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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Tiny Eurorack Modular Test #2

video upload by John L Rice

Erica Synths Black MIDI-CV (not used)
Modcan Touch-Sequencer
Instruo [1]f
Synthesis Technology E340 Cloud Generator
Erica Synths MODulator
2hp Verb

Sunday, May 19, 2024

A Sunday Morning Modular Synth Patch - May 19th 2014

video upload by John L Rice

"Featuring self transposing Moon Modular 569 sequencer with 569ES and 569EG expanders and two 564 switches to vary the pattern. All clocked by an Oakley Slim VCO through a Synthetic Sound Labs V-Gates divider. The voice is a single Marienberg Sine Phase VCO into two SSL Tube VCAs, one STG Soundlabs Envelope to modular both, and the VCA outputs go to a Modcan Dual Delay 73B. And a few notes played on the Mellotron M4000D Rack. Strymon BigSky and Lexicon MX400 for reverb."

Friday, April 19, 2024

Memetune studiopan

video upload by Memetune Studio

"A Lot of modular synths for you to look at (music from the Roland corner)"

You can find Memetune posts here.

Thursday, March 14, 2024

Drifting - An Ambient Journey

video upload by John L Rice

"Except for some occasional knob tweaking this patch was playing itself.

Modules used:
Modcan - 58B x 2, 31B, 69B, 66B, 53B, 73B, 55B
Club Of The Knobs - C914B, C914E
Synthesis Technology - MOTM-410
Synthetic Sound Labs - 1250 - Q125

Allen & Heath - MixWizard 3 20S
Lexicon - MX400

Thanks for watching! :-)"

Thursday, February 29, 2024

Taking This Little 5U Modular Synth For A Spin

video upload by John L Rice

"While intended for processing external sounds this little synth can make great sounds all by itself! The modules are from left to right:

STG Soundlabs - Envelope
Modcan - Digital Delay 59B
Encore Electronics - Universal Event Generator (UEG)
Modcan - Envelope Follower 45B
Free State FX - Supra Resonator (Mutable Instruments - Rings)"

Saturday, February 24, 2024

Time Corridors

video upload by John L Rice

"And another "modular Tetris" rearrangement session which led to some keyboard noodling which lead to a recording which lead to a video which lead to the need to add a lot more parts and video editing which lead to the reality that I have much more important things to be doing which caused me to stop where I was at which is why all you get is this unfinished thing! 😅

Modules used:
Oakley/Krisp1 - Slim VCO B, Diode Superladder VCF, Flanger/Chorus
STG - Envelope
Moon - 569 sequencer
Corsynth - C102 VC LFO
Grove Audio - PM Resonator
Modcan - Quantizer 55B
Marienberg - Sine Phase VCO
Club Of The Knobs - C1660 VC Phase Processor

Expressive E - Osmose

Strymon - BigSky, Timeline, Mobius
Lexicon - MX400"

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

The Never Ending Battle

video upload by John L Rice

"Another quick post reconfiguration doddle. ;-)

Modules used:
Oakley/Krisp1 - Slim VCO B, Diode Superladder VCF
STG - Envelope
Moon - 569 sequencer
Corsynth - C102 VC LFO
Grove Audio - PM Resonator
Modcan - Quantizer 55B
Marienberg - Sine Phase VCO

Expressive E - Osmose

Strymon - BigSky, Timeline
Lexicon - MX400"

Monday, February 19, 2024

Pachinko Patch? A Modular Sequencer Experiment

video upload by John L Rice

"Modules from Moon Modular, Synthetic Sound Labs, Corsynth, Modcan with Strymon effects."

Sunday, February 18, 2024

On The Brink Of The First Future

video upload by John L Rice

"A mostly self playing modular synth drone sort of thing. Moon sequencers and sequential switches, Corsynth LFO, SSL V-Gates, Modcan B VCOs and VCF, other modules, Strymon and Lexicon effects."

Monday, February 12, 2024

Short Flight Through Space

video upload by John L Rice

"I was initially going to add a couple extra keyboard parts to this and maybe even several percussion tracks but the more I listened to it the more I liked it as-is! ;-)

Modules Used:
2hp: Div
4ms: WAV Recorder, Row Power 40 x 2
Circuit Abbey: Unify, Unify Input Expander
Doepfer: A-182-1 (modified)
Erica Synths: VC Clock V2
Insrtruo: QPQ, kbd
Klavis: Quadigy
Modcan: Quad LFO
Mutable Instruments: Yarns
Strymon Engineering: Magneto
Synth Tech: E102, E330 x 4
Vermona: meloDICER, MEX3 T43
Xaoc Devices: Praga"

Tuesday, February 06, 2024

Monster Man - Forbidden Places, Forbidden Friends

video upload by John L Rice

"A quick synthesizer doodle with video collage.

Modular Synth:
SSL - Scat-Talker
Modcan - Touch Sequencer 72B
Free State FX - Supra Resonator

Expressive E - Osmose
Roland - A-88, Integra7
Strymon - BigSky, Timeline
Lexicon - MX400
Allen & Heath - Mix Wizard 20S
Tascam - SD-20M

#modularsynth #electronicmusic #experimentalmusic"

Friday, February 02, 2024

Explanation Of Previously Posted 5U Modular Synth Patch

video upload by John L Rice

"A quick unrehearsed video just handheld and using the iPad mic. The patch is almost the same but I hadn’t saved the effects settings so they are different and I notice I missed patching in modulation for two of the FM AIDS so I added that."

Sunday, January 28, 2024

Quick Test Patch After Successfully Repairing My Modcan Control 66B

video upload by John L Rice

"All 4 channels of the Modcan 66B go into two Modcan 55B quantizers to provide CV and gates to 4 voices (Synth Tech VCOs, Moon VCFs, Oakley/Krisp14u VCAs, Club Of The Knobs EGs, and Strymon + Lexicon effects. Recorded on iPad Pro."

Monday, January 22, 2024

Another Day, Another Mini Modular Test! ;-)

video upload by John L Rice

"Modcan Touch-Sequencer, 2hp LFO, and Mutable Instruments clones by Tall Dog Electronics: uPlaits SE, uBraids SE, and uploads SE."

Saturday, January 13, 2024

Experimenting With Modcan Touch Sequencer Controlling uBraids

video upload by John L Rice

"Using all four tracks of the Modcan Touch Sequencer to control different parameters of the Tall Dog Electronics uBraids (micro version of the Mutable Instruments Braids) . The Strymon El Capistan is providing delay and reverb.

#modularsynth #eurorack #electronicmusic"

Sunday, December 31, 2023

Modcan Quad LFO

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via this auction

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"The Modcon Quad LFO is a versatile and powerful source of modulation wavesforms that can extend the modular LFO well beyond simple vibrato.

The Quad LFO has 16 wave types to choose from including various random waves and morphing wave sets which are actually 32 waves with smooth morph transition with the potential for thousands of different shapes. No box. Includes ribbon cable."

Thursday, December 07, 2023


video upload by Memetune Studio

"Wrangling on the Serge and Modcan"

Monday, December 04, 2023

Background Modulars No.2 - Modcan A-Series

video upload by Memetune Studio

"Can't find a real vintage Modcan A-Series modular system? No worries! Just put this video on in the background (in full-screen mode), and have the next best thing 😁

Here is 10 minutes of self-playing modular synthesiser niceness. Why not put it on loop - then you can have it bubbling away in the background while you do other things

This is the second Background Modular video - the first featured the ARP2500 - [posted here]

A note on the patch: two VCOs (one of which is the Miniwave) go into the Modcan 02A LPF then to the output mixer. Various AD and ADSR envelopes control the filter cutoff coming in at various levels. The melodic notes are being chosen by sending a VC LFO into the Cyndustries Gated Comparator which is like a S&H crossed with a shift register and analog switch. It throws out notes that are semi-random. This output goes into a Quantiser to keep the notes sort of in tune. The Sequencer is used to vary the timing of the notes. A second signal path consists of the above going into the Modcan CV Recorder / Sampler which is the lower set of notes you can hear. I quite like the way its all a bit out of time and wonky. The stereo output goes into my mixer (Sony DMX-R100 with GA 1073 analogue preamps/eqs), with a bit of reverb (Lexicon Model 300)

Actually the patch is more complex than this, but it's too much to explain here - it would take my word count over the limit 🤣"

Monday, October 30, 2023

Cold Hands, Cold Heart, Cold World

video upload by John L Rice

"Something for Halloween 2023, sort of?

5U Modular Synth:
Moon 569 sequencer, 554 clock divider, 505 filter
Modcan 55B quantizer, 59B delay
SSL Tube VCA, Quad LFO
STG Envelope
Corsynth VC LFO
Marienberg Sine Phase Oscillator
Noise Engineering Cursus Iteritas Magnus VCO

Additional Gear Used:
Roland A-88 keyboard controller, Integra7 synth (for piano)
Mellotron M4000D (Tangerine Dream sound effects)
Expressive-E Osmose keyboard synth
Strymon BigSky reverb, Timeline delay
Lexicon MX400
Tascam SD-20M recorder
Sony Vegas Pro 13 (for post editing)

#modularsynth #electronicmusic #halloween2023"

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Sequencer Therapy - October 17 2023

video upload by John L Rice

"I just felt like playing with a sequence for my peace of mind. Not as good as hugging a dog, but better than nothing! 🤓😁 Klee sequencer built by Megaohm Audio is shown. Off screen the usual modules: Synth Tech MOTM-300 VCOs, MOTM-380 LFO, Moon 517 VCF, Oakley/Krisp1 VCAs, STG Envelopes, Modcan 55B quantizer and 73B delay, Club Of The Knobs C969 clock, Strymon and Lexicon reverb. #modularsynth #sequencer #electronicmusic"

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