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Monday, October 30, 2023

Cold Hands, Cold Heart, Cold World

video upload by John L Rice

"Something for Halloween 2023, sort of?

5U Modular Synth:
Moon 569 sequencer, 554 clock divider, 505 filter
Modcan 55B quantizer, 59B delay
SSL Tube VCA, Quad LFO
STG Envelope
Corsynth VC LFO
Marienberg Sine Phase Oscillator
Noise Engineering Cursus Iteritas Magnus VCO

Additional Gear Used:
Roland A-88 keyboard controller, Integra7 synth (for piano)
Mellotron M4000D (Tangerine Dream sound effects)
Expressive-E Osmose keyboard synth
Strymon BigSky reverb, Timeline delay
Lexicon MX400
Tascam SD-20M recorder
Sony Vegas Pro 13 (for post editing)

#modularsynth #electronicmusic #halloween2023"

Saturday, August 20, 2022

Loud Ripping Modular Synthesizer Lead Patch

video upload by John L Rice

"Turn It UP! 😁

Noisebug store in Pomona CA made a nice trade with me for some gear so I picked up a second Synthetic Soundlabs Tube VCA to do stereo patches with them, something I’ve wanted to try ever since I got the first one! The patch is pretty simple, just a MIDI keyboard into a Synthesis Technology MOTM-650 interface to create CV and gate voltages, a Noise Engineering Cursus Iteritas Magnus VCO's audio output mult’d into the two SSL Tube VCAs, the separate outputs of a single STG Soundlabs Envelope Generator in 'Pyramid Blaster' mode modulated the Tube VCAs, and three outputs of a Marienberg Devices Sine Phase VCO is modulating the Cursus VCO via a couple Q125 signal processors."

Monday, February 21, 2022

Sequencer Pattern Jamming

video upload by John L Rice

"Another experiment I happened to record so throwing it on my channel for anyone who might find it interesting.

Modules used:
Moon Modular - 569, 569ES, 569EG, 564, 511C
Modcan - 55B, 56B, 53B
Marienberg Devices - Sine Phase Oscillator
Synthetic Sound Labs - Tube VCA - Q125

Effects used:
Strymon Engineering - BigSky, Timeline
Lexicon - MX400

As always, thank you for watching, rating, following, and commenting! 🥳 "

Friday, July 16, 2021

Berlin School Electronica // Gotharman meets 5U Marienberg & Oakley Modular Synth


"Gotharman's Little Deformer 3, Gotharman's PolySpaze and my Marienberg + Oakley 5U Modular Synthesizer are having little Berlin School kind of synth jam session.

First, I patched up a typical analog synth sound with my 5U Marienberg/Oakley Modular Synth, which let me transpose the VCO and add fast FM with two switches.

I then programmed a 4 note sequence on Gotharman's Little Deformer 3 and sent it to the Modular via the CV.OCD MIDI to CV converter, which is easier for musical CV sequencing than the Deformer's own CV outputs.

The Linnstrument MIDI controller triggers the red Gotharman PolySpaze polysynth, which plays a morphable pad sound. Very simple, no MPE, etc. All audio goes into the Little Deformer 3, where it is mixed with the LD3's own sounds and processed with delay and granular audio FX.

On the LD3 there are three percussive parts playing and another 5 step sequence, which I fade in around the middle or so. All sounds can be muted, volume-controlled and even modulated with the mappable fron panel knobs. Of course, I also created a second morph layer, with a slightly different melody and changed FX settings, that produce more glitchiness and also tighter delay FX.

It was fun :) Let me know if you have questions in the comments below! Thanks for watching!

Gotharman Website:

Marienberg Devices Modular Synth Website:

Oakley by Krisp1:

I love to hear from you and talk about synths and stuff, so always feel welcome to post a comment or send me an e-mail to:

Discover more of THE TUESDAY NIGHT MACHINES here:
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Monday, March 01, 2021

Marienberg VC Envelope Generator B (ADSR B) Tutorial // 5U Modular Synth #TTNM​


"This is a demo and tutorial video for the Marienberg Devices ADSR B 5U modular synth module. MORE INFO BELOW :-)


0:03​ What sets this module apart?
1:58​ A typical ADSR signal
2:37​ Looking at the front panel
3:07​ Attack
5:04​ Decay
6:01​ Release
6:32​ Setting the thresholds
6:56​ Bottom of the front panel
7:29​ Time Compression CV input
7:39​ Envelope On/Off gate outputs
8:20​ Manual Gate switch
8:40​ Retrigger mode
9:01​ Auto Offset mode
9:58​ Decay to Release mode
10:24​ Forced modes
11:13​ Outro"

Additional videos in the playlist:
ADSR Sound Demo // Marienberg Envelope Generator B (5U Modular Synth) #TTNM
Non-Linear Envelopes with the Marienberg VC Envelope Generator B (ADSR B) // 5U Modular Synth #TTNM​
Sequencer Ratcheting with the Marienberg VC Envelope Generator B (ADSR B) // 5U Modular Synth #TTNM​

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Creepy 5U Modular Synthesizer Sounds (Marienberg Devices + Oakley by Krisp1) #TTNM

Published on May 12, 2020 THE TUESDAY NIGHT MACHINES

"Here’s a creepy, multitrack noise music jam in stereo, patched around the Marienberg Devices VC Multimode Filter A and VC Envelope Generator B modules.


My goal was to play my 5U Modular Synth on its own, which can be challenging as I don’t have any traditional sequencers in there. Right now I don’t even have a regular 5U VCA. But, thanks to the Marienberg ADSR’s multitude of gate outputs and a mixer, I could patch a simple CV sequencer together. The Marienberg Multimode VCF is not just used as a regular filter, but also as an analog FM Operator, thanks to its nice sine wave and pitch tracking. The VCO and utilities are Oakley MU and MOTM modules by Krisp1 and the reverb is a large Klangbau Köln Spring Reverb."

Monday, May 11, 2020

ANALOG FILTER BASICS! ... with Marienberg's VC Multimode Filter A #TTNM

Published on May 11, 2020 THE TUESDAY NIGHT MACHINES

"Learn about common Modular Synth Filter Concepts with the help of Marienberg Devices's precision Filter & VCO. MORE INFO BELOW! :-)


/// TIMECODES: ///
0:24 Filter Front Panel
0:41 Low Pass, Band Pass & High Pass Cutoff Sweeps
1:08 Resonance / Emphasis Control
1:40 Notch Filter & Notch Structure
3:20 Resonance Knob Response
4:03 Self-Oscillation & FM
4:49 1V/Oct Tracking Measurements
6:05 Amplitude Stability
6:15 Settling Time
7:10 Filter Pings
8:54 Filter Mode Phase Shift
10:41 Additional Info & Thanks!

Marienberg Devices Germany make high-end analog synthesizer modules, which are not just fun for making music, but also for use as reference devices for demonstration purposes. So apart from looking at the VCF's specific features, we will also learn about typical analog filter behaviours and use cases, which are applicable to filters of other manufacturers and formats as well (e.g. AE Modular, Serge Modular, Eurorack, dotcom Modular, etc.)."

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Marienberg VC Multimode Filter - Audio Demo (no talking) #TTNM

Published on Apr 28, 2020 THE TUESDAY NIGHT MACHINES

"The Marienberg Devices VCF A is a 5U modular synth precision filter. Here's a no-talking sound demo :)

/// TIMECODES: ///
0:10 Low Pass Filter Sweeps
0:27 Resonance Sweeps
1:01 Cutoff Envelope Modulation (Static Wave)
1:35 Cutoff Envelope Modulation (Melody)
2:07 Band Pass Filter Sweeps
2:53 High Pass Filter Sweeps
3:28 Notch Filter Sweeps
3:52 Notch Structure
4:19 Notch Structure LFO Modulation (Static Wave)
4:49 Notch Structure & Cutoff Modulation (Melody)
5:28 Filter Pinging
6:39 Self-Oscillation
7:31 Analog FM Synthesis
8:05 1V/Oct Tracking Analysis
8:55 Sawtooth Wave Filtering & Goodbye

Marienberg Devices Germany make high-end analog synthesizer modules and this filter really demonstrates this. Take the resonance knob for example, which is tuned in a way that turning it feels smooth in regards to the changing audio we hear. No dead spots or overly sensitive regions at the end of the scale. The filter also functions as a precise 1V/Oct sine wave VCO, offering a stable amplitude and incredibly quick settling time after pitch changes. So you won't hear glide effects between pitch CV jumps. This is important not just for musical playing of the filter, but also for analog FM synthesis, for which this module is great as well."


Friday, April 03, 2020

Envelope Generator B: Static & Fast ADSR Sound Demo #TTNM

Published on Apr 3, 2020 THE TUESDAY NIGHT MACHINES

"Sound demo for Marienberg Devices' ADSR B, modulating filter cutoff. MORE INFO BELOW :)


The Marienberg Devices Envelope Generator B lets you create precise ADSR control voltages to fit any filter or VCA response. Here are a few examples of static ADSR shapes on fast sounds.

More information here"

Friday, May 24, 2019

Marienberg Modular Synthesizer Offers Modern Take On Classic Moog Design

Published on May 24, 2019 Synthtopia

"At Superbooth 2019, we talked with Holger Marienberg of Marienberg Devices Germany, who gave us an overview of his modular synthesizer system.

The Marienberg Modular pairs modern analog circuit design with the classic user interface design of vintage Moog modular systems."

Monday, April 15, 2019

Thomann's Synth Reactor vlog#16 - Marienberg Devices #TSR19

Published on Apr 15, 2019 SynthMania

"Holger of Marienberg Devices shows us their modular system and the many different types of modules they produce
#Thomann #Marienberg #synthesizer"

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Marienberg 5U Modular Synth Interview Summary (ENGLISH) #TTNM #TSR19

Published on Mar 28, 2019 THE TUESDAY NIGHT MACHINES

"At Thomann's Synth Reactor 2019 I had the unique opportunity to meet and talk to Steffen and Holger Marienberg extensively. I filmed an interview with Holger about the origins of the the company Marienberg Devices Germany, in which he also demonstrated some of their 5U modular synth modules. This interview was recorded in German language though, so I made this summary video here for my English viewers =)"

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Marienberg 5U Modular Synth Jam Challenge @ Thomann Synth Reactor #TTNM

Published on Mar 17, 2019 The Tuesday Night Machines

"Got a chance to play a Marienberg Devices Analog Modular Synthesizer at Thomann Synth Reactor 2019 ... you know, the rare high-end 5U monster synth from Germany! In this video I combine analog FM sounds, filter pings and subtractive synthesis, while challenging myself by not using a keyboard, a sequencer or external audio effects."

PixelNoises Synth T-Shirts by The Tuesday Night Machines

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Marienberg Modular Sequence

Published on May 19, 2018 Korgator
(C)19.05.2018 by Jens Mechler aka Korgator
2x VC EG A
2x Multiples

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

PPG HDU - Short Preset & Effects Demos

PPG HDU - Short Preset Demo

Published on Feb 25, 2016 Known As KneToNatoR

"Testing the PPG Hard Disk Unit realtime effects...
Equipment List : PPG Wave 2.2, HDU, Quantec YardStick2493.

0:00 Piano + Stereo Delay
0:18 Piano + Stereo Delay + Quantec Reverb
1:20 clean "Blade Runner" Sound
1:45 "BR" Sound + Stereo F.I.R.-Filter
2:25 "BR" Sound + Stereo Flanger
3:25 "BR" Sound + Stereo Phaser
4:55 "BR" Sound + Flanger to Phaser

- - -"

PPG HDU - Effects Demo

Published on Feb 27, 2016 Known As KneToNatoR

"Testing the "PPG Hard Disk Unit", with live editing...
Equipment List : PPG Wave 2.2, HDU, Quantec YardStick 2493.

00:00 Stereo Delays + edit (128ms / 256ms / 512ms)
08:40 Longest Stereo Delay (1490ms)

10:35 Strings Sound + Quantec Reverb & Without Reverb

12:20 Strings Sound + Stereo Flanger Presets
15:05 Flanger live edit

19:13 Strings Sound + Stereo Phaser Presets
21:09 Phaser live edit

23:21 Strings Sound + Stereo Filter Presets

24:57 Strings Sound + Harmonizer

27:22 Four more presets...
(Delay+Phaser / Phaser+Flanger / Double Flanger / Phaser+Filter)

- - -"

Funtimes (Little Boots cover)

Published on Dec 29, 2015

This one was sent my way via John L Rice. Some nice synth spotting in this one - full list below.
Also worth checking out from the archives: little boots TIME TO PRETEND (WE'RE HAVING FUN!) funtimes cover of MGMT

"From a synth-nerd to a synth-nerd...

Little Boots, i haven't known you before, until J.-M. Jarre's new album was released. And now, with this track, i will say thank you for the music. (It's realy nice !) I wish you all good things, and every time a good sound. ;)

Greatings from germany

Equipment List :

Master Sequencer : EHX Clockworks
Bass Drum : SCI Pro-One & Roland SEQ-315
Hi-Hat : Noise & PPG 300 Modular
Bass Sequence : Marienberg Modular System
Melodic Sequence : Roland CSQ-600 & ProMars MRS-2
Background Sequence : Korg Polysix

Intro : Yamaha TX-1P & Roland SBF-325
Strings : PPG Wave 2.2 / Korg PE-2000 & Roland SPH-323
Solo Sounds : Marienberg Modular System / SCI Prophet 5 Rev. 2
Mid Sequence : SCI Pro-One

Delay : Yamaha E1010 / Ibanez DM1100
Reverb : Quantec YardStick 2493

PS : This track is a completely re-recorded merge of parts of many other music tracks from Little Boots, and a little piece of me.

PPS : No MIDI was used ! ;)

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Improvisation with Modular Synthesizer, Mikrokorg and LXR-Drummachine

Published on Feb 5, 2015 Axel Fischer

"Sequences: Moog 960 Sequencer, Intellijel Quantizer and Pittsburgh-Modules.
Solo voice: one Marienberg VCO.
Drum machine was a bit rebellious and refused to stop ;)"

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Fichotron Synthesizer 2.0

Published on Jan 17, 2015 Axel Fischer

"Playing with my modular synthesizer.
Pittsburg VCOs and filter triggered by a Moog 960 sequencer and two quantizers (Intellijel and Sonic Potions). Solo voice using Marienberg VCO and VCF. Drums: Sonic Potions LXR drum machine."

Monday, March 17, 2014

Musikmesse 2014 - Synthesizer-Ausstellung [Vintage Synthesizer Booth]

Published on Mar 17, 2014 musotalk·993 videos

"weitere Videos: - In der Halle 5.0 habe ich ein tolle Ausstellung mit einer Menge Synthesizerklassikern entdeckt."

Marienberg modular demo at 4:39. PPG Wave 2.2, 380 Event Generator, 340 B Processor Unit, and 340 A Generator Unit at 11:49.

Note: if this video drops off let me know. It looks like it was reloaded on YouTube, however this one was still live last I checked.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Marienberg Modular at MusikMesse 2014

Published on Mar 12, 2014 AudioCentralMagazine·196 videos

"Marienberg Modular is a mighty 5U-format modular synthesizer, with a lot of clever features and a powerful step sequencer 8x3 (in a 9 unit lenght!!!)."

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