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Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Crumar Spirit

video upload by rimela

"Multitrack recordings of the Crumar Spirit. All sounds are made with the Spirit. 5U modular setup used for CV/gate sequencing (Dotcom Q960) and controlling filter and pitch inputs (Corsynth C106 Envelope Generator). All processing in Ableton Live."

Monday, March 18, 2024

Corsynth Drum Modules + Transistor Mixer

video upload by NOISEBUG

"Corsynth - Massive Drums + Harmonic Mixer

The Corsynth drum collection for MU format modular sounds nothing short of massive! Especially when all drums are patched into the Moog-Style C111 mixer. Feed the mix back into itself and quickly witness the clean analog saturation get completely destroyed (in a harmonically satisfying kind of way)

The Corsynth drum modules are available now at Noisebug.

The DR-01 Bass Drum is the first of a new series of Corsynth modules dedicated to analog drum synthesis and it’s also the first module of this kind commercially available in MU format. Create a drum sounds from scratch using a modular synthesizer is always time and resourcing consuming. With the DR-01 you will save a lot of space, money and modules that can be used for other purposes. The DR-01 has all you need to create bass drums , toms a many other percussive sounds in just one single space. And thanks to the Tune CV input is even possible to use the DR-01 to create bass lines. Punchy techno drums, industrial drums, drum sounds of the firsts analog drum machines, FM sounds... With the DR-01 is really easy to get the sounds that you need at every moment. All the parameters in the module have been carefully chosen to be used in a drum synthesis context (envelope times, oscillator frequencies, oscillator waveform etc ). These are the DR-01 Bass Drum main features:
* A voltage controlled oscillator with dedicated CV input for tuning.
* A voltage controlled timbre circuit.
* A dedicated tune modulation envelope.
* An amplitude envelope with three different settings for the attack time.
It’s time to add drum sounds to your synth sequences! .

The DR-02 Snare Drum is the second module in the DR series dedicated to analog drum synthesis. This module is designed to synthesize electronic snare drum sounds of any kind. From the classic preset drum machines from the 70s to TR-XXX, electro snares, zaps... But thanks to its 12 knobs and 3 CV inputs the DR-02 Snare Drum can synthesize much more than snare drums, sounds like hit-hats, toms, cymbals , congas, FXs are also possible and even it can be used as an oscillator. The DR-02 is composed for two different sections , Head and Snare each of them with its own volume control. The Head section has two voltage controlled oscillators with a fixed frequency interval between them. One modulation envelope to modulate the oscillators tuning and one VCA with an AD envelope to control de decay of the snare head. The Snare section is composed by a noise generator , two voltage controlled filters connected in series ( one 12db resonant high pass filter and one 6db non- resonant low pass filter). One envelope to modulate the high pass filter cutoff frequency and one VCA with an AD envelope to control de decay of the snare.

The DR-03 Hi-Hats / Metal is the third module in the DR series dedicated to analog drum synthesis. It is designed to synthesize Hi-Hats and metal percussion like cowbells or cymbals and even FX. Three different voices are available at the same time Closed Hi-hat, Open Hi-hat and Metal plus a Hi-Hat mixed output .

Hi-Hats To synthesize a Hi-Hat there is a key element that defines the final result, the primary sound used to create it. The DR-03 has three possible sound sources , a white noise generator, a mix of six square wave oscillators and a mix of ring modulated square wave oscillators. These three sound sources, together with the VC Band Pass filter and the Low Pass Filter allow the DR-03 to create a wide range of hi-hat sounds. Another interesting feature is that the Open Hi-hat decay time is voltage controlled and it can be triggered independently or conditioned to the Closed Hi-hat. Metal The Metal sound is created using two ring modulated square wave oscillators and a VC Band Pass Filter. The frequency of one oscillator can be manually controlled and the other one has a fixed frequency. The variable oscillator can modulate the cutoff of the BPF to create metallic FM sounds.

#synthesizer #modularsynth #synth #mumodular #dotcom #corsynth #5u"

Saturday, February 24, 2024

Time Corridors

video upload by John L Rice

"And another "modular Tetris" rearrangement session which led to some keyboard noodling which lead to a recording which lead to a video which lead to the need to add a lot more parts and video editing which lead to the reality that I have much more important things to be doing which caused me to stop where I was at which is why all you get is this unfinished thing! 😅

Modules used:
Oakley/Krisp1 - Slim VCO B, Diode Superladder VCF, Flanger/Chorus
STG - Envelope
Moon - 569 sequencer
Corsynth - C102 VC LFO
Grove Audio - PM Resonator
Modcan - Quantizer 55B
Marienberg - Sine Phase VCO
Club Of The Knobs - C1660 VC Phase Processor

Expressive E - Osmose

Strymon - BigSky, Timeline, Mobius
Lexicon - MX400"

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

The Never Ending Battle

video upload by John L Rice

"Another quick post reconfiguration doddle. ;-)

Modules used:
Oakley/Krisp1 - Slim VCO B, Diode Superladder VCF
STG - Envelope
Moon - 569 sequencer
Corsynth - C102 VC LFO
Grove Audio - PM Resonator
Modcan - Quantizer 55B
Marienberg - Sine Phase VCO

Expressive E - Osmose

Strymon - BigSky, Timeline
Lexicon - MX400"

Monday, February 19, 2024

Pachinko Patch? A Modular Sequencer Experiment

video upload by John L Rice

"Modules from Moon Modular, Synthetic Sound Labs, Corsynth, Modcan with Strymon effects."

Sunday, February 18, 2024

On The Brink Of The First Future

video upload by John L Rice

"A mostly self playing modular synth drone sort of thing. Moon sequencers and sequential switches, Corsynth LFO, SSL V-Gates, Modcan B VCOs and VCF, other modules, Strymon and Lexicon effects."

Thursday, February 08, 2024

Corsynth - Dual LFO - Patch Examples #mumodular #muformat #5U #synthesizer #modularsynth #synth

video upload by Corsynth Modular Synths

"Dual LFO - Patch Examples. This video is a compilation of patch examples that I've been uploading to the Shorts section.

If you want this module to become a reality... pre-order it now :)
Pre-order is open until the 12th of February"

via Corsynth

"It's a dual LFO with some interesting features. Modulation sources are always a must have in every system and this module can be a good addition to save some space.

Those are the main characteristics :
Two LFOs in one space.
LFO1 range : 20 seconds per cycle to 20Hz (can be extended using CV).
LFO2 range : 40 seconds per cycle to 10Hz
Each LFO has an independent Sync input that will reset the LFO.
LFO1 is voltage controlled. It has a FM input with attenuator.
LFO2 triangle wave is normalized to the LFO1's FM input. This connection allows to create complex modulations without any patching. The normalization will be broken if a patch cable is inserted into the FM input.
LFO1 has two waveforms available simultaneously Triangle and Saw
LFO2 has three waveforms available simultaneously , Triangle, Sine and Square.

The module is designed and fully working but since we don't know if there will be enought interest, we have opened a pre-ordering period to gauge the interest. During this period you can pre-order the module paying a 50€ deposit and with this you will get a 10% discount from the final price (220€ +VAT (VAT only for EU residents )). This deposit is fully refundable in case there are not enough preorders and the module is not released.

Read carefully the following pre-ordering conditions."

Monday, February 05, 2024

The Eternal Now

video upload by davidryle

"American Format (5U) modular synthesizer performance in real time to a stereo track in Cubase.
For an atonal wash I used the Dove Audio Waveplane and WTF vco's through an Oakley Sound Systems Ring Modulator. I then sent it through A dotcom Q150 transistor ladder filter and a Lower West Side Studio Multimode Filter/Resonator and on to a fixed filter bank and a Frequency Central Stasis Leak digital delay. This drone wash comes in at the final section and ending.
The opening reed sound and accompanying organ sounds were derived from the Synthetic Sound Labs/Mutable Instruments (Braids) Woven Spirits module.
The initial reed sound is from the AUX output of the Woven Spirits through an SSL/Ian Fritz 5 Pulser and Oakley Sound Systems State Variable Filter. The filter is stepped with a random S&H from JNP Electronics.
The secondary organ chord sound is the Main direct output of the Woven Spirits in Chord mode. The combination of both elements are sent to an Electro-Harmonix Grand Canyon in DMM mode. Feedback is applied as needed for the drone sustain throughout the piece.
The bass line comes in next with a pair of STG Soundlabs Oscillators through a Dove Audio D502 Multimode filter in -24dB LP mode. The pitch voltage is from the upper Q960 step sequencer. It's timing is from a Catgirl Synth Master Divider, clocked from a custom Dual LFO/Analog Shift Register of Ken Stone (Catgirl Synth) design. An additional tap from the STG oscillator through a Corsynth C103 Frequency Divider/Multiplier module for a sub-octave feed.
The melodic line blended into the latter section is from a pair of Q106 dotcom vco's which are pitch controlled by the lower Q960 sequencer. Each vco pitch is from a separate row of the Q960. The Q960's shift timing is from the CGS Master Divider module. The output is routed through an Empress Reverb pedal in Blue Ghost mode. Panning is from the LWSS/Yusynth Panning Mixer.
All pitch quantitization is through a Moon Modular 565 series setup.
Additional voltage modulation to the Woven Spirits module are from the STG Soundlabs voltage mini stores, and vaious LFO's etc. Timing for the additional sequencers is also managed by the Moster Divider."

Thursday, November 16, 2023

Quick Low Effort 5U Modular Synth Though Oscilloscope For Fun

video upload by John L Rice

"Synth Tech VCO’s, Moon sequencer and dual VCA, Club Of The Knobs poly EG, CorSynth LFO, Strymon and Lexicon effects. #modularsynthesizer #oscilloscope #oscilloscopemusic"

Custom Mixed Module Box11 Modular Synthesizer System

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via this auction

"MU format modular synth in Box 11 case powered by QPS4 power supply.

Includes the following modules:

Electro-Smith 3340 VCO (3) Q114 Mixer ++
Electro-Smith 2144 LPF filter (2)
Lower West Side Studio Oakley Modular Dual LFO (sticks out of case slightly due to deep pcb board)
Analog Craftsman 5 channel attenuator Q109 envelope generator (2)
Corsynth C108 Dual VCA"

Monday, October 30, 2023

Cold Hands, Cold Heart, Cold World

video upload by John L Rice

"Something for Halloween 2023, sort of?

5U Modular Synth:
Moon 569 sequencer, 554 clock divider, 505 filter
Modcan 55B quantizer, 59B delay
SSL Tube VCA, Quad LFO
STG Envelope
Corsynth VC LFO
Marienberg Sine Phase Oscillator
Noise Engineering Cursus Iteritas Magnus VCO

Additional Gear Used:
Roland A-88 keyboard controller, Integra7 synth (for piano)
Mellotron M4000D (Tangerine Dream sound effects)
Expressive-E Osmose keyboard synth
Strymon BigSky reverb, Timeline delay
Lexicon MX400
Tascam SD-20M recorder
Sony Vegas Pro 13 (for post editing)

#modularsynth #electronicmusic #halloween2023"

Thursday, August 31, 2023

Corsynth Audio Demos

video uploads by Corsynth


Corsynth C101 and C101B audio demos. The C101 OTA Lowpass filter MKII is a four pole low pass filter based on four cascade OTA-stages. MU Format More info :
CORSYNTH C102 VC LFO - Audio Demos
The C102 VC LFO is a voltage controlled low frequency oscillator with five waveforms available simultaneously.
CORSYNTH C103 Frequency Divider / Multiplier MKII - Audio Demos
The C103 Frequency Multiplier / Divider MKII includes two frequency dividers and two frequency multipliers.
CORSYNTH C104 Odyssey of Sound VCO - Audio Demos
The C104 Odyssey of Sound VCO is a voltage controlled oscillator based in the discrete core of the ARP VCOs
CORSYNTH C105 VC Noise / Lo-Fi MKII - Audio Demos
The C105 VC Noise / Lo-Fi Machine MKII is a voltage controlled analog sample rate reducer , sample and hold and a VC Noise generator.
CORSYNTH C106 Dual Loopable VC AD Envelope - Audio Demos
The Corsynth C106 Dual Loopable VC AD Envelope it’s a really versatile module. It’s not only a Dual Voltage Controlled Attack / Decay envelope, it’s also a dual VC LFO, an audio generator, a complex contour generator, a dual pulse delay, a voltage controlled AD envelope with adjustable delay and more….
CORSYNTH C110 2044 VCF - Audio Demos
The C110 2044 VCF is a four pole low pass filter based in the classic filter SSM2044. This filter chip is responsible for the sound of some well known polysynths from the 80s like the Korg Mono/Poly, Korg Polysix, Korg Trident, PPG Wave 2.2 and 2.3, EMU Emulator I, Kawai K3 and Sx-240, Siel Opera 6….
CORSYNTH C113 West Coast Timbre - Audio Demos
A wavefolder is a non-linear waveshaping circuit that allows to create rich harmonic waveforms. Its a distortion circuit that folds back the signal when it reaches a certain level.
CORSYNTH C114 T-Mixer - Audio Demos
The C114 T-Mixer is a four channel transistor based mixer. The design is based on the classic Moog CP3 mixer but adapted to modern modular signal levels. The CP3 mixer was a key factor in the classic Moog modular sound.
CORSYNTH DR-01 Bass Drum - Audio Demos
The DR-01 Bass Drum is an analog drum module in MU format. The DR-01 has all you need to create bass drums , toms a many other sounds
CORSYNTH DR-02 Snare Drum - Audio Demos
The DR-02 Snare Drum is designed to synthesize electronic snare drum sounds of any kind. From the classic preset drum machines from the 70s to TR-XXX, electro snares, zaps…
CORSYNTH DR-03 Hi-Hats / Metal - Audio Demos
The DR-03 Hi-Hats / Metal is designed to synthesize Hi-Hats and metal percussion and even FX

Corsynth - C103 self-runing patch #shorts #synth #analogsynth #synthesizer #modularsynth

video upload by Corsynth

"Creating a self-runing patch using the C103 Divider as sequencer. #5u #synthesizer #analogsynth #muformat #5umodular #synthesizersdotcom #moogmodular #modularsynthesizer #drumsynthesizer #drumsynth #analogdrums #modularsynth #synth #modularsynth"

Friday, August 11, 2023

Corsynth - Kraftwerk Arpeggio #shorts #synth #analogsynth #synthesizer #modularsynth

video upload by Corsynth

Wait for it...

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

CorSynth C105 LoFi Machine

via NOISEBUG Reverb

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You can find demos and details on the C105E in previous psots here.

Friday, March 31, 2023

Corsynth - West Coast Timbre module - raw demo 5U C113

video upload by alternatingbitmusic

"Loose, handheld raw demo of some West Coast Timbre fun via this cool module from Corsynth. Thanks, Adam for letting me borrow it!"

You can find additional posts featuring the Corsynth West Coast Timbre C113 here.

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Grave New World - Original Halloween Music

video upload by Scott Ampleford

"It's spooky season, and that calls for spooky music!
From my album of horror music:

Gear Used:
- 5U/MU Modular *
- Roland Juno 6
- Yamaha DX7
- Electric Guitar
- Akai Tom Cat
- Arturia Beatstep Pro
* Includes modules from, STG Soundlabs, Corsynth, Martin Jan Koehler & Moon Modular

Check out my album releases:"

Saturday, October 08, 2022

Corsynth C113 West Coast Timbre Percussion Demo

video upload by alternatingbitmusic

"This 5U wave folding module from Corsynth that has many applications and abilities. Here's a brief demonstration of how percussion can sound through it."

Corsynth C113 West Coast Timbre Voice FX Demo

"This 5U wave folding module from Corsynth that has many applications and abilities. Here's a brief demonstration of how voice or vocals can sound being run through it, along with some noise and a wave tone."

The Corsynth C113 was first announced back in June of 2021. You can find additional demos and details there.

Thursday, March 17, 2022

JLR's Modular Synthesizers - System Breakdown #4 -

video upload by John L Rice

JLR's Modular Synthesizers System Breakdown posts

"This is the fourth video breakdown/rundown for one of my modular synth systems, this time I'm doing one of my smallest 5U systems that is in a Moon Modular case. Next time I'll do my Ace toolbox Eurorack system. Please subscribe to my channel and click the 'bell' button to be notified when I post new videos! :-)

0:00 Beginning
0:20 Introduction/
3:08 Modules and Modifications Overview
7:23 Modification Details
11:05 Miscellaneous Items and Final Words
11:55 Low Effort Nothing To Write Home About System Wiggle
19:04 End

List of manufacturers and modules in this system:
Corsynth - C112 Assistants
Club of the Knobs - C 1631 - Q167
Electrosmith - 3340 VCO (x 2)
Electrosmith - 2144 LPF - Q109 (x 2) - Q148 - Q115

You can see details of the modules on my ModularGrid page:

Check out the music of Dallas Acid at

As always, thank you for watching, rating, following, subscribing, and commenting! 🥳 Please consider "buying me a coffee" if you found the content of this video helpful, interesting, or entertaining.

Tentative Schedule Revised Dec 1 2021 (subject to change)
1) 5U - DotCom Tolex Jul 08, 2021
2) 5U - DotCom Box11 Aug 18, 2021
3) ER - EWI Briefcase Dec 01, 2021
4) 5U - Suppliment #1 Mar 03, 2022
4) 5U - Moon Case Mar 17, 2022
5) ER - Ace Toolbox (Apr 01, 2022)
6) 5U - Triple Box4 (May 01, 2022)
7) ER - RoadReady (Jun 01, 2022)
8) 5U - EWI 16 table (Jul 01, 2022)
9) ER - Pedalboard/Pod (Aug 01, 2022)
10) 5U - GRP Case (Sep 01, 2022)
11) ER - EWI Table case (Oct 01, 2022)
12) 5U - EWI 16 seq+syn (Nov 01, 2022)
13) 5U - The WALL! (Dec 01, 2022)
14) Series wrap up? (??? ??, 2023)"

Thursday, October 07, 2021

Noisebug - Analog Drum System

video upload by NOISEBUG

"This Noisebug exclusive system us a fully analog voiced drum machine with onboard sequencing and mixing. The possibilities of what this simple drum machine can do are truly endless as you can see in this demo. The patch stayed the same throughout this video to show the variety of sounds that can be created from one single patch."


"The Analog Drum System voices are fully analog, offering a classic sounding drum machine in the 5U format. This system is a self-contained plug and play drum machine that can operate on completely on it's own or integrate into a larger system to add a full percussion section to your studio. The system can be clocked externally allowing it to blend seamlessly into any setup.

System Modules

Free State FX - FSFX110 Topographic Drum Sequencer

Corsynth - DR-01 Bass Drum

Corsynth - DR-02 Snare Drum

Corsynth - DR-03 Hi-hats

Corsynth - C111 Multimode Contour Generator

Moon - 526 Reversible Mixer

Moon - M500-T10 Case"

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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