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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Another day, another modular synth!

video upload by John L Rice

"Modules from 4ms, Erica Synths, Happy Nerding, 2hp, Doepfer, Synthesis Technology, Bubblesound, Intellijel, Circuit Abbey, Synth-Werks"

Test of tiny meloDICER Eurorack case after custom mounting MEX3 MIDI expander in the side

video upload by John L Rice

Vermona meloDICER and MEX3
Rebel Technologies CLK
Tall Dog Electronics uBraids SE
4ms Pod48x
Tendrils Cables
Alesis NanoPiano

20th Rearrangement Of This Tiny Eurorack Modular Synth InJust The Last Week!

video upload by John L Rice

Vermona meloDICER and MEX3
2hp Rnd
Ladik Dual Lag
Tall Dog uBraids SE

Friday, May 17, 2024

Superbooth 2024 Day 2: The Coolest Gear From Arturia, Modbap, 4MS, Reason & Way More!

video upload by Reverb

"On Day 2 of Superbooth, Fess checks out new gear from Polyend, Arturia, Modbap, Dreadbox, 4MS, UDO, Apollo View Modular, Reason, and ALM/Busy Circuits.

Check out all the latest Superbooth announcements [here].

0:00-0:22- Intro
0:23-7:21 - Polyend Tracker+
7:22-11:00 - Apollo View/DivKid Manic
11:01-14:16 - Arturia Polybrute 12
14:17-17:11 - Modbap CLRS
17:12-20:51 - Dreadbox Murmur
20:52-23:00 - 4MS Meta Module
23:01-25:01 - UDO Super 8
25:02-31:19 - Reason 13 New Synth, Delay and More
31:20- ALM/Busy Circuits Pedal MFX"

Thursday, May 16, 2024

SUPERBOOTH 2024: 4ms - MetaModule

video upload by sonicstate

"At Superbooth 2024, Dan Green from 4MS unveiled the highly anticipated MetaModule*, a groundbreaking module that brings virtual software patches to Eurorack hardware. Designed to merge the benefits of software and hardware, the *MetaModule features over 160 built-in modules, including popular offerings from Mutable Instruments and various third-party companies like Vogue Audio and Chowdhury DSP. It's possible to import further modules using the plug-in system, so the system can keep growing.

What sets the MetaModule apart is its ability to seamlessly integrate with VCV Rack*, a free open-source software platform for Eurorack virtual environments. Users can create patches on their computer and easily transfer them to the *MetaModule via SD card or USB stick, allowing for a versatile and tactile experience.

MetaModule Price: 649 USD"

Monday, May 13, 2024

The MetaModule from 4ms Company

You might remember the MetaModule from this previous post.

Press release follows:

The MetaModule puts real knobs and jacks on virtual software modules. It lets you step back from the computer and make music with hardware, while keeping all the benefits and flexibility of software plugins.

Ships with 165 Modules
The MetaModule is a eurorack module with over 160 built-in modules from 4ms Company, Befaco, HetrickCV, Nonlinearcircuits, and Eightfold, plus clones of popular classics such as the Mutable Instruments modules, fun physical modeling algorithms, and lots of handy utilities.
All of the included modules are also available on the computer using the free program VCV Rack. Whether you make patches on VCV Rack and transfer them to the MetaModule, or if you just create patches directly on the MetaModule, there are plenty of creative modules to inspire new ways to make music.

MetaModule Plugins
If the built-in module aren’t enough, you can load more modules as plugins. Already there are over 200 modules in third-party plugins from Bogaudio, Valley, ChowDSP, NANO Modular, and the list is growing.
We have an SDK available to make it easy for VCV Rack plugin developers to convert their plugin to a MetaModule plugin. Our licensing terms are non-restrictive: developers are welcome to distribute their plugin in any way they wish, commercially or not.

Mapping Knobs and Jacks
The MetaModule has 12 knobs that can be mapped to virtual knobs. Each knob can be mapped to up eight virtual knobs, and each mapping can have a different range and offset. You also can save a group of mappings as a Knob Set and switch between Knob Sets with the encoder. You also can map the 8 inputs and 8 outputs to virtual module jacks.
Also, the MetaModule is a USB MIDI host, so you also can map MIDI CC, note, gate, and other parameters to knobs and jacks.

There are lots of ways to customize your MetaModule. A Wifi expander allows you to wirelessly transfer patches from your computer. Add eight more knobs with the Knob expander, or buttons with the Button expander. A CV/Audio expander adds more high-resolution inputs and outputs, and the Gate In/Out expander adds not only gate jacks but also TRS MIDI and I2C.

Under the Hood
There are six CV/Audio inputs, two gate inputs, and six CV/Audio outputs. The CV/Audio jacks are all 24-bit, 48kHz DC-coupled, -10V to +10V. A USB-C jack accepts MIDI devices and thumb drives. Patches and plugins can be loaded via a USB drive or SD Card, and internal flash memory lets you save patches you always want to come back to.

The processor is more advanced than anything 4ms has used yet, and is among the most powerful processors found in Eurorack. It uses a dual-core Cortex-A7 running at 800Mhz, with a Cortex-M4 co-processor. There is 512MB of fast DDR3 RAM. It runs bare-metal without an OS, so startup time and latency are blazingly fast.

Retail availability: August 27, 2024
Price: $649 (USD)

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Five12 QV-L Quad Variable LFO

video upload by Steve Turner

"Vector Sequencer, QV-L, nRings, Weston Precision Audio SF1, 4MS DLD

So really I am testing the ATEM MINI PRO and headset mic here. I think I got it close but when I started dialing the grit in using the LEVEL on the SF1 you can really hear it pushing (which is a good thing, but less good for video levels). This is fun."

FREE RUN for GATES on the Five12 Vector Sequencer

video upload by Steve Turner

Quad Clock Distributor × Pamela's Pro Work Out × Bin SEQ × Mimetic Digitalis / Modular Synth

video upload by MY FIRST SYNTH TOKYO

"ALM Busy Pamela's Pro Workout
Noise Engineering Bin Seq
Noise Engineering Mimetic Digitalis
4ms Quad Clock Distributor
Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas Alter
JJ Jamming JJ Filter
Make Noise Mimeophon

Modular Synth"

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Ambient for Inner Peace /Poly Effects Hector (Plaits Marbles Clone) Beads Echoz Ensemble Oscillator

video upload by Wac- Lounge

"Thank you for watching!
Here are the simple patch notes, a list of the gear, and more information.


Granular ambient voice = Hector(Plaits clone) processed by Beads sequenced by Hector(Marbles clone)
Echoed random sequencing voice = Hector(Plaits) processed by Hector(LP filter+Delay) modulation & sequenced by Hector(Marbles + ADSR)
Percussive voice = Hector(Plaits) processed by Echoz modulation & sequenced by Hector(Marbles+ADSR)
Synth lead voice = Hector(Plaits) processed by Hector(Delay) slew limiter & sequenced by Hector(Note sequencer triggered by Steppy)
Strings synth voice = Ensemble Oscillator modulation & sequenced by MATHS
Reverse piano loop voice = Disting triggered by Steppy
Master clock = Hector(divided by Steppy)

Saturday, April 06, 2024

quad optomix strikes

video upload by Ebotronix

4ms QCD with Expander.
Intellijel 3x Planar 2
Make Noise 2x Optomix, 2x Mimeophone.
MengQiMusic DPLPG.
Jouranalogue Filter 8
Tunefish Modular 4x µ Braids with Renaissance alternate firmware,
2x µ Peaks, 2x µVeil,Kings, Sheep (Tides V1)
2x Ornament and Crime , #2 with Teensy 4.0! Dorian Scale.
Mutable Instruments Shades, 4x Ripples.
Verbos Scan and Pan.
Shakmat Aeolus Seeds.
16n AtoVproject Faderbank
2x Strymon Cloudburst ~ Midi CC by 16n Faderbank!
video # 2361

Thursday, April 04, 2024

4ms Catalyst Sequencer: In-depth Demo

video upload by 4ms Company

"Walk through basic usage of the Catalyst Sequencer, and explore some advanced features. The Catalyst Sequencer is an 8-channel CV sequencer with phase-based and clock-based sequencing."

00:00 - Intro / quick rundown of concept
00:40 - Clock Driven Sequencing
00:45 - Internal clock / Tempo settings
01:00 - Syncing to an external clock
01:25 - Patch setup
01:53 - Basic gate sequencing
02:43 - Basic voltage sequencing
03:00 - Fine button
03:15 - Voltage Quantization
03:45 - Phase Based Sequencing
03:52 - Driving Sequence with an LFO
04:35 - Clock driven sequencing with Phase CV
06:22 - Advanced Sequencing
06:28 - Direction
06:48 - Transpose
06:54 - Start Point
07:15 - Length
07:30 - Pages
08:05 - Shift functions per channel
08:40 - Gate function “Swing”
09:10 - Gate function “Ratchet”
09:30 - Voltage function “Glide”
09:50 - Gate channel Probability
10:45 - Voltage channel Probability
11:40 - Sequence control “Phase”
12:18 - Adding more sequencer channels
15:15 - Conclusion

Spring Chill Ambient / Plaits Echoz 2hp Arp Volca Sample Beads Disting Ensemble Oscillator

video upload by Wac- Lounge

"Thank you for watching!
Here are the simple patch notes, a list of the gear, and more information.


/ wac_lounge

The list of the gear
Mutable Instruments

Make Noise

Thursday, March 28, 2024

Nostalgia Unwound / Reel to Reel + Beads / Ensemble Oscillator Rings Echoz Mob of Emus

video upload by Wac- Lounge

"Thank you for watching!
Here are the simple patch notes, a list of the gear, and more information.


/ wac_lounge

Reverse piano voice = Reel to reel(SONY TC-4860)
Echoed Piano voice = Reel to reel processed by Beads
Synth lead voice = Ensemble Oscillator modulation & sequenced by Flame C-3mk2
Sine wave lead voice = Mob of Emus CH1 sequenced by Mob of Emus CH3 triggered by Steppy slew limiter = MATHS
Sine wave voice loop = Mob of Emus CH2 processed by Disting(delay clocked by Steppy) sequenced by Mob of Emus CH4 triggered by Steppy
Echoed pitch bending voice = Rings processed by A-120VCF1 & Echoz sequenced by 2hp Arp triggered by Steppy modulation & enveloped by MATHS & Mob of Emus CH5
Master clock = Mob of Emus CH6 (divided by Steppy)

Thursday, March 21, 2024

„live performances“ | 2024/03/16 | gelsenkirchen | eurorack modular synthesizer

video upload by Elinch

"„first part of my performance on 2024/03/16 in gelsenkirchen at readymade.books“

The most used: Tiptop Buchla VCO & Sequencer, Tokio Tape Music Center VCO & Tokio Gate, Buchla LEM 218e, 4MS Looping Delay, Intellijel Sealegs, Clouds, ER-301, OTO Boum

My new album 'Grau' will be released on 2024/04/30 as a tape and as a download on Seil Records/Bandcamp.

#livemusic , #synthesizer, #modular, #buchla"

Saturday, March 02, 2024

Honeysmack: Improvised Techno with TR-909, TB-303, MachineDrum, Octatrack and Modular Synth

video upload by Honeysmack

"Live improvised techno from my studio, originally recorded and performed for @ModularWorld on Feb 11. There is a full interview with Johno Wells the host of Modular World. The episode includes a performance and interview with the always lovely and talented @Trovarsi.

Gear used in the this video:
Roland TR-909
Roland TB-303 Devilfish
Elektron MachineDrum
Elektron Syntakt
Elektron Octatrack MK1
Soma Pulsar23
Playdifferently Model1 mixer
Elektron Analog Heat MK1
Eventide Space

Modular Synth Rack:
Intellijel Performance 84hp 7U rack: main voices
Cwejman BLD2
Noise Engineering Loquelic Iteritas
Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas Alter
4MS Ensemble Oscillator

Single improvised live recording, no additional audio processing or post production.

📡 This channel is supported by my Patreon supporters who get a first look, join here:

📸 Follow me here:"

Sinetist ~ Harmonic Oscillation

video upload by Ebotronix

"by Verbos Harmonic Oscillator and
2x MI Tides V 1 with Parasite Two Bumps Harmonic Generator
Mutable Instruments
3x Tides V 1, Ripples V 2, Veils V 2, Clouds
Verbos Harmonic Oscillator
Make Noise 2x Mimeophone, X-Pan
Fun Generation Magic Sky Led,
4ms Peg
Strymon 2x Cloudburst controlled by 16n Faderbank
video # 2347"

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Modular - complexe sequence

video upload by ALEQ Modular

"One way to build complexe sequences with modular:
- Multiple sequencers (here some Ritournelle CV Generator from LE)
- A Matrix mixer (the Attenuverter bank from LE too)
- Of course, some synth voices, here with the RYK Vector Wave.
- And to glue all together, a delay. The 4MS Dual Looping Delay

The goal is to route the sequences to the synth voices.
With the matrix, we can mix these sequences in real time. Inverting, adjusting the range etc.
And if all sequences have different clock division and number of steps, the result can be very complexe.
To stay in harmony, a quantizer is inserted between the matrix and the synth voices. here a Klavis CalTrans."

Saturday, February 17, 2024

Buchla 200T Arabian Scale ~ Strymon Cloudburst

video upload by Ebotronix

"Buchla 200 Tip Top Audio
2x 292t, 245t, 266t, 257t, 4x 258t, 2x 281t ,2x 207t, 296t
Mutable Intruments 4x Ripples, Veils.
Tunefish Modular 2x Ornament and Crime, Temps Utile.
4ms Quad Pingable LFO ,Peg
Flame Talking Synth Module.
16n Faderbox
Doepfer R2m Ribbon Controller, A 156.
Intelligel Planar 2, Sealegs, Bifold.
Joranalogue Filter 8
2x Ritual Electronics flexibilité with 2x Boss EV 30
Strymon Cloudburst
17.2 2024
video # 2342"

Monday, February 12, 2024

Short Flight Through Space

video upload by John L Rice

"I was initially going to add a couple extra keyboard parts to this and maybe even several percussion tracks but the more I listened to it the more I liked it as-is! ;-)

Modules Used:
2hp: Div
4ms: WAV Recorder, Row Power 40 x 2
Circuit Abbey: Unify, Unify Input Expander
Doepfer: A-182-1 (modified)
Erica Synths: VC Clock V2
Insrtruo: QPQ, kbd
Klavis: Quadigy
Modcan: Quad LFO
Mutable Instruments: Yarns
Strymon Engineering: Magneto
Synth Tech: E102, E330 x 4
Vermona: meloDICER, MEX3 T43
Xaoc Devices: Praga"

Exploring the 4MS SAMPLER module!

video upload by The Unperson

"In today's video I explore the Sampler from 4MS.
Sampler is a stereo sampling module with tonnes of fun features and an SD card packed full of great samples. It's also easy to record your own samples live and put samples onto the SD card via your computer. Join me as I make some jams with this very fun module!

0:00 - Intro
1:16 - Overview
6:40 - Recording Samples
11:14 - Sampler + Delay
15:34 - Noise Drones
20:17 - Beat Accompaniment
25:13 - Outro"

Conflicted Operator - Elements

video upload by phaXis

"Studio recording session for a break beat trance jam, Elements from my Conflicted Operator alias.

Featured instruments:
- JoMoX AirBass 99
- Korg EX-8000
- Roland MKS-50 (controlled by Kenton Control Freak)
- Dave Smith Evolver
- Future Retro FR-777
- Access Virus C
- Noise Engineering BIA
- Doepfer A-110-6, A-101-2, A-106-5
- 4ms DLD
- Hexinverter Mutant Snare
- Timo Rozendal FMP
- MtlAsm Count 2 Five
- GFI System Skylar
- The RAT"

Patch n Tweak
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