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Friday, November 03, 2023

Massive Analog Keyboard Collection - Greystoke Studio Tour!

video upload by Andy Whitmore

"Greystoke Studio in London, is a high-spec London recording studio. Here we have a look at all the keyboards Andy had in 9/12/2020 – 41 Keyboards to look at!
Classic, Modern & Vintage Keyboards.

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0:00 - Mini Moog Model D – 2017
0:06 - Roland Vocoder VP330 MK I – 1979
0:10 - Oberheim OB-1 – 1978
0:14 - Prophet 5 Rev 3.2 MIDI – 1981
0:25 - Prophet 5 Rev 3.0 MIDI – 1980
0:36 - Oberheim Xpander – 1984
0:42 - Oberheim OB-8 – 1982
0:55 - Roland Jupiter 4 MIDI – 1979
0:58 - Logan String Machine – 1975
1:03 - Hammond C3 + Leslie Speaker - 1968 + 1963
1:05 - Mini Moog Model D – 1976
1:12 - Wurlitzer 200A Electric Piano - 1976 (bought from 10CC's Eric Stewart!
1:14 - Fender Rhodes Piano Stage 73 – 1979
1:25 - Roland Juno106 – 1984
1:31 - Roland Vocoder VP330 MK II MIDI – 1980
1:38 - Korg M1 - 1990
1:40 - Nord Electro 3 - 2008
1:46 - Roland JD800 - 1991
1:57 - Korg Trinity - 1995
2:03 - Roland D50 - 1987
2:13 - Korg Poly 800 – 1983
2:14 - Roland SH101 – 1983
2:18 - Roland MC 202 – 1984
2:25 - Hohner Clavinet D6 - 1979
2:32 - Korg Z1 - 1997
2:39 - ARP Odyssey – 1979
2:43 - Prophet VS – 1986
2:53 - Roland MKS80 with MPG-80 programmer – 1986
3:03 - Yamaha TX816 - 1984
3:09 - Yamaha TX802 - 1987
3:12 - Studio Electronics SE1X – 1994
3:18 - Roland JP-8080 - 1998
3:22 - Roland JV1080 - 1994
3:29 - Nord Rack 2 - 1997
3:36 - Roland P330 - 1988
3:42 - Akai S3000XL 32 Meg - 1996
3:51 - Novation Supernova - 1998
4:05 - Novation Bass Station – 1994
4:09 - Kenton Pro 4 CV Gate Converter
4:21 - Steinway Model O – 1908
5:32 - EMS AKS Synthi VCS3 – 1972

Since this video was made Greystoke Studio has acquired
2 x Roland Jupiter 8 - 1981
1 x Yamaha CS80 - 1976
1 x Yamaha CS40M - 1979
2 x Roland SH1000 - 1973
1 x TTSH Two Thousand Six Hundred Mini Meanie Arp 2600 Clone Analog Synthesizer Modular Synth - 2016 - my model is 2023

Update video coming soon!

Thank you for watching this video. I hope that you keep up with the weekly videos we post on the channel, subscribe, and share with those who need to see them. Your comments are our oxygen, so please take a second and say hi ;-)
Andy Whitmore is our Online Mixing, Mastering and Music Production service. We proudly serve major record labels, independent artists, and film/tv/advertising agencies and we’re recognised as one of the staple studios in London.
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Sunday, October 08, 2023

TTSH Two Thousand Six Hundred Mini Meanie Arp 2600

via this auction

Additional Control Listings

"Fully tested, perfect working condition. Built by the consignor. 2nd run PCB. Installed with Power One Linear PSU, Gate Booster Mod for +5V Gate Input, and synthCube slider caps. Housed in a limited-run Black Tolex wooden case by Monorocket offered in 2014."

Saturday, September 02, 2023


video upload by Rudetee

"The keystep controls the TTSH with a sequence and send the clock to the MOOG COmbo (DFAM,SUBHARMONICON)"

Friday, June 16, 2023

TTSH ARP 2600 Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"The TTSH is a faithful recreation of the legendary ARP 2600 synthesizer using through hole components."

Wednesday, May 03, 2023

Vintage Syntesizer Electronic Synthwave

video upload by Peter Maas

"Playing with the linndrum eproms in the drumtracks, doing some synthwave things

* Korg PS3100 on pads
* Juno 106 on lead pads
* Minimoog on Arpeggio
* Rolands 100m on stereo lead
* TTSH Arp 2600 clone on bass
* Drumtraks with linndrum bass and snare on drums; with some gated reverb from the boss rv-500 on the snare."

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

The TTSH by the Human Comparator - Still Worth Buying Today?

video upload by K’s Music Lounge

"In this video I go in depth on why I think the TTSH is still a very relevant option in the face of the stiff official reissue and unofficial clone competition.

My Reverb:

The patch used in the video:"

Arp 2600/TTSH Evolving Aphex Twin-Style Patch

via this auction

"The TTSH is the V2 with an internal PSU (see pic of the rear) in a beautiful zebrano wood case."

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Electronic Sci/Fi performance - Roland system 100 & 100m and Korg PS3100 and TTSH (Arp2600)

video upload by Peter Maas

Sunday, August 28, 2022

Human Comparator TTSH w/ Pink LED Sliders in Silver Monorocket Case

via this auction

"This guy is awesome and super hot looking, the case is a custom silver (the only one) arp clone case made by monorocket, its ridiculously awesome. Here are the issues and things to note. There are 3 LEDs that aren't lit...oh by the way they are special pink LEDs...the photos don't do it justice. Playing it today I noticed osc 1 square output is low. I patched osc 1 saw into the mixer and it was normal volume. I installed the speakers but they will overdrive if you have volume sliders all the way up...if I use them I keep them 3/4 could make adjustments to the circuit to tame it if you want.
For some reason I never hooked up the reverb. There's a tank in there just needs hooked up. I also bought a super cool set of LED slider caps from THONK...they look great."

Friday, February 11, 2022

The Human Comparator synthCube Kit TTSH MiniMeanie Arp 2600 + 1601 + Keyboard in Mahagony Case

via this auction

"Amazing complete ARP 2600 Clone Set

The set contains following components:

1. Human Comparator TTSH, ARP2600 clone incl. Gate Booster (kit from synthCube)

2. 1601 Sequenzer clone (kit from synthCube)

3. DIY Keyboard based on a Fatar Studio 49 with:

MST '07 Buffered Multiple Kit
RIB MST Ribbon Controller

4. Patch cables"

Monday, October 25, 2021

Human Comparator TTSH v4 Two Thousand Six Hundred ARP 2600 Analog Synth

via this auction

"PHYSICAL CONDITION: Excellent - In amazing condition. There are still a few barely visible scuffs, however, each fader and input jack is perfectly intact. This is the latest version (V4) and was built by the manufacturer, not a kit. Overall, everything is in excellent physical condition.

WORKING CONDITION: Excellent - Works nicely. Each parameter is fully operational. This synth is fun to use and sounds great! In general, everything is in excellent working condition.


UNPACKAGED DIMENSIONS: 23.875" x 14.125" x 5.875" "

Monday, October 04, 2021

The Human Comparator - TTSH Arp 2600

video upload by NOISEBUG

"For sale is our beloved TTSH Arp 2600 clone. This unit is in mint condition and fully functioning with the added gate booster to use with external gear.

Here is a quick sound demo of the unit."

Listed on Reverb here. Pics previously captured here.

Also see

Thursday, September 30, 2021

The Human Comparator - TTSH Arp 2600

via this auction

Additional NOISEBUG Listings

"Noisebug is selling our beloved TTSH 2600. We want to give this unit a new home for someone else to enjoy and make music.

This unit has been professionally build by a local builder with quality and care. The only mods done to this unit is the addition of the gate booster module. This TTSH is in mint condition and works 100% perfectly as it should. Listing also comes with a KORG SQ-1 step sequencer as a extra bonus! Unit comes with a Mean Well 24V power supply to power the synth."

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Dawless Techno Jam using Roland TR-808 and full System 100

video upload by

"Having some good fun with the TR-808 driving the System 100, TTSH ARP2600 clone (processed by System 100m filter) and Moog DFAM. Some compression from the Distressor and FMR PBC-6a. No post processing, stereo from the mixer."

Thursday, September 02, 2021

The Human Comparator TTSH + 1601 sequencer 2021 Walnut cabinet

via this auction

"Built by Patch Point Team from the finest parts.

Beautiful inside and out.

High Quality New Old stock parts used throughout in the crucial areas.

Modern Components used where it matters otherwise.

Perfectly Calibrated.

Signed by the Patch Point Team.

Edition of 1"

This one was spotted and sent in via M Me.

Thursday, June 24, 2021

The Human Comparator - TTSH (ARP 2600 Clone)

video upload by NOISEBUG

via this auction

Additional NOISEBUG Listings

"This TTSH is in great shape and sounds incredible. This unit has some sort of clock bleed in the oscillators that is very subtle, but known to be a common issue. You can hear the bleed in our demo video at the 46 second mark. Once you have a patch going and things moving you can not hear the bleed at all, it's only when the oscillators are droning straight to the output. Unit is also missing the manual gate button, but that can be replaced for under $2.

TTSH also comes with both filter cards. This unit also comes with the gate booster mod pre-built, but not installed. And comes with the Shapers and Sync pcb's for extra mods.

Comes with 24V Mean Well power brick and IEC."

Thursday, April 01, 2021

Latest Todd Barton Videos

It looks like Todd Barton's channel is the latest to be hit by my YouTube subscription bug. For some reason some of my subscriptions are not notifying me. If you are a supporting member and do not see your videos going up, please feel free to send them in. Not sure what's up with YouTube. P.S. If anyone out there works for Google/YouTube, please look into this if possible.​

That said, here's the playlist for the above:

1. NVO Sequences and Discoveries
2. Buchla 245 on THC NVO
3. Buchla 246 and 248
I just got this beautiful Buchla 246 Programmable Voltage Source built by Adam Scramstad. My all time favorite sequencer. There are two short maiden voyage explorations here. 1) Buchla 246 and 248 (MARF) and the second just the 246. This second one uses the 246 to take panning on a wild ride so maybe headphones or speakers. . .
4. BuchlaBot Lives
Soundtracks made on Buchla Music Easel, Buchla 200e Electric Music Box and Buchla 200. Enjoy!
5. 296e Env Followers meet Krell
Exploring sending lots of Envelope Followers out from the 296e Spectral Processor to many different functions inside a little Krell patch.
6. Pi Day Beat
OK, I'm definitely late to the Pi Day Party but couldn't resist doing something with those numbers, intervals and rhythm. Enjoy!

Monday, January 11, 2021

TTSH Rev 2 -ARP 2600

via this auction

"Recently made TTSH Rev 2 Arp 2600 clone in a stained hardwood case. This unit has a linear power supply designed by Altitude specifically for the TTSH. It is much more stable with this power supply, as well as much less noisy. It can be switched between 110 and 240 volts. It also has Elna Silmic electrolytic capacitors and carbon resistors in the signal path. Elna Silmic capacitors are some of the best electrolyics on the market, and carbon resistors can handle transients better than metal films, to help keep that vintage sound that people love about the ARP 2600.

This unit has a gate booster to allow it to interface with other equipment, and filter cap mod which removes thumps and bumps from the initial design. A baffle mod is installed to allow the inbuilt speakers to function properly. It also comes with the standard spring reverb and 20 coloured patch cables. Absolutely beautiful synth.Why have cotton when you can have silk :)"

Saturday, November 28, 2020

TTSH (Arp 2600 clone) meets the Squid

Todd Murray

"This is my latest DIY synthesizer. A V4 TTSH connected to a Toraiz Squid. Basically, this just demonstrates how these synths sound with just 3 VCOs, one of which is also providing a sub-oscillator. Jump to 1:15 to hear the sub-oscillator kick in and about 1:46 to hear all the VCOs. Oh yea... crank this up for best effect. And this build has some alterations to components, etc from the standard TTSH"

Sunday, November 08, 2020

Latest TTSH build (Arp 2600 clone)

Todd Murray

"This is from the latest V4 TTSH PCBs from Synthcube. There have been many mods done to this as well, including waveshapers, gatebooster, VCO sync, etc. Although most of the voltage control still uses the LM301, many are selected for the lowest input offset voltage as possible. Additionally the entire audio path uses OPAMPs that are closer to the original MC1439s in either fast slew rate or lowest input offset voltage where needed. VCOs, VCA and VCFs make heavy use of matched (Vbe) transistor (NPN/NPN or PNP/PNP) pairs, matched JFETs and NPN/PNP pairs selected for identical and optimal Hfe."

Monday, October 26, 2020

Zthee TTSH (2600) w/ Mods

via this auction

"it's fun to have fun!!

mods added: 1. envelope speed switch for ADSR and AR (slow/med/fast) 2. sub octave output under mults on left side 3. individual wave outputs on each oscillator 4. custom wooden case like gramma used to make"


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