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Sunday, January 31, 2021

February Filter Sweep YouTube Protest & a Call to any YouTube / Google Employees

Youtube claimed copyright on a synth filter sweep video by ranzee

"I can't believe we are now getting copyright claims just for performing tests on synths! Yep - all I did was a filter sweep - and BAM! Copyright Claim police came on in and took my video away (partially) from the world. This is ludicrous!"

This one was sent my way via supporting member, Synth Addict.

For those not aware, YouTube has algorithms that scan audio in videos for copyright infringement. If something is found in violation, the video is automatically unpublished. The problem? Apparently certain filter sweeps are triggering take downs. This is becoming a problem for synth demos (per ranzee above, and previously mentioned here for example). I am curious what sample is being used for the comparison. Rush's Tom Sawyer? :) Actually, Synth Addict mentioned it being a Chemical Brothers track, which does sound familiar. Anyway, if anyone out there reading this has any connections, maybe you can reach out to someone that can fix this?

For the rest of us, not sure how the following will help, but if anything it will bring some attention to the problem amongst the synth community.

via Synth Addict:

"What users can do:

Post a video on YouTube of yourself demonstrating a filter sweep on a synth or synths of your choice and tag it #FFS

Attached image created by Andrew Brooks on FB [the image directly above, in this post], as a joint effort with the chat community of Pro Synth Network, GEO Synths, and SonicState.

bogus YT claims received so far by:

Pro Synth Network
GEO Synths
Andrew Brooks
Starsky Carr
…and growing"

Update: and the first #FFS video:

FFS - February Filter Sweep

video by Vague Robots

And a couple more:

This one actually went up before my post so this might be the first:

#ffs​ - voltage abuse

video by corrosiveabuser

Filter sweep on Tyrell N6 #FFS​ (check description)

video by graywolf2004ru

#FFS​ #FebruaryFilterSweep​ with IK Multimedia UNO Synth
video by Failed Muso

#FFS​ #FebruaryFilterSweep​ with the Roland SYSTEM 100
video by Robert Saint John

"Even older synths have something to say about the frivolous actions of YouTube and so-called publishing rights holders whose algorithms misinterpret filter sweeps on synthesizers as violating their content. Here's two filter sweeps in one for ya', from the 1975 Roland SYSTEM 100 Synthesizer"

#FFS​ February Filter Sweep ft. Cymon and Cryss: Moog Memorymoog, Matriarch, One; and Guitar/Polivoks
video by Synthient Sound

"#FFS​ February Filter Sweep: Join us in helping bring awareness to record company abuse on YouTube. Filter sweeps by Cymon and Cryss."

#FebruaryFilterSweep​ - Sony doesn't own filter sweeps.

video by mCKENIC

"My contribution to the #FFS​​ #FebruaryFilterSweep​​ campaign that aims to highlight the ridiculousness of the combined efforts of YouTube and certain publishing rights holders whose methods and/or algorithms falsely misinterpret synthesizer filter sweeps as matching their content, logging copyright claims and resulting in them removing the uploader's monetisation rights and taking the revenue for themselves."

#ffs​ February Filter Sweep part 1

video by SynthAddict

"In support of the movement against the recent YT algorithm trend of blocking/demonetizing basic synth filter sweep demos, I have made a simple collage of basic filter sweeps from different gear. Enjoy...more to come since it's early in February..
I was intending to get this done earlier but a busy work week and some computer/video tool glitches made it a rough time. All good now...
Sorry for the wonky audio/video and camerawork in parts, this was a rush job."

#FFS​ - February Filter Sweep pt2 - Modular mix
video by SynthAddict

"A quick FFS run-though of some modular synth filters.

Included: Polivoks, Steiner-Parker Multimode, Gyrinx (Synton Syrinx), Disting EX4 LP/HP
Bonus: Braids Vowel tweaks through freq. shifter"


  1. You can fix this by abandoning Youtube and going completely over to Vimeo. It's a classier venue.

    1. Nebula seems to be better since it has no algorithm issues. Adam Neely and other music educators play/demonstrate stuff there that would never be allowed on YT or Vimeo I bet. It's cheap to join and works great so far. Vimeo has known issues for mobile users... not sure if it's less efficient or fewer servers.


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