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Tuesday, December 05, 2023

Who becomes silverware first? - 10 minute LFO filter sweep and semi-generative Eurorack jam

video upload by thesrabbit

"This sonic experiment was inspired by the Dreadbox Erebus LFO having a whopping 10-minute long cycle time. Therefore, I thought it might be fun to run that LFO into every single filter I have with a CV input, including big analog polys with a VCF control input on the back intended for expression pedals. The honorary VCFs include: 2x Roland System-500 521, G-Storm Electro SH-2 and SH-5, Dreadbox Erebus, Oberheim OB-X8 (OB-X SEM LP mode), Sequential/Oberheim OB-6, Roland Juno-6.

Interestingly the filters on the big polys don't open all the way. I assume this has something to do with the inputs being calibrated for expression pedals rather than Eurorack CV. According to my oscilloscope, the Erebus LFO range is -5v and +5v. This is pretty typical for Eurorack. I set the cutoff at about 50% for all the filter modules. This seemed to work perfectly. But I was not able to do that with the polys. With the cutoff at 50%, the filters would open up all the way, but they wouldn't close nearly enough. I had to bring the cutoff completely down, and as a result, the filters on the polys wouldn't open up all the way. I did alternate takes where I walked around and tried to smoothly nudge each one up in order to get the filters fully open, but that was a disaster. In retrospect, I could have set up a one-shot MIDI LFO to do this and triggered it once at the right moment, but I already had enough things to worry about.

One of my audio interfaces is dead or dying, and it keeps ruining takes and sometimes crashes Logic. I finally turned it off and went with my lone Focusrite Scarlett 8i6, which has always been solid. But now I had an extra synth without an input and I wanted to have the polys on their own tracks so that I could blend them in with the Eurorack stuff to taste. And there's no possible way I could overdub since the whole point is to have one LFO sweeping all of the filters at the same time. I ended up resorting to an old 1989 JVC cassette deck to record the OB-6. So that shot at the opening of the video is legit. There's such a big wall of sound here that it's impossible to tell if it ended up adding any saturation. It definitely added some hiss and crackles but that's fine in this context. The cassette itself is ancient, cheap consumer grade, 60 minutes per side. I ended up recording over some 90's black metal that had been there since, well, the 90's.

To add to the grit and grime, I intentionally ran the filters from the Eurorack straight into the audio interface, bypassing the typical flow through VCAs. Ok, fine, I totally forgot about the VCAs, but it sounded extra dirty, so I didn't stress out too much. I certainly wasn't going to power everything back on, tune everything up and do another take because of it.

Obviously when the filters are closed or nearly closed for several minutes, there needs to be something to fill that gap. That's where the generative stuff comes in. There's 3 different sample and hold circuits feeding different things, including back into themselves in one case. Some voltage is running through different logic gates in conjunction with other, steady LFOs. Since I'm out of filters, the sound consists of pink noise through a VCA, triggered at random by a very short decay envelope. This runs into a recovery tape delay module, that gives sort of a slapback effect.Then there's a single oscillator, pitch controlled by another S/H circuit run through a quantizer and then running into the spring reverb tank. It's also triggered by the same random voltages triggering the noise hits. Then there's the Mutable Instruments Plaits, making the plinky plonky sounds, again everything triggered at random. It's running into the majestic Calsynth Typhoon.

The last thing to note is that the Erebus LFO also acts like an automated fader to increase and decrease the level of the VCA where all the rhythmic sounds are running through. I simply inverted the signal of the LFO output to do this. As the filters open up, the VCA level diminishes. When the filters fully close, the VCA level increases to maximum.

Last last thing. That knob twisting near the beginning isn't for sci-fi FX, though that's an added bonus. I was simply trying to get the LFO back to its "starting position." I didn't quite succeed. I don't believe the Erebus has any sort of LFO triggering mechanism to help with this. All good though.

FX: Audiothingies DoctorA delay and reverb, Boss DM-101 delay

No post processing other than a 30Hz low cut and slight limiting on the master"

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

G-Storm Electro - A Demo, Nothing Special on Eurorack Modular

video upload by gstormelectro

"I performed this little demo patch at the DFW Synth Headz Synth Meet over a week ago joined by MOTS.DFW at The Creatives Factory. We didn't get direct audio afaik, so I'm redoing a little session of it here now just for you. Recorded direct with no addititional mastering.

Main Synth part/sequence
Filter | SEMSVF
Reverb | G-Storm Spring Tank Reverb
Frequency Shifter | Sketchy Labs Freak Shift
OSC1 | Capt'n Big-O wavefold out
OSC2 | Pittsburgh Primary Oscillator, Flamingo
VCA | G-Storm 2xVCA

Monotonal Bass
OSC| Jollin Labs Tabor
Filter | G-Storm ProVCF
Delay | Synthrotek DLY

Pinging G-Storm JU60-VCF with env on self-res oscillation

Weird Snare
Noise from 101-VCO into Pittsburgh Crow, taking HP output
Running that into G-Storm JP6-VCF gated by envelope
Into Delay (Karplus Strong Algo) Happy Nerding FX Aid #1
Into Reverb (Shimmer Input Variable Algo) Happy Nerding FX Aid #2"

G-Storm Electro:

Saturday, November 11, 2023

Roland Juno Chorus eurorack comparison

video upload by John Schussler

"I'm a big chorus fan, and am continually surprised there aren't more of them as stand alone modules in Eurorack. The most famous chorus was originally shipped in the Roland Juno line (6, 60, and 106), and is what's replicated in these two modules I'm looking at today.

The Feedback Chorus 106 has been out for a while, and is now discontinued because they can no longer get some of the NOS (new old stock) parts they use.

The SoundForce uChorus is brand new, and has substituted an STM and some other new bits to make up for the MN3101 driver IC that's no longer available.

Both are following the original circuit behavior as closely as possible.

I compare them here to see if one is better than the other.
Spoiler: I can't hear the difference. Can you? Let me know in the comments.

00:00 Intro
00:20 The basics
01:40 uChorus I+II mode
03:03 106 Chorus overdrive"

The G-Storm electro Feedback Chorus made it's first appearance here in 2019, and the SoundForce uChorus in May, 2023 this year.

Thursday, November 02, 2023

SEM vs SEM - November 2023 edition

video upload by John Schussler

"The G-Storm Electro SEM VCF arrived the other day, and I figured I'd give it a listen in comparison to what, up to this point, I think is the best SEM eurorack module: the Studio Electronics SEM VCF.

(Spoiler alert: The G-Storm gives the SE a serious run for its money)

I've also thrown in the Bubblesound SEM20 and an AMSynths Obie XA. The Bubblesound is mostly SEM, but with some MS-10 bits grafted on that makes it more aggro. The Obie XA isn't a SEM at all, different chip, but is also modeled after an Oberheim filter so I figured I'd toss it in for contrast.

VCO is a Befaco Pony, first on saw then on square. Sequencer is a Clank Chaos. Envelope is Zadar.

Be forewarned: a lot of this video is me going back, and forth, and back, and forth, and back and forth between modules. Don't get seasick.

00:00 Intro
00:20 Standard gain
03:43 Gain up
06:46 Resonance up
08:56 Tight envelope
16:00 Square wave"

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Sequential Drumtraks Drum Machine Repair

video upload by gstormelectro

"Audio + Video by G-Storm Electro c. 2023

Today I'm investigating issues with a Sequential Drumtraks. While it is making sounds, the display is glitching out and the control functions are not working. In the end it was only incidental I was able to get it working again, for reasons I don't fully understand. The same phenomenon happens with my Drumulator, that's how I knew what to check for. It's my hope posting this video, that someone more knowledgable will be able to comment about this phenomenon.

This video is posted for general information about my experiences. Always observe safety working on electronics, and never tinker around inside power supplies without first unplugging the power cord. If you're not sure about anything, there's no shame in taking your instrument to a qualified service technician.

Since filming the video, I've discovered the batteries are still made in Japan. Also, the numbers on the battery may or may not necessarily be a date code. My new battery says 2132, so maybe it was made in 2021? Since the manufacture date and date installed may differ by a couple of years, I now write a date on the battery with a sharpie when I install it."

0:00 Intro & Symptoms
0:28 Power Supply investigation
2:10 Battery
2:28 Data Bus Check
4:08 About Cleaning IC pins
4:28 Last ditch effort and suddenly it's working???
5:38 Short demo

G-Storm Electro:

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

SEMSVF Noir Edition - Danse Macabre [Demo 3] Eurorack Filter

video upload by gstormelectro

"Audio + Video by G-Storm Electro c. 2023

SEMSVF Noir Edition is my black panel version adaptation to the Oberheim SEM State Variable Filter. Same exact module as the Tribute edition white panel version. All hand made in limited quantities. Today I am just doing a creepy little darkwave jam in the spirit of the season. Two 101-VCOs feeding in, one of those VCOs getting a very slow vibrato from LFO. No mastering or additional effects. Recorded direct to Mackie mixer to Tascam DR-05.

Check my Reverb store for SEMSVF, 101-VCO availability"

G-Storm Electro:

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

SEMSVF Eurorack SEM Filter Walkthrough of Basic Features [Demo 2]

video upload by gstormelectro

"SEMSVF is my Eurorack Tribute adaptation to the Oberheim SEM State Variable Filter. All hand made in limited quantities. Today I am talking through some basic features and patching some sounds via my 101-VCO feeding in. No mastering or effects. Recorded direct via my Feedback CP- Mixer to Pittsburgh Modular Outs to Mackie mixer to Tascam DR-05.

Check my Reverb store for SEMSVF, 101-VCO availability"

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

New G-STORM ELECTRO SEMSVF Eurorack Tribute Adaptation Oberheim SEM Filter

video upload by gstormelectro

"Audio + Video by G-Storm Electro c. 2023"

SEMSVF is my Eurorack Tribute adaptation to the Oberheim SEM State Variable Filter. All hand made in limited quantities. Today I am auditioning some sounds via a pair of my 101-VCOs feeding in. I use a Happy Nerding FX Aid for some delay at times, no other mastering or effects. Headphones or good monitors recommended but watch your levels, aggressive resonance and lovely saturation ahead. Recorded direct via my Influx mixer to Pittsburgh Modular Outs to Mackie mixer to Tascam DR-05.

0:00 Reso Sweep | Delay
0:23 Lowpass Sweeps | Dry
1:06 Frequency Mod | Inverted Envelope
1:26 Notch | Highpass
1:54 LP|HP mix | LFO modulated
3:37 Bandpass Output
4:02 Bandpass | Envelope Modulated
4:23 More Notch Stuff | Delay
5:19 Lowpass Lead
5:38 Plucky Bass
6:01 Octave Lead

Check my Reverb store for SEMSVF, 101-VCO, Influx availability"


Tuesday, August 22, 2023

The Solina Comparison Nobody Asked For [ARP Behringer Synth Face Off]

video upload by gstormelectro

"Audio + Video by G-Storm Electro c. 2023

Actually my buddy Seth suggested this. So yep I kinda lied in the title there. These synths: one of them is a lightweight new kid straight out of a box with more sassy highs, the other is a disc crushing bohemoth piece of furniture with mellow disposition. The brand new Behringer Solina in the left channel, the crusty vintage ARP/Eminent in the right channel. I replaced the ARP mains capacitors, but left all the tropical fish alone. Some of those freshwater angels are janky and cracked but still representin'. Whaddaya think? I know best synth performance ever! Talk amongst yourselves.

Recorded direct. No other mastering or effects have been added."

G-Storm Electro:

Tuesday, August 01, 2023

Short Size Spring Tank Electro Jams - Reverb Driver Version 2 [Demo 02]

video upload by gstormelectro

"Audio + Video by G-Storm Electro c. 2023

Today I made a couple of demo songs featuring my Spring Tank Reverb Driver version 2. The module has been optimized for Ruby Tube 2EB2C1B Short size tank by changing R8 to 3K value resistor. I'm quite taken with this tank, it's nice and drippy. I will be offering some module/short-tank optimized combos for sale in my reverb store - see link below.

0:00 60 BPM Dub | Spring Tank on Drumbrute Impact Snare
1:56 90 BPM | Spring Tank on the 101-VCO/VCF
Take note in this second jam I am using CV control over the Spring Tank wet/dry mix using a Sample-and-hold with portamento.

Check my Reverb store for the combo Spring Tank Reverb Driver and the Ruby Tubes short tank."


Tuesday, July 25, 2023

G-Storm Electro Introduces Spring Tank Reverb Driver Version 2

video upload by gstormelectro

"Audio + Video by G-Storm Electro c. 2023

Introducing my Spring Tank Reverb Driver version 2. Same great sound and features as before. But now in 4HP with added Feedback knob. The Drive setting is now a trimmer on the PCB Set-and-forget. In today's video I will be auditioning the module with a few different spring tanks and various patch scenarios. Like pairing the reverb with Synthrotek DLY. While my driver module is optimized for Medium length tanks, it can easily be modded to handle long and short size tanks well. Which one is your favorite? Special thanks to my friend Seth, for contributing Behringer System 2500 sounds and footage for this episode!

On the 2500 patches, the dry signal was mult-ed such that the wet/dry mix was handled by a mixer off camera. Audio has been recorded direct, no other mastering or posts effects.

Vintage Folded Line, Medium size tank like those in a Roland Space Echo
0:00 Drone I
0:36 Drone II
1:00 Monotone Bass staccato
Accutronics 4AB3C1B Long size 16" tank
1:22 Massive Kick
2:09 Sample-n-hold
Accutronics BAB3C1B tank like those found in a Fender Sidekick Amp
2:50 Behringer 2500 patch
Ruby Tube 2EB2C1B Short size tank
3:33 Behringer 2500 patch

Check my Reverb store for Spring Tank Reverb Driver availability."

"Spring Tank Reverb is an 4HP wide Eurorack driver module for use with a variety of spring tanks. Features a CV control of the wet/dry mix. NEW in version 2: 4HP, Added Feedback pot, Drive is now a set-and-forget trimmer on the PCB.


Pots: Tone, Feedback, CV of wet/dry amount, Initial Wet/Dry amount. Drive trimmer for accommodating various spring tanks. Signal strength LED indicator. RCA jacks on the back of the module for mounting tank internally in the case. Included: 10-to-16 pin ribbon cable. Not included: Reverb tank and RCA cables (sold separately)


GROUNDING CONNECTORS (5TH character in tank model #) Type A or C is best. SIZE & NUMBER OF SPRINGS | Short length and Medium Length is best. Long length (approx. 16”) may need resistor R8 decreased to 100-ohms for a boost in power. I am happy to switch the resistor for you based on your needs, just let me know before I ship your order out. 2 or 3 number of springs are known to work well. INPUT IMPEDANCE | (2ND character in tank model #) | any except “F” (1475 ohms, has not been tested). OUTPUT IMPEDANCE | (3RD character in tank model #) |“B” known to work best, all others untested. TANKS THAT WERE TESTED AND KNOWN TO WORK WELL | Vintage Folded Line, Medium size, 3-spring, as those used in a Roland Space Echo | Accutronics BAB3C1B Medium size, as taken from a Fender Sidekick Amp | Accutronics 4AB3C1B Long size 16”, 2-spring (R8 to be changed to 100-ohms for best performance). MOST RECOMMENDED | Ruby Tubes 2EB2C1B short size 9”, 2-spring, has plenty of drip and feedback with a size to fit many different case scenarios.


Module Depth: 50mm | Current Demand: +12V 39mA, -12V 34mA, 5V not used

Note: due to RCA jack placement and chunkiness of some RCA plugs, it may not be feasible to mount this module on the bottom row of your system rack. Please refer photos. A workaround that might work is to try a cable with 90-degree RCA plug ends."

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Arion DDS-1 Delay [Pedals w/ Synthesizers #15] Demo No Talk

video upload by gstormelectro

"Arion DDS-1 is a vintage digital delay pedal. Recorded direct, no other mastering or effects. Just the Arion Pedal and various synths one at a time."

0:00 Roland Jupiter-6
2:03 Cheetah MS6
3:40 Korg Polysix

G-Storm Electro:

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

G-Storm Electro 101-VCO Version 2 Roland SH-101 Oscillator Adaptation

video upload by gstormelectro

"101-VCO Version 2 Roland SH-101 Oscillator Adaptation + RD-6 [Demo 1 No Talk]

Audio + Video by G-Storm Electro c. 2023

101-VCO has returned to the fold: the same great sound, simplified and improved tuning, and having all the individual outputs without need for an expander module. All in 12HP
Headphones or good monitors recommended.

Check my Reverb store for 101-VCO availability

Oscillator | GSE 101-VCO
Filter | GSE JU60-VCF
LFO | Feedback LFO10
Output | Pittsburgh Outs
Drum Machine (off camera) | Behringer RD-6
Recorded direct, no other mastering or effects.


via G-Storm Electro's Reverb shop

"The 101-VCO has been re-tooled in 12HP! Version 2 continues its authentic realization of the Roland SH-101 Oscillator adapted to Eurorack: that lovely Sub-Octave Generator, that snowy Noise Generator, an integrated Mixer section to bring all the waves together.

Now in revision 2: Improved tuning stability using power rail voltage references. Simplified tuning via coarse/fine tune knobs. Individual waveform outputs without need for any expander module.

101-VCO expands the original SH-101 features to reveal more potential of the 3340 chip: Triangle wave and exponential FM. And 2 flavors of Linear FM: Lo Range to find those vibrato sweet spots, and Hi Range for full-on Linear FM madness. Expand the palette of original sounds using an external CV signal for Pulse Width Modulation that is summed against the initial Pulse Width amount. While the initial PW amount can go right up to the edge of vanishing, PWM can take the Width right down to 0% up to 100% for complete cancellation.

Great care was taken to keep the 101-VCO fully analog circuit as close to the original as possible. Featuring an Alfa AS3340 re-issue chip at the core of the design, surrounded by eight 20mm slide pot controls. With the conventional coarse/fine tuning knobs it will provide full audio range, whether using the v/oct input or not.

Every 101-VCO is meticulously hand-crafted in limited quantities, not mass-produced, and ready to rock your modular world. Includes 16-pin-to-10-pin power connector cable.

Coarse Tune Knob | Initial oscillator frequency

Fine Tune Knob | Initial oscillator frequency, +/-6 semitones range

FM Slider | Amount that an external signal will modulate the frequency

FM TYPE Switch | LO for vibrato, HI/EXP for more dramatic frequency modulation

PULSE WIDTH Slider | initial Pulse Width amount

PULSE WIDTH MODULATION Slider | The amount that an external signal will affect pulse width

SOURCE MIXER Sliders | Adjusts the amplitude amount of each waveform going to the MIX output

SUB-OCTAVE Switch | Select between -1 octave Square, -2 octave Squrare, -2 octave Narrow Pulse

V/Oct Jack | Pitch Initial Frequency input for connecting keyboard controllers or sequencers

FM Jack | Plug in external signals to modulate Pitch here, such as LFO or envelopes

PWM Jack | Plug in external signals to modulate the Pulse Width here, again LFOs are typical

Individual Waveform Output Jacks | These jacks always output their buffered, DC-coupled signals regardless of Source Mixer settings

Mix Output Jack | This is the combined waveform output of the Source Mixer

TUNE Trimmer (on the back) | Affects the initial oscillator frequency

SCALE Trimmer (on the back) | Affects the v/oct tracking of the oscillator"

Friday, June 09, 2023

Eurorack Formant Filter Comparison

video upload by John Schussler

"I now find myself with 3 separate filters that do "formant" filtering, so clearly it's time for a comparison. I'm literally getting my ya-yas out. And my yi-yis, and sometimes my wa-was. Just depends on where you turn the knob....

There are other formant filters out there, this isn't all of them, but it's all the ones I have, so don't assume this is the exhaustive comparison.

Formants are fun. And though I don't get into it much in this video, using formant filters for "regular" duties with only mild formant effects can be quite interesting.

Actually, using formants sparingly should probably be the rule. There's definitely too much of a good thing possible here....

00:00 Intro
00:20 Gyrinx VCF
08:00 Morphing Filter Bank
18:10 Formantic"

Saturday, June 03, 2023

Eurorack Waveshapers - May 2023 comparison

video upload by John Schussler

"Another month, another new set of modules needing listening to. These are all waveshapers in one form or another. Ok, not entirely, the first one's just a filter. So technically it shapes the wave, but not like, folding it or anything.


Just some more modules that seem like they sorta live in the same category, up for comparison and general listening/introduction.

00:00 Intro
00:20 T2K
05:15 Morphing Filter Bank
11:57 Roucha Legio
20:08 Flexhaper
26:00 Dis"

Thursday, June 01, 2023

Delta VCF [VS] Delta VCF Eurorack Filter [quick comparison]

video upload by gstormelectro

"Audio + Video by G-Storm Electro c. 2023

Quick no frills comparison demo. The left Delta VCF has the LM13600 chip. The right one has the LM13700 chip. Is there a difference between them? Caution!: full resonance at the end of the clip. Recorded direct to Tascam DR-05, no other mastering or effects. For Delta VCF availability click my Reverb store link below."

G-Storm Electro:

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

G-Storm Electro performs Ghost Track at The Creatives Factory in Dallas, TX

video upload by gstormelectro

"Audio + Video by G-Storm Electro c. 2023

My buddy Seth did an unplanned phone capture of my performance last Sunday. It was the DFW Synth Headz Synthe Summer joined by MOTS.DFW at The Creatives Factory. We didn't get direct audio, so I dubbed one of my rehearsal sessions recorded direct with no additional mastering. My first time playing!

Ghost Track comes from my new album Superior Mirage out now on Bandcamp"

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

JU60-VCF Eurorack Filter [Demo 1] + Feedback 106-Chorus

video upload by gstormelectro

"Audio + Video by G-Storm Electro c. 2023

Auditioning my JU60-VCF with and without the Feedback 106-Chorus.
JU60-VCF is a eurorack adaptation of the Roland Juno-6/60 + Jupiter-8 lowpasss filter.
JU6-VCF has 2 audio inputs, 2 CV controls, and 2-pole and 4-pole lowpass modes.
They are made using IR3109 and BA662 chips for authenticity.
Headphones or good monitors recommended.

Check my Reverb store for JU60-VCF availability
While 101-VCO is discontinued, version 2 is expected to return in 2023.

Oscillator | GSE 101-VCO
Chorus | Feedback Modules 106-Chorus
LFO | Feedback LFO10
Output | Pittsburgh Outs
Recorded direct, no other mastering or effects."

via G-Storm Electron on Reverb

JU60-VCF is an analog 4-pole low pass filter adaptation of Roland Juno-6/60 using a vintage IR3109 chip with a BA662 OTA chip in the resonance feedback loop. This topology was also used on the Jupiter-8, with a switch for tapping the 2-pole mode. Resonance will self-oscillate and produces a nice sine wave alone. JU60-VCF won’t turn your system into a polyphonic synth, but it has a classic sound at a sweet price.

FREQUENCY | the initial Cutoff Frequency of the filter

RESONANCE | the depth of the peak frequency resonant feedback

IN1 & IN2 | Mix together 2 different audio signals, each w/ their own mix pot.

CV1 & CV2 | Modulate the Cutoff Frequency w/ any polar/bi-polar mod source.

MODE | Select between lowpass 2-pole or 4-pole operation.

OUT | the audio output jack of the filter

Includes a 10-pin to 16-pin Eurorack ribbon connector

8HP Module width
24 mm Module depth
25 mA on +12V
25 mA on -12V
0ma on 5V (not used)

JU60-VCF pairs well with:

101-VCO r2 (coming in 2023)
Feedback Modules 106-Chorus

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

E-MU ESI-32 for Pure Lofi Sampler Bliss [Demo]

video upload by gstormelectro

"Video and audio by G-Storm Electro c. 2022

Today I'm exploiting the ESI-32 rack sampler for lofi/crunchy/funky sound in multi-timbral mode. Drums were sampled at mono 22K then downsampled to 12K bandwidth, everything else down to 8K. All you're hearing is the ESI-32 sampler including built-in chorus, and internal LFO applied to autopan/vibrato. The audio was recorded direct to Tascam DR-05, no additional effects or mastering.

ESI-32: bit of an underdog, in that early 90s era when samplers started to overcome their limitations of memory, bandwidth, storage media, and processing capabilities. At a fraction of the current selling price for other vintage samplers of the late 80s that preceded it."


Monday, November 28, 2022

G-Storm Electro: Introducing Influx 8-Channel Eurorack Audio Sub-mixer

video upload by gstormelectro

"Audio + Video by G-Storm Electro c. 2022

Introducing Influx, an audio sub-mixer for eurorack.
A streamlined design taking 16HP.
Six channels having LED mutes, level, and pan.
A stereo input pair having level control.
Stereo mix output.

In this video I'm putting the Influx mixer though it's paces.
I put together an elegant live performance patch using all 3 of my cases.
Be sure to listen on headphones or quality monitors to hear all the sub-bass frequencies.
Drum Modules | Pittsburgh (PGH) modular Safari
Snare | PGH Polar Bear | PGH Local Florist | PGH Analog Delay Unit | Feedback Squeez compressor
Bass | Cre8audio Capt'n Big-O | G-Storm 101-VCF
Lead | PGH Primary Oscillator | G-Storm SH5-VCF | Happy Nerding FX Aid - Clouds Reverb Algo
Sample | Erica Sample Drum | G-Storm Pro-VCF | Mutable Clouds | Shakmat Gemini Path
Percussion Gates | Malekko Varigate 4
Bass/Lead Sequencing | Keystep Pro
Recorded direct, no other mastering or effects.

Check my Reverb store for availability Influx and other cool modules I build by hand."

"Manage the Influx of audio signals in your Eurorack modular system. Influx is a streamlined 8-Channel audio sub-mixer. Suitable for your mixing needs within smaller to medium sized systems. Or chain two Influx units together for larger systems.

6 Mono Input channels each having: Bourns 20mm throw audio level faders w/ 3x gain possible, blue LED latching audio mute button, pan pot, and a scribble strip!

One Stereo Input pair of Left/Right inputs on channels 7/8 - Audio level rotary pot w/ 3x gain possible, Channel 7/(mono) is normalized to both L/R if nothing is plugged into Channel 8/R jack.

For larger systems you can chain two units together for a total of 14-Channels. Simply patch the output pair of one Influx to the 7/8 input of another. A 10-to-16 pin ribbon cable is included. Each module is 142 solder points all crafted by hand in limited quantities, and tested for quality assurance.


16HP (80.5mm) Module width
22mm Module depth
21 mA on +12V
9 mA on -12V
5V not used
Influx pairs well with:

Pittsburgh Modular Outs
Befaco Output module v3
GSE DC571 Lo-Fi Dual Compressor
…another Influx mixer for 14-channels"


Patch n Tweak
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