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Saturday, May 04, 2019

Swapping Moog Grandmothers internal spring reverb tank with one 100 metres away?

Published on May 4, 2019 LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"the #moog grandmother has a spring reverb tank inside it, in the last video we found out it was connected via a phono to mini jack. so we decided to experiment! at #TSR19"

Thursday, April 18, 2019

The history and future of Eurorack modular synths with Doepfer #TSR19

Published on Apr 18, 2019 DivKidVideo

"A rare moment of free time and having great people in the right place at the right time here's an interview with Felix of Tuesday Night Machines talking to Dieter Doepfer, THE CREATOR OF EURORACK at the Thomann Synth Reactor #TSR19 event.

Felix and I wanted to chat to Doepfer about both his history (the history or Eurorack), his current polyphonic modules, future module sand ideas and a quick look at what the future of the Eurorack might be.

We also talk about the Elektor Formant DIY synth, the new Frequency Shifter module coming later this year, CV controlled LED lighting, Dieter was also the EU distributor for Doug Curtis' Curtis chips/components, Raul's World of Synths, favourite Doepfer modules and plenty more."

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

BOBEATS x DATALINE discussing Elektron live workflow & jamming #TSR19

Published on Apr 15, 2019 BoBeats

"I had to chance to sit down with Cenk aka Dataline during Thomann Synth Reactor 2019. If you enjoy talks like this support over on Patreon:"

Monday, April 15, 2019

Thomann's Synth Reactor vlog#16 - Marienberg Devices #TSR19

Published on Apr 15, 2019 SynthMania

"Holger of Marienberg Devices shows us their modular system and the many different types of modules they produce
#Thomann #Marienberg #synthesizer"

#TSR19 01- The Roland Promars -- Part 1

Published on Apr 15, 2019 AutomaticGainsay

"Here is part one of a three-part demonstration of the 1979 Roland Promars analog two-oscillator monosynth."

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Thomann's Synth Reactor vlog#15 - Waldorf #TSR19

Published on Apr 14, 2019 SynthMania

"Winfried and Rolf of Waldorf show to us their Kyra and Quantum synthesizers at the Thomann's Synth Reactor in March 2019
00:17 Kyra
15:34 Quantum
#Thomann #Waldorf #synthesizer"

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Thomann's Synth Reactor vlog#12 - Roland System-8 #TSR19

Published on Apr 13, 2019 SynthMania

"In this video I demonstrate the Roland System-8 synth with the Jupiter-8, Juno-106, and JX-3P plug-out expansions at Thomann's Synth Reactor event of March 2019. The beautiful landscape in the back is the town of Treppendorf, where Thomann is located.
#Thomann #Roland #System-8"

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Thomann's Synth Reactor vlog#11 - Modal Electronics #TSR19

Published on Apr 10, 2019 SynthMania

"Jackson of Modal Electronics demonstrates their two latest portable synths: the Skulpt (four voice – 32 oscillator virtual analogue synthesizer), and the brand new Craft (monophonic wavetable synthesizer) #Thomann #Modal #TSR19"

Thomann's Synth Reactor vlog#12 - Behringer #TSR19 - VC340 Vocoder Overview Demo

Published on Apr 10, 2019 SynthMania

VC340 Vocoder demo comes in at 12:12.

"Patrick and Anna of Behringer show to us two of their latest machines: the Crave analog synth, and VC340 vocoder"

Monday, April 08, 2019

Arturia MICROFREAK - How it Sounds #TSR19

Published on Mar 31, 2019 JAde Wii

"Sorry for the high gain on some parts of the audio guys, proper tutorial on the MicroFreak coming your way soon!"

Moog GRANDMOTHER - How it Sounds #TSR19

Published on Apr 8, 2019 JAde Wii

"I wish I could have had more time with this amazing creature.. maybe it will make itself into my studio one day. I mean look at my intro for gods sake! lol"

Thursday, April 04, 2019

#TSR19-The Moog Grandmother-Part 3

Published on Apr 4, 2019 AutomaticGainsay

"Here is part three of a three-part demonstration of the Moog Grandmother, created at the Synth Reactor event put on by Thomann."

#TSR19-The Moog Grandmother videos

Doepfer Polyphonic Modules - a conversation with Dieter Doepfer #TSR19

Published on Apr 4, 2019 Molten Music Technology

"I had the opportunity to sit down with Dieter Doepfer, the inventor of the Eurorack format, and chat about modular with a specific focus on his new polyphonic range of modules. #TSR19"

Thomann's Synth Reactor vlog#8 - Elektron #TSR19

Published on Apr 3, 2019 SynthMania

"Cenk of Elektron shows some of the company's latest products - Digitakt, Digitone, and Model:Samples - at the Thomann's Synth Reactor event in March 2019"

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Talking iOS Music App Workflows with Jakob Haq from haQ attaQ #TTNM #TSR19

Published on Mar 31, 2019 THE TUESDAY NIGHT MACHINES

"Interview with Jakob Haq about iOS electronic music workflows, music making apps and more at Thomann's Synth Reactor!


1:00 Jakob Haq's music making background
2:30 iOS AUv3 Audio Unit Extensions
4:20 Cubasis DAW App
7:30 Apple's iPad models and the dreaded dongle situation
9:50 MFI certified accessories
14:45 Arturia Audiofuse Audio/MIDI USB Interface
21:20 haQ attaQ's BIG SECRET!!!
35:50 Jakob Haq's 'Mellow Album' made on iOS
41:00 Video Editing on the iPad with LumaFusion"

THREESOME With GetJervis & My Grandmother | SYNTH ANATOMY

Published on Mar 31, 2019 SYNTH ANATOMY

"At the TSR19 event, I teamed up with GetJervis and took a first look at Moog Music's Grandmother. Although it' not an in-depth review, it was great fun and the Grandmother sounds damn great.

Join the Patreon page to get access to free sound content (sample & preset libraries, free plugins... & participate on exclusive giveaways)"

Saturday, March 30, 2019

#TSR19-The Moog Grandmother-Part 2

Published on Mar 30, 2019 AutomaticGainsay

"Here is part two of a three-part demonstration of the Moog Grandmother, created at the Synth Reactor event put on by Thomann."

#TSR19-The Moog Grandmother videos

Friday, March 29, 2019

Dual Arturia MicroFreak + DrumBrute Impact Jam #TSR19

Published on Mar 29, 2019 DivKidVideo

"Here's part of my video with Bryan from Arturia that I made at the Thomann Synth Reactor #TSR19 event. Bryan was lovely, had a great time and lots of laughs with Bryan and the full video with him will be coming in the not too distant future. However I felt the full jam with did with a pair of MicroFreaks and a DrumBrute Impact deserved a video on it's own. So here it is!"

Elektron Ace teaches us what Model:Samples can do | haQ attaQ #TSR19

Published on Mar 29, 2019 Jakob Haq

"Is the Elektron Model:Samples a True Elektron Music Machine? Why get a Model:Samples instead of a used Digitakt and whats this battery handle bussiness about? These are some of the questions that Ess from Elektron answers while also showing us the power packed into the Model:Samples. Check this out!"

Also see: Ess of Elektron – The spirit behind the Digitone – Long Interview

Ess of Elektron – The spirit behind the Digitone – Long Interview

Published on Mar 29, 2019 cuckoomusic

"Ess is one of the developers at Elektron, perhaps mostly known for his work with the Digitone, and for his pixel art menus. In this interview we get to know him a little better, and hear his story from an art university student to now being one of the lead designers/ developers at Elektron."

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