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Monday, February 05, 2024

The Eternal Now

video upload by davidryle

"American Format (5U) modular synthesizer performance in real time to a stereo track in Cubase.
For an atonal wash I used the Dove Audio Waveplane and WTF vco's through an Oakley Sound Systems Ring Modulator. I then sent it through A dotcom Q150 transistor ladder filter and a Lower West Side Studio Multimode Filter/Resonator and on to a fixed filter bank and a Frequency Central Stasis Leak digital delay. This drone wash comes in at the final section and ending.
The opening reed sound and accompanying organ sounds were derived from the Synthetic Sound Labs/Mutable Instruments (Braids) Woven Spirits module.
The initial reed sound is from the AUX output of the Woven Spirits through an SSL/Ian Fritz 5 Pulser and Oakley Sound Systems State Variable Filter. The filter is stepped with a random S&H from JNP Electronics.
The secondary organ chord sound is the Main direct output of the Woven Spirits in Chord mode. The combination of both elements are sent to an Electro-Harmonix Grand Canyon in DMM mode. Feedback is applied as needed for the drone sustain throughout the piece.
The bass line comes in next with a pair of STG Soundlabs Oscillators through a Dove Audio D502 Multimode filter in -24dB LP mode. The pitch voltage is from the upper Q960 step sequencer. It's timing is from a Catgirl Synth Master Divider, clocked from a custom Dual LFO/Analog Shift Register of Ken Stone (Catgirl Synth) design. An additional tap from the STG oscillator through a Corsynth C103 Frequency Divider/Multiplier module for a sub-octave feed.
The melodic line blended into the latter section is from a pair of Q106 dotcom vco's which are pitch controlled by the lower Q960 sequencer. Each vco pitch is from a separate row of the Q960. The Q960's shift timing is from the CGS Master Divider module. The output is routed through an Empress Reverb pedal in Blue Ghost mode. Panning is from the LWSS/Yusynth Panning Mixer.
All pitch quantitization is through a Moon Modular 565 series setup.
Additional voltage modulation to the Woven Spirits module are from the STG Soundlabs voltage mini stores, and vaious LFO's etc. Timing for the additional sequencers is also managed by the Moster Divider."

Monday, February 08, 2021

#FFS​ - February Filter Sweep pt2 - Modular mix

video by SynthAddict

"A quick FFS run-though of some modular synth filters.

Included: Polivoks, Steiner-Parker Multimode, Gyrinx (Synton Syrinx), Disting EX4 LP/HP
Bonus: Braids Vowel tweaks through freq. shifter"

Part 1 here, and main #FFS post here.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Lower West Side Studio

Published on Mar 11, 2020 Lower West Side Studio

"Short demo showing a Dauz drum pad connected to a modular synthesizer through a BMC030 Instrument Interface.

Multiple envelopes are being triggered by a CGS62 Slope Detector based on the input from the drum pad."

Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Catgirl/CGS & Ian Fritz/Elby Systems Serge Systems

Note: Auction links are affiliate links for which the site may be compensated.

via the following listings:

SERGE Black Swamp by Loudest Noise

SERGE Ian Fritz - DoubleDeka Ultrasonic VCO

SERGE Ian Fritz /Uglysound




SERGE Clouds/Buchla/VCO Panel

Friday, June 16, 2017

ASR Freez

Published on Jun 16, 2017 Robin Rimbaud-Scanner

"A little experiment using the Elby Designs CGS734 Analog Shift Register running three oscillators, the Verbos Electronics Complex Oscillator, Endorphin es Furthrrr Generator Oscillator and Harvestman Hertz Donut Oscillator, the latter of which runs through the 2hp Freez, triggered by a Modcon Quad LFO. Intellijel Metropolis is making the melodies. Meanwhile two separate melodies lines flutter and appear from Hex Inverter Orbitals, also clocked by Metropolis - using Make Noise STO and Intellijel Dixie 2. Add a little reverb and a terrible iPhone film and you have it :-D"

See this post for details on the Elby Designs CGS734 Analog Shift Register.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Psych tone emulation

Published on Mar 18, 2013 otherunicorn·40 videos

Don't miss the second video below.

"Please excuse the lousy camera work.
This patch emulates the old Popular Electronics "Psych Tone" project. I used a CGS13 Gated Comparator for the shift register and CGS39 Quad logic gate (XOR) instead of their odd NOR gate arrangement. Bits 5 and 6 were gated and fed back into the input of the CGS13. A floating patch cord to one of the EXORs was used to kick start it, and change the mode of operation from time to time. Tone selection switches were replaced with patch cords (non inverting pulses only) and mixed via a CGS81 processor (inverted or non-inverted) and fed as a CV to a Zeroscillator. At some point I add a 4th bit for added variety, and plug a sequenced oscillator into the Zeroscillator's polarity function."

Psych Tone - taking it further

Same description as above with "The modulating oscillator is being sequenced."

Saturday, March 10, 2012


YouTube Uploaded by davidryle on Mar 9, 2012

"Synthetic Sound Labs, Cat Girl Synth and Ian Fritz team up to make for a great sound. The Double Deka VCO designed by Ian Fritz and enhanced by Doug Slocum of SSL is a dual channel ultrasonic oscillator with loads of modulation parameters as well as ring modulation and cv octave switching. The CGS01 is a dual channel frequency divider, ring modulator, multiplier processor. When these two modules come together all mayhem is redefined.
The patch is both channel A and channel B from the DDVCO out into the CGS01 inputs. The outputs are then sent back into the DDVCO's Linear & Exponential FM inputs. The Lin FM is routed through a vca and modified by an SSL Tap Tempo LFO in places in the demo. Switching on the DDVCO is done on the Linear FM between AC/DC response.
A Tap Tempo LFO is also used in this demo to add some modulation to the Linear frequency FM input.
Various timbre are heard from the combo such as video game sounds as well as big bass, electronic percussion and formant sounds. I even had fun playing the sub oscillator like a motorbike throttle. No filters are used, but I did employ a Lexicon MX200 digital delay for some rhythmic fun."

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ghost Rider Modular

YouTube Uploaded by FOCtv on Nov 16, 2011

"Mr. Hand demos a patch utilizing a CatGirl Synth Sub Octave Divider module. The sequence is a facsimile of Suicide's song Ghost Rider done with a Q119 Sequential Controller. It's not the complete riff since Marty Rev's riff is poly-rhythmic and I could only use 8 steps of the analog sequencer. The organ-like tonality is from the CGS Sub-Octave module which can function similarly to the divide down technology used in electric organs."

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Catgirl Synth CGS37 CV Cluster

via this auction

"Assembled by Free State Custom Electronics

Here is a breif description of how this module works from Ken Stone's incredible Catgirl Synth Website:

"The CV cluster is an unusual kind of mixer. It takes two input voltages - a base control voltage, and a modulating control voltage, and creates the sum and differences of them. These different voltages are the base voltage offset in a positive direction by the modulating voltage and the base voltage offset in a negative direction by the modulating voltage. A series of equal taps between these two points results in outputs that always maintain the base control voltage at its full amplitude, mixed with a differing amount of the modulating voltage. The center output has equal amounts of positive and negative modulation canceling each other out, and thus behaves as a
straight-through connection for the base input.

Some ideas on how to use this module:

Feed your 1/v octave input into the base input, and an envelope generator, LFO, sequencer etc. into the modulation input. Connect the outputs, starting with the center unmodulated output, and working both up and down, to a series of VCOs. While the modulation input remains at zero, all of the VCOs will track. As the modulation voltage increases, the VCOs connected to modulated outputs will shift in frequency away from the base, at an amount proportional to its position from the center output. For example, a small modulation voltage will de-tune the oscillators slightly, fattening the sound. A modulation CV of 5 volts will set each output 1 volt apart, setting the oscillators an octave apart.

An envelope generator connected to the modulation input creates in interesting effect.

It of course can be used with audio frequency signals too, and may prove interesting when driving a cluster of wave multipliers or similar. Two audio signals fed to it could produce interesting stereo effects.

Note: The sum and differences produced by this module are voltage differences, NOT frequency differences. It is NOT a ring modulator."

- 20" MOTM Style Power Cable
- Runs on +/- 15 Volts (Power Supply Not Included)
- Fully Tested
- Hand Built and Internally Numbered
- If You Don't Understand What This Module Does You Might Need It Anyway :-)
- 4 Black Screws for Mounting to Wooden Cabinet, 4 Bolts for Mounting to MOTM 19" Rail Adapters or other 19" Rack
- Military Grade PVC Insulated Cable
- Professionally Designed and Manufactured PCB
- Military Grade RG-174 used on Audio Signals
- Military Grade PVC Insulated Cable used on CV Signals
- 1% Metal Film Resistors
- Gold Plated IC Sockets
- Switchcraft Jacks
- Bourns Sealed Conductive Plastic Pots
- Not Responsible For Your Probable Analog Synth Addiction
- Simply the Best of Everything
- 2 Years Parts and Labor Warranty (Void if Modified or Improper Power Supply Is Used)
- 7 Day Money Back Guarantee (Item Must Be In New Condition With All Original Packaging)
- Combined Shipping On Multiple Items"

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Alex Chechile portable rig: Nuclear Football

flickr set by alexchechile
(click for more)

You might remember this one from these posts (scroll).

via Analogue Haven's flickr feed.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Catgirl Synth gate sequencer

via this auction

"this is a four channel gate sequencer... added a connector on the back for connection to a mixer allowing you to make a CV sequencer as well, here is a link to Ken Stone's site with info on this sequencer"

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


flickr by Andreas Wetterberg
(click for more)

full size

"Last build of the day
The CGS Tube VCA
This one will remain pristine and unprodded
Next one I do will be highly modded."

Saturday, July 26, 2008

CGS sequencer/programmer 1

flickr by kay_wrad
(click for more)

full size

via where you will find more info and other people's designs of this DIY sequencer by Ken Stone's Catgirl Synth.

"An 8-step analogue sequencer/programmer, newly-built, not quite working 100% as yet. It's an iteration of Ken Stone's excellent design, and a set of PCBs is available here, if you want to build one yourself. Recommended, but not for a first electro-music DIY project, there's a lot of wiring up involved."

Monday, April 21, 2008

BJ modular demo

YouTube via synthmonger
"gotta love a good BJ...modular ;D mix of CGS kits a fonik resonator and my own designs. Long live DIY!"

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Elby Designs CGS Synthacon Filter

via this auction

"details can be found here"

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Synth Pics

On Muff Wiggler

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

CGS Master Divider and Pulse Divider

YouTube via bubagoo
"This an add on module for my modular synth. It's sort of a mega clock brain made up of a few circuits from Ken Stone's amazing site: The module incorporates the Master Divider, Pulse Divider, and an XOR/XNOR logic board"

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My modular synth (25/3/2008)

YouTube via futureimage

"Equipment used:
Future Sound Systems "Digital" Oscillator
CGS52 Simple Lockhart Wave Folder
Alesis Ion + microKorg provide a little modulation for the oscillator

First time I've really used these few modules together. I'll have to fix the Synthacon cos it's a really nice filter when it works"

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

CGS chime March 2008

flickr by stickjones

full size

Monday, December 03, 2007

Elby Designs CGS Pather Series Modules

Modules include:
CGS735 Synthacon Filter
CGS758 Utility LFO
CGS721 Super Psycho LFO
ED102 Octave/Volts/Hertz Converter
ED104 Dual Lin/Log VCA-Panner
CGS747 Cynare Drum Simulator

Patch n Tweak
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