without it, there is literally no sound!

This brand new poster celebrates 29 of the best from a selection of vintage synths - analogue and digital. They are illustrated in the Synth Evolution house style - hand illustrated to bring out the aesthetic qualities of each.

You might wonder just how many ways there really are to give a synth-player the option between square, sawtooth and sine waves…well the answer seems to be - ‘as many ways as there are synths’, and they all look cool!

The poster is a high quality digital print on 200gsm pH-neutral paper.
Dimensions: 420 x 594 mm (A2)

Delivering globally"

"The majority of the featured oscillators are vintage analogue oscillators from synths like the Jupiter 8, the SH-101, the CS-80, and more. Who knew there were so many solutions to the problem of how to select between ‘square’, ‘sawtooth’ and ‘triangle’?! There are also some modern classics in there - the DX7 and Access Virus amongst them."

Note A2 refers to the standard paper size.

via the web: "The A2 format is 420 x 594 mm or 42 x 59.4 cm. In inches, A2 paper has a size of 16.5in x 23.4in. These dimensions mean A2 is normally the perfect choice for calendars, posters and larger format printing."

Monday, October 09, 2023

September sketch

video upload by ALEQ Modular

"The third sketch.

The objective of this video, in addition to the image and music, was to test the Ritournelle modulesThe objective of this video, in addition to the image and music, was to test the Ritournelle CV and TRIG modules from Larix Elektro.


Saturday, August 12, 2023

Poly Evolver Keyboard

video upload by Brian Schaft

"PEK sythesizer is my favorite synth because it can sound so different from the rest."

Thursday, August 10, 2023

Koto Plays Synthesizer World Hits

video upload by KOTO

Cool synth art. Reminds me of the displays on Star Trek.


You can find the release on Amazon and eBay.

Friday, July 14, 2023


video upload by verstaerker

"20 years of verstaerker. I picked 20 tracks that represent verstaerker.
A diverse track-collection of my musical history. I hope you enjoy it!

to listen more music by me please visit"

Tuesday, June 06, 2023

Tasty Chips GR-1 and Korg MonoPoly used on this one

video upload by HanzVolt

Friday, May 26, 2023

synthesizer to put children to sleep sound demo

video upload by the VAPE

And a creepy AI generated album cover from the VAPE:

music for AI generated LP cover 1

Thursday, March 16, 2023

『電子楽器100年展』 Synthesizer on display at the "100 Years of Electronic Musical Instruments Exhibition "

video upload by PikoPiko Factory ピコピコファクトリー

Monday, March 06, 2023

AI-generated synth art & photos (insane prototypes & clones).

video upload by Jexus (

"Full resolution images:

So I've been experimenting with different AI engines (free & paid). All images that you see in this video have been generated by me using various techniques and c.prompt commands. The deeper the story you want to tell with a picture, the less realistic it's going to look, but it's fun;)

Music: one of WC Olo Garb demo tracks (originally intended for vocals) that I found on my hard drive. Made with a variety of hardware & VST synths & samplers."

Saturday, January 28, 2023

Exploring the Buchla ♫ ♫ │ Music and visual art

video upload by Luc Debeck

"5 years ago I had my first Buchla 100 custom built system. This was a live performance session at home.
This was my first attempt exploring the Buchla system and I still enjoy the sounds with my current system 200.
The Buchla consists of VCO 158, quad gate 110, Lpf 192, Wavewiper, CV processor 156, VC Delay, Mixer, Attenuator, Waveformer, Timbre 178.
AI Artwork (Midjourney) was done by me as well as the video composition and music."

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Does AI dream of future synthesizer..? - Midjourney A.I.

video upload by Axis of Wold

"This is a conceptual synthesizer design from the mind (or neural network?) of an artificial intelligence called Midjourney. Ostensibly this synth employs the rare synthesis technique called scanned synthesis. Is this a possible future synth? For consumers? The design ideas given by an AI like Midjourney are valuable beyond comprehension, exterior designs that can inspire syntheziser companies all over the world for an eternity."

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Tele Blender | by Error Instruments

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

Don't miss 3:31 on for some abstract synth art.

"First encounter with the Error Instruments Tele Blender, an algorithmic CV 'wheel of fortune' that outputs weird CV sequences offering endless variations of noise, blips, textures and experimental weirdness. On its own, practical use is limited to mono noise studies but as a noise or CV source you can spice up your patches with serious salt and red hot chili."

Monday, December 26, 2022

Geological Cross-Section Panels by nakedboards on a Modular Synthesizer

I thought this was interesting. Nikolai from nakedboards sent images of their new geological print panels. Here's what he had to say about them:

"Perm is a new project from nakedboards. It’s a set of eight 8hp blank eurorack panels with geological cross-section.

Nikolay, nakedboards founder and engineer, tells a background story: "Not many people know that I have a degree in geology. This summer I got very inspired investigating geological sights around the place I lived. I believe that natural sciences give an opportunity for more conscious observation. For instance, this simple picture I put on my panels represents millions years of Earth’s history!

I got exited about the idea of making a print of the cross-section of the ground where I grew up. And here it is all ready to be shipped around the world!"

You can find them at

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Theft at Malekko Heavy Industry

Joshua Holley of Malekko Heavy Industry wrote in to let us know there was a break-in at his shop. The thief stole about $65,000 worth of personal items. The insurance company won't cover most of it, so he is offering modular art pieces for sale to hopefully recoup some of his losses.

The following is a repost from his site. Please share this with others.

"On August 7th 2022 two males broke into an adjacent business in my building and managed to make their way into my shop via a shared back door. The thieves stole many personal items, sentimental gifts from colleagues, friends, things I will never see again, about $65,000.00 worth of personal items stolen. After almost 2 months dealing with Insurance companies, ultimately they offered little help, citing a convenient loophole stating since stolen items were personal property the business policies won’t cover most of it, giving me about 12% of the loss.

Out of the many stolen items, the one that hurt the most is a one of a kind Minimoog used by the band Skinny Puppy. Anyone that knows me knows how important of an instrument this is and how devastated I’ve been since the break in. With the exception of a Facebook post hoping to flush the thieves out I haven’t been able to talk about it much, watching the video surveillance of the guy carting it out sickens me, I’ve had to watch it several times, each time waiting a week or so in between viewings because I’m so pissed.

A month ago I came up with an idea to right a wrong so I decided to make a set of art based off the stolen Minimoog. My thought is that to have a set of art based on such an iconic synthesizer would make a great conversation piece, look great on any wall, bring happiness to fellow synth nerds and help replace some of the items that CAN be replaced, and basically help turn the negative energy surrounding this ordeal into a positive.

I’m calling the set “The Greater Right of the Wrong” (see what I did there). I sourced a frame maker to make some custom frames in brown to represent the wood from the instrument, and then I had 5 individual pieces of aluminum made to size, brushed, and anodized. I will laser etch all 5 pieces with the blocks of the instrument. They will look like what’s pictured except each edition will be numbered and have “GROTW xxx/200″ small in the lower corner.

The frames are approximately 12” tall and side by side touching the set is about 2ft 10 inches, and about 3ft with nice spacing in between. This is a pre-order. I have approved the metal and frame samples and now they need to go into production. I anticipate shipping at the end of December. This will be limited to 200 sets, numbered in order sold, and once they are sold I will not make any more.

Thank you in advance to everyone who supports this endeavor. It’s been an extremely personal project that I hope puts a smile on all our faces for years to come."

Friday, October 14, 2022

Electrypnose | Time to Jam | Stop Motion Clip

video upload by Electrypnose

"Stop Motion animated movie created by Hannah Scott, Music by Electrypnose.

99% of the sounds are from the real gears, for the music and for the sound design.
Exceptions : knuckles cracks, tiger roar, and windows XP bootup ;)"

This one is in via supporting member, Ray Ewan, who had the following to say about it:

"Hi, there! I came across this really amazing stop-motion animation done by the friend(partner?) of an electronic music producer called Electrypose who provides the soundtrack. The animation is a depiction of him producing music in his studio and eventually the animator joins him dancing to his music.

It’s exceptionally well done with all kinds of identifiable synth and effects gear recreated in miniature, and he states that 99% of the sounds are from the actual gear depicted in the animation. Then there’s a behind-the-scenes montage at the end. It’s really very sweet.

I thought with all the crap going in the world, a little lightheartedness might be welcome – along with some great electronic music."


Sunday, October 02, 2022

Korg microKorg Tattoo

via @KorgUSA

"Now THAT'S dedication.
shared their love for the incredible microKorg by getting it tatted on their wrist forever, we've never felt more loved 🫶 🎛🎹

Do you have a Korg tattoo? We wanna see em'!


See the Synth Tattoo label for more.

Monday, September 12, 2022

Bastl 1983 Eurorack Module In Black

Cool pic via @bastlinstrument

"There is no MIDI to CV convertor like our 1983. ⁠
Can your convertor also reliably tune your analog oscillators?⁠
Can your convertor chain with a second unit and be 8 channels?⁠"

You can find demos featuring the silver model in previous posts here.

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