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Saturday, July 06, 2024

Rave Jam with Echo Cinematic and Poly Cinematic and friends

video upload by knobula

"Poly Cinematic sequenced through an Echo Cinematic. The eq on the echo cinematic means there no muddy bass frequencies being repeated and only the brighter notes catch the echo, then there’s a few builds where I’m turning up the band pass frequency on the echo and adding a bit of the reverb in as well. Finished off with some Kickain side chain pump action and percussion provided by @rocket_not wobbler, Queen of Pentacles and dark pew pews from @busycircuits Taiko Daiko."

Friday, June 14, 2024

GodSpeed NEW | A Tiny Case Adventure | by

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"Obviously, this video is about the new Godspeed V2. However, it's a simple 6 HP mono VCO with a few nice tricks, and not that different from the V1.
It can be explained in a minute or two, but we'll be missing the smaller picture.

For this video I wanted to feature Godspeed in a 'tiny case adventure', where my tiny case would be 60 HP. I'd say anything smaller is microscopic.
The 6 HP line offers great starting points for building a mini-synth, especially when you turn it into a tiny haunted house with the awesome Ghost. Sure, the Ghost takes a lot of valuable space, but it's an all-in-one powerhouse and it's impossible to make a tiny Shuttle with separate delay, reverb, distortion, compression, bitcrushing and filtering. It will not fit. Like it or not, the Ghost is a masterpiece and one of my top 10 modules (chech the latest firmware too).

This also made me realize I was still clueless about TZFM. Then I needed to find a way to explain it to you! It's way more simple than the hype suggests.

I have the luxury to use both my old and new Godspeeds and build a complex 12 HP VCO. If you get the urge to buy two, don't. They'll sum up to $600 which can get you furthrrrrr with a 259 style VCO. Instead, keep it tiny and add a cheap 4HP Airstreamer 4 (or expensive Instruo Cnoc) which can also do 1V/OCT and double as a modulating VCO. But most important, don't buy anything unless your absolutely sure it serves the (modular) music you love most. Don't end up with a tiny case and 101 modules. sneaked in a free 1U autopilot (even though I have the 3U and GodSpeed doesn't need it), so there's a small 'commercial break'. I consider close modular friends so this video is inevitably a bit biased.
This was another reason to make a more general tiny case video that just 'happens' to contain a lot of modules and sum up to a very powerful synth.

However, your personal journey starts at ModularGrid.
Have a safe and prosperous trip."

Thursday, June 13, 2024


video upload by DANIELE

" Autopilot is an innovative tuner module and it's available in both 1U and 3U formats."

0:00 Intro
0:22 Reference oscillator input
0:32 1V/Oct input
0:40 1V/Oct output
0:50 Reference note selection
0:59 Deactivating the tuner
1:08 Tune button
1:20 LEDs behaviour

Wednesday, June 12, 2024


video upload by

"Welcome AUTOPILOT 1U – smallest 1U tile utility which proved to be very practical to tame the melodic value in the eurorack systems - AVAILABLE NOW

AUTOPILOT is an innovative auto-tuner module for analog oscillators. Tune your oscillators fast, just apply the AUTOPILOT in between the pitch CV and apply the reference waveform. Before it was available as a dual autotuner in 3U version (4hp) and now is available as a single autotuner 1U Intellijel format version (6hp). The problem with all analog voltage controlled oscillators is that the applied 1v/oct pitch voltage might not match up exactly to what note’s frequency they should generate and it'll end up sounding out of tune. What's worse is that even if you adjust for this you'll need to re-adjust as the instrument gets warmer. With the AUTOPILOT we play a reference A or C note thru the pitch CV into an oscillator. Single button press enables the tune function to the nearest A or C note. Long hold press disables the tune. Super long hold changes the tune from A to C notes or vice versa.

Big thanks to MATTHS @matthsmatthsmatths for collaborating on that review for our channel"

Check with dealers on the right for availability.


video upload by

"Welcome NEW GODSPEED – an ease performance instant auto tune thru-zero complex oscillator - AVAIALBLE NOW

NEW GODSPEED is a peak performance, compact 6hp VCO with complex analog waveshapers, auto-tuning and MIDI control. It is the successor module of the GODSPEED with the revolutionary, literally instant auto-tuning. The problem with all analog voltage controlled oscillators is that the applied 1v/oct pitch voltage might not match up exactly to what note’s frequency they should generate and it'll end up sounding out of tune. What's worse is that even if you adjust for this you'll need to re-adjust as the instrument gets warmer. Now you will never be out of tune whether you are playing by 1v/oct or MIDI.

Big thanks to MATTHS @matthsmatthsmatths for collaborating on that review for our channel"

Check with dealers on the right for availability.


video upload by DANIELE

" New Godspeed is an instant auto-tuning oscillator with thru-zero FM modulation capabilities, analog waveshapers, MIDI and pitch lock! It features the same wavefolder found on the Furthrrrr Generator and it's just 6HP!"

0:00 Intro
0:28 Auto-tuning
1:02 Tuning and transposing
1:20 Locking the pitch knob
1:40 Sub output octave selection
2:03 Breaking the sub out normalization
2:17 Even/odd out with Timbre and TZ FM
3:12 Even/odd out with sub
3:37 Adding white noise
5:14 Even/odd + pitch sequence
5:52 Sine/fold out with wavefolder
6:40 Sine/fold out + pitch sequence
7:39 MIDI in and channel selection
7:55 MIDI in + 1V/Oct in
8:27 Both outputs simultaneously

Thursday, May 30, 2024

PlayFader Ambient Exploration #3, Moog DFAM and Friends

video upload by MATTHS

"Another jam with the Play All Day PlayFader exploring more ambient spaces. This time PlayFader is sequencing the @MoogSynthesizers DFAM but each channel is set to do different lengths so that the melodies intertwine. The voices then pass through the @Endorphines Squawk Dirty filter while Rings and the @MAKEN0ISEMUSIC Spectraphon add both low end and top end sparkle. The @knobula6211 Pianophonic is triggered via MIDI from PlayFader to provide ambient chords. Lashings of reverb of course and of course!


Saturday, May 18, 2024

SUPERBOOTH 2024: - Godspeed - Autopilot Modules

video upload by sonicstate

"At Superbooth 2024, Andreas from showcased their latest offerings - the new Godspeed and the Autopilot modules. The Godspeed is a six HP instant auto-tuning oscillator with through zero FM modulation capabilities, analog wave shapers, MIDI control, pitch lock, and influences from both the West and East coasts. Next, we saw Autopilot is a dual auto tuner module available in a compact six HP format, perfect for tuning analog oscillators. Andreas emphasized how their modules are designed to help musicians maintain melodic content and stay in tune, even in unpredictable situations. Godspeed also features a unique auto-tuning technology that ensures instant tuning and precise frequency tracking. also addressed the pricing concerns in the current synthesizer market, offering the Godspeed at an affordable price of $200 and the Autopilot at $65, including VAT. The modules are available for pre-order from various stores worldwide and will start shipping on the 12th of June.

Godspeed Price 200 USD

Autopilot Price 65 USD"

Thursday, May 09, 2024

Eurorack - Endorphines: Is it Techno ? Feat. Queen of Pintacles and two of Cups - Samples modules

video upload by Flat Round Modular Music

"Adding sample flavors to an analog like system is a good way to spice your patches.
Have a look"

Wednesday, May 01, 2024

Eurorack Techno Break with Endorphines GROUND CONTROL - GRAND TERMINAL - FURTHRRR - BLCK_NOIR

video upload by Flat Round Modular Music

"It's a first try to make techno with Endorphines eurorack modules. I'm not used to.
So be indulgent.

Have a look."

Friday, April 19, 2024

Byte //Debel/Basimilus/Manis/Cursus/Pizza/Rings/Plaits//

video upload by Aleatoric Machine

"Back to Eurorack after a bit of a Buchla break! Jamming with:
Noise Engineering Debel, Basimilus & Manis Iteritas Alia, Cursus Iteritas Percido, Lacrima Versio, Numeric Repetitor, Pons Asinorum, Pura Ruina
Bastl Pizza, Ikarie
Mutable Instruments Rings, Plaits, Stages
Acid Rain Constellation, Maestro
Div Kid Ochd, RND Step
Nerd Engineering FX Aid Pro, FX Aid XL
ALM Pamela’s Pro Workout
Winter Modular Eloquencer
Malekko Voltage Block
BoredBrain Xcelon
Endorphines Cockpit
WMD MSCL, Overseer"

Monday, April 15, 2024 Shuttle System w/ Strong Zero VCO Module, Original Box, & Machined Knobs

Note: Auction links are affiliate links for which the site may be compensated.

via this listing

"This is my mint condition Shuttle System with the Strong Zero VCO module. Module is separate and not currently installed. Comes with original box, patch cables, trrs cables x2, power cable and black face plate. Unit was purchased with black faceplate originally and I swapped it out to the gold. I think it looks better than either version as the original gold has plastic knobs and these are all machined aluminum."

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Using the Launchpad Pro as a DAWless workstation | Novation Connects

video upload by Novation

"In our first episode of Novation Connects, we demonstrate how to sequence the Pulsar 23 and Fireball via midi with our Launchpad Pro, in a DAWless approach to music production.

Here's how to sequence external gear with your Launchpad Pro, using a DAWless setup. The Pulsar 23 and Fireball are connected to the Launchpad Pro via midi, allowing the user to send midi notes and cc parameters to both the Fireball and Pulsar 23. This allows you to sequence and control each instrument. The Launchpad Pro is mapped to send midi to each drum track on the Pulsar 23, and another midi channel on the Launchpad Pro is mapped to sequence the Fireball. This DAWless setup is great for both music production and live performance.

Novation Connects Episode 1 - Chapters:
0:00 - Using Launchpad's drum grid to sequence a pattern
0:41 - Creating variation with the Launchpad probability settings
0:52 - Sequencing with the Launchpad note mode and Mutate function
1:21 - Using Launchpad mute buttons to create variation
1:41 - Modifying pattern length to build tension
2:06 - Jamming with Launchpad's Sequence mode"

Novation Connects Episode 2:

We went DAWless with an AFX Station and Pedals - it sounds BONKERS
video upload by Novation

"Bass Station II:
Circuit Rhythm:

In Novation Connects episode two, we show you how to use our epic AFX Station in a DAWless setup with Circuit Rhythm, the Ghost pedal and Golden Master.

This setup brings together the minds of Aphex Twin, who collaborated with us on the AFX Station, and Andrew Huang, who helped design the Ghost pedal, to create a brilliant DAWless workflow.

0:00 - AFX Station - Ghost - Circuit Rhythm - Golden Master
0:37 - Manipulating sounds with the Ghost
01:02 - Activating AFX Overlays
01:50 - What is AFX Mode?
02:37 - DAWless jam"

Thursday, March 07, 2024

Lo-Pass Gates (LPG) | From the Buchla 292 to Mutable Streams

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"I've been using a lot of LPG models, including a few that don't use vactrols. However, I use the Buchla 292 as a reference because it represents the original design. If it doesn't (at least) sound like a 292, it's not a LPG in the classic sense. But it can still be something better or cooler. Manufacturers have the freedom and creativity to build on it, and make it their own, like the QMMG, Streams and the Steady State Gate.

The MakeNoise modules are strongly represented, because it's cool to see all the subtle (and not so subtle) differences between modules. They're all unique signs of the times.

I wish I could include the Rabid Elephant Natural Gate because it may be the most natural gate around, and seriously missing in this collection. It is advertised to be 'strike speed aware', and it also knows that a high note rings shorter. I managed to find a reasonably priced one in Germany and it's on its way to the Lab. It also seems the Rabid Elephant website came back to life, so hopefully they're producing again.

It's funny, but I got Mutable Streams about six years ago and couldn't position it next to the Veils VCA. I remember buying it for the compressor. At the time I had no idea what a LPG was. The manual talked about Buchla, but what the hell did I know. I remember watching DivKid's video, but at the time it sounded like Russian poetry.

Now I know what an LPG is, but my encounter with Streams is about 24 hours young. I remembered a little vactrol symbol on Streams (I am blessed with photographic memory), so I looked it up in my box of forgotten modules, read the manual and was surprised to read it's a dedicated LPG module. All modes have something to do with a low pass gate. I patched it up and was blown away by the possibilities you probably already know about. But I need to learn too, especially stuff I have lying around unused for many years.

00:00 Introduction
00:21 Plaits 2 OP FM as a source and the built in LPG.
01:27 Buchla/TTA 292T - The Reference
03:32 MN Optomix LPG
04:26 MN Dynamix VCFA
05:46 MN LxD
07:29 MN DXG
08:51 MN QMMG
10:18 SSF Steady State Gate
12:39 Noise Engineering Sinc Bucina
13:28 Endorphines Sqwk Dirty
14:14 Mutable Instruments Streams"

Saturday, February 17, 2024

Chasing Ghosts

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"Hi All,
It's been a while since my last video and it will take a while to get back into the routine. I came down with a flu from hell and I've been out of order for two weeks. It's the first time since 2020 and I can't remember flu hitting this hard, not being able to sleep, eat, listen to modulars or watching TV. I tested negative on Covid-19, but maybe it's Covid-24. Who knows.

On January 30 I posted the 'Where's the Easel' video. I made a decision to go for Eurorack in 2020 and 'never' wander Buchla's official banana path. So while it's easier to just buy an Easel, spending $6K in a different universe is just not an option. So the Quest continues.

This is a video full of dead ends. I was pretty convinced I could approximate the Buchla with Shuttle System and the Sensel Morph controller but only got one aspect of it. Using the Beatstep Pro only confirmed how important that Electronic Music Box touch keyboard is.

It confirmed how close the Shuttle is to the Easel Command, and yet so far away. I thought the Verbos Touch Keyboard would be a solution, but it was not. I found a used one, but it felt unresponsive and didn't track pitch. Fortunately I managed to calibrate it, but my fingers and touchplates are not compatible.

Again, tunnel vision made me completely overlook the Buchla LEM 218E V3 touch keyboard - which now comes with Eurorack outputs on the side. So I took a leap of faith and ordered the 218E. Hopefully the Quest comes to an end just before March, hoping the Easel is more than a Eurorack ghost. Speaking of Ghosts, I also tried to fit the Ghost delay in the Shuttle, another dead end, which are actually u-turns. This was a tough video to make for many reasons and it felt like chasing ghosts. It's all over the place. But I think I am getting somewhere now, and learned a lot."

Thursday, February 15, 2024

A Mastering Toolbox for Your Sounds & Music // Golden Master Pedal from Endorphines

video upload by DivKid

"The idea of some live mix polish, simple hardware mastering for modular/dawless/live set ups or simple a characterful parallel processor and DI box is certainly an exciting one. The Golden Master from Endorphines builds on inspiration from classic ‘90s mastering rack units and their experiences with live performances with synths & modular and puts together a box of multi band compression, EQ and multi band stereo mid/side based stereo enhancement.

This pedal version offers presets, sidechain or expression pedal inputs, stereo ins and outs, per band mutes (handy for setting up each band but also as a performative frequency dependent set of mutes!) and parallel processing (i.e. dry/wet mixing) options.

Info, manual etc //"

Wednesday, February 14, 2024


video upload by

"Due to numerous requests regarding the distinctions between the Golden Master Eurorack and the pedal, @SONWU has graciously provided a detailed and insightful comparison of both devices.
This will help you make an informed decision on which option is better suited for you. Plus, as a special Valentine's Day treat, we wish you all a day filled with love and warmth! Let's love and be lovable!"

Sunday, January 28, 2024

Furthrrrr Generator: is it still relevant in 2024?

video upload by

"Unbelievable or Outdated? After 12 years on the market we have made a fresh look on the FURTHRRRR GENERATOR and its controlling companion - SHUTTLE CONTROL - our classics and never our of fashion.
Video by @SONWU"

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

PanicGirl's Favourite Features Of The New Ghost Pedal From Andrew Huang &

video upload by PanicGirlVids

"In this video I'd like to show you my favourite features of the new Ghost Pedal from @andrewhuang & @Endorphines .

00:00 Intro
00:43 Routing
02:00 LED & Modulation System
05:00 Envelope Follower
07:03 Tap Footswitch

Here is the mentioned video where I explored the Ghost module together with Polygogo: [below]

Thanks for watching and see you soon!"

Want to explore the Polygogo and Ghost with me?

video upload by

"I just recently received a package with the Polygogo from E-RM and the Ghost module from x Andrew Huang in it, and I thought why not explore them patched together? I got excited pretty quickly about the sonic results, so I decided to turn on the camera and take you with me while exploring it further.

Thanks so much for watching!"

Saturday, December 02, 2023

Analog polysynth keyboard split through the GHOST Pedal

video upload by Julia Bondar

"Effects make everything sound better, fatter and as dramatic as I like.
Exploring sonic realms with my Summit and the mystical GHOST Pedal by @Endorphines and @andrewhuang.
Splitting the keyboard with two soounds; weaving a tapestry of pure bass and processing the ethereal lead through the Ghost. I just hope to have more time to focus just on the work in the studio and take this sketch further."

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