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Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Winter Plankton Zaps Firmware Update 1.1

Zaps new firmware - 1.1 video upload by Plankton Electronics

00:00 Intro
00:14 Randomize Sound
00:38 Randomize Banks - Bass Drum
03:06 Randomize Banks - Snare Drum
03:55 Randomize Banks - Low Drum / Tom
04:27 Randomize Banks - FM Perc
05:00 Randomize Banks - Punchy FM Perc
05:18 Randomize Banks - FM/AM Perc
06:26 Randomize Banks - Glass AM
06:57 Randomize Banks - FM Tone Pitched
07:40 Randomize Banks - High Tone
08:00 Randomize Banks - Multi-Drum 1
08:25 Randomize Banks - Multi-Drum 2
09:33 Randomize Banks - Chaos
10:12 Randomize Banks - Dirty 1
10:55 Randomize Banks - Dirty 2
11:38 Randomize Banks - Retrigger Env1
12:16 Randomize Banks - Retrigger Env2
12:51 Randomize Banks - Full Set
14:13 Screen Saver
14:53 Trigger Delay

"Winter Plankton Zaps firmware has been updated to V1.1. We have introduced new randomize template modes for quickly creating bassdrums, snares, and other percussion sounds, simultaneous control of both oscillators (for melodic lines), a new trigger delay setting to get proper slot changes with mot sequencers and an screen saver among other things.

New features and improvements:

New 'Randomize' templates for creating Sounds and Banks: Bass drum 1, Bass drum 2, Snare drum, Low drum toms, FM percussion, FM and AM percussion, Glass AM, Pitched FM tones, High tones, Multi-drum 1, Multi-drum 2, Chaos, Dirty 1, Dirty 2, Retrigger envelope 1, Retrigger envelope 2, and Full set template (for Banks).

Simultaneous CV IN control for pitch 1 & 2: You can now control both oscillators with just one CV source.

New Trigger delay setting: for all the Gate and CV sources that change the CV after rising the gate, we have added a configurable trigger delay, so once the trigger is received we wait x ms to read the CV.
Screen saver: We added a new adjustable screen and energy saver following user requests.
Now it's possible to randomize a slots or banks via CV IN trigger.
Added CV in control for Retrigger time and Slope type.
Improved SLOT buttons behavior in MUTE, now we show both muted slots and playing slots (with a more intense light)
Bug fixes:

Fixed a bug where the HPF noise fader CV value was not being sent when it was assigned as an output.
Fixed a bug where the slope parameter was not responding well to random values.
CV in 'Morph to' bug fixed
Fixed a bug where the morph destination was no correctly reset after removing the cable from the cv input.
CV 6 input was not working with CV BANK Change.
Other minor bugs fixed.


Zaps V1.1 updater file:
Zaps manual for V1.1:"

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Winter Modular & Plankton Electronics Zaps Sound Demo (no talking)

video upload by Limbic Bits

0:00 IDM Sequence
0:59 Old School Percussion synth
2:15 Lousy finger drumming while exploring some preset banks
5:43 IDM Performance with Intellijel Atlantis

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Winter Plankton ZAPS Tutorial / Overview Videos

video uploads by Winter Modular

ZAPS 1/10 General Overview
ZAPS 2/10 Edit Group, Freeze and Revert
ZAPS 3/10 Sound Settings
ZAPS 4/10 Random
ZAPS 5/10 Morph
ZAPS 6/10 Copy and Paste
ZAPS 7/10 Snapshot
ZAPS 8/10 File System
ZAPS 9/10 CV Assign
ZAPS 10/10 Extra and Config

Sunday, February 26, 2023

ZAPS Makes Me Feel Funny Inside

video upload by Red Means Recording

"Winter Plankton Zaps is a percussion-line synth eurorack voice designed for creating organic sequences that can mutate over time.

The unit in this video was provided by Winter Modular.

00:00 intro to zaps
02:29 zaps walkthrough
08:19 zaps as a melodic voice
10:36 bank exploration and jam

Join me on Patreon and get access to music, presets, samples, and a great community:

Take a lesson with me:"

Sunday, December 04, 2022

modular sketch 12-4-22 [ winter plankton zaps ]

video upload by brandon logic

Friday, May 13, 2022

Superbooth 22: Plankton Electronics - Zaps

video upload by sonicstate

"Alex from Plankton Electronics gave us a tour of the updated Zaps percussion module.

Zaps is a percussion synth voice designed for creating organic sequences that can mutate over time. Two analogue oscillators with AM and FM modulation play with two envelopes and cross-modulation and individual sounds can be stored into 12 slots in 12 banks. It uses a combination of different techniques like controlled randomness, morphing, and storing (or locking) synth-voice parameters in externally sequenceable CV-controlled slots.

Zaps availability: June 22

Price: 485 euros (pre-order offer) 535 euros when available."

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

SUPERBOOTH 2021 - Plankton Electronics/Winter Modular - Collaboration Modules

video upload by sonicstate

Remember to see the labels below for more.

Friday, September 10, 2021

Plankton Electronics ZAPS Percussion Module Coming to SUPERBOOTH

"ZAPS percussion module. Analog voice from Plankton Electronics and digital control from Winter modular ⁠. Interaction and interface design by Miguel Eedl ⁠

Come to see us at Superbooth (Booth Z195) next week!"

Facebook translation of the image:


Funny. Didn't realize FB did that.

Friday, June 25, 2021

MIX1 2 HP module + Ants

video upload by Plankton Electronics

"MIX1 module, a mixer with 2 channels, attenuverters, a DC control and individual outputs. Used for audio and video signals.

In this video the VCF of the Ants is controlled with the AD envelope. The envelope passes through the MIX1 channel 1 were it as attenuated and inverted. Bias (DC) is used to turn up the inverted envelope.

Later we add stepped randoms to the channel 2 which are mixed with the channel 1 envelope and bias."

Thursday, July 09, 2020

Hello Spice: Unboxing Plankton Electronic's semi-modular saturation unit

Olivier Ozoux

Plankton Spice posts

"So, about 2 years ago, I received this email from Alex at Plankton Electronics:


We’re designing a new machine. Actually it is almost designed already.

The machine will be a distorting unit. Standalone but eurorack suitable, semimodular, several distorting circuits. Stages are:

- Filter section (LP and HP)
- Digital section (Bit crush and Downsampling)
- Analog (9 disotrtion circuits one of them being a Nu-tube)
- Mixing section (dry and wet).

Then a feedback control with an insert between. From the analog section back into the filter. And also an envelope follower normaled to the filter input but breakable with normal and inverted outs (very good to control the filters before the distortion.

The idea of using HP and LP before the distortion circuit comes from the process of filtering the signal before the clipping stage in all the distortion circuits in the market. Generally is what defines the sound. The different distortion circuits will add more or less harmonics, being a compressed clipped signal, a fuzz, or the even harmonics produced by the tube.

Each section has its own I/O so you can skip the digital section if you want to avoid the 12bit of maximum bit rate or if you want to change the order. Overall it’s a very versatile distortion unit.

the spice is amazing, and I can't believe it took me this long to make a video about it. Full disclosure, even though I got early access to the design, I purchased my own unit as part of the Kickstarter launch campaign."

Monday, April 06, 2020

Roland CR-8000 Drum Machine With Zen Delay, Retroverb Lancet, Sherman Filterbank and Spice

Published on Apr 6, 2020 Perfect Circuit

"Some drum machines sound awesome by themselves—the CR-8000 included—but they often sound better when massaged, mangled, and otherwise augmented with external effects. In this video, the CR-8000 is processed through a variety of desktop effects: delays, filters, distortion, reverb, and more.

The CR-8000 is a peculiar but awesome machine in its own right: the guts of a TR-808 in a package like a preset rhythm machine from the '70s. Still programmable and performable, it provides a solid set of sounds for digging into with various types of effects.

In this video, we first test out some time-based effects, using an Erica Zen Delay and Vermona Retroverb Lancet. The Zen Delay provides flanging/comb filtering and short delay effects, turning the raw tone into something more glitchy and choppy than possible with the CR-8000 alone. We then turn to the Retroverb Lancet, which uses a spring reverb to create murky, dark sense of space and a filter for overall tone shaping.

Then, we try a variety of distortion-oriented effects. The Sherman Filterbank Compact is a filter/distortion unit excellent for creating bizarre audio-reactive effects. Here, it dynamically tracks the incoming sound to create pseudo-scratching effects, harsh synth-like tones, and absurd sound effects, great for bringing an entirely new voice to the mix. The Plankton Spice, on the other hand, combines similar dynamic modulation with a Nutube-based distortion and bit crusher to create lo-fi, aggressive bass tones and glitches, bringing the inherently tonal kick and tom sounds to the forefront and turning cymbals and hats into harsh glitches and bursts.

Check these timestamps for each effect:
00:06 Erica Synths Zen Delay
02:06 Vermona Retroverb Lancet
04:24 Sherman Filterbank 2 Compact
06:45 Plankton Electronics Spice

Zen Delay available here:

Retroverb Lancet available here:

Filterbank 2 Compact available here:

Spice available here:"

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Plankton Electronics Ninja Star V2

The first version of Plankton Electronics Ninja Star came out in 2016. The new version comes in 4 designs: 3, 4, 5 and 6 pins. Each have a hole through the center for cable pass through. They are available at Plankton Electronics and retailers for 22€ a 4 pack. Check with the dealer on the right for availability. They help keep this site going along with the supporters of the site.

Pics in order:

In use.

Monday, March 16, 2020

Plankton Electronics Ants! Semi-Modular Desktop Synth

Note: Auction links are affiliate links for which the site may be compensated.

via this auction

Note this is a supporting member listing.

"Good functional and aesthetic condition. Sell with power supply, user manual, midi/jack 3,5 cΓ’ble, patches cΓ’bles and one ninja star."

Monday, March 02, 2020

Plankton Electronics Spice Demo: Yellow

Published on Mar 2, 2020 Plankton Electronics

πŸ”” Timestamps and links below.πŸ‘‡

Demo of the Spice unit on a basic drum loop. Desktop configuration.

πŸ”— ⚡LINKS⚡ πŸ”—



0:00 Intro
Analog Circuits
0:16 Saturation
0:42 Hard Clip
0:58 Fuzz
1:22 Nu-tube
1:34 Nu-tube x2
1:48 Stomp Box
2:33 High Frequency Enchance
3:34 Mid Resonant Distortion
4:20 Nu-tube Compressed Distortion
4:52 Hardcore Stomp Box Feedback
6:40 Digital Basics
7:45 Bit Mute
8:12 Bit Invert
8:40 Bit Swap
9:46 Digital Crunch
10:26 Happy End

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Nutone Demo 4K - Plankton Electronics

Published on Dec 12, 2019 Plankton Electronics

πŸ’¬ For english subs, press the subtitle button. πŸ‘†
πŸ”” Timestamps below.πŸ‘‡

Demo of the #Nutone, a dual channel #eurorack VCA with a #Nutube based distortion.


0:00 Intro
1:25 Module Overview
5:18 808 drum loop straight distortion
8:15 Acoustic drum loop straight distortion
10:55 CV input example
14:55 Dual input with mixed outputs
18:22 Inserting a VCF between the 2 channels
21:55 Compressor effect
24:05 Stereo synth patch
26:05 Sidechain effect with stereo synth
28:25 Outro

Plankton Nutone

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Sine wave on Spice

Published on Oct 31, 2019 Plankton Electronics
Update: video is back.

"Heavy modulated sine wave on the Spice using envelopes and sample and holds."

Friday, October 25, 2019


Published on Oct 25, 2019 Plankton Electronics

"Sequenced sawtooth wave into the SPICEVCF controlled with a simple AD envelope and an VCA."


Thursday, October 17, 2019

Spice Analog Distortion

Published on Oct 17, 2019 Plankton Electronics

"Plankton Electronics Spice. A drum loop thorugh hard analog distortion."

Tuesday, October 15, 2019


Published on Oct 15, 2019 Plankton Electronics

"A quick view on the BIT functions of the SPICE machine. Including bit swaping, muting and inverting. Plus an example of how to use it."

Monday, October 14, 2019

Plankton Nutone dual tube VCA 2/2: in use (LMS EE)

Published on Oct 14, 2019 Learning Modular

"The Plankton Nutone is a dual tube VCA based on the Korg Nutube: compact fluorescent displays re-engineered to act as micro vacuum triode tubes. In this movie, I demonstrate using it as a VCA, as a saturator, as the two put together, and show how to add performance control to the depth of saturation:

00:00 overview
00:15 initial patch
00:53 using as a VCA
02:04 VCA with saturation on peaks
03:25 using as a saturator
04:56 demo
07:14 feedback
09:20 conclusion

The other movie [posted here] includes an extended no-talking demo of the Nutone, and studies how it changes the incoming waveform at different levels of drive.

Both movies are also part of the Learning Modular Eurorack Expansion course ( Learning Modular Patreon supporters at the +5v level and above ( also have access to supplemental posts for both movies in this series."

Patch n Tweak
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